Monday, May 19, 2014

Dyana Sofya & DAP must avoid perilous princess path

Malaysiakini's news title Politics aside, many are smitten by Dyana says its all.

Yes, it's been a while since I come across the word 'smitten', wakakaka.

An undoubtedly infatuated MKINI reader gushes: What a refreshing change. For the life of me, I couldn't imagine there is such a level headed, intelligent, young and beautiful Malaysian woman who would be interested to run for public office.

I am spellbound. I am gobsmacked. This young lady rocks. Just when I thought all is lost, Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud struts along and proved me wrong.

Another, somewhat preposterously acclaims: Prediction: In year 2064, Malaysia will have its equivalence of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and the likes who will lead their people out of darkness.

Since independence, we have seen the Malay society falling into a path that has led to the predicament we see today.

In the next 50 years, the chosen one will emerge to lead the Malay society out of their age of darkness. This chosen one is now living in our midst waiting to emerge. Is Dyana the One?

One blogger cheekily advised DAP to print more posters of her as he claimed many would like to keep them as souvenirs, wakakaka. Some supporters have even prematurely named her as the Intan (Diamond) of DAP, based on the federal constituency's name. 

And poor KJ, pissed off with BN younger members somewhat enamoured with Dyana, wakakaka, reminded them (hopefully unsuccessfully, wakakaka):

"The Teluk Intan parliamentary by-election is not a beauty pageant, the credibility of candidates is more important." 

It's clear that a new icon has arisen in the Malaysian political landscape. Some new fans have crowned her as Princess Dyana, a play on a tragically ill-fated member of the British royalty.

No sirree man, surely not a good title for Dyana Sofya, whose new found popularity, I suspect, might perhaps have been enhanced by the rather exotic spelling of her French-sounding name (through replacing the i's with y's), and which must be credited to her parents rather than her.

But DAP supporters, please do not trivialize her professional qualifications and political ability by over emphasizing on her physical attributes. Treat her Vogue-Elle-Cosmopolitan front page-like looks as a bonus rather than as her core assets.

In my previous post The necessary Malay-nization of DAP I advocated for the DAP to nominate more Malay candidates and thus I was absolutely rapt that the party selected one to contest in the Teluk Intan by-election. I of course paid my tribute to the DAP for that brave decision especially after cyber-scums had attempted to smear Dyana's reputation which I fear might have jeopardised her reputation with the Malay voters in TI.

I have to admit I was initially carried away by my delight in her candidacy into suggesting she'll be known as the Tigress of Teluk Intan, based on her avowal to 'roar' like Katy Perry's song against her opponents (extracts of Katy Perry's 'Roar' below):

You held me down, but I got up (hey!)
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, your hear that sound
Like thunder, gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up
Get ready 'cause I had enough
I see it all, I see it now

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter
Dancing through the fire
'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar!

In retrospect, I really shouldn't have, not at least until she has won the seat and proven herself as the MP for TI.

Thus the DAP party must not fall into the same perilous act taken by PKR supporters for Nurul Izzah by crowning or encouraging the crowning of Dyana Sofya as the new Pakatan Princess, nor of over-crowing about her qualities and political potential.

In my post 3 sweeties, only 1 real Princess Reformasi I discussed how poor Nurul Izzah had found herself caught in a religious trap of her own making when in a forum titled “Islamic state? Which vision? Whose responsibility”?, she voiced her open support for freedom of religion for all Malaysians, including Malays.

Naturally UMNO jumped on her for advocating apostasy for Muslims. The poor sweetie, realizing the religious enormity of what she had uttered, must have been panicked into seeking desperate help from Dr Asri, the former Mufti of Perlis. 

Naturally sweetie Nurul denied supporting apostasy and, I believe, went on to sue Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian for allegedly twisting her words.

However, the person who asked her the question which led to her alleged controversial statement was none other than sweetie Siti Kasim, a member of the Bar Council human rights committee and Orang Asli rights advocate.

In the midst of the UMNO-generated brouhaha over Nurul's alleged statement, Siti Kasim came out to say that she was disappointed with Nurul for backing away from her statement that freedom of religion was a right for all including the Malay-Muslims. She lamented that Nurul has failed to stand firm on her remark.

Siti Kasim said: “I believe Nurul was just trying to impress the people. She didn't think of the consequences. There’s nothing wrong about it [freedom of religion], she is saying the truth. I expected a hoo-ha after that. But as a politician, you just need to stick to the truth."

"In the following days she ‘retracted’ her remark, and said she did not support apostasy. But indirectly when you say you support freedom of religion, and if Malay wants to get out from Islam, that’s apostasy.”

Forget about Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, but examine sweetie Siti Kasim's words. Now, why did sweetie Nurul do what sweetie Siti said she did?

Did Nurul feel that in her admittedly unsolicited role as Princess Reformasi she had to make such daring statements? - statements which would have been a courageous politico-religious watershed without dire consequences if not made within the highly, sinister and deliberately politicized religious environment of Peninsula Malaysia.

But that bad bad experience had been a mighty awful stumble for Her Royal Reformasi-ness. She's been very quiet since.

Therein her nasty experience, we ought to be aware there is danger in over boosting, over elevating and over exposing young politicians too way up high. When they can't cope due to their inexperience (unlike some thick skin old farts), they'll fall heavily like Humpty Dumpty where then all the King's horses and men couldn't put sweetie together again.

we know, sweetie Nurul has been one of the sacred cows of PKR and has been even preposterously touted as Anwar Ibrahim's replacement as the putative leader for Pakatan should our Manmanlai be not around. That suggestion has been one of the most impractical and immature proposals to come from Pakatan supporters. C'mon, give sweetie a chance to gain more experience lah!

It sure as hell didn't help when a few days after Nurul's fright at being accused of allegedly promoting apostasy, Tian Chua's Malaysian Chronicle came out with an article titled Nurul is an Angel in our midst. Mashitah Ibrahim, you are a spinning pathological liar, wakakaka, though I noted then no one dared criticized Siti Kasim for saying what she said about Nurul, wakakaka.

And I did wonder whether the Malaysian Chronicle had then upgraded or downgraded Nurul from Princess Reformasi to Angel, wakakaka.

But that is the same danger that Dyana may face from the no-doubt mercenary mauraiding mafulat-ish cyber-scums who will go all out to destroy her character, more so if the DAP or supporters over elevates and over exposes her from what she wants to be, a hardworking politician who wishes to serve the people of TI as their representative in Parliament.

In the short term she faces danger from a very experienced Gerakan Mah, a two-term MP for TI, and sadly, also from disatisfied local DAP people who might resent her selection as the DAP candidate for the by-election.

It's up to the DAP to deal with the latter, but I would expect the BN to play and twist on her personal position on the hudud issue to both frighten the older Chinese and discredit her with the older Malays, despite her already assuming a stand not unlike that of DAP's Ariff Sabri (MP Raub).

On her plus side, she appeals to the younger generation and those who appreciate her disarming charms, unassuming airs, and quick wits, for example, when shown the bikini-ed photo of Filipino actress Pauleen Luna, Dyana said she admired Pauleen's physique and wished she had a similar figure, and then disarmingly quipped that she'd have to visit the gym more often.

Now that's her humour and quick wittiness in turning an embarrassing salacious situation to her credit as a cool, calm and composed politician.

The DAP, well aware of the adverse factors from both the BN and intra-party dissatisfaction, is currently positioning her as an underdog in the by-election. Tony Pua as the DAP campaign director for the by-election said it well in the Malay Mail Online, as follows:

“It’s an attempt, a game-changing attempt fraught with risk, but something that must be taken to pursue our ideals of a Malaysian Malaysia. If we were to lose the election, it’s a battle lost for a war to be won.”

Now Tony, ain't that better than the sky falling down, wakakaka.

Joceline Tan of the Star Online seems to agree when she wrote:

The DAP choice was between Dyana and one of the most famous names in the party, Hew Kuan Yau aka Superman. The former MP who died had reportedly wanted Hew to succeed him.

But Hew’s ultra-Chinese image would have sent the Malays running off and screaming in fright. Besides, this dying wish syndrome has to stop because it is making DAP look like a feudalistic party where seats are passed on to children and cronies.

Taking Dyana was a gamble but also a shrewd strategic move. The party is banking on her to be the game changer – a young, female and Malay face who can help to change the Chinese chauvinist image of the party for the better.

“Teluk Intan would have been a sure-win for DAP with a Chinese candidate. But they would only be defending what they already have. They want to send a message that they are for a new Malaysia,” said the above political analyst.

To inch closer to Putrajaya, they need to win this sort of mixed, semi-urban seats. If they lose, it is one seat down. If they win, however, they can go all over town blowing their trumpet.

In other words, DAP may face a tactical loss but will reap a strategic victory.

Pua continued: “She represents the ideal example of someone who looks beyond her race and subscribes to the Malaysian Malaysia.”

“If we forever think that voters are close-minded and unwilling to accept change, then we will never be able to initiate change.”

“Even if we win by 200 votes, it’ll give a chance for a Malay to serve the Chinese constituents and for them to see it’s not the race that matters. It’s the ability, it’s the party’s principles, and it’s the willingness to work for justice. So we’re asking for that option.”

As Confucius said: The journey of a thousand li* must start with the first step.

* (ancient Chinese measurement, about 500 metres)

Nazil Huhairi Ismail, chair of Persatuan Profesional Muda Islam Kedah, enthused about the candidacy of Dyana as a refreshing political step by the DAP, and sneered at old farts who clung on shamelessly, stated in TMI's 
Dyana Sofya: Langkah politik segar Malaysia:

Apa pun tujuannya, langkah meletakkan "wanita muda" sebagai calon membuka banyak ruang berfikir strategis dan memecah budaya politik usang. Fikiran bahawa ahli politik perlu berwatakan "elitis" dan berumur matang dapat dikikis.

Biar pun calon itu tidak "perform", namun stigma masyarakat yang takut untuk melakukan perubahan menukar "orang lama" merencatkan atmosfera politik. Orang politik dibarisi oleh muka-muka tua dan kurang bertenaga. Seperti daun pisang, walaupun sudah layu kering, tetap tidak gugur dari dahannya, demi mempertahan "kepisangan" mereka.

Landskap politik Malaysia harus berubah, perlu disegarkan oleh idea dan energi politikus muda. Orang muda, pemikirannya kritis, tenaganya kuat, ideanya pelbagai. Golongan muda ini harus diberi tempat di dalam kerangka politik untuk membina ketokohan dan menonjolkan bakat dengan tunjukajar orang lama.

Parti-parti politik mesti berani mempertaruh orang muda sebagai ayam tambatan mereka supaya terus relevan dengan perubahan semasa yang berteraskan derasnya teknologi maklumat. Maklumat hanya dihujung jari.

Realitinya, parti Umno dan PAS menjadi parti tertua tertubuh di bumi Malaysia ini semacam takut untuk menonjolkan orang muda sebagai calon mereka. Setiap kali pilihan raya, muka yang sama saja dikitar semula untuk dijadikan calon.

Walaupun ditolak rakyat bukan sekali, tetapi tetap bertanding disebabkan senioriti mereka. Ego sayang kuasa dilihat menguasai keputusan parti. Ini merencat segala potensi anak muda untuk memberi impak segar kepada politik negara.

Berlainan dengan PKR dan sekarang DAP yang sudah mengorak langkah membarisi kepimpinan mereka dengan tenaga muda. Memberi ruang dan peluang orang muda menggalas jawatan penting parti dan negeri. Pastinya mereka ini akan lebih matang dan bertokoh di masa hadapan dengan pengalaman yang dikutip semasa menjalankan tanggungjawab yang diberi.

I hope Nazil's opinion reflects the views of the younger generation, and if his age group in TI feels the same way, Dyana has a good chance of upsetting the far more experienced and wilier politician, Mah Siew Keong, Gerakan President.

Probably sensing the political sea change among younger Malays, A Kadir Jasin, former editor-in chief of the NST group and now a blogger, warned BN cybertroopers in his blog (picked up by TMI) Don’t blindly attack Dyana Sofya.

He said: "While the BN campaigners and their cyber troopers are having a field day maligning her, they should perhaps spare some time to understand why this sort of thing is happening. Why young educated Malays are joining DAP?"

"Leaders of the parties should look at themselves and not treat the rakyat with disdain."

"Just days ago, a former female deputy minister from Umno noted with alarm that the DAP’s internship programmes were attracting many young Malay participants, most of whom are well educated.”

"Dyana Sofya's youthfulness and look is an advantage. But it has to be something deeper than her looks. The fact that she is a young Malay woman representing a Chinese-dominated opposition party is, to me, the real fascination."

But regardless, we must not push Dyana Sofya along the perilous princess path trodden by the so-called Princess Reformasi (or Angel of PKR, wakakaka).


  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained !

  2. Kaytee,
    You beri lao kui lei. Anyway, I got to agree that Dyana is damn chio sia. You heard Trinetta Chong of NUS that I posted.......(Forget about one F word she said in graduation ceremony). Anyway, you should have known that DAP has been doing this for a long long time. Before Dyana, you have Yeo Bee Hin and Hannah Yeoh. Guess who call herself sassy MP (Teresa should pay me royalty). She too was once the political sec of LKS. Of course, I don't want what happen to Teresa Kok to happen to Dyana Sofya. To know more details, ask James Wong!

    As for songs, heard of glee predecessor. Is it FAME? Irene Cara ring a bell? Again your thesis beri long lei. I suggest you should watch ministerial broadcast (Yes Prime Minister) to get some inspiration on how to present thesis in a better way.

    "Baby look at me
    And tell me what you see.
    You ain't seen the best of me yet
    Give me time, I'll make you forget the rest.
    I got more in me, and you can set it free
    I can catch the moon in my hand
    Don't you know who I am?.........."

    Hahahaha, before glee, you have "fame". And Nolan sisters have smitten all the Japs boys there. Before Jennifer Lopez, Bernie Nolan. Hahahahaha!

  3. Kaytee,in political lingo it is like saying taking the fight to one's opponent's front doorsteps.

    It is a very tough fight to go against the Umno/BN in a by election,because they will be able to concentrate all their big guns,gomen machinery and truckloads of carrots at one parliamentary seat.. Not forgetting the Gerakan president got the backing and blessing from their spiritual Raja Bomoh.

    But why the Umno is going all out to discredit this young lady is because they know that she stands a very good chance of winning. Umno/BN has no more good candidates to field,so they have no other choices but to stick to old horse two termer Gerakan president.But one has to remember that this old horse has a loosing streak of two losses,soon to be increased to three.

    One has to imagine a Dyana victory. The morale among party leaders,members and supporters. Malays, especially the young will be standing in lines blocks long, waiting patiently to hand in their new membership forms to join the DAP.

    Just imagine the anxiety and depressionary mood the Umno leaders will be in.Where are these leaders going to hide their blushed purplr,blue and black faces.Hehe.

    1. "Malays, especially the young will be standing in lines blocks long, waiting patiently to hand in their new membership forms to join the DAP"

      that is why, as I have written in my previous post, UMNO is so shit scared of DAP

    2. If you read through DAP and PAP history, you would have come across that PAP took 5 years to wrestle some of tough nuts UMNO areas including Geylang Serai......Not Geylang hor......Hahahaha! Since then UMNO had always been scarred shit of DAP

    3. "Since then UMNO had always been scarred shit of DAP"

      could it be the strong support for umno all this shit years is bec of dap?

    4. That's why you must need man man lai..........Take that kaytee

    5. HY, since 2008 wakakaka. Most of UMNO's seats were denied to DAP contesting because PKR and PAS, both of which considers them 'Malay' seats, PKR being a Malay party wakakaka

      time will come when PKR has to get out of the bloody way wakakaka

    6. Yup, DAP wants Balik Pulau (in exchange of Nibong Tebal), Merbok (in exchange of Alor Setar), Tapah (Heck la, DAP won Tapah Road/Ayer Kuning), Hulu Selangor, Bera, Jelebu (DAP can rope in Hisham Rais to stand. After all, Hisham Rais proposed Mat Sabu to stand in Bukit Gelugor)........and many many seats

      PKR 90 over seats, DAP only 51 seats........How can? Hahahaha!

    7. PKR has 500,000 members what (yes, it claims to have half a million members, wakakaka) of whom only less than 7% voted in its party polls, wakakaka again. It makes its claims on seats sharing on its membership figures - there is a word for its invisible membership, which incidentally it frequently uses against UMNO, wakakaka

    8. looes74 : That's why you must need man man lai......... Take that kaytee

      God's Gift to the People might want to take up the Govt's offer of an all-expenses-paid long holiday at a luxurious govt holiday resort. But this may have the unintended consequence of unexpectedly leading the people to give even more support to the PR even though God's Gift won't be around to help out.

    9. Fat Fat Lai,
      Just to let you know that it's a sarcastic remark. Hehehe!

      Ok la, I got to admit PKR direct election is a disaster. I think DAP's style better. Inherited from Toh Chin Chye's style of management. Toh was Taiping born who was one of the architect who spearheaded into Malaysia politics from singapore

    10. looes, are you a history tragic, meaning you dream of being a historian (of the DAP party) wakakaka but didn't have the ability, wakakaka again

  4. This stroke of genius is obviously much better than "Kajang satey" (ie. the dumb & dumber at Istana Segambut or UMNO DNA in play). DAP has nothing to loose. One seat won't make a difference. It will boil down to perception. An old fart against a budding career politician.

    The difference between Dyana and Princess Reformasi is the latter is a product of her father's first trial and sacking. Unfortunately, she had and still has a bad mentor. Not that LKS has been a better one but Dyana needs to rise to the occasion even facing a lost as a person of her own. No puppeteers, no props to hold her up. A modern women and especially a modern Malay & Muslim woman who wants to make a mark on her generation.

    If Mah wins, then we can also thank him. He is indirectly helping train the tiger cub.

    1. It would be better that Mah lose this a very wide majority.......Else PKR vultures would be gasaking the seat

    2. Anon of 9:57 pm, well said.

      looes, TI is a fixed DAP seat as are most PKR, PAS and DAP seats contested in 2008 and 2013 - there may be some horse trading but only when it suits manmanlai (as the swap of Gelang Patah for Segamat) wakakaka.

    3. L74, if DAP really means what they say, which is a new direction to infuse fresh blood into a dying dynastic party, then it will give renewed hope to Malaysians.

      With the passing of Karpal, it is obvious that DAP needs a new path. Although many Penangites may hail the new state government but much is to be desired like real inclusiveness and dealing with arrogance.

      GE13 saw one DAP blunder in the exclusion of Aspan. But Gelang Patah was a watershed, showing that Malaysians are hoping and crying for a new direction. Hopefully Teluk Intan is a slight glimmer in a dark tunnel.

      As for PKR and PAS, nothing much can be said especially when PAS went ahead to challenge other PR candidates in a few seats and their lame attempt of entering Sabah & Sarawak. Same2 with PKR especially in Kajang and Selangor fiasco.

    4. Kaytee,
      Fuck that Chua la! He can contest in Tebrau what! That's why I am extremely pissed with PKR especially The Chuas. That Sky Snake! By the way, even give segamat also cannot win.....Sia Sui la!
      Not sure Aspan knew that PKR and PAS elbowed out DAP on seat allocations in NS. Heck la! How could one party with 4 aduns wanna makan 13 adun seat? Ended up losing Ampangan. There you have it......PKR lor

  5. Come GE 14 Perak will be safely back in PR's hands.What a way to go.Good generals win battles and wars.PKR should learn from their coalition counterparts.

    1. I think time for PKR Perak to vomit more seats......How can one fucking cibai party with only 5 aduns wanna contest in 19 state seats? Fuck la even simpang pulai is a giveaway by DAP to PKR

  6. well, we see how a pick of malay girl as candidate, of course one that r close to the emperor, predictably n completely render many dap fanboy into a state of mental masturbation. pretty impressive.

    1. aisehman HY, don't be green with envy lah - you PKR-ites should help rebuild Nurul's self confidence lah, wakakaka

    2. I hardly think Nurul needs to rebuild her self-confidence.

      BN threw its entire massive machinery at her, with Federal Minister for Lembah Pantai the Dwarf Raja Nong gunning to grab the seat - and lost.

      Nurul went through the fire and emerged even stronger.
      Nurul is battle-proven, as they say.

    3. I wasn't referring to her experience of the general election, wakakaka, BUT her experience of the BIG FRIGHT she had when confronted with allegations of apostasy as I have written above. She has been fairly quiet ever since, perhaps wiser from her fright

  7. Kt,
    That's really a timely reminder. After all Utusan has already "predicted" she will at the end quit the party like so many Malay leaders in DAP before her.We can be sure Utusan/TV3/NST + other NGO's will just do that so that race/religion-based politic still has a market. That bikini photoshop is nothing compare to what lies ahead, especially after she becomes the MP for Teluk Intan. To quote " the road is long, with many a winding turn...." All said, she will be a fresh wind to the stale air of Malaysian politic......

  8. 1."Umno dan PAS menjadi parti tertua tertubuh di bumi Malaysia'. correction - umno (baru) is the youngest component party in bn. walaupun baru tapi mengaku tua - 68 years oledi. that's why the party is still full of daun pisang yg dah layu (dinosaurs).

    2. "why young educated Malays are joining DAP?" bcos they got 'toolan kow kow' with umno (baru). to umno (baru) these young turks are like 'hang nadim'. and why are they not joining pkr instead? bcos pkr simply means parti kelentong raya. how bout joining pas? omg!!!

  9. Dyana has got the young Malay male vote all sewn up.

    Add to that solid Chinese support for the DAP brand, she's almost home free.

    That's why Khairy J is jumping up and down reminding (the young Malay guys especially) not to get to hard up (wakakaka) about her good looks.

    The key remainding area is the Indian estate vote, which is very significant in Teluk Intan.
    MIC - where are your hampers (with beer) and Jenome sewing machines ?

    1. you probably meant 'hard on' wakakaka

  10. There's already an increasing amount of undeground grumbling among ordinary DAP members.

    If increasing Malay-nization is going to be the agenda for Lim KS and Lim GE, sooner or later it is going to run headlong into a solid wall of rank and file member resistance.
    The ordinary Chinapek and Tamil Aneh in DAP will not take kindly to any Malay-nization of their party beyond superficial tokenism like having Zairil and Sakmongkol.
    You may even see internal sabotage or boycotts in elections.

    1. The proof is in So let's not get ahead of ourselves and wait, just wait for just a bit when the numbers will tell the actual story. For every nay sayers, there's an equal numbers of the very opposite.


    For all the Internet hype, on the ground, where it really matters, Dyana's campaign is crashing in flames due to internal DAP Sabotage.

    Both the powerful DAP Ngeh-Ngah faction and the "out" team are resenting the outside "parachute" candidate, and the DAP national leadership nominating a young untested Malay girl just makes it worse.

  12. The malays in singapore -particularly in geylang serai an umno stronghold- gave the PAP a landslide win. The malays in Singapore back in the 60s already knew about UMNO lack of drive and performance. When singapore was kicked out from malaysia with a 126-0 vote the malays in Singapore stay put in Singapore and never regret. But let it be known the PAP now and UMNO baru are strange bedfellows and partner in money . DAP is not connected with current PAP but still holding on to PAP 1960 s ideology which I think is very healthy .