Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dyana Tsunami batters UMNO

Earlier, Dr Mahathir saw fit to lecture Umno members that if they did/do not educate their children on UMNO’s history and contributions, those kids would go their own ways.

Obviously Dr M was annoyed and perhaps worried - probably more worried that annoyed - that Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, a daughter of an UMNO Wanita member, Yammy Samat, has joined DAP and became its candidate for the coming Teluk Itan by-election. 

The Dyana Tsunami

It would not be amiss to say that Dyana's nomination as DAP's candidate has sent shock waves through UMNO, a mini political tsunami that has battered the once-invincible Malay fortress that's called UMNO.

The watershed political event has been so shocking that Pak Kadir Yasin, a former editor-in-chief of the NST group and a known supporter/ally of Dr Mahathir, saw fit to write in his blog a post on Dyana A New Political Phenomena [extracts follows]:

Although I am 9989.2 km away from home on my annual extraterritorial grandfather duty and will be missing the Bukit Gelugor and Telok Intan parliamentary by-elections, it is hard for me to escape Dyana Sofya craze.

When I woke up this morning, I saw five messages from a former Umno divisional secretary on my cellular telephone.

One reads: “Dyana is said to be the latest state of the art Samsung 5s (sic) while Mah is Nokia. Sigh!” [...]

In the Internet age where images can be a powerful tool, Dyana Sofya youthfulness and look, is advantage. Even an old timer Umno activist like my friend is fascinated by her.
In another SMS, he wrote: “But can we blame the papers & the people for their interest in Dyana? She’s young pretty thing. She’s news.”

UMNO's real problem

But it has to be something deeper than her look. The fact that she is a young Malay woman representing a Chinese-dominated opposition party is, to me, the real fascination.

Just days ago, a former female deputy minister from Umno noted with alarm that the DAP’s internship programmes were attracting many young Malay participants, most of whom are well educated.

There be must something particularly strong by way of push and pull factors to encourage a young Malay like Dyana Sofya, who hailed from an Umno family, to join the DAP and be an active member.

While the BN campaigners and their cyber troopers are having a field day maligning her, they should perhaps spare some time to understand why this sort of things are happening. Why young educated Malays are joining the DAP?

Instead of blaming others for their woes, leaders of the GOC parties should look at themselves and not treat the rakyat with disdain.

Now, Dyana's mum Yammy Samat wasn't going to let Dr Mahathir get away with his perhaps-patronizing perhaps-worried lecture to UMNO parents.

Where Dyana got her chili padi 'smarts' from

Yammy riposted so wickedly sweet to Dr M's admonition that we now know where Dyana has inherited her chili padi 'smarts' from. Yammy no doubt with tongue-in-cheek said:

“I tried my very best to bring up Dyana to be like Mukhriz, but when she grew up, she turned out to be like Marina.”

Wakakaka, see what I mean when I said 'we now know where Dyana has inherited her chili padi 'smarts' from'.

Then she delivered the verbal coup de grâce to Dr Mahathir with the sweetest and deadliest remarks I have heard hurled like a ninja's shuriken at the Grand Olde Man of Malaysian politics, and a PM for 22 years:

“So it doesn't matter. She became like one of Tun’s children anyway.”


What Yammy did so wickedly delicious was to reverse the table on Dr Mahathir by reminding him that for all his own UMNO parent's ways, he has Marina Mahathir [mind you, a wonderful lady], whose social activist work, as reported by the Malay Mail Online, has put her on a collision course with her father on a number of issues.

It's not just a stunning rebuttal to Dr Mahathir but I'm sure a compliment to Marina and a back-handed compliment to her own Dyana. Good onya, Mum!

So it seems that Dyana's mum is a bit of a chili padi like her daughter, or more correctly, Dyana is a chili padi like her mum, wakakaka.

Dyana praised by Marina Mahathir

And the day ended so nicely for sweetie Dyana when sweetie Marina (one of my heroes) said of the budding new DAP politician and candidate for the Teluk Intan by-election: She can think, she can write, she can articulate.

The Malay Mail Online reported Marina praising Dyana for her rebuttal piece against Umno supreme council member Razali Ibrahim on the pro-Bumiputera policies of UiTM, calling her a 'smart' individual who was well ahead of 'most politicians'.

Marina posted on her Facebook account: “Very smart girl this ... she can think, she can articulate, she can write. That’s three up from most politicians already.”

“But very few of the top gun politicians write their own speeches, let alone any articles.”

“In any case, why are people so against her because she is young? Najib Razak was 26 when he first became a Minister. Dyana’s 27 and only vieing for a Parliamentary seat. We should have more young people for the fresh young ideas they bring.”

Indeed, sweetie Marina, and I am so glad you did not compare Dyana with Ahmad Maslan, UMNO's Information Chief because the contrast gap would have been too Grand Canyon-ish, wakakaka.

By contrast to Dyana, the idiots on other side

Yes, that 'remarkable' Ahmad Maslan has so unimpressed RPK into calling him 'idiotic', wakakaka, and who then urged:

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak should titah Ahmad Maslan to mengadap (summon Ahmad Maslan for an audience) and give him a real tongue-lashing.

I mean Najib does not have to scold Ahmad Maslan with words like ‘mother-fucker’ and all that — like how I would do.


Just a ‘Melayu bodoh’ would probably do just fine. And then Najib may have to consider appointing a new Umno information chief after this because clearly Ahmad Maslan has the mind of a country bumpkin.

Wakakaka again.

But we have been delighted by the sweet wits of both Dyana and her mother', Yammy Samat.


  1. Kaytee,all it takes is just one young educated smart Malay lady named Dyana Sofya who is not only talented but political savvy to sent shock waves through many senior Umno leaders spines.Just imagine what will happen to Umno,if the young intern talents decided to stay behind after finishing their internship.Hehehe.

  2. Sour grapes !

  3. Actually, it is Dyana who is going to be the big loser, as DAP members are sabotaging her campaign kaw-kaw.

  4. Inherent in the constitution is the axiom between race and religion which is respected by sundry and all. But now Tun draws a new paradigm, to be Malay is to be UMNO.

    Tun mudah lupa. It wasn't very long ago that several former PMs left UMNO including Tun himself. Untuk didik orang lain, harus mulai dengan didikan pribadi. And in case he has forgotten more things, today we have UMNO Baru, not the UMNO he is taking about.

  5. Pn Yammy Samat's response to Tun Mahathir's remarks is admirably gracious and polite. A quintessential example of the Malay expression "sopan santun".

  6. UY's worst nightmare12:16 am, May 22, 2014

    Khairy,what type of movement you have in penang? Umno youth or Umno couth?

  7. I pity Sharizat. Dyana is cleverer, articulate, honest and dare I say it, better looking. I will take Sharizat and UMNO seriously if they open the books on Cowgate and other UMNO scandals.

  8. Actually, I fail to understand the Chinese community's antipathy towards Gerakan.
    They are not corrupt UMNO (up to and including Mahathir and Najib) , nor amoral MCA (including Chua Soiled Lek and Liow Tiong Liar).

    Gerakan has a long history of solid, honest, hardworking leaders.
    Lim Chong Eu, Lim Keng Yaik, Koh Tsu Koon and now Mah Siew Keong.

    I'm not taking sides in this by-election, but I'm not wrong to say Mah is a very credible candidate, and the Chinese community should consider their vote wisely.

    1. Mah is credible but Gerakan is a spent force !

    2. Gerakan and mca maybe very hard work, cleaning longkangs, raising funds for Chinese school and asking public to contribute for private universities. Most of all, umno deliberate not to take in As students and gerakan behave like angel to apeal.

  9. To Be Fair : Actually, I fail to understand the Chinese community's antipathy towards Gerakan.

    One of the obvious reasons is Koh T.K.'s cringe-inducing grovelling deference and appeasement towards UMNO.

    Otherwise, the finer qualities of Gerakan that you mentioned is probably quite true. And Mah S.K. does come across as a mild-mannered, polite politician unlike some of his colleagues from that demonic party who behave like offsprings of apes and monkeys. That kind of people are extremely low-class and uncivilised, but they are not unintelligent. In fact, they are intelligent but in a twisted way, not tempered by noble and moral values. Coming to think of it, yes! indeed they are exactly like apes and monkeys - only less furry.

    1. But Penangites especially kaytee have been swallowing like church mouses elected Koh Boh Hoot terns after terms before they decided to bring in LGE's team. That also got to share power with that cibai PKRs

    2. Penangites would call looes74 'tua hau seow' or 'tua pen sian' and describe his comments as 'kong lang c*** ua' wakakaka

      Translation: big bullshitter talking cock, wakakaka

    3. Well....I'm not as blunt and rough like looes74, but I do wonder how and why Penang voters returned Koh Tsu Koon and the whole BN gang to power again , and again, and again
      Its not like BN suddenly turned corrupt before 2008.

      They even almost completely wiped out all Opposition in the Penang Assembly twice - 1995 and 2004.

      Penang voters have been fully supportive of the putrid BN administration for decades, after 1969.

      I'm not from Penang, so its difficult for me to understand.
      Looks to me Penang voters are fickle, somebody even said "stupid" but I'm not so extreme in my views.

    4. In 1969 Penangites voted Gerakan in to kick out Wong Pow Nee's MCA because of its uselessness and corruption. Then Gerakan joined BN. New coalition under Tun Razak - still okay and good for economics.

      In 2008 Penangites voted DAP/PKR in to kick out Koh Tsu Koon's Gerakan and the other BN component, namely MCA, because of its uselessness and corruption.

      Chinese Penangites don't like useless political parties which pretended to represent them

    5. In other words, Penang Chinese voters went to sleep for 39 years.

      Much of the rest of the country as well, but in Malay majority areas, I do understand the dynamics were very different.
      As long as the majority Malays , including urban areas fully supported UMNO, no change was possible in those areas. That only turned in 2008.

      For Penang Chinese, I still don't get it. They had very good reason and opportunity to kick out BN much earlier, but they still loved BN so much they almost killed off the Opposition, not once, but twice in that period.

      So Penang Chinese are complicit in keeping the stinking BN in power for so long without serious check. Nothing to be proud about.

    6. This is one of the lim peh kah li kong session when the limpeh is kaytee. Hahaha! Remind me of the talking cock the movie!

      You can change "Lancau" to lunchbox. HAHAHAHA!

      Hau Seow,
      You have forgotten to add in 1999 where the penangites kicked out LKS and Karpal Singh. Yeah Jibby lau pek very good economics one. Lat will tell how his town turned from the cleanest to Lawya one. Hahahaha!

    7. yes, Penangites kicked the two out precisely because of you looes, namely, for your moronic advocacy of DAP working with PAS - you screwed the two up kau kau with your pompous belief DAP could even control or moderate an Islamist party

    8. Hau Seow, Penangites are not only good looking wakakaka but also slow to anger, However they WILL act decisively once they have had too much, as they did in 1969 and 2008. Don't play play with us

    9. Hau seow,
      Not twice for 3 times! But what do you expect from people like kaytee. They are kinda "Lam Nua" ones. Watch that talking cock clip

      Watch the part when that Japs Yakuza had demonstrated the finger mutilation, what did that char wo say? Can you repeat again? Hahahaha! How many Penangites got to repeat till they get it right? Even many Penangites buya tahan and left. One of them is a Bukit Mertajam born. His parents went over to singapore to campaign for their daughter,_Irene

    10. penangites especially the chinese lead by lim chong eu kowtow to umno like a mouse all the years, n some penangites (in fact oredi vote with "my foot" to dun know where) criticize anwar, another penangites who oredi no more in bn, but we never this "my foot" type them say much about all the penang eunuch. biasa la tu anglo, ada susu lembu pun boleh jadi ibu.

  10. The hysterical and panicky behaviour of some UMNO members and supporters in their reaction to DAP's fielding of an obviously very intelligent and likeable Malay candidate in T.Intan is like that of a bridegroom on his wedding night who found to his horror that he is soft, limp, and flaccid and unable to do anything at all !!!

    1. That is why when one part goes lembik, another part must be keras to make up for this deficit........the keras act getting from blustering ( sending shit-shaped birthday cakes, holding mock funeral complete with coffin, stepping on pictures) threatening violence ( thugs surrounding an old man in wheel chair, illegally bursting into assembly hall, money rewards for slaps, promising to burn down building and bibles ).

      For these monyets......the word celaka is too mild. Don't quite know what the fuss is all about. May be they receive instructions from 'above' that it is due time to kick up a ruckus to fit into their agenda....and Rayer gave them this opportunity. Any excuse will do for these baboons