Sunday, July 05, 2015

Tigers or Pussycats?

TMI - Full force of the law against those trying to harm Malaysia, Zahid warns

don't f* around with my legacies

The Home Ministry and Royal Malaysian Police will not hesitate to use the full force of the law against individuals who attempt to harm Malaysia's economy and democratic process.

Its minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said over the past months, there appeared to be attempts to undermine confidence in the Malaysian economy and the country's democratically elected government.

"This can be a threat to national security.”

Zahid said the main source of these allegations were from data allegedly stolen by an individual who had been detained and was now under investigation for attempted extortion.

"An independent international cyber security firm, Protection Group International (PGI), has confirmed the theft and said that the information published should be considered unsafe and unreliable.”

"Various media reports are found quoting unverified documents.

"Are they authentic? Do they even exist? Who are the unnamed investigators who supposedly traced movements of money?"

The home minister said allegations and insinuations were being made against the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

"This is irresponsible and reckless journalism, and bordering on criminal offence.”

Tell me he is NOT warning/threatening you-know-who, wakakaka.

This gets more and more interesting as the harimaus bare their fangs and unsheath their claws. 

Remember, there can be NO two tigers on one mountain.

OTOH, is Najib nothing more than a puddy-tat? Wakakaka.

am gonna eat you up, you bl**dy Bugis bird 


  1. A week, as they say, is a long time in politics.
    The correlation of forces has changed drastically from the Previous Friday June 26 to Friday July 3.
    The Wall Street Journal, a newspaper the CEOs of the majority of the largest corporations in the world read for their morning news, has provided detailed information on what appears to be a money laundering trail ending in Najib's private accounts. It is verifiable down to bank Account Numbers.
    Independent of Xavier Justo.

    I will remind Zahid Hamidi it is an abuse of power to use Malaysia national government resources to cleanse what is a Datuk Seri Najib personnel predicament.

    If UMNO wants to survive beyond GE14, I would suggest they learn from the lessons of Watergate.
    Once it was clear that Richard Nixon had likely committed a crime, the Republican Party swiftly dissociated itself from Richard Nixon, the person. Nothing cruel or disloyal in that.
    What Richard Nixon , as an adult , did was his personal responsibility. Don't drag down the whole GOP party with him.

    For what its worth, I don't think Najib used the money for personal or Rosmah shopping. Maybe a bit, 5% cukuplah. The money was used to fund UMNO/BN GE13 election activity.
    However, criminal breach of trust is a crime, regardless whether you used the money as charity for homeless orphans. It is not Najib's money to play with.
    The motive for using the money is only relevant in pleading for clemency when the judge pronounces the Sentence.
    Or maybe , as Gerald Ford said many years later when explaining why he pardoned Richard Nixon.
    Nixon did not steal anybody's money, his actions did not kill or physically injure anybody. That, and taking into account Nixon's long years of service to the American nation, was good enough reason to pardon him.

    Attention that to Muhyiddin or maybe Azmin Ali (wakakaka) if and when comes the time to recommend a Royal Pardon for Najib.

    1. "The Wall Street Journal, a newspaper the CEOs of the majority of the largest corporations in the world read for their morning news ..."

      From (ironically) the WSJ: The late Lee Kuan Yew was famously a foe of the Western press. “We allow American journalists in Singapore in order to report Singapore to their fellow countrymen,” he told the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1988. “But we cannot allow them to assume a role in Singapore that the American media play in America, that is, that of invigilator, adversary and inquisitor of the administration.”

      He sued the WSJ in 1985 and brought that newspapers (plus also teh Far Eastern Economic Review) to its (their) knees.

      It's now up to Najib to do likewise. Th WSJ is not infallible.

    2. Lee Kuan Yew confidently sued the Wall Street Journal because he was confident he was clean, at least on that issue. The offending Wall Street Journal article made comments about Lee without the WSJ being able to back it up.

      This time with Najib, the article states very specific facts, which is up to WSJ to back it up in court with data if it comes to that.

      Is Najib clean ?

      If Najib is "Clean", I am still a virgin.

    3. wakakaka, coincidentally I'll be blogging about virgins soon, but my point has been that WSJ is not infallible, regardless of whether Najib is innocent or otehrwise

    4. so why does Najib immediately sue WSJ? Nixon got to release his personal audio tapes to Congress's committes

      But why can't Ambank just tell us if that account belongs to Najib? Why PAC is not doing their job?

      I know it is Tony Pua's fault......Gosh! it's good to be a malaysian leader especially Najib

      1) Born with a silver spoon in his mouth
      2) Sent to public boarding school in England
      3) Become MP, minister, menteri besar, education minister, defence minister, finance minister and prime minister BY birth

      Seriously, do really envy Najib

    5. "why can't Ambank just tell us if that account belongs to Najib?"

      You and that PKR idiot amaze me. Haven't you both heard of the Privacy Act?

    6. I am believe Najib is clean. His mistake was why didn't he use a third party account and created perhaps another SM or HS or TR?

      I wonder who was that Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat that advised him not to do so? Perhaps, it is already too late. It is in damage control mode now. But it is difficult and it could be a disaster though. There are going to be a lot of sacrifices.

    7. We are way beyond the Privacy Act now.
      This is a matter of National Security.

      The biggest question facing the country this morning - Is the Prime Minister a crook ?

      I am not saying he is one, but the question needs to be answered through thorough, transparent and independent means, very quickly.

      This is Malaysia's Watergate moment.

    8. dear hasan, yr 'clean' mean purely not for personal? for party is then deem clean? just asking.

    9. I'm NOT suggesting for one moment this shouldn't be checked. I'm just saying it's f* silly, nay, moronic, to expect the bank, any bank, to breach privacy laws to satisfy anybody's curiosity or even urgent need to know. The pressure should instead be on Najib and not the bank to confirm or deny. There must be PROPER PROCESS, We can't just abandon proper process on the f* whims and fancies of the political campaign which undeniably is intricately involved in the current onslaught against Najib.

    10. Dear HY…

      As Zaid said in his A hard Day’s Night - “The best thing is for the whole Cabinet to resign. Ask forgiveness from the people for buying their vote.”

      A friend of mine said that as a rule of thumb it is about RM2.0 million – RM3.0 million per constituency. But he can’t substantiate it.

      What else do you want me to hear from me?

  2. rude uncouth vile abusive comments won't be published henceforth. the aim is to moderate all of us into civilised human beings wakakaka

  3. If you read carefully, both WSJ and Najib have been quite clever and cautious in what they say, no doubt there are high-priced lawyers advising both sides in the background.

    The WSJ article lays out what is alleged to be US $ 700 Million funds transferred through two successive companies before ending up in an Ambank private banking account in the name of Datuk Seri Najib.
    The WSJ did NOT state any value judgement whether he or anybody else "Stole" the money. So Najib cannot win if he sues them for defaming him for Stealing the money.

    Najib on the other hand has not denied "There is no such Bank Accont"
    Nor denied
    "No Such funds transfer occurred".

    Instead he is beating around the bush "If I wanted to steal, it wouldn't make sense that I would place that money into accounts in Malaysia'
    ....and "I have never taken 1MDB funds for personal use".

    I see smoke....and I see fire...

    1. if najib knowingly allows those said sums to be transferred directly into his malaysian bank accounts then he is an idiot and regardless of its legality doesn't deserve to be pm wakakaka

  4. Well, at least the Wall Street Journal has provided the answer to one part of a puzzle which has been bugging Penangites.

    In the runup to GE13, one organisation calling itself "1Malaysia Charity Fund" was splashing around vast amounts of money in Penang, in support of BN. Free Buffet dinners every night in different localities, free entertainment thrown in. I know relatives of mine partook in the Freebies. Where did the money come from ?

    So the secret has been exposed. Genting Berhad gave US $ 10 Million to the 1Malaysia Charity Fund for "Social Responsibility" activities. Why so good ?

    1MDB heavily overpaid Genting for its Power Station assets, in return Genting gave generously to the BN/UMNO political campaign.

    Now the common People have to bail out 1MDB for its massive debt burden.