Thursday, May 08, 2014

PKR's glass house

Malaysiakini - More PKR polls results suspended nationwide

recent PKR polls at Nibong Tebal

The aerodynamics of furniture, wakakaka
then there was MIC, now there is PKR, wakakaka

Now do you know why I posted PKR - Reformasi 2.0 or EC 2.0? wakakaka?

If you still don't (as per one PKR supporter who acted dunno in his comments, wakakaka) that's because I believe there never was Reformasi by PKR.

Certainly lots of manmanlai but Reformasi? Think 916, think frog expedition to Taiwan! Think Anwar's open arm embrace of the remarkable revolving-door frog in Perak, Nasarudin Hashim as, in Anwar's own words, reflecting “... the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave”wakakaka.

And of course think of the wasteful Kajang move!

So? Reformasi or Deformasi, wakakaka!

Thus its Reformasi 2.0 is questionable when there wasn't even Reformasi 1.0 in the first place.

But given its 'remarkable' performances in its party elections in 2010 and now, wakakaka, it should be titled EC 2.0 where EC stands for the PKR intra party election machinery wakakaka.

It's also a long overdue side jab at PKR's brazen thick hide for criticizing the real EC, forgetting that people who live in a glass house ought not throw stones - though mind you, that Malaysian EC does deserve to be criticized BUT most certainly not by PKR, wakakaka.

Now, do you know why so many people (Malays, Indians and Chinese) had left PKR, rendering the party desperate enough into becoming a taxi sapu? wakakaka

Kajang move, my foot! More of a Kafkaesque move, wakakaka.

Addendum:'s Chegubard accuses Azmin of rigging PKR polls, Azmin maintains dignified silence

Wakakaka, and just what could Azmin say?


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Park Min Young

what is my photo doing here?
dunno, ask kaytee lah

me: we could do with a smile here, wakakaka

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  1. KT, you shouldn't say unflattering things about the great and incomparable PKR. It's rude!

    And I so luv and adore their elections/meetings. There's something undeniably magical about these elections/meetings they hold. Just like a stage magician can make a beautiful woman levitate and float in the air, so also at PKR meets chairs and tables inexplicably rise and fly artistically in the air. Let's hope one day they can do this in slo-mo like in the movies. This is simply such a wonderful, praiseworthy tradition, pioneered by the redoubtable MIC (kudos to them, they truly deserve it), it should be enthusiastically adopted by all other parties too. Yes, MCA did it at least once, good of them.

  2. I'm not sure if its any worse than DAP's CEC ...errr....edited elections.
    Only DAPsters ddin't throw chairs around that time.

    Mind you, I'm no friend of either party.

    1. "Mind you, I'm no friend of either party."......wakakaka.....understatement of the decade ! Whose friend are you then......LOL...... cakap kosong macam umno, bikin talam dua muka macam umno, bau taik macam umno.....mesti lah orang umno kan ? prize for guessing...SHIT !

    2. Nah! UMNO's mandores. Hahahaha!

  3. Kaytee,I have said many times before,An Azmin win in the deputy president's post and PKR will self implode before GE14.During the last PKR elections,because of Mr Manmanlai asking for no competition and all to back his dwarf for the deputy president and mass cheating,many Chinese and Indian leaders ran for the hills.After this PKR elections some more leaders will leave.All that will be left are the carpet ridding apes and cronies.

    That is the problem when companies lack good CEO's and political parties lack good leaders and generals.

  4. It now looks more and more like the Kajang Move has gone rabid, wakakaka....

    - hasan

  5. People like KT are happy to see the demise of PKR and PR.
    But not PR supporters !

    1. now now don't be hurt by the truth in my post and driven into saying nonsense wakakaka. Rather you should get rid of nonsenses in your party and PKR can be a great political party, but until it does so, then it's no better than its Mothership, wakakaka

    2. Demise of PKR and perhaps PAS is ok. But we need to see the strengthening of DAP. We need to open the eyes of the melayus just as PAP had opened the eyes of singapore melayus. Would you wanna see people like Toh Chin Chyes and S Rajaratnams governing Malaysia? Yusuf Ishak (Taiping Born) would be proud

    3. Oh by the way, kaytee's posting of lovely ladies from Korea should tag along with this song

      Why restrict to korea hah? Italian girl also can ma

      That girl may look like ah kua but she's no.....Okay, kaytee

    4. Truth hurts.
      Just as KT says he's not paid to destroy PKR and hence PR !

    5. looes74,

      The Melayus in Malaysia keeping insisting that the Singapore Melayus are oppressed and marginalised and are unhappy.

      What do you think of that? Would you say that there is no truth whatsoever in their claims? Would you say they are making a false assertion mischievously even though they know fully well that the Singapore Malays are happy to be living in Singapore and are proud to be called Singaporeans?

    6. Melayu Singapura4:01 pm, May 09, 2014

      I'm a Malay and have relatives on both sides of the Causeway.
      Singapore Malays are both satisfied and disatisfied.

      Most of them have income levels far higher than their Malaysian cousins.
      But they are overall still relatively worse off compared to other ethnic groups in Singapore. Most just live their daily lives, which is not bad economically, and try not to bother about wider socio-political considerations.
      For those who do, many Singapore Malays do feel alienated in a society which is not really "theirs".
      Singapore is largely a Chinese-Westernised- materialist society. For some Singapore Malays it feels like an alien country.

    7. M Singapura
      Where in the world is the minority treated fairly ?

    8. Where in the world the minority treated fairly ? good old England, the Muslims made up about only 2% of the population, but they have the freedom to hold protests in the streets to demand to have sharia laws parallel to the civil laws, no restrictions on mosque-buildings and threatened to turn the whole country into Islamic state, all these without the authorities imprisoning them under ISA. In France and other European countries...they are allowed Honour Killings, etc. These whites really really bending over backwards to pander to them ( to get their votes maybe ?)

    9. Anon 853
      Without any regret now ?

    10. If there is, they would have migrated to Malaysia. The fact that Tunku was offereing free lands for melayus to uproot and they refused. There would always be disgruntled melayus just as some disgruntled penangites not happy of LGE

  6. "Demise of PKR and perhaps PAS is ok"
    You sound like an UMNO supporter.....

    "But we need to see the strengthening of DAP. ..We need to open the eyes of the melayus ...". they may ultimately get there, but it will be a snail-slow process, maybe take 30 years....

    Meanwhile, within that 30 years, its like a scenario for overwhelming UMNO political supremacy....

    Like I sound like an enthusiastic UMNO supporter....30 years of unbridled UMNO power the time DAP takes over as the government, Malaysia will be poorer than Bangladesh...

    1. Hahahahaha! This is getting extremely interesting. Me UMNO supporter. Hahahaha! Why can't we call for the demise of PKR. Actually don't you think that creation of PKR is redundant anyway.

      As for that singapore melayu, if you really feel oppressed, why melayus didn't take up Tunku's offer to settle in Johor? Free land lei? Apa macam?

      Singapore melayu,
      Don't BS me about being oppressed when Singapore government honoured you guys by keeping the special position of melayus (Exactly the same in Malaysia constitution). Kindly disassociate yourself from the melayus in singapore who are successful, contented and some may even don't wanna be muslims.......

      P.S : Sorry, can't share names because of some Malaysia mullahs around

    2. looes74, you're absolutely correct in your analysis. It does look very much like the Malaysian Melayus are trying very hard to slyly and dishonestly slant the truth in order to suggest that the Singapore govt treats their Malay citizens unfairly.

  7. another naive article, written in a ha style

    only a naive boy would believe pr is about reform. most people aware about this, they merely want a 2 party system, n they believe a 2 party sys would have more chance to arrive at a reform govt n society. along the way, we will see more of the ugly side of human include u n me. or perhaps only me bec u people from far away can always talk like a saint, thats the best thing about vote with 'my foot'.

    there are always people complain about election, party, nation or otherwise. n no one would guarantee any election is totally clean, except those saint from uk n oz. let the member, and finally the people to decide.

    never mind the saint can continue talking my foot, or your foot, the change can never come if the current regime stay, or any newly elected state govt stay for too long, they will start to talk like as if they r god.

    oh btw looes, spare us yr spore/pap/dap bs,u want to listen to the truth, whack spore/pap/lky kaokao b4 starting yr conversation with a spore malay.

    1. The top photograph accompanying this post contains no characters, no plot and no script. Nevertheless, it has the purity to give insightful messages on the personal, social and political issues which are not inside the picture. The image conveys the reality of the depressing situation of PKR directly to the attention of the viewers even without the language or further need of any explanation.

      - hasan

  8. There is a sense of sad inevitability in the outcome of current crises in Pakatan Rakyat.

    Anwar will likely be jailed for life (after a successful prosecution appeal to have his sentence increased)
    Many in PKR will rejoin the "Mother Party". The Social Activist types will likely leave for NGOs or quit activism altogether.

    PAS is hedging its future by flirting "Supra-Malay" or "Supra-Muslim" politics, with UMNO. Probably get betrayed (again), but people never learn.

    DAP, all alone again, will paint itself back into Chinese ghettos with gigantic election majorities in those urban Chinese seats but litle else to show.

    UMNO rules forever....even as Malaysia sinks into the stinking mud.

    1. Yes... Suresh, you have captured it well here. Let's see how even more 'creative' Umno will be now, trying by hook or crook to bring back Penang into its fold. Selangor, the jewel in the crown, is a done deal for Umno.........soon, we will see headlines splashed with pictures of our ex Umno PKR so-called reformasi leaders kissing the appropriate hands and cutting new deals.