Saturday, May 31, 2014

The most dangerous woman in Malaysia

Her smile radiates scintillating beams of thousand volts
It’s said on the Dacing she weighs more than a vampire
Her straight messages to the foes are like thunderbolts
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

A Doctor was galvanized into admonishing the parents
He was followed by an army of doomsayers in the rear
Including thugs on motorcycles with their vicious stunts
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

Lahad Datu had nothing on a photo-ed bikini-ed recruit
Who wasn’t even aware she was coopted most unfair
Desperate sinister forces misuse the dear Pinoy beaut
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

Not since our Hellenic sweetie, wakakaka, she from Troy
Has there been so much consternation, worries and fear
Forcing the Sith Lord’s Goebbel-like battalions to deploy
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

A Sylvester Stallone wannabe mumbled about ingrates
It’s a wonder he wasn't donned in pseudo military gear
Spewing with spit-freckled vile venom his pretend hates
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

The evil Empire worries that the Heartland dam may burst
Taking away unsullied youths upholding democracy dear
Rejecting all versions of deformasi (wakakaka) accursed
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

Good luck sweetie, win or lose, we all still love you.


  1. Alas, like the unfortunate British Princess she was named after, I'm afraid Dyana's brief fairy-tale meteor will end up in grief.

    Didn't her mother teach her not mix with bad company ?

    1. Mummy taught her well....that's why she got out of Perkosa, hehehe. Eat your heart out.

  2. Well, her mother is not like any other mother. Allah will give her time like HE giving us time to ponder ways to rid this country of people swimming in corruption, pilfering the country's coffers, people sleeping on the job, people fabricating and tainting Islam to stay in power and people swimming with mistresses. Allah teaches us the right way and so did Dyana's mother. How did your bad mother teach you?

  3. A Sylvester Stallone wannabe mumbled about ingrates

    Who, rightly, should be wearing tutus and frilly, lacy undies

    And mincing delicately, traipsed onto the battlefield

    Shielded and coddled by real, courageous warriors

    You may want to append the above to the bottom of your previous commentary titled "The Real Ingrate". ;-)

  4. Kalai asked : "Didn't her mother teach her not {to} mix with bad company?"

    Ah, Kalai, that's a good question.

    Very clearly, her mother did teach her not to mix with bad company which is why she stayed well clear of that stinking, filthy, riff-raff Be End/No Arm (or is it Arm No).

  5. Like that you must listen to Al Stewart's song

    "Helen & Cassandra"

    According to the myths and legends
    At the fringes of our memory
    Paris stole the queen of Sparta
    And carried her across the sea
    As they fled, he never dreamt
    That he held the world in his grip
    Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships
    Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships

    From Mycenae comes Agamemnon
    And the Greeks of the city-states
    Laden with their bronzen weapons
    They're waiting at the Trojan Gates
    As the arrow flies and Achilles falls
    Does she raise the wine to her lips?
    Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships
    Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships

    It's funny how the story lingers
    It's probably a myth of course
    A whisper in the ear of Homer
    Perhaps there never was a horse
    She could have turned the head of Paris
    With the gentle sway of her hips
    Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships

    Oh Cassandra, what did you know
    You who bring bad news wherever you go
    You had the gift to see the future
    From Apollo so it's said
    And he made no one believe you
    When you would not share his bed
    Oh Cassandra, what did you see
    As you walked the lonely road of your certainty
    Gazing at the ruined city
    That your warnings could not save

    Oh Cassandra, so still and so grave, Cassandra
    The Bronze Age kingdoms tumble
    The cities fade one by one
    The walls of Mycenae crumble
    The Dark Age has begun
    And the truth is lost in the ancient dust
    Yet the memory forever persists
    Of Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships
    Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships

    Choose one......Dyana is more like Helen or Cassandra

    You know Diana was once the Prophetess of fertility

  6. Most dangerous woman in Malaysia. To whom?

    Let us guess.

    To most Rakyat, she is a charming, sexy, intelligent, witty, promising Pricess.

    To Mamakutty and specifically UMNO she is the one who launches a thousand ships to war.

    All because of her love for Democracy, Truth, Justice, good Governance and fair play.

    The Psy war waged by UMNO using the warcry or Bangsa, Agama, Negara is irreparably shaken right to the village folks.

    UMNO should have fielded a Malay candidate to see at least a small fighting chance not because will win, but more to reduce the previous majority. What a blunder.

    This time round even all the old folks will come out strongly to vote in protest against a Menteri calling others ingrates. It's called Kurang Ajar slightly less insulting than Celaka.

    As far as the Indian votes are concerned, is UMNO blind that more than 90% Indians believe in Hindraf's struggles for justice? The other 10% are likely business tycoons, MIC, PPP, IPP or ular senang diberi dengan beras Dan hamper.

    As for loyal UMNO Malay voters, after months of Christian and Cinabeng, pendatang bashing, how to expect the voters to switch off and now vote for one? They must be the confused lot and still thinking hard with Utusan as their daily bread. Their own racist indoctrination will ensure that they just can't bring themselves to vote or maybe to spoil their votes to be seen as loyal members?

    Every one knows that Gerakan candidate has a face of what the Chinese say "Bo Hoot". Even as a Minister is as good as a pet horse to carry it's Master. So how?

    Even before the ships set sail to war becos of a Princess, most of it have already sunk.

    And all becos of a wry and witty smile on her face.

  7. ennobled by lofty thoughts of all that must be just
    she rose from obscurity to defy.
    the forces that continue to defile
    the hopes and dreams of a nation of people
    with their wanton tyranny and lust of power
    but Diyana is among the collective force
    of the trampling march of unconscious power
    that will determine the fates
    of a nation of people yearning to breathe unshackled

    a omnipotent force relentless and blind
    till all that is unjust has yielded and trampled asunder.

  8. She's going back to Perkasa very soon, the opportunist that she really is.

    1. She's going back to Perkasa very soon to tell them off, the idealist that she really is. :-)

  9. Dyana-mania crashes in flames...

    A lot of Chinese will only vote for a Chinaman.
    In the end DAP got burned by the very same Chinese-centric politics that it fans.

    1. "... crashes in flames"!? Hahaha, such hyperbole! She lost by a mere 238 votes. That's a very thin margin indeed and victory could have easily gone her way.

      "A lot of Chinese will only vote for a Chinaman."
      That's a simplistic and simple-minded view of things. You choose to see things only from your own prejudiced angle. According to The Malaysian Insider, 70% of the Chinese gave their votes to Dyana -- that is a lot of Chinese support for a Malay, not a Chinaman.

    2. Muahkakakaka....for that bodoh sombong comment, Thamby made Kalai eat shit ! Sedap ke, Kalai ?

  10. The Teluk Intan election results is a triumph of racialism.

    The traditional Chinese voters will only vote for a Chinaman.
    Malays will only vote for BN because DAP is seen as a party for Chinese interests.
    Indians vote for Hampers.

    1. Majority Malays will never vote for DAP, no matter who the candidates are. They will vote for PKR, PAS and BN but definitely not DAP and that is the fact!

  11. Kaytee,Umno leaders wanted to skin the Chinese business leaders if they do not back the BN's Mah.So these cowards and their lackeys did what they are told and in the end Mr Mah won by two hundred over votes.It is a shame that after all these samseng,money and gutter politics Mah can only win by 238 votes.It would be more shamful if he accept the minister's post.But shameful or not he will surely and gladly accept it.