Saturday, May 10, 2014

PKR challengers & clowns

Have to say I've been of late surprised by Terence Netto's writing.

He used to write glowingly of Anwar Ibrahim but in the last few articles I noticed his less than warm treatment of the Great Man-manlai. Maybe he's disenchanted too by the wasteful, politically-useless and take-voters-for-fools Kajang Move.

In his Malaysiakini's article Anwar under attack within PKR he wrote how the unusual criticism of the party's hitherto scared cow, His Brahmic Majesty, came about:

The other contestants in the divisive race for the deputy presidency are Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and incumbent party secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution.

Both appear headed for defeat by Azmin in this critical fight for the party No 2 position unless, of course, one withdraws in favour of the other.

Anwar has remained neutral in this contest, ostensibly.

But it is neutrality much like the United States' in the initial years of the Second World War before the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour: you know where its sympathies lay even as it adhered to a noncommittal stance.

As a side issue, we can see Terence Netto hesitating to use a better comparison of 'neutrality' instead of his 'it is neutrality much like the United States' in the initial years of the Second World War before the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour'

Why didn't or won't he use instead 'it is neutrality much like the United States' in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict' wakakaka.

Anyway, what interests me has been his narration that:

It is not certain who mooted the idea of the meeting but sources say it seemed the handiwork of Tian Chua, a chameleon in the deputy presidential race: when he campaigns in front of party members whom he feels are for Azmin, he'll affect to be in favour of the man; when in front of camps that seem to support Khalid, he leans towards the Selangor MB.


me chameleon you know, like that can change one
from Chinese to Malay to human rights activist to photoshop expert
DAP scared of me lah


And don't we know what Tian Chua's name in Chinese mean, wakakaka!

Huh? You don't? Okay then, read my post GE-13 - snakes galore, wakakaka!

Netto continues: Everyone in the top hierarchy of the party can see through Tian Chua's charade but are unperturbed by it because the man is regarded as chief broker of the Chinese vote.

So you see, Saifuddin Nasution had been completely honest when he confessed that PKR is a Malay party, and consequentially, where the likes of Tian Chua and sadly my friend Eli Wong are no more than Chinese window dressings and weeny pickings for a supposedly multiracial PKR house.

Terence didn't spare Tian Chua when he continued along the following lines:

All three contestants in the vital race for deputy president think it essential that they have him on their side, and that has made it easy for him to gull all three factions simultaneously.

But whereas Tian Chua’s confidence in his trickster’s schemes is seen as a minor distraction in the larger scheme of things within PKR, .....

The Trickster

You know, Tian Chua was quite well liked if not admired in his earlier days as a Suaram human rights activist (as was Eli Wong). He might have been eccentric and seen as a martyr-wannabe but nonetheless was still liked, but boy oh boy, has he changed since joining PKR.

But the sad part is that, according to Terence Netto's opinion, Tian Chua has become nothing more than a Chinese court jester, no doubt a Machiavellian one, for PKR royalty's, and whose survival in his party is only assured by his being probably the noisiest Chinese member.

I suppose he can thank Jimmy Chua Jui Meng for being A.W.O.L or he would have faced stiff competition in the Chinese window dressing department.

But I wonder for Eli Wong who I perceive as having unfortunately pinned her own survival in PKR to the waning political fortunes of Khalid Ibrahim.

I would like to dedicate the words of the most evil hypocrite in the Bible to Tian Chua, Eli Wong, Jimmy Chua as per 2 Samuel 1:24-26 (KJV):

"O daughters of Israel, weep over Saul, Who clothed you luxuriously in scarlet, Who put ornaments of gold on your apparel."

"How have the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle! Jonathan is slain on your high places."

"I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; You have been very pleasant to me. Your love to me was more wonderful Than the love of women."

Note: Despite the above (hypocritical lamentation) it was David who had Saul and Saul's son Jonathan (David's lover) and entire family of Saul including Saul's daughter Michal (David's own wife) murdered a la the Chinese saying 'charm ch'au tnui keen' (to eliminate the entire House of Saul so as to prevent challenges to the throne of the Israelite kingdom). 

I think Jimmy Chua has had enough of PKR, but Eli Wing and Tian Chua would be wise to take heed of how David betrayed the love, loyalty and bonds of the entire family of Saul including his patron (King Saul), lover (Jonathan) and wife (Michal).


  1. Tian Chua is the biggest Chinese joker and chief clown in the PKR circus.No way DAP will have him within arm's length,least to say have him as a party member.This guy is full of crab.

    1. Crab ? I had crab for dinner last evening ! Surely you must mean CRAP....? I no eat shit lah, wakakaka. Maybe typo error ?

  2. the new kampung man5:52 am, May 11, 2014

    If Azmin wins the PKR is doomed.

    1. If truth be told, PKR is already dead only that its members don't know it yet.

      It's like in the movie "The Sixth Sense" where the boy sees ghosts who go about their normal daily activities. The boy refers to the ghosts as dead people -- "I see dead people ... but they don't know that they're dead."

      Thus, all these frenetic manoeuvres and machinations among the PKR people can be called funeral games only that they don't know they are at a funeral.

      There're 3 books (a trilogy) by Mary Renault which traces the life of Alexander the Great - from the time when he was a boy (Fire from Heaven), his adulthood and his famous conquest of the known world (The Persian Boy), and lastly his death and the ferocious and deadly plotting that ensued as each of his generals tried to grab a piece of his empire (Funeral Games).

      This is not to say that God' Gift to the People can be compared to Alexander the Great. In fact, hardly is the word. That would tantamount to comparing a lump of coal to a diamond.

  3. the gaffe guy who know's10:11 am, May 11, 2014

    Kaytee,the biggest joker,clown and fool is your favorite punching boy Mr Manmanlai.The reason we have stupid people in the electorate who always voted for the Umno/BN is the result of his achievements as education minister.As education minister his ketuahnan Melayu attitude caused the downslide of our education standards.Therefore the products of stupid students who grew up believing in the ketuahnan Melayu mentality.That is what the ruling elites like and loved.A stupid and ignorant electorate who believed in handouts during election time.That is the reason Mr Manmanlai is never destined to be and can never be the PM.

  4. maestro's worse nightmare.10:57 am, May 11, 2014

    Tian Chua,Azmin and Anwar.Between these three clowns,I wonder who will be the first to be able to differentiate between a civic cat(musang) and a pussy cat.

    Eli?I sympathised with her for having her pictures taken while sleeping like a baby.It is what good barbecue is.Enjoy while it is hot.

  5. Kaytee,Ram Karpal is the DAP's choice candidate for Bukit Gelugor by-election as replacement for his father.And you know what.The name of Bhai scarced the daylights out of the cowardly Mca lapdogs.They must have known that Bhai's have bigger dicks that CSL.

    1. Yup, kaytee may refer to the life of Brian directed by John Cleese, another atheist.........Biggus Dickus......Hmmm......should it be accoumpanied with Vaginus Maximus. Hahahahaha!