Monday, May 12, 2014

Unbelievable Unreliable Unfounded Rumours (1)

Heard over Malaysia's most unreliable grapevine that:

(1) Ahmad Said may be appointed Malaysia's Ambassador to the People's Penguins' Republic of Antarctica

did you bring your taxpayers' funded Mercedes here?

(2) Huan Cheng Guan may be DPM2 if he wins Gelugor, and senator if he reduces DAP's 2013's majority votes

(3) Singapore may implement syariah-hudud as its sole legislative system before Kelantan does, because of its kniasu kneejerk reaction [must always be the first]

(4) Khairy Jamaluddin may sms Ridhuan Tee to 'shut up', Dr Mahathir has told ISMA to 'shut up', and Zulkifli Noordin just cannot 'shut up'

(5) Mossad is looking for Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman

(6) PKR has 500,000 members while the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (KIMMA) has 2 million

(7) Dr Wan Azizah may resign as ADUN Kajang to allow Lee Chin Cheh to stand in a new by-election in a brilliant PKR termed 'Kajang Move 2.0', a stunning strategy to prevent BN from gaining control of Selangor, prevent racism, return the confiscated bibles to the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM), fill the reservoirs and catchment dams & terminate water rationing, take the first step towards Putrajaya and stop chairs from flying at PKR party election voting booths

our PKR strategy is to confuse u MFs, wakakaka


(8) The Alvivi sex-bloggers may be filming a movie in Singapore titled 'Bah-kut-teh, Betrayal* and Bong-bong So-so**'

as our movie title indicates, it's about sup, sex & so-so


* recalling Unfaithful Vivian Lee wants sex blogger Alvin Tan back after she slept with his best friend

** raba-raba

But don't believe any of above - they are all nonsensical unfounded rumours


  1. Gutter sex talk or gutter politics.They are all the same.Hehe.

  2. KT, you may have missed one ...

    A well-known political reformer has announced his decision to quit politics completely and will open a restaurant dispensing Soto Mee or Mi Soto (a popular Indonesian street food) to compete with his former bitter political rival who owns a bakery shop.

  3. Kaytee,sex does really sell.If not the Singapore gomen would have denied the pair entry into the tiny red spot on the map.

  4. Unfounded Rumour....

    Ktemoc's application to join PKR has been accepted.
    As a prominent blogger , Ktemoc is considered a worthy "catch" for PKR.

    Anwar Ibrahim himself will officiate the ceremony, where the blogger will also be appointed to the PKR Supreme Council.

    1. Unfounded rumour....(but may have some solid stuff behind it)

      Perak State Assembly is next in line for a crisis.....

      But this time I would advise PR to stay well clear from these UMNO "jumpers". They are toxic.

      Anwar Ibrahim should stay out of any :negotiations".

      BTW...Some bookies in Penang have started accepting bets on the Bukit Gelugor by-elections.....

  5. dap finally have one non chinese sec gen, his name is lim abdullah. the next chairman is oso a singh, lim whatever sing.

  6. Rumours always a good read
    In our lives looking for something different
    We try to create something out of our minds
    As the market gurus used to say
    “Think out of the box man!”
    But then it has been used so often
    It sounds like a broken record..

    The backdoor in Terengganu
    The history of Perak unleashed
    Umno now a minority party
    The menteri besar should resign
    A Malaysian Book of Record
    The shortest menteri besar reigns

    The unshamedful satanic frogs
    They still croaking its poisonous gases
    Along the airwaves polluting the surrounding
    Only idiotic fools will fall for them

    Like those who forgot their roots
    They can change religion can't change colour
    Yet they wanted others to believe they are
    They want to have it all as a new breed..
    Then again God will not feel good with them
    Through the people they should know
    But then they are too thick skin to care

    Now history makes a come back
    A circle will never forget
    Once you go up you have to come down
    That's the way of our lives
    We shouldn't say we never return
    The rolling waves will let us see why

  7. Kt heaps praise on Ai !

  8. Kaytee,
    I believe it's time for you to focus on Terengganu crisis. I believe you have written before that the Sultan Terengganu may have acted ultra vires in appointing Ahmad Said in 2008.

    Nowadays BN-UMNO is singing a different tune by saying that BN is still in power even though it's so glaring that UMNO only got 14 as compared with PAS+PKR 15. Now one of the most serious matter on constitution that would warrant Karpal Singh to come back from Heaven to.

    How can some jokers say that Speaker is part of the government of the day. There is no provision in the constitution saying that Speaker MUST support the government. It's only convention and not the extraordinary circumstances. With those words, you can throw the separation of powers out of the window

    That brings to the rule of law that kaytee so cherish.....The cibai fact that Jibby/UMNO/BN/Madhater fuck you kaw kaw all the time......Isn't it time to play dirty with these jokers?

  9. Today is May 13.

    A great day in Malaysia's history.