Wednesday, May 07, 2014

More on PAS' hudud

Below are collected statements on PAS' intention to implement hudud. Please note: bolding and underlining below are by kaytee, not the authors or the reporting news media.

(1) by MCA's Ti Lian Ker as reported in FMT's Hudud takes us on a path of no return

PAS’ hudud, if implemented, will take non-Muslims on a path of no return, warned MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker.

He said though hudud supporters maybe happy and proud that they had fulfilled their divine duty if the laws were applied, he cautioned that in reality crime rate would remain same or worsen.

He further said that under hudud the burden of proof is heavier thus injustice may occur.

He stressed that non-Muslims could be charged for blasphemy by the time they had realised and start challenging the hudud enactments as its supporters would then claim it as “God’s law and that infidels should not challenge divine laws.”

“Once etched in law or practice, PAS’ hudud puts non-Muslims on a path of no-return,” Ti warned in a strongly-worded statement here today.

Lian Ker has said it brilliantly.

A concerned Malaysian has issued a video and a letter pressing for Ikatan Musliman Malaysia (Isma) president Abdullah Zaik Abdullah Rahman to reveal his true motive for tearing at the fabric of Malaysia's multi-racial harmony.

Calling himself a Chinese-Muslim, Muhammad Ooi said that Abdullah Zaik’s statement that "Chinese were intruders like the British who came to exploit the Malays", clashed with his understanding of Isma’s objectives.

Speaking calmly in the short video uploaded on YouTube, Ooi urged Isma’s members to stop Abdullah Zaik and other Isma leaders from making any more such statements, as it hurt people like him and could spark racial conflict.

“What is the benefit to ustaz to make such a statement over and over again?” Ooi said, referring to Abdullah Zaik (right) by his honorific title.

“Isn't it better that ustaz try to understand Malaysia’s multicultural society and not to make any race feel small or make people in Malaysia feel uncomfortable about their different races?

Far more important, I believe, has been the reality that Dr Mohd Zudhi Marzuki, the Chief Operating Officer of PAS Research Centre was photographed together with ISMA leaders when ISMA made a bigoted statement to the press about Indians and Chinese being brought into Malaysia by the British to weaken the Malay identity and undermine the community’s birthright to peninsular Malaysia on the pretext of multiculturalism.

Dr Zuhdi Marzuki second from right
is he an Islamic promoter or a ultra Malay nationalist promoter?

I can understand him being in the thick of all issues Islamic but I can't his seen and thus seeming involvement in an ISMA forum which made racist comments.

If I have been mistaken, I apologize in advance but if I am not, then PAS bloody well explain whether it is and will be continuing its commitment to Pakatan's multiculturalism and equality* for all Malaysians.

* which recognizes the positions of the Malay rulers, Islam and the economic needs of the disadvantaged, most of whom are Malays and other bumiputeras.

(3) by Ariff Sabri a.k.a Sakmongkol AK47

My reasons for not agreeing to PAS’s intended tabling are not entirely because of DAP’s official stand.

As a party member, I will support the only and official stand of DAP. But DAP is a mature party - it has evolved since it formation into a party that tolerates differing personal views.

I want to make it clear to DAP that personally as a Muslim I am obligated to support hudud by trying to be as good a Muslim as I can be.

I would further caution my DAP colleagues no to make utterances and statements that can be construed as some form of triumphalism. DAP opposes as a matter of its principle and does so as a matter of fact. It has no intention of offending its Muslim supporters and Muslims in general.

As a party member, I stand by what the party stands for. I believe DAP accepts my personal stand.

The reasons why I cannot support the bill are as follows:-

For more, read Sak's The Muslim DAP and Hudud - a response to Zaid Ibrahim's Hudud without Karpal

Sak has given very sound advice on the need for DAP members and supporters to be restrained. Even as a non-Muslim Chinese I believe I would be annoyed if not embarrassed by any insensitive non-Muslim gloating or crowing if Parliament rejects the two bills that PAS will be presenting on the implementation of hudud in Kelantan, what more for a Muslim (even one who doesn't support PAS' intent).


  1. Nice to read your last paragraph, so cool. In respond, I would say this: As a Muslim I cannot change my belief in hudud, but how hudud is implemented, can vary from time to time and place to place. If hudud is going to cause a lot of tension and racial unrest, my advice is to please drop it; we are not ready for it yet. There is no hurry; there will be time for it.

    I dare to say the above because apart from hudud, the Qur’an has also made an uncompromising stand on the equality of all human beings, without exception. Hence, 1 Malaysia or We Are Malaysian or Malaysian Malaysia is in alignment with Islam/Qur’an. As a good Muslim, I sincerely think this principle of equality should be actualized first before we implement hudud.

    But to the Nons, please do understand that this is a Malay country that was colonialized for more than 150 years; don’t make a quarrel on some reasonable privileges to the Malays especially on education, employment, housing and health. If it has to go on for another 100 years, so be it. To the Malays, we have to understand and accept that since the day we got our independence, this is not a Malay country no more. Change and renovate ourselves, as even ALLAH would not give us those special privileges forever.

    - hasan

    1. "we are not ready for it (hudud) yet'.
      we = Muslims ?
      Would non Muslims want to be your 'we' ?

      Implement hudud; 'There is no hurry; there will be time for it.'
      When the non-muslims are under 30 % ? 20% ?

    2. hasan, what you say has merit and shows that you are a reasonable person.

      Do you follow the blog OutSyed the Box? It is worth the time to read as he has some trenchant views about hudud and religion and other subjects. But you'll have to visit regularly as his postings nowadays remain online for just a few days after which they are taken offline and not available anymore. You'll probably find his views quite stimulating!

  2. @ Anon 9.54am

    We = Malaysia = Malaysians. However, we can't force if Nons do not want to be Malaysians = Malaysia = We: Can we?

    In regard to your last paragraph, is that a statement of fact or just your hypothesis?

    @ terang langit

    Thanks very much. I visit quite a number of blogs i.e. dinmerican, sakmongkol, helenang, outsyedthebox, caravanserai, aspanalias, kadirjasin, anaszubedy,steadyaku47, hakbersuara, rockybru, Dr Hsu; to mention a few. But I seldom comment. Well, I guess I should not overstay my welcome at KT's blog too... -:)

    - hasan

  3. Hudud for All ?2:30 pm, May 09, 2014

    This is fair. IF (and a BIG IF) Hudud is to be implemented , it should be applied to everyone in the Country.
    That is the only fair and equitable to apply the law.