Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nurul's moral responsibility

Malay Mail Online - ‘Morally irresponsible’ to avoid BN bastions in GE14, PKR veep tells DAP strategist

KUALA LUMPUR, July 19 — The opposition must not forgo 30 Barisan Nasional (BN) strongholds in the next general election to focus its resources on marginal seats, PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar said despite conceding this may help its bid for Putrajaya.

The Lembah Pantai MP, who was responding to the strategy suggested recently by DAP’s Liew Chin Tong, said it would be “morally irresponsible” for the opposition to ignore seats where BN was most likely to win as it should at least offer an option to voters there.

“I think it is important to offer a compelling alternative even to seats controlled by Umno.

“So while you can plan your resources… you cannot forgo the seats because you have a moral responsibility in my view to address the issue of an alternative in these seats,” she told Malay Mail Online in a recent interview.

“I agree in not contesting some of the seats, but not all of the seats. Not providing an alternative seems morally irresponsible,” Nurul Izzah, who is PKR co-election director, added.

She also said there was a possibility that the now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat (PR) could steal surprise victories in at least a few key seats from BN if these are contested.

Very good then, PKR can go for those 30 seats while DAP looks after the marginal ones.


  1. This time around,PKR should be happy if they can retain their existing seats.That goes for the DAP.Forget about PAS.This time around in GE14,they will be humbled.

    Many people have underestimated the Umno/BN.The infighting between Mahathir and Najib's faction will weaken Umno short term,but they will recover in time for the next GE.And not to forget the step siblings of the Umno.That is the Mca,MIC and Gerakan.They all did very badly in the last GE and if you ask me,I will say that they have hit rock bottom the last time.Like stock markets,there has to be a bounce or rather a correction.So more likely they will get retain what they have,plus some.

    So in all,the Umno/BN should do better than the last GE.PAS will lose the most seats with PKR close by.DAP will lose some.

    Just look at the mess Umno,Najib and 1MDB are in.The opposition is in a bigger mess and unable to take any advantage of an upside down Umno.In fact the opposition's house is in shambles and like Umno is leaderless.And like a house of cards both will come crumbling down,So they even each other out.

    I have said before,many times in Sak's blog,Sarawak Report is a propaganda blog and it's radio operations is a clandestine station run by a mercenary.Maybe a few percent of the reporting might be true.If all the allegations are true or almost true,there is no need to pay a mercenary to do the dirty work.The sugar daddy will come out and exposed everything in detail and get the credit themselves.

    But opposition supporters are staunch followers for anything that is against the corrupted Umno/BN.They will blindly believe anything that is bad against the Umno/BN.

    Remember one year before Wartamoorthy came back from exile,I commented in many blogs that he already made a deal with Najib's boys.It is just pure commonsense that a coward who swam all the way to UK to escape the ISA would voluntarily came back and enjoy nasi kuah ikan in Sungei Buloh.And not to forget the torturous nights in lockup,before enroute to Sungei Buloh?But that was not the right thing to say.Because nobody would want to believe that Mr Hindraf could actually turn out to be a snake.

  2. agree, dap, the chinese party shd aim the more than 90% chinese voters constituency, the rest leave it to multi racial pkr. pas shall do the same, go for more than 90% muslim constituency. the rest pkr n ghb can handle. dap n pas pls give up puchong, u 2 selfish bastard go eat shit, beside infighting, ban concert n suspend from parliament, no contribution at all. just get the fuck out of puchong.

    1. HY, stop having wet dreams. As I have written "PKR can go for those 30 seats while DAP looks after the marginal ones". wakakaka

      PKR should also kuai kuai surrender Nibong Tebal and Bayan Lepas (and all DUN seats embraced within like Batu Uban, Pantau Jerejak etc) to DAP - PKR can contest in all 30 seats that Nurul believes in contesting.

      And stop dreaming of Puchong. Why is it that PKR seem to always bully the Indians?

      as for multiracial PKR, don't joke lah it's just a splinter group of UMNO - any non-Malay ever headed the party? is it like DAP where a Bhai can be the head? Even in the current Selangor DUN, has PKR an Indian ADUN? For heaven's sake stop oppressing the Indians lah!

      oh BTW, your Azmin Ali has already cosy-ed up to PAS - Malay-Muslim Unity?. I like to see how the next state elections for Selangor will end up wakakakaka

    2. as usual, u divert either thru ad hominem or strawman, this time using indian as shield, the last round u shd fully comprehand my point is not abt the surface fact but the imply message from u n rpk that najib is not involve bec he was not pm n fm, but many know one that often rewarded project on note n coin is a najib crony, rpk is a cheapskate that can be bought with sterling, if u r not a asskisser would it mean aussis dollar can kautim u? otherwise y u both using the same stupid argument?

      u see how logical fallacy work?

      i am fine if dap wan only sure win seats, this is pretty typical of them. let pkr have the rest. n ask yrself y khalid n now azmin prefer to work with pas, n not dap?

    3. I/m ad hominem and you're NOT? wakakaka, you have turned into a bullshitter

      this post has nothing to do with Najib so why are you avodiing the issue I raised in counter argument to yours?

    4. You Are ad hominem. There Are many people say you're. Including jj