Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dearth of talent?

Reading RPK's Najib too cool for comfort I was struck by a couple of paragraphs, particular the last one (note my bold and highlighted part) which prove too true and at the same time disconcerting. That paragraphs were extracts RPK took from a blog called Just Read.

They read as follows:

Prof Case also refuted the claim that UMNO is now fractured despite former president Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s insistence for Najib to step down as prime minister, saying the latter still has “rock solid support” from party members.

“If no real linkages are found to the prime minister during investigations, Najib can muddle through but it’s really distracting the country from bigger issues like its economic slowdown,” added Mr Murray Hiebert, a senior fellow at American think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, agreeing with Prof Case.

Prof Case also pointed out that Najib will likely stay as prime minister due to the lack of obvious candidates to replace him from within UMNO, as Mr Najib has proved himself “sophisticated” in his handling of domestic and foreign affairs.

"... due to lack of obvious candidates to replace him from within UMNO ..."!

Isn't that disconcerting as it means our nation has a dearth of prime-ministerial talents.

What about outside UMNO?

Let's examine within and outside UMNO for suitable candidates as potential PMs purely on each individual's potential rather than his/her likelihood of reaching the political pinnacle of our nation, thus ignoring their belonging to parties likely to win GE-14 as a majority party or coalition.

Let's put all their names together and then I'll append my (kaytee's) comment as to each's suitability/potential, wakakaka:


  1. Muhyiddin - aiseh, don't joke lah remembering we're talking about talent and not proxy-likelihood, wakakaka!
  2. Ahmad Zahid - hmmm, maybe in the 45 to 55%-boleh bracket
  3. Hishamuddin - 70%-boleh bracket provided he watches his mouth, wakakaka
  4. Apdal Shafie - currently in the dog house
  5. KJ - too f* young otherwise he has the persona to be PM
  6. Dr M - well, he does have the experience, all 22 years of it which we remember all too well, just too bloody well
  7. Ku Li - he's still waiting for an open invitation on a gold plated card signed by HM
  8. Musa Hitam - if you want an octogenarian for a PM, he'd be OK. Besides he's one of Lim KS' choice - wonder whether Lim KS will surrender his Gelang Patah seat for Musa to contest in a by-election? wakakaka
  9. Mukhriz - too f* young tho' if dad regains his full powers, 101%-likely. KJ will have to surrender his Rembau seat for Mukhriz to contest, wakakaka

UMNO associates

  1. Liow Tiong Lai - my 2nd joke - besides he's Chinese and has 0%-likely chance
  2. Mah Siew Keong - 3rd joke and ditto Liow TL's chances
  3. ............ - reserved for MIC and to be filled in when/if we have any idea who'll be party chief. MIC can always convert to being Malay by a name change to Malaysian Islamic Congress (MIC still), wakakaka
  4. Ibrahim Ali - wakakaka
  5. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah - only if he removes that 'Tee' and stop using childish words like 'ultra kiasu', wakakaka

  1. Anwar - unless released with full royal pardon, forget him
  2. Wan Azizah - not really suitable nor interested
  3. Nurul - too young & inexperienced tho' the anwaristas will claim she's the best choice in this universe, all the way up to Neptune and even Pluto, wakakaka
  4. Lim KS - he's Chinese lah so 0% likelihood (joke again)
  5. Lim GE - ditto
  6. Azmin Ali - hmmm, 75%-boleh but must rejoin UMNO and receive blessing from godfather
  7. Rafizi Ramli - too f* young - more noise than substance. Can join Tony Pua in the Kajang Kingston Kuartet (Quartet), wakakaka
  8. Khalid Ibrahim - if anyone wants him, he's good at saving money
  9. Pak Haji Hadi Awang - if we want Malaysia to be like Nigeria (his dream state) and Saudi Arabia but he doesn't like elections as they are only for chauvinists
  10. Mat Sabu - OK if his coalition wins majority rule but we have to be cautious because like Pak Haji (above) he's from a religious-political party [any religious-political party whether of Christian, Buddhist, Muslim (eg. PAS, GHB), Hindu denomination (eg. Hindraf), is never ever my choice]

Over to you guys for your choice and comments.


  1. all those mentioned except mahathir is much better than najib, a scandal surrounding pm, malukan malaysian.

  2. The way I see it,there is nobody suitable from Umno or the opposition to take over from Najib.So,since Najib is the best of the worst,he wins by default.So,no matter the outcome,whether the money goes into Najib's personal account,or not,or is used into pumping BN's GE13th warchest,Najib stays as PM.

    What the opposition needs are Malay leaders of Dyana Sofya's calibre.She may be a novice and young.But she is smart,politically.She keeps her cool but at the same time is able to get the message through.And she never backs out of a good fight.

    Before,I thought that Nurul was good enough to be PM material.But Nurul is to soft for the rough and tumble Malaysian politics.And of late,she is more quiet than a tikus.Maybe Nurul is more suitable for orang putih politics.

  3. If Najib can be chase out of Putrajaya,Mahathir would have done it by now.All the scandals and negative news,and Najib is not panicking.And there is nothing anybody can do about it.Unless,Najib's golfing buddy,Barack is willing to lend Mahathir or LKS the marines.

    It is better for the opposition to concentrate on consolidating their own house and get ready for GE14th.I have said it many times before,that the opposition have to stop beating around the bush chasing the invisible ghosts of 1MDB.Chasing the 1MDB ghosts is getting the opposition from somewhere to nowhere.Let Mahathir and his gang fight with Najib and his boys.And we all sit on the sidelines cheering them on.

  4. Has anyone considered Nazri? He is often the only one that dares to speak his mind, and
    usually with common sense!

  5. Idi Amin was famous for , among other things, appointing a panel of his own generals to investigate reports of him being the beneficiary of Mega Corruption deals, and reporting back to him.

    He also appointed himself President for Life of Uganda.

    Mohammad Najib has already done the first part.
    He might as well carry out the second one too.

    Prime Minister for Life.
    Add to that FLOM for Life.

  6. Najib ..... above the law....


  7. Monster,
    Why You wanna sai hei with this article? We Should press kaytee for one question.

    Is cibai jibby a crook?

  8. Najib 2009 - 2018
    Muhyiddin 2018 – 2023
    Azmin 2023 - 2028
    Khairy 2028 – 2038

  9. The person who has the potential to take our the PM's post right away and also commands the respect of most citizens is Hishammuddin Hussein. Only the 3 vice-presidents of Umno should have the chance to take over without too much resistance and Hishammuddin will beat the other 2 hands down because he is relatively clean with no glaring skeletons in his closet. I will give my vote to him even though I think Umno should give up her right to govern the country with so many scandals and whatnot.

  10. Mohammad Najib's other name is Bersih.
    The only Bond that most Malaysian's have ever heard of is James Bond.

    Najib should definitely have the opportunity to lead the country into the Next General Elections, and let the voters decide, one way or the other.

    1. Seriously Why having election when cibais like kaytee declared that najib is an Angel