Sunday, June 01, 2014

Teluk Intan - a bridge too far for Dyana Sofya

First thing first - congratulations to Mah Siew Keong for his victory and his eventual ministership.

Secondly, I had hopes for using the immortal words of Neil Armstrong to eulogize the expected but unrealized by-election victory by sweetie Dyana, paraphrased as "That's one small step for Dyana and Teluk Intan, one giant leap for Malaysia", but alas it was not to be.

It's a slim victory for Mah with a majority of 238 votes but nonetheless a victory, for winning by one vote is still a sweet victory.

There's no point blaming the Chinese, Malay or Indians or the DAP's outstation supporters who didn't make it back to TI to vote, or even the EC for holding the by-election polls on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. Nor is there any need to analyze the DAP internal dissent over Dyana as a parachuted candidate for the by-election. All these are part and parcel of politics.

Neither is there any value in criticizing or cursing the dirty campaigning by UMNO, where every millimetre of Dyana's private and public life was dug up for dirt (which would be turned into BN campaign gold), though I may just mention some bizarre ones for my own blog record, wakakaka.

Not since Helen of Sparta was abducted or seduced (depending on your leanings, wakakaka) which triggered the angry united Hellenic kingdoms in antiquity into launching a thousand ships to get her back, have Malaysians seen a mightily worried and furious UMNO launched a thousand kitchen sinks at sweetie Dyana Sofya to destroy her personal credibility, reputation and social standing.

Dyana as a young Malay woman breaking away from her expected allegiance to UMNO was a far too dangerous leak in the Heartland dam, one which may lead to a breakaway flood of Malay youths (their allegiance) in the Heartland to the DAP, a party which UMNO wants the Malays to consider and to continue to consider as a demonic Chinese political party.

Then there was a BN person who said it's only natural that Chinese in TI should vote for a Chinese candidate, wakakaka, but now, I don't want anyone to blame Ridhuan Tee, wakakaka.

Of course we have our Ahmad Maslan for comic relief as he continued to f**k up kau kau as in the comical episode of the so-called 150 DAP defectors. It turned out they were present for hampers and other gifts (any Janome sewing machines?), wakakaka, and were forced to wear BN T-shirts.

The comedy ended up with MIC getting riled at being blamed and who then whistle-blew at the remarkable Ahmad Maslan as being the joker responsible for the BN debacle.

Muhyiddin Yassin even exploited the demise and mourning period of Allahyarham HRH Sultan Azlan Shah to attack DAP with a fabricated accusation, one in which DAP responded to by publicly calling Muhyiddin a 'liar', which thus far he hadn't responded to.

But the harm would have already been done to DAP in the Heartland's view of the political party as being disrespectful to Allahyarham HRH. To twist the fabrication knife deeper in the DAP's side, Rayer (wakakaka) was also falsely accused of insulting Allahyarham HRH.

But appalling as such surat-layang-ish campaigning might be by western standards, it has been and will continue to be the typical, and thus to be expected, Malaysian style of political campaigning, either in public or intra party election campaigning.

Years ago while working in a public organization I learnt after an unscrupulous Chinese co-worker sabotaged me in order to be promoted ahead of yours truly, by fabricating vile racist actions on my part, that there could be no defence even against such fabricated accusations.

It's in our national character to believe all the worst in someone accused, and even when those fabrications were proven to be false/fabricated, the listeners (not the fabricators) would bizarrely take up the defence and justifications of the fabrications (perhaps to rationalize they were right in the first place to believe in the lies).

How to defend against such lies? What I did was to ignore them (the lies, liar and those who believed in those lies) and moved on, though of course I was mortally wounded career-wise.

But regardless, I urge the DAP not to falter in their Malay-nization strategy, where in earlier post
The necessary Malay-nization of DAP I had penned:

But what I really fear about the smear campaign against sweetie Dyana is that the DAP may chicken out of putting her as the much touted DAP candidate for the TI by-election, and backtrack into sh*t-scared safety by nominating a Chinese or Indian.

By such a play-safe action, that of a DAP retreating into its self-restricting non-Malay-ness, UMNO would be handed both a moral and a strategic victory as it wants DAP to be and thus to remain a Chinese party.

Thus, notwithstanding the undeniable threat of such a sleaze campaign (we Malaysians love sleaze even if fabricated), the DAP must bite the bullet and nominate sweetie Dyana for the TI by-election, and it must continue doing so with more Malays as its future election candidates for future state and federal parliaments.

DAP to its credit and political courage, and indeed strategic wisdom did not 'chicken' out as evident in its selection of Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud to contest the TI by-election despite some unhappiness within its Perak membership and in the wake of PAS hudud controversy which would have alienated many Chinese in TI. And Dyana did reasonably well despite many odds against her. The result was down to the wire, a mere 238 votes. She can improve on her performance

I like to appeal to the DAP leadership by reiterating that despite this by-election setback, it must continue to maintain its strategy of putting up Malay candidates like sweetie Dyana Sofya as its future election candidates. Memeganglah teguh tujuan parti ini!

News media have describe the TI by-election as probably the toughest election fought between BN (essentially UMNO) and Pakatan. But I see it as a watershed in so many aspects: firstly, DAP put up a Malay candidate while UMNO (let's not mince words that it wasn't UMNO) put up one of those evil Chinese, wakakaka; secondly, to win the Malay candidate had depended on Chinese support while the Chinese candidate on Malay and Indian support, wakakaka.

How more Malaysian could that have been, though in a bizarre politically acrimonious way. 

But in truth, the Heartland is still fairly impenetrable, not just to DAP but also, as had been known, to PAS (local TI branch very unhappy) and PKR. However, it's gratifying to read that there was a slight swing of Malay voters to Dyana, though the Chinese and Indians swung by 10% each to Mah.

The DAP must continue chipping away at the great walls of the Heartland fortress, which UMNO had feared Dyana would do the reverse of the (story of the) little Dutch boy who plugged his teeny weeny finder in the dyke to prevent a flood.

Finally, I wonder whether the Cadbury porcine DNA had anything to do with the TI by-election. Have you heard of subliminal advertising (or propaganda) which is illegal in western countries.

The Dictionary defines the word 'subliminal' as an adjective describing 'a stimulus or mental process below the threshold of sensation or consciousness, or perceived by or affecting someone's mind without their being aware of it.'

Say, I sell fizzy cold drink 'X' and want to influence people to buy it. I get an advertizing company to insert a short video strip of scenes showing how marvellously refreshing it is to drink 'X' in among the tapes of a movie or TV show. The inserted strip of tape extolling the refreshing nature of 'X' would be appropriately short so that its effect is subliminal, or that while the audience won't consciously see it, it will subliminally affects or influence the audience's mind without their being aware of it.

Now, the Cadbury brouhaha wasn't exactly a classical subliminal happening, but I could see it as being a variant of subliminal propaganda, that was, to invoke revulsion and anger among the pious Muslims and to hopefully channel their abhorrence against all things porcine, including the consumers of pigs (specially the already perceived 'Chinese' DAP). 

Far-fetched? No more than Dr Mahathir's postulation that MH370 was remotely commandeered, controlled and flown to a mysterious Lost City of Atlantis in the southern Indian Ocean.

After all, didn't they day 'all is fair in love and war', and politics in Malaysia is war!


  1. hehehe, playing mahjong kot, n the greedy dap should offer this seat to pkr or pas la.

    see the fantastic logic of wakaka n looes? wakaka.

    1. HY, unlike PKR which refused to put an Indian in the Ijok and Hulu Selangor by-elections (playing safe with Malay candidates only), DAP has set on a new brave direction, wakakaka.

    2. When PKR Puts up a Malay in a Chinese majority seat it's considered insensitive to the needs of the Chinese community.When DAP puts up a Malay in a Chine majority seat, it's considered a new brave direction.
      Some logic we have here.

  2. Ngeh Ngeh Nga Nga12:02 pm, June 01, 2014

    The local DAP machinery , aligned to the Ngeh-Ngah faction, which had wanted its own candidate, was AWOL during the campaign.
    As a result, DAP's outreach to the traditional Chinese voters was very limited. Most of these voted for BN.
    Don't forget, Malaysia's electoral system may be heavily gerrymandered, but within a constituency, it is truly 1 Voter 1 Vote

    I'm not sure what Lim Kit Siang / Lim Guan Eng can do about it, but these two DAP Warlord cousins really need to be be brought under control, otherwise DAP Perak will continue to slide downwards.

  3. Not possible to win every battle !
    Persevere !

  4. Concerning the fabrication of lies and the spreading of malicious gossip to tarnish the reputation of others, this proves that Lee Kuan Yew's and his son Lee Hsien Loong's way of dealing with the problem is the best -- sue the scoundrels until they are bankrupt and had to grovel in the mud to beg for mercy.

  5. Subliminal message.? IN a way by fielding Diyana, it does infer a message into the psyche of the heartlanders across the ethnic barriers .. Racial politics are on the way out..

  6. One angry man

    Ok, I got more to say but would just pass to you bits by bits. Do hope that Sabri would team up with zulpuri to chip the Pahang heartland

    Your sifu never support Dyana lei

    1. you'll never know unless I inform you now, that over at Din Merican I left a comment chewing you for putting words into people's mouths, wakakaka, but my friend Din obviously didn't consider my comment fit for posting and had killed it, wakakaka.

    2. Hahahaha! That means you kenna banned. Hahahaha! Aiyaaa......Susan loone also accuse you the same thing what......In french, it's called comme si comme sa. Hey, you should have an extremely debate with the Lupus aka CL Flamiaris. Hahahaha! Fun!

      One aussie chick song for you

    3. banned? why? when I hardly placed comments there, maybe only twice or trice in the years I have been good Facebook pals with his missus and him,

      As for Susan Loone, we are thick as thieves or as Penangites would say, oo cheng boe thnar (very kamcheng one lah) wakakaka

    4. by the by, comme si comme sa means so so

    5. It's also meant sama2. Lest you studied francais for 3 years......never challenge me.......Hahahaha......By the way Hossan Leong is my senior

      And our alma matter is not alliance francaise.......Hahahaha

  7. The increasing urbanization of the Malays will mean more seats like Teluk Intan in the next GE. The DAP top brass must have known that a Malay woman will not sit well with many among their own and the Chinese voters in Teluk Intan. However, I think it is better that the DAP 'sacrifice' the Teluk Intan seat which is deemed as a 'safe' seat in a by-election so as to show the Malays that the DAP's is indeed serious in going the Malaynization route. Most importantly, the DAP must build a corp of Malay women which will allow the DAP to campaign effectively in Malay neighborhoods of iindependent of PAS and PKR. It is this corp of 'liberal' Malay women which UMNO and PAS fears most. I hope to see this corp in action in the coming Sarawak state election. Just like the Peninsular where the DAP are viewec with great suspicion by the Malays vote the DAP has similar problems with the Bumiputras in Sarawak. Teluk Intan is a skirmish compared to the coming battle in Sarawak.

    Teluk Intan was indeed a bridge too far but isn't that the story of the DAP. All this can change with a corp of Bumiputra-Malay women to provide the ground support so sorely missing in Teluk Intan

    1. alamak, much as I love Malay sweeties (and Indian, Mamak, Chinese, Thais, Burmese, Eurasian, Kadazan, Murut, Iban, Bidayuh ones etc as well, wakakaka) don't forget that Malay men can join DAP too

    2. Vincent,
      Let me share you this this fine gentleman in Durham town just near the border where english kenna screwed by the scots who wore nothing beneath thier kilts........Hahahaha

      Kaytee made you believe that there is always next time but then.....The fucking failure that PR faces is..........all in the song


      By the way, watch this show before.....

      What the fuck Gene Hackman says........

      Anyway that cibai Richard Nixon won election after election........why.......

      Buy the fucking cibai ticket, then you die die must take the ride.......This ride has been taken fuckingly too long.......You not tired, congrats to you
      Nah! The fucking quote from Hunter S Thompson

      “No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride...and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well...maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.”

      Singapore version

      By the way, ask that sabahan.......who the hell is Khoo Swee Chiow

    3. You and I know the weak link in UMNO's armor is the role Malay women play in Malay politics. Look at their UMNO's campaign machinery. How many UMNO man do you see walking around in the hot son during the run-up to an election compared to UMNO women? It is the UMNO women who are able to walk in and out of Malay areas freely due to social and religious restrictions. UMNO wanita today is no more the UMNO wanita of yesterday with that cow woman as their leader. Many think it was the so-called Chinese tsunami which broke BN's 2/3 majority in Parliament. That 'tsunami' is only accurate with reference to overwhelmingly Chinese majority seats. More importantly, it was UMNO's failure to hoard the Malay votes in the mixed constituency due to an ineffective UMNO Wanita which enabled the DAP to win seats like Bakri. Like it or not for all political parties the urbanisation of the Malays will mean that more and more Malay majority areas will come up in the cities and towns across Malaysia. Do you know that UMNO is doling out cash and houses to the FELDA settlers and their children to stem an exodus of Malays to the towns and cities. I know because I see these FELDA settlements practically every week.

    4. Wahai KT. Ya, Melayu memang boleh masuk DAP.

      But Cina pun boleh masuk Melayu - but unfortunately other Cina will ejek! For tahu lah...

      BTW, when India masuk DAP yang dulunya bernama PAP, they discover that "meritocracy" means "India tak boleh jadi PM". Ask S Dhanabhalan.

      Kelakar kan?

  8. Kaytee,
    I believe what sort of ministerial post Mah would take up. But then it has dawned to me that Mah would be handed with shit by appointing him as primary industry minister. This post was helmed by numerous Gerakan President INCLUDING........The crazy doctor himself. Yes, the one who says in don't know what yindians (rubber tappers) are doing behind the pokok.

    With this cadbury thing comes up, Mah would be tasked to solve this problem together with subra. Plus a threesome with Khir Baharom...........Hahahahaha, wanna bet?

  9. Bravo to Mah
    Bravo to Gerakan,
    Yes, Gerakan, the party that Lim Kit Siang insulted during the Teluk Intan election campaign as a "dead party". It must be galling to be defeated by a "dead party" regardless of the quantum of the majority.
    DAP has become far too arrogant , and I'm glad Teluk Intan folks - including many of the Chinese - taught them a lesson.
    From now on the way is UP.

    Lessons for DAP and Pakatan.
    Get the Hudud issue resolved. Don't do it using megaphones.
    A pretty face alone isn't good enough
    DAP calling some Malays "celaka" , even if its "only" UMNO has its electoral costs.
    A lot of Chinese will only vote for a Chinaman
    Don't be soo arrogant.

  10. To KT was it not the white women who broke the conservative hold over the white male votes in the US thus enabling Clinton and later Obama to win two presidential terms?

  11. My favourite former DAP leader predicts Dyana will leave DAP soon.

    Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim believes that Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud will follow the same path he took and leave DAP -

  12. The mathematics is simple.
    Given the demographics of the Teluk Intan seat, Mah could not have won without obtaining a large number of Chinese votes, maybe not the majority of the Chinese votes.

    What I can't understand is the mentality of the Chinese who vote for BN.
    Their access to business opportunities are constrained by BN /UMNO policies.
    Their children's fair access to education, including Chinese schools and higher education are hobbled at every juncture by BN/UMNO policies.
    UMNO leaders regularly call them "pendatang" and "ingrates".

    Why do they still vote BN ?

    For Bumis to vote for BN almost unquestioningly , I can understand.
    A Bumi acquaintance of mine had a son who was educated in UK on a Petronas scholarship and and now has a good position in a GLC. He also has a daughter studying in UiTM, also on a scholarship.
    His own business was started using a loans from a Bumiputra Entrepreneur fund. In theory the loan has to be repaid with interest in full, but in reality, the terms are extremely generous. Any month he feels he needs more cash flow, he just calls the loans officer and informs him that he will not be paying the installment that month. Just like that.

    He is well aware of UMNO is corrupt and abuses its power, but purely from a self-interest and "gratitude" point of view, it makes perfect sense for the whole family to vote for BN, every time.

  13. My Tahniah to your blind spot! As big as the elephant in the room!

    This was a seat where in 2013 DAP !!!WON!!! with a majority of 7,313 votes!

    What's different this time? Aiyaya, your blind spot.....This is Cina seat or Melayu seat.....and which community just loves to accuse others of racism?


  14. Did Mah really put up a poster "Orang Teluk Intan untuk Teluk Intan" ?
    That may have been a punchy line in Teluk Intan, but a dangerous strategy for BN to take.

    There are many seats where BN also puts up a Parachute Candidate i.e. someone who is not a local and not known locally either. The same slogan can be turned against BN.

    For me , the quality of the candidate and his/her willingness to serve matters.
    Being a local boy/ local girl is not an absolute requirement.