Sunday, May 11, 2014

Being fair (1)

Today I'll start a new series 'Being fair' which will be posted occasionally when I see fit.

'Being fair' is NOT about bipartisanship, which currently is a political concept just not possible in Malaysian politics for various reasons, the principal being the feral-selfishness, ultra partisan-stupidity and no-compromise-win-at-all-cost mentality of our politicians on both sides.

'Being fair' is about a fair assessment of political policies, views and statements on both sides of politics. Naturally it's kaytee's assessments and if you don't like it, [no, not f* off, wakakaka] tell me why instead of accusing me of being a paid cybertrooper, which will only lead me to unrealistic expectations in anticipating a financial windfall and thus encourage me on an advanced spending spree. If or rather WHEN the financial windfall does not materialize, it will leave me with a f**king hole in my shallow (very shallow) pockets, all thanks to your bloody 'encouragement', wakakaka.

Incidentally, note that I don't have any advertisement on my blog [sob] and thus no revenue, but all due to my own choice of course.

Okay, let's start off with 'Being fair (1)':

Malaysiakini - MCA to stay clear of Bukit Gelugor rumble

Wise decision not to enter a tiger's lair - even in Australia, there are some (blue ribbon) constituencies that the other side of politics won't bother to contest in by-elections, though of course they would in general elections.

In Peninsula, constituencies such as Gelugor (DAP), Seputeh (DAP), Permatang Pauh (PKR), Kepala Batas (UMNO) and especially in Lee Lam Thye's days, Bukit Bintang (DAP) are considered as blue ribbon seats for those parties indicated in respective brackets.

Just a trivia, blue ribbon seat is an Australian political term, which means it's a very safe seat for a party, a stronghold of that party so to speak. The original spelling was (still is in some English-speaking countries) blue riband, but trust the Yanks to change it to blue ribbon. 

But MCA should stop bullshitting that their reason for not contesting Gelugor is "to fully focus on the hudud issue to protect the federal constitution".

To be fair to MCA's sec-gen Ong Ka Chuan, when he was asked by the press whether MCA felt it would lose the poll, Ong admitted that if the party contested, "there will be much humiliation".

There's nothing wrong about not walking into a political slaughter, which could bring about a disastrous byproduct, namely voters' perception that a party 'slaughtered' in an election must be a party not worth voting for in future or other elections.

I anticipate Huan Cheng Guan (PCM) will be slaughtered kau kau in the coming by-election, but in the unlikely event he attracts a significant number of votes he'll be a BN hero.

Thus on the balance of his gains and losses he is right to go for it, or suffer political obscurity forevermore, wakakaka.

The Malay Mail Online - No ‘1 Malaysia’ without unified school system, Utusan says

A Malaysian society blind towards race cannot exist as long as there is not a unified school system for all the country’s communities, editors of Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia said today.
Using the recent controversy over a minister’s announcement — and subsequent retraction — that “race” will be deleted from some official forms, the editors of the Malay language daily took an indirect swipe at the vernacular schools that are often accused of being obstacles to racial integration.

Writing under the shared “Awang Selamat” pen name, the writer said demands for “race” to be removed from documents or the removal of Bumiputera special privileges are not enough to create a united Malaysian people — unless a unified school system is implemented.

“This reform can be achieved if all are committed to adopt a principle of citizenship that embraces local cultures and norms,” the writer wrote in the newspaper’s weekend edition.

“That is why I am excited to await when this is no longer a dream — all races sharing the same school.”

I'm afraid to say (afraid to say? wakakaka) Awang Selamat is quite correct, because unless we have young Malaysians in a unified schooling system, it's quite difficult to foster meaningful 'Malaysian-ness' ..... BUT ..... wakakaka, there's of course a BUT in reality.

The BUT relates to (*originally, in my schooling days) one issue and now (updated to current environmental reality) two further/additional issues.

I had often blogged on the original issue, that of the abysmal educational standards in national-type schools, which came about as a result of how successive UMNO-Education Ministers f**ked up the system kau kau because of their misuse and abuse of the education system, playing political football with the education of our young Malaysians just to promote their personal party standing.

Hmmm, wonder who were the Education Ministers? wakakaka - note I queried in the plural, wakakaka.

Now, if there is one issue that agitates Chinese Malaysians, it's their children’s educational standards, or more correctly, their rights to good quality education. This is because education has been a central pillar of Chinese culture for thousands of years - an important factor seen by the Chinese proletariat as a means (then, probably the only one) of breaking out of their labourer/working class' miserable lot.

education turns you into a lotus,
to rise above the muck beneath from where you were

By the by, did you read what I wrote in a previous post Malaysian Babel on how seriously and just how far the Chinese and Koreans (no doubt including Japanese, Vietnamese, Hong Kongers) would do to support their children’s school examinations? Mind, in that post I didn't just refer to only the parents, but in fact the authorities and the community sectors such as public transport.

Because successive UMNO Education Ministers turned the national education system into the lamentable political football it became, and consequentially with its inevitable abysmal standards, the Chinese gave up completely on that system and quietly sought alternative means, leading them to Chinese vernacular education. In pre-Merdeka days and even some years after that, the gold standard in education was English medium schools, not Chinese medium.

Thanks to the selfish actions of successive UMNO Education Ministers pushing Chinese parents into the eager waiting arms of the vernacular educationalists as a result of the country's worsening national education system, they caused the two Cinapek sides to ‘fall in love’ with each other. And the rest is history.

Ironically the Chinese vernacular schools in the late '50s and early '60s were almost driven into extinction by the lack of Chinese support.

That, the diminishing need by the pragmatic Chinese community for vernacular Chinese education and its eventual extinction or at least, near extinction, would undoubtedly have occurred except for the unpleasant fact of successive UMNO Education ministers and wannabe Education ministers turning Malaya/Malaysia's once-famed education system into the shit that Ku Li lamented over yesterday in a FMT article Our education system has failed.

Just for another use of the word 'ironical' wakakaka, I cannot resist reiterating that ironically it had been UMNO Education ministers who ‘saved’ Chinese vernacular education from extinction - do read my letter to Malaysiakini titled Chinese educationists must thank UMNO. Wakakaka.

I concluded that letter to Malaysiakini with the statement “The truth has been out there all this while”, by which I meant today's Chinese Malaysian obsession with Chinese vernacular education had its Genesis not so much in ethnocentric cultural parochialism but more in ensuring good solid educational standards for their children which was screwed up kau kau by those wonders who have been our education ministers.

Thus Awang Selamat, while stating a truth about unity and racelessness for Malaysian youth through a single education system, has been sadly remiss in not acknowledging that UMNO's repetitive nationalistic kicking of the education football had ripped the guts out of our once-famed* national education system until Chinese parents have come to see the vernacular education system as the remaining hope for their children.

* Indon and Thai students used to flock to Penang to study English, because we had the best English standards in the region even as far east as Japan. 

Of course nothing remains static, so from an initial situation of providing good education standard to meet the needs of the Chinese community, the Chinese vernacular system has over the last 40 years incrementally metamorphosed from a purely issue of acceptable 'standards' into one of a cherished cultural identity, a metamorphosis abetted by the increasing siege mentality of the Chinese community in Peninsula Malaysia.

Such has been the Chinese devotion for good education and their constant fears of being deprived or denied this, that their earlier known political-passive nature and meek subservience to authority so as to carma (cari makan) took a turn for the worse (or better, depending on who you are, wakakaka), when in 1987 they became unusually assertive on their rights, educational rights.

Then the Education Ministry under you-know-who wakakaka had naughtily appointed 100 non Mandarin-educated senior assistants and principals to vernacular schools, provoking Chinese into protesting against what they perceived as a deliberate tampering of their education standard.

The protest by Dong Jiao Zong (Chinese educationists cum PTA) was joined by MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and DAP, where the Chinese based or Chinese majority political parties had no choice but to do so if they were to politically survive.

It was the first and probably only time in Malaysian history that witnessed 'Chinese unity' wakakaka.

And for what if I may ask again did those Chinese take such a drastic step? Education!!!

UMNO Youth, then under Najib with his blood-dripping keris, naturally had to counter-protest. It led to the draconian Ops Lallang, all thanks to the 'brilliant' idea of you-know-who, wakakaka.

Since then, there came about two new/additional factors which repulsed Chinese parents from enrolling their kids in national-type schools, namely:

(a) racialism - as so frighteningly and disgustingly demonstrated by some school heads, coupled with the reluctance or refusal of our Education Minister/DPM to take appropriate disciplinary actions, which in turn would only encourage similar behaviours in the extremists among school heads.

Tell me, which non-Malay parents would want their kids to experience such racialism, when such unacceptable behaviour is unlikely to be addressed by the minister, au contraire even condoned? 

(b) Arabization of our education system - I'm not talking about Islamic education for Muslims per se which is quite different from Arabization. I won't go too deeply into this other than to say UMNO in attempting to neutralize PAS through increased Islamization programs and policies has fallen into PAS' trap in trying to be a better 'Arab' than members of the Islamic Party.

The non's became unfortunate unwilling and unhappy collateral damage in the UMNO-PAS wannabe-Arab war.

But isn't the issue of Arabization in schools EXACTLY the same as the nationalistic political football which UMNO Education Ministers had kicked around earlier, and which led to the current abysmal mess of our education standards? We may expect the same f**ked up abysmal consequences.

If the government addresses these issues correctly, then I'll support what Awang Selamat has said 101%. But until then, what Awang Selamat has said, though a truth, is nothing more than cheap talk. Sayang saje!


  1. Ang Mo Sai 195710:32 pm, May 11, 2014

    Actually, you are wrong on Chinese education.

    Even in the era when English schools were considered the Premier schools from late 1940s - early 1970's, the number of ethnic Chinese children attending English schools was always a relatively small minority. The majority attended Chinese schools, at least at primary level. Certainly No risk of extinction for the Chinese primary school system.

    There was a stigma, a resentment attached to Chinese students who attended an Anglophile school system, earning them the less-than-admirable label "Chiak Ang Mo Sai".

    Sorry to say, there has always been a strong element of racial and cultural apartness driving Chinese to enrol their children in Chinese schools.

    Of course, successive UMNO education ministers including Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim have added the impetus by turning them into Malay-Muslim institutions,

    1. you're quite right about the 'Chiak Ang Mo Sai' insult, but those insulters were losers, secretly jealous of the Chinese who went to English schools hence their jealous grievance and insults.

      For more of kaytee's personal experience at this, do read my post "Bananas - the story, schooling, school sweetheart & sorrowful separation" at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok -


    2. the prob with this pseudo ang moh is they thot everyone is jealous of them just bec they speak like ang moh, write like ang moh n shit like ang moh, this anglo look down on everyone, even their ancestor, they used to claim that they r more msian than others simply bec they dun n cant speak n write chinese, a bloody disgrace n insult to human intelligence, n they r one who would not hesitate to vote with 'my foot' to their ang moh land when thing goes wrong, but carry on their bs as if they r the best, hallucinate how others secretly jealous. umur dah berapa ni? masih budak ka?

    3. "Sorry to say, there has always been a strong element of racial and cultural apartness driving Chinese to enrol their children in Chinese schools."

      then what drive the chinese that not enrol their kids in ang moh school? saya anak msia?

      the urban chinese at that time that goes to ang moh school is majority, even at primary level, that is y the statistic of chinese that went to cis (mostly located in big town) were always less than 10%. thus it is not wrong to claim that the majority from town attended ang moh school, the rural is entirely diff story, just pick any village and see if there is any sek kebangsaan nearby during 50 - 70. most of my friend that attended sek keb. have to travel at least one hour to city if mahu belajar kat ang moh school. however if we took tapah, bidor, kampar as reference case in the 70', the sek keb seem to be a preferred choice as compare to chinese school, perhaps due to distance n quality, thus the saying of extinction is not paranoid call as like what some sendiwara did in the past 50 years, even today still main wayang yang sama, tak boring ke?

      thus the decision and reasons to enrol children to what school could be various, racial n cultural could be one but may not be the sole factor, to me personally, i think chinese shd able to read n write in chinese, fluently, n sek keb would never provide this, thus my option is quite clear, but i rarely meet one that share the same thought, at least with regard to the fluency part. my guess to half ang moh like u n kt is, to enrol eng school is non racial but attend chinese school is definitely racial, attend malay scholl is hmmm .......

    4. Ang Mo Sai 195710:02 am, May 13, 2014

      I need not say anymore.

      The typical resentment and antipathy towards anyone who went through an Anglicized school system is on full display here.

      I don't look down on anyone, I just dislike this kind of negative attitudes.

    5. u r not supporting yr central thesis of racial and cultural, no number, no explaination, just as usual accusing us of negative. yr ang moh school never teach u to always back up yr argument? perhaps u r not look down on anyone, u merely look highly at yr type?

      i agree u need not say more if u have no argument to make than go into sort of reflexive utterances of unknown purpose with the typical very impressive english word like resentment la, antipathy la, negative la...

  2. 1. blue ribbon seat - pekan leh? how bout seats such gua musang and johor bahru where ku li and shahril samad respectively retained theirs despite contesting under different 'towkay' (from umno to s46 and from umno to bebas), is there a term for it? 2. awang selamat was merely filling up his column (in fact many have been advocating for the unified schooling system - is not rocket science), but he deliberately, i believe, did not want to disclose the root causes to those problems. obvious isn't it?. there's a saying - all the pains can be permanently removed by eliminating the root causes. 3. yes, thai students studied english at han chiang and chung ling. cheers!

    1. I believe Najib had a scare in his Pekan seat in an earlier election so I hesitate to term it as an UMNO blue ribbon seat.

      As for Gua Musang and JB, I suspect those seats are blue ribbon seats only on a personal to holder basis, meaning the constituencies might possibly be no longer blue ribbon seats for UMNO once those two personalities vacate the seats on retirement from politics.

      Blue ribbon seats must be a political party stronghold regardless of who's the party election candidate.

    2. I can agree on JB seat but not for Gua Musang. Plus if you read through history, one really big shot kenna gunned down (politically of course) by Fan Yew Teng in 1974 GE. It's definitely a blue ribbon seat to PPP then.

      Moral of the story......No such thing as a safe seat. Your good friend, John Howard can testify to that

    3. 'Najib had a scare in his Pekan seat in an earlier election'

      the tiger of jelutong lost his jelutong parliamentary seat in the 1999 general elections, a seat which he had held for 21 years. so, voters of penang may turn 180 degrees (angin pusing balik?), (am not talking about the coming bukit gelugor by-election) in the future ones. (highly unlikely for now). cheers!

    4. looes, I loved Howard losing Bennelong to Maxine McKew, but it was due more to a re-alignment of the borders of Bennelong constituency, thus invaliding the blue ribbon status - in Oz, the EC is very independent and would redraw borders of constituencies according to set criteria. As you witnessed, even the then-PM was not immune to the independent decision of the Oz EC, wakakaka.

      kampong lad, Bhai lost Gelugor because of PAS. The Penangites were pissed off with Lim KS and Bhai for DAP's alliance with a feral PAS who frightened the Chinese - when such a radical situation existed, there's no more DAP blue ribbon seat.

      But you're right that "voters of penang may turn 180 degrees" if they become pissed off with DAP, indeed, as they had been with Perikatan and Gerakan, wakakaka.

    5. So is the commission in UK. Didn't I tell you that as commonwealth citizens such as Malaysians, Singaporeans and Australians, we are allowed to vote. However, my area Guildford, the capital of Surrey country where RPK was born was and is still a so called safe seat for Tory. And yet in 2001, Tory lost it to LDP ( The Party RPK supported and was a party member. Hahahaha! One of the supporter is John Cleese, an atheist such as you). It has transformed then to a marginal area......Hahahaha!

    6. For your reference

  3. Kaytee,have you read Rafidah's interview in the supermarket tabloid,The Star.See what she said about people who claims to be 'Malay first,Malasian second'.These are stateless people is what Rafidah said.Hehe,Mr Moo is a stateless person.

    1. no, haven't yet. But I think Rafidah had been quite knowledgeable when she was a minister

    2. Yeah and she seldom goes to parliament till she was dethroned from ministership

    3. Rafidah was an awesomely intelligent and capable woman minister. Her male colleagues in UMNO were rather cool towards her because they were secretly jealous and resentful of her undoubted competence and abilities. And, yes, they were afraid of her too because she has a sharp tongue which she is not shy of using and these male colleagues of hers were fully aware that if they get on the wrong side of her a sharp retort from the lady would be enough to publicly castrate them effectively. That these guys' balls actually shrink in size when they are near her is not too far-fetched!!!

      The fact that Rafidah is so obviously formidably intelligent, and she is certainly not alone as there are numerous examples of brilliant Malays, exposes the myth that Malays are stupid. It is those people (the Chinese?) who deride the Malays as being stupid are themselves really, really stupid. You can see this in the fact that the Malays have co-opted and taken advantage of this myth to garner all sorts of advantages to themselves -- by claiming that they are not as bright and as capable as the pendatangs they have awarded themselves all manner of privileges and benefits. So, who is stupid now?

  4. the mean machine6:45 am, May 12, 2014

    The PKR party elections is following the footpaths of their Taiwanese counterparts.Everything goes,including the kitchen sink.Will the registrar of societies demand that the elections be null and void,start all over again or be de-registered.

    1. I love the flying chairs best of all - must be aspiring pilots - MAS should consider recruiting them as pilot cadets - then at least when PKR folds up, they'll still have a career, wakakaka

    2. Ong Tee Keat himself with his cronies also involved in big brawl with chairs flying around during MCA youth elections nong nong time ago. Ask him to sue me if I am wrong.

      Of course, you can always blame on the inherent BN DNA on all PKR members. And your nemesis Anwar Ibrahim.

      Meanwhile I am more concerned with Teluk Intan By election......I heard that Hew Kuan Yew would be walloping that Mah Siew Kong. Time to increase majority above 7K

  5. paper aeroplane pilots can la!

  6. Hey, guys, don't knock the flying furniture. Who knows, this quaint, charming tradition may yet become a major tourist attraction. One can envisage plane-loads of foreign tourists arriving in Malaysia to experience this for themselves, esp. if Malaysia's tourism development ministry and agencies are able to market it in creative and exciting ways.

    This slogan comes easily to mind: Visit mystical Malaysia and be astounded as you witness tables and chairs mysteriously rise up and fly gracefully through the air!!

    Or they can slant it in a way sure to attract those adrenaline-fueled, danger-loving junkies who love sky-diving, BASE/bungee jumping, rock climbing, etc. Issue an advert like: Visit Malaysia and experience the ultimate in extreme sports -- be thrilled as you sit in your chair while chairs, tables, cupboards and other heavy furniture whizz thru the air mere inches above your heads!! Risk your head on a date filled with heart-stopping thrills!! What more could you possibly ask for?!! Come Now ... don't delay for even a minute and miss the experience of a lift-time!!!!

  7. just nak tambah sikit, sikit saja tau!. penang voters esp the chinese got toolan with 'wong pow nee', so they chose a new broom in the form of 'lim chong eu'. when the broom could not 'sweep clean' anymore (trust you know what i mean), they again chose another new one. so, the present one must behave by not making the voters toolan. anyway, nobody can guarantee that. kita sokong selagi boleh cari makan.

  8. To be fair....
    PKR has rightly been lambasted for the thick nepotism that it practices in selecting its election candidates. Anwar , wife, daughter....etc.

    Now DAP tops it with Ramkarpal as candidate for Bukit Gelugor.
    His DAP membership is less than 12 months old, totally untested, without any record whatsoever benefitting either the party or the public.
    What makes him deserving to be the candidate for MP ?, other than being Karpal Singh's youngest son (i.e. nepotism).

    1. Are you Terence Netto? It seems that your words are similar to Terence Netto.

    2. Yup, my name is Terence, but not Netto.

      So....what argument do you have contrary to what I've writtern ?
      DAP does not practice nepotism ?
      Ramkarpal has a long or excellent track record of public or party service ?
      He's the most qualified candidate to stand for Bukit Gelugor ?

      Please provide the evidence....I'm listening....


    Kit Siang says...First Missing Plane, Now Missing PM.

    Hehehe...actually , to be fair....Anwar Ibrahim has also been amazingly silent lately. The chap is well known for having an opinion or spin on just about any topic....but won't speak up on hot current issues regarding Hudud etc.

    1. Well, obviously The Great Leader is busy packing his things in preparation for a long vacation at a 5-Star government-owned establishment. Some people are just born lucky! No?

  10. Parents whom are truly dedicated to their children’s education are pragmatists. If vernacular schools yield minimum advantage for their children in the real world, then there is no need for political hacks to bay for their closure. It will itself die a natural death.

    Are graduates from vernacular schools unable to find employment and has to be absorbed into welfare by the state in the form of governmental employment? No. Do vernacular schools then pose any burden to the national coffer? No.

    The argument to close vernacular schools not on the basis of their efficacy but rather on the premise of racial unity is a flawed case. Vernacular school syllabus do not comprise of anti-establishment materials, ironically it is the national schools that are prone to manipulated indoctrination to favor the powers that be.

    Racial polarization and disunity owe their existence to many factors, but definitely the biggest contributor has to be governmental policies that are perceived to be race-centered. One race favored above all others. The very fact Chinese and Indian vernacular schools are singled out as the culprit for national disunity without a single reflection on race-based institutions like Mara and other Malay-only colleges already demonstrated the hypocrisy of the accusers.


    Often unspoken amidst the chest thumping that Chinese Vernacular schools offer "superior standards".

    The drop out rate from Chinese Vernacular schools is the highest, about 10%, which is many , many times higher than the national average for all schools.

    For some, the bottom 10 %, Chinese Vernacular schools do a lousy job of preparing them for coping with Malaysian society. They are Chinese mono-lingual, with zero English or Bahasa Malaysia language skills. A strong recipe for alienation and disconnection from society.

    Very minimal ability to deal with official business , be it government (Bahasa required) or the formal private sector (mainly English).
    Of course, there will be the Lim Goh Tongs and Loh Boon Siews who succeed regardless, but many more simply wash out of society. Maybe selling pirated VCDs or illegal 4D numbers

    1. chinese school is not superior, but is the only system one could learn chinese, until the private school mushrooming. the cited article (very old one already debated many times in the past) clearly mention no was statistic available on reason of drop out, hence the high rate could be due to enrolment to private school, ask yrself where the private school source of student come from, bangla and indon? take a walk at the causeway in the earlier morning, at least 20% of my colleagues kids 'drop out" to spore ang moh school.

      hh ask a simple question "Are graduates from vernacular schools unable to find employment and has to be absorbed into welfare by the state in the form of governmental employment? No. Do vernacular schools then pose any burden to the national coffer? No." so what is yr prob if they sell vcd or 4d?

    2. Re : The drop out rate from Chinese Vernacular schools is the highest, about 10%, which is many , many times higher than the national average for all schools.

      Hey, Warrior, where did you get this "10% drop out rate from Chinese Vernacular schools" from?

      I have read carefully that link you provided and nowhere in that report was this figure mentioned.

      Are you trying to pull the wool over people's eyes? That's dishonest, isn't it?

      Re : For some, the bottom 10 %, Chinese Vernacular schools do a lousy job of preparing them for coping with Malaysian society. They are Chinese mono-lingual, with zero English or Bahasa Malaysia language skills. A strong recipe for alienation and disconnection from society.

      That is your own private opinion and a specious one at that.

      "A strong recipe for alienation disconnection from society." Really? Well, here's what you should know. You need not worry about anybody's alienation and disconnection. Everyone has their own circle of friends and acquaintances and they are doing very well indeed. The alienation and disconnection are only in your own mind.

      Re : Very minimal ability to deal with official business , be it government (Bahasa required) or the formal private sector (mainly English).

      This is about being literate ... the ability to read and write.

      In almost every country in the world (that includes advanced, 1st world countries) will be found people who are illiterate. What's important is that they know where to find help and that there are people who are patient and kind enough to help them.

      You are fantasizing about a perfect, ideal world where everyone can read and write and they all speak one language so they all understand each other and thus there's peace, love, joy, brotherhood, sisterhood, light, sunshine, laughter and ineffable bliss. For your information, such a perfect, ideal state doesn't exist in any country in the world.

      You are just daydreaming.

    3. Many parents no doubt send their children to Chinese Vernacular schools for pragmatic reasons.

      However, the Chinese Educationist establishment is another matter.
      Many of them are , frankly, Chinese racists, the counterparts of Perkasa and UMNO race-warriors.

      Their is for Bangsa (Cina) dan Kebudayaan Cina (instead of Agama).

    4. The government/authorities should engage them and explain things. When you are able to bring to the table a compelling and convincing argument most of the time people will come around. Not all the time and not everyone, of course.

    5. tm, the target is to attract the parents, not any political entities or chinese establishment. n like u said, we know the criteria is pragmatic, so what preventing the education ministry to be pragmatic as well?

      a side note, I agree some djz fella speak like a racist, but what they did is mostly to preserve the language elements of the institution, they never n not in the power to enforce anything. I perceived this as different with what others is doing.

  12. As long as there are people there will be differences of opinion, even within the same organization.

    Remember there was one time a senior official of a Chinese education group was making a speech when a young person went up the stage and punched him in the mouth? I remember it was shown life on TV. Omigosh!!! hehehe ... it was hysterically funny!

    1. when anyone resorts to violence to make a point he or she becomes a loser. That was how the Nazis, Kempetai, Israeli, al Qaeda and American military behaved

    2. Hamas, Hezbollah, all resort to violence, but they seem to be the winner.
      Violence pays, especially if you have the right propaganda machine to back it up.