Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who has been the ingrate?

Malaysiakini - Don't repeat 'ingrates' remark, MIC tells Zahid

defence ministers are NOT entitled nor supposed to wear armed forces uniforms - also pompous of him to tag he's a menteri

Dr S Subramaniam, a better minister than many others in the cabinet, chided Ahmad Zahid for categorizing Chinese who voted DAP as 'ingrates' and advised him against using that remarks on Indians in Teluk Intan (TI).

Dr Subramanian gave good reasons for Ahmad Zahid not to antagonize non-Malay voters which could jeopardize the BN candidate's prospects in the by-election at the end of this month, just a mere 4 days away.

But Dr Subra has wasted his breath because Ahmad Zahid had not directed his patronizing remarks against the Chinese to the Chinese.

For a start, Ahmad Zahid knows most of the Chinese in TI will be voting for the DAP, though in TI there are a significant number of older Chinese who will vote for the Gerakan candidate Mah because of the BN candidate's local family connections and name.

If the DAP can exploit Zahid's rude and patronizing remarks against the Chinese, the party can possibly swing some of the pro-Mah voters across. In that Dr Subra has been correct ... but as I have said, Zahid didn't and won't give a sh*t about Mah losing some votes because of his 'ingrates' remarks.

Secondly, 'gratitude' is a word that won't find traction with the Chinese. I am not just talking about the Chinese being pissed off with the UMNO-led government's policies, alleged corrupt practice and cronyism.

For Zahid to realize the full impact of his calling a group of people or even an individual 'ingrates' and thus to achieve the desired outcome, his targeted recipients need to have a feudal mindset where they would feel obliged or compelled to owe allegiance to their 'liege lord' and thus would be guilty of not being 'grateful' to their 'liege lord' if they had voted for someone other than their due allegiance, which in the political sense would be to the BN (but effectively UMNO) government.

In a feudalistic world, the 'liege lord' hands out various forms of largesse to their vassals and serfs who then should be suitably 'grateful', even though in the modern democratic world the so-called lord's generosity draws on taxpayers' money.

Thus in Malaysia, for recipients of government largesse to be suitably 'grateful' they have to be largely ignorant about the concept of people's representatives in a democratically elected government and the administrative process, to wit, that government assets are actually owned by the rakyat and the government managing such assets are nothing more than administrators (or servants) only, nominated (or hired) by the rakyat for a period of five years, or ...

... the recipients possess a highly indoctrinated state of belief that they exist within a feudalistic structure where the government is the 'liege lord' and they, the voters, are the serfs.

Chinese were once in one of the most feudalistic societies in the world, but today Chinese Malaysians like most of their overseas modern ethnic counterparts have stopped believing in feudalism, in fact ages ago.

Who did you serfs vote for?
But do we have voting rights, my Lord?
Yes, you have the right to vote for me as your liege lord.


Thus the Chinese among the ethnic groups in Malaysia are probably least likely to subscribe to the feudal concept of being 'grateful' to the authority.

Ahmad Zahid knows that too.

If so, then why has he made that seemingly worthless comment?

His message was really meant for the Heartland where his pretend-anger (in campaigning for Mah) would have found resonance with his target audience, well at least among the more conservative factions. And if those bloody Chinese have been deemed 'ungrateful' for voting DAP instead of the BN government, what more for orang kita?

Was he helping Mah then? I have my doubts as I suspect he has taken the occasion to buttress his own position within UMNO, and which has worried Dr Subra enough to issue his public advice to Zahid.

Today Ahmad Zahid has become the post powerful UMNO VP in a mere 15 years after he had had his wrist slapped and buttocks caned for being naughty in 1998, wakakaka.

But he did not and could not become the most powerful UMNO VP through party pedigrees like Najib, Hishamuddin, KJ and Mukriz.

greatest threat to KJ, wakakaka

Thus he has to be the most rightwing UMNO warlord so as to warm the cockles of the conservative elements within his party. And he obviously has succeeded.

In fact he has been following the party-political footsteps of his erstwhile mentor, wakakaka, who too had taken a rightwing approach during his time in UMNO but who, alas, now languishes outside UMNO.

Note how Zahid played the role of the rampaging rightwing bull in the 'celaka' china* shop when Najib and Hishamuddin were both attempting to hose down the rightwing flame.

* excuse the pun - to understand what the English idiom means, look at picture below

Ahmad Zahid knows he is a mere two heartbeats from being the president of UMNO and by default the PM of Malaysia. I suspect he'll continue to be as rightwing as he possibly can, as Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Najib had been, wakakaka, during their respective ascendancy up the UMNO hierarchy.

The question we love to ask is: Will Zahid make the same mistake as he did in 1998 of being an 'ingrate', wakakaka, when he became party to his erstwhile mentor's impatient and premature move to seize the top position from his political mentor-godfather Dr Mahathir?

Datuk, there's no one more 'loyal' than a Malay - that's our culture
Datuk, you're absolutely spot on


aisehman, dua orang Kedah


And if he does, will Najib be as wily and deadly effective as Dr Mahathir in neutralizing the 'ungrateful' would-be kings?


  1. the mean machine8:02 pm, May 27, 2014

    Kaytee,Zahid's command of English is so poor,that he wouldn't know the difference between a toad and a tadpole.

    1. hey, Zahid got PHD lei......Permanent Head Damage

    2. Perhaps this one is for Najib


  2. the gaffe guy who know's8:58 pm, May 27, 2014

    If this stupid fool Zahid can be home minister,I pity the people having to work under him.He has brains of the same species as Ridzuan Tee.

  3. I fully agree the Malaysian Chinese are f*king ungrateful b*tards.

    If it were legally possible, I would fully support retroactively rescinding their ancestors' Malayan/Malaysian citizenship, ship the whole current lot back to China that they love so much.

    1. You sound like a brainless twit. Just like not all Malays support UMNO, not all Chinese love China.

    2. Just after the formation of Malaysia, indonesian president Dr sukarno send his armies to crush Malaysia as part of confrontation. His group of army sky drop into Labis, beach landed in Pontian and bombed Singapore which indonesia tried to honour its hanged marines recently but protested by Singapore. During confrontation, my eldest relative and friend's oldest brother received CALL UP and registration; prepare to go for basic military training to fight against indonesian invaders. Before British left, we have the 5 powers defence pact. So who are bastards, ingrates and ungrateful?

    3. Oh by the way, the Indons tried to storm the coast of Pontian but were stuck in the mud because it was low tide then. They had to surrender or be used as target practice by the Aussie army. Talk about stupidity. Hehehe.

  4. Bring it on Warrior wira Perkosa pukimak engkau. Let's see who suffers more when this country goes to hell. Your cradle to grave government supported Melayus or the Chinese who slog just to get enough money to put their children through school. Damn you motherfucking racist. Bastards like you are the ones who conveniently forget that without the Chinese special branch risking lives and limb to infiltrate the CPM the insurgency may still be on today and people like would still be nothing but uneducated peasants in your kampungs.

    1. whoa whoa Vincent take it easy

      you're correct about the Chinese in the Police Special Branch (SB). The two Chinese Malaysian SB officers who virtually crippled the CPM and silently won the war for Malaysia against the insurgency were Paul Kiong and Sia Boon Chee.

      They did what you said, infiltrating into the insurgency groups, living among them for years and apart from gathering insider intelligence also caused havoc and dissent/dispute among the insurgents themselves. Imagine how they must have lived, not knowing when they would be executed or excruciatingly tortured to death if discovered.

      Yup, Ahmad Zahid was not there with Paul Kiong and Sia Boon Chee - Zahid was less than 18 and probably lepaking somewhere wakakaka.

      In 1983 both Kiong and Sia were awarded Malaysia’s highest bravery or gallantry award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa, by HM the Agong.

      And while disgusted by Zahid, there's no need to rave and rant racially against the Malays - remember the Chinese saying "Don't whack everyone down with a single bamboo pole".

      Don't get mad, get even ... by doing well on your own merit and voting with your feet on polling day

      wakakaka - smile and the world will smile with you

    2. Two, Yes Just TWO loyal Chinese supporting the Malayan Government in a conflict against a rebellion by an army of treasonous Chinese, supported by the majority of disloyal Chinese.

      Tunku Abdul Rahman made a huge mistake offering the Chinese citizenship. It is obvious even today that they do not appreciate it.

    3. would those 2 Chinamen be Ridhuan Tee and Ustaz Ann Wan Seng, wakakaka.

      But Ridhuan believes he is Malay, and constitutionally he is right, so he shouldn't be one of the two (or he'll be broken hearted, wakakaka).

      So, does this mean one of the two is a Chinawoman? wakakaka

    4. Anonymous10:59 am, May 28, 2014 wrote :

      "Two, Yes Just TWO loyal Chinese supporting the Malayan Government in a conflict against a rebellion by an army of treasonous Chinese, supported by the majority of disloyal Chinese."

      Just because KTemoc mentioned those 2 doesn't mean that there are not other Chinese working quietly and anonymously in other spheres to protect and serve the country and its citizens. KTemoc probably didn't have the time nor is it the right occasion to mention all the others -- he wrote that in response to another person's comments.

      From your spiteful and hate-laced remarks it is clear your racial prejudice against the Chinese community blinds you to seeing any good in them. In your eyes they are all bad, every single one of them.

    5. Malaya then is not under BN which is NOT formed yet ( known as Alliance Party ?). It might do well to remember the British would not give independence to the country if the citizenships were not given to the immigrants. Can the Chinese now turn the argument around and claim that without the Chinese and the Indians, Malaya would still be under the rule/partical rule of the British ? wakakaka

    6. Anon 10.59.
      You one eye jack with one mind brain? There were malays fought together with chin peng and also exile in Beijing.

  5. aiya, kt
    its anwar protege mah. so, it is anwar the culprit.
    tell me something new, najib lover boy.
    oops, UMNO honcho now is Anwar i guess.

  6. Very good commentary! This is like pulling up the emperor's fine, exquisite robe to reveal ... oooh my goodness ... his underwear is shockingly filthy!

  7. A typical UMNO warlord way of speaking. It's just a jealous man's way of expressing his libido when he sees LKS snaring one of the Malay beauties away and he felt helpless.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't chime anymore with the younger generation. It just sounds so jijik and hodoh.

  8. maestro's worse nightmare.1:41 am, May 28, 2014

    Warrior,it is stupid ignorant people like you that you have Zahid,Ali and Ah Tee as your masters.When are you going to stop using your sore tongue on them.

    1. If this so-called Warrior is the same red-neck as the one who uses the nick Warrior 321....then this bigoted racist have clean up his language somewhat . He used to say stuff like ..." I will f*ck all the chingki ah moi till their cibai split....and I will....blah blah ( use your imagination here...he must have the hard-on writing such stuff, wakakaka ). But alas for him....since site like this is moderated, he had to put on some brake lah, sayang sekali. But he still persist with his "Warrior" nick....a lah...warrior konon nya...can't even earn his own keep, always the begging bowl out, licking his masters' arseh*les.

  9. Boss, your picture of the 2 serfs kowtowing...the guy seated 2nd from left is Muhiddin. Seriously. Don't believe, take a look. hehehe.

    1. hah, no wonder Narinder Singh claimed the Chinese are in control of Malaysia, wakakaka - see http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/chinese-illuminati.html

    2. Irrespective of race, we are all pendatang mah!

  10. Warrior,you stupid son of a gun. Did you came out the wrong hole.

    1. Oh give him a break. He's been spewing his bile for so long all over at Rocky's. Change of scenery over here mah. Hehehe.

  11. In banana republics and other autocracies, dictators often wear military uniforms, to puff up their "authority status".

    Gadaffi, Idi Amin, Papa Doc, Baby Doc,

    Zahid Hamidi is just following in their footsteps...

  12. Can one who is 'a mere two heartbeats from being the president of UMNO and by default the PM of Malaysia' suffers from 'Permanent Head Damage' ?
    Will calling the Chinese 'ungrateful' make any difference to their support for BN ?
    None. Most Chinese have made up their mind to support PAKATAN.
    The Chinese votes have already been discounted.
    It's the Malays he wants to win over by calling the Chinese for being 'ungrateful' !
    Still think Zahid is a fool ?

  13. The reason I am so pissed is because my uncles who were in the special branch just like Paul Kiong and Sia Boon Chee also risked their lives fighting for the country. One of my uncles actually found a hit list of the CPM with his name on it after raiding a communist cell in KL. Since then until the day he retired he slept with a S & W snub nose revolver under his pillow even when he was at home. Ask that Zahid motherfrucker UMNO warrior when was the last time he risked his life for the country.

    1. Vincent, we're in the same boat, well your uncle is far more lucky than my granduncle, also SB. He was assassinated by the CT. Most (though not all) UMNO people will never acknowledge that without the crucial role of the SB Chinese officers, the war against the CT would not have been won. Perak Police Chief Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong was assassinated by CT in 1975 and was replaced by Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng, the Perak-born Sarawak police commissioner (and also RASCOM SB Chief and Head of Joint Intelligence) took over to win the war as he did in RASCOM, Sarawak.

    2. Vincent & KTemoc,

      Drooling racists like that Warrior and his ilk will deny to their last breath that the Fucking Chingkie Bastards did anything good for the country, least of all sacrificing their life for it.

      You'll have to forgive these people because they can't help it as their mental capacity is barely above those who are euphemistically called mentally-challenged.

  14. What fighting againsts Communists and stupid insurgency and risking lives for Malaysia all about?

    Now PM representing Malaysia having private dinner with the President of Communist China.

    And the UMNO , MCA, MIC, Gerakan businessmen all doing projects with Communists businessmen all over Malaysia and China.

    I think more Malays, Indians and East Malaysians die fighting the Communists than Chinese. Anyway, it doesn't matter cos all were Malaysians, just like the Thomas Cup badminton players.

    Perhaps the question to be asked is, was all the fighting in vain? Was it to satisfy the Cold War syndrome created and Malaysia is just one of the players in the Western team?

    Why suddenly, Russia, Vietnam, China, Khazakhstan , Mongolia, Laos all communists countries are now Malaysia's friends?

    And back home in Malaysia, there is still this illusion among mostly Malaysians Malays that the Chinese are still Communists. Go check the pro BN blogs if you doubt it or the speeches made by bogots.

    What a farce?

    So all this wars are just to serve political leaders and their worldwide alignment.?

    What a waste of life!

    1. "And back home in Malaysia, there is still this illusion among mostly Malaysians Malays that the Chinese are still Communists. Go check the pro BN blogs if you doubt it or the speeches made by bogots."

      Isn't this to be expected.....with Mahathir and his cohorts yelling and screaming that DAP is a communist party and that the requests by Sequi from the MCA are actuallly communist-demands. And why are we surprised when racists the likes of Warrior ( OMG...I have this inane desire to go into fits of giggle seeing nicks like Warrior....)...anyway, we shouldn't be surprised at all when all these katak-warriors come out vomiting their hate and paranoia....after all, they are the expected result of carefully orchestrated Umno brainwashing programmes started 45 years ago, which now have reached a crescendo. That is why we have a whole bunch of bigoted Malay professionals ( lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers, etc ) spewing bigoted views. IMelayu is very much alive.....

  15. It's as easy as abc to make the 'ingrates' vote for you !
    No reason to antagonize them.
    Delete from their memories:
    the Mongolian lady, Sarbani, Kugan and B. Hock;
    the Port and cow-gate scandals;
    the image of a big diamond ring !

  16. Beauty and the Beast10:15 am, May 29, 2014

    Teluk Intan has become a Beauty vs. The Beast election contest.
    Beauty is obviously Dyana.
    The Beast is UMNO , personified by Zahid Hamidi.

    The faux uniform he puts on with "Menteri" on the chest is disgusting.
    In democratic countries, civilian leaders do not put on military garb, to ensure there is no confusion over the separation of civilian government control and the military.
    When visiting troops in the field, they may be required to wear helmets and body armour, but they make it a point to wear ordinary street clothes, not military uniform.

  17. What more can I say about this Zahid guy.Except that he is a stupid asshole and belongs to the vermint species.

  18. Umeeno's worst nightmare.10:48 am, May 29, 2014

    Zahid and that toady face bitch Helen Ang should be a couple and have many offsprings of the frog species. (kachambulu).

    1. Why is he using a female name of Helen ? He looks like a man or a butch, he talks and writes like a rough man and he walks and wears clothing like a man...so WHY, oh WHY is he using a female name ?

      And also why is his surname Ang ? Isn't he a Malay ? Maybe it is a short form of the word Angkat ? Or is he related to yet another Malay guy by the name of Ang of the Kong Kali Kong fame ?

      Adoi...macam macam species di negara kita.

    2. I'm not publishing two comments criticizing someone I once loved wakakakakakakakakaka

    3. C'mon KT, do be a sport. Hehehe.

  19. We should not today belittle the seriousness and sacrifice of the bitter Emergency struggle. And neither should UMNO and its support question the loyalty of the Malaysian Chinese. And Gratitude to the country is not Gratitude to BN. This country does not belong to UMNO/BN.

    The world in 2014 is a very different world from 1950. At the time, Communism was an expansionist, belligerent force, often employing violent terror against civilians, hell-bent to force a revolutionary takeover. definitely not what I would support for Malaysia.

    Looking back at the history of Communist rule from 1917 onwards, I would say Communism has been a malevolent force, with a few exceptions.

    However, 2014 is a very different world. The USSR is gone, China is a capitalist economy rule by the Communist party, a lot of ex-Communists are now Investment bankers and Venture capitalists.

  20. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/264095

    Microscopic amounts of pork DNA found in Cadbury chocolates and Muslim groups are going on rampage.
    Not a single pip squeak about the Mega corruption and power abuse going in broad daylight every day in Malaysia.

    I'm not surprised Malaysia is so corrupt. The majority Muslims appear to have a very high tolerance for corruption.

    1. Mau tukar darah seluroh badan dah.....we are what we eat, she said...and haha...someone can be heard in the background saying..." macam muka babi"....alamak, betui tu !

  21. Malaysians are very easy to Divide-and-Rule, and UMNO is a master of the technique, that's how they stay in power for 57 years.

    Zahid Hamidi attacks the Chinese, it quickly becomes a Malay-Chinese argument, with supporters on either side lining up totally predictably.
    The Indians don't consider it any of their business, as long as the container-loads of hampers keep coming to Teluk Intan.