Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some "Chinese" rule Malaysia now

Most of us are more than aware of the current and lamentably ongoing UMNO-instigated rage against the 'ungrateful' Chinese, this despite the general election being over. The results are already known and published in concrete where the UMNO-led coalition, being the majority political bloc in power, is back in federal rule for another 5-year term.

the gullible and the smiling warlords

Some political analysts suggested that UMNO and its various state, academic, media apparatus and supporters including a former Appeal Courts judge are keeping the rage going as part of the UMNO intra-party manoeuvrings, manipulations and Machiavellian-ism.

There are those of us who have even responded defensively when we needn't be guilty of that fabricated accusation, though of course I appreciate Pakatan politicians have to for the satisfaction of their outraged constituencies.

While it's true that there are those in UMNO and their 'subsidiaries' who truly dislike or even hate the Chinese, the UMNO membership in general from Dr Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddin, supra-patriot Ahmad Zahid, etc right down to the (UMNO-favoured) village penghulus are more interested in business and personal prosperity together with their Chinese cronies partners.

As always, it's 'business as usual', but only temporary masked by anti-Chinese diatribes until the pending UMNO party election will be over.

Only those so-called 'true believers', on both sides of the political-racial fence, who truly hate the 'other side' are the gullible, manipulated and easily duped, and you can bet they have been.

Mind you, this doesn't meant we should tolerate what are illegal, corrupt or ethically unacceptable, but we shouldn't be so extreme as to hate, especially in believing the words of politicians as if those are from the Gospels (or Quran or Mahabharata).

We saw a lamentable example of that hatred when Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh was vilified, even as far as the interactive forum of a popular Hong Kong entertainment website.

Thinking about the self-interest driven sandiwara of politicians reminds me of an old Chinese kungfu movie which portrayed the battle forces of two warlords engaged in violent battle over dominance of a province. While the warriors were fighting each other in mortal combat to the death, the two warlords were partying together, dining, yamseng-ing, joking, laughing, and womanising in a private cosy retreat.

Then, during their hedonistic indulgences, they dabbled in the trivia pursuit of a cricket-fighting competition (a popular but profligate Chinese past time since the Tang dynasty). They betted on stakes which required the loser to withdraw from the province their troops were fighting over. The movie showed the total hypocrisy and immorality of the warlords when the side which had just won a bloodied battle over the province, at much cost to its soldiers' lives and resources, was instructed to withdraw unconditionally because their warlord's cricket lost.

Yes, they weren't unlike some modern Malaysian politicians.

Once in Facebook I commented on a friend’s posting about Ibrahim Ali, where I stated the Perkasa Chief wasn't a true racist, meaning he was a pretend-one, wakakaka – see Malaysiakini’s Ibrahim Ali: I'm not racist!

I was probably the only non-MCA Chinese wakakaka who said that I believed him, and that he was in reality a hypocrite to his Perkasa 'true believers', a mere opportunistic exploiter of politics, even racist politics, to get him where he wanted to go, back into UMNO.

Remember Ibrahim Ali was the one who warned the Malays that the Chinese would take over running the country after the next election – see The Malaysian Insider’s Chinese will take over in the next election, warns Perkasa. Well, is Lim Kit Siang the PM of Malaysia today? The sad brutal reality is that Lim Kit Siang being a Chinese will never ever be PM of our nation.

Of course Ibrahim Ali’s assertion on the surface appeared stupidly moronic but Ibrahim Ali is not stupid – he possesses very strong street cunning, and was merely playing to the heartland’s rightwing gallery, a piece of scare-mongering to arouse their inherent prejudice and fears and of course to win their support for his client, UMNO.

Alas, no matter how outrageous and preposterous his allegations against the Chinese might have been, there would always be a willing captive audience, those I consider as the gullible, manipulated and easily duped, who incidentally exist on both sides of the political-racial fence.

Whether Ibrahim Ali had been acting on his own or on behalf of someone was the question many had initially wondered about but now know only too well to either their outrage or immense disappointment.

On 12 March 2010 Malaysiakini proved me correct by publishing Ibrahim Ali laughs off link to Vincent Tan in which it reported RPK revealing Ibrahim Ali as sitting on the board of director in Dunham-Bush Malaysia, a company once owned by Tan. Hoe liao man, wakakaka.

And recently I also posted One good Chinese in Dr Mahathir's eyes, wakakaka.

What about today in The Malaysian Insider, when its headlines scream In a golf club, a gamble fails as members revolt, and which tells us:

... offered a peek into the billion-ringgit slot machine industry controlled by a clutch of businessmen closely connected to Barisan Nasional (BN). [...]

... company owned by a tycoon who organised the massive show of support in Port Klang for Datuk Seri Najib Razak with 60,000 people turning up for the dinner. [...]

A handful of Chinese tycoons own hundreds of licences issued by the Ministry of Finance to operate gaming machines. These machines are placed in private clubs around the city but are open to anyone who wants to try their luck. The tycoons with more licences are able to earn a profit of several million ringgit a month, some going as high as RM20 million a month, even after paying taxes to the government.

Anyway, as said, Ibrahim Ali is just an opportunistic hypocrite, especially to his own followers and supporters.

Incidentally I blogged on this sort of politicians' behaviour before, on 23 September 2009, in Malaysian prejudice where I said that in talking about politicians, I had written on what one of my uncles told me about a then-young Najib who was UMNO Youth Chief.

One day, at an informal gathering to see HM off on a flight, Unc overheard Najib making some sort of off-handed apology to his non-UMNO BN colleagues about the unavoidable necessity for him as Head of UMNO Youth to use harsh and aggressive (meaning ‘racist’) remarks, particularly at a time when the Youth Wing was having its wing elections.

Unc also heard former DPM Musa Hitam saying, perhaps apologetically, to a group of military officers during an election campaign, that “’Tis the season” as if that explained why he had said whatever he said.

Yes, don’t think for a moment that Najib and Anwar Ibrahim won’t do what the two movie warlords did (okay, minus the yamseng-ing and wakakaka perhaps womanising) because that’s politics, the art of the possible. That's why the rumour mills went into hyper-drive about the possibility of an Anwar-Najib 'bisa-diatur' deal if we read Malaysiakini's Anwar in Jakarta, but denies meeting Najib.

Najib: Bogor tea is not as good as our Cameron tea
Anwar: Cameron tea will be even better when I become PM
Najib: Dream on lah, but I feel a wee bored now
Anwar: Hey, have you heard of the Chinese fighting crickets?

And what about that most notorious Hindraf man who was previously a so-called fugitive who scooted off to seek refuge in Mother England, Waythamoorthy?

After his triumphant return, and prior to GE-13, Waytha had disdainfully dismissed Lim Kit Siang's Galang Patah Declaration where Lim adopted 11 of Hindraf's requirements.

In a previous post The Tragedy of Hindraf I wrote that Waytha's dismissal of Lim's pledge led us uncomfortably to the suspicion that the DAP was an unwanted suitor, when Hindraf probably desired someone else.

I had hoped I was wrong but when I read in Malaysiakini’s Tough issues in store for second PM-Hindraf meet I saw a totally different Hindraf reaction to its meeting with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. I commented cynically: Dare I say it has been coquettishly coy complete with fluttering eyelashes?

The only thing missing was the humongous MIC-style garland, wakakaka.

Sadly I was proven correct when Hindraf's adviser N Ganesan sneered at DAP's adoption of 11 of Hindraf's points in its so-called blueprint as an act of plagiarism. The accusation was so outlandishly ridiculous because Hindraf issued its blueprint with a demand that Pakatan or BN picked it up.

DAP picked them up and was accused of plagiarism? Huh?

Of course by now, we know Waythamoorthy and his adviser N Ganesan wanted and was waiting for Mapillai Najib to pick it up. And Najib did, but only on 4 (instead of DAP's 11) of those points.

Most ominously and tragically (for Indians), Waytha's deal with Najib pointedly omitted the issue of Indian deaths in police custody.

Your Britannic Majesty, I am delighted to inform you
that I'm now a Minister of the Malaysian Crown

Waytha has basically and unbelievably dropped one of the three core issues of Hindraf's platform, that of Indian deaths in police custody. 

And where is Wathamoorthy today?

Yes man, Najib, Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali, Waythamoorthy, they are all like the Chinese warlords in the kungfu movie I mentioned.

Hey, maybe they are Chinese too, at least as per those (kungfu movie) warlords' spirit? wakakaka.

Lu hoe boe, gua see UMNO lang, Gua punsee Hindraf lang



  1. Aaah but this is an eternal truth.... which politician is altruistic? A US presidential candidate spends millions (well mainly not his money. But we wonder why people part with tons to money to see their man/woman elected? wakakaka)just to SERVE people...

    So between a snake & politician... the answer lies in our hands... unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of having a US, UK or Australian system where we can get rid of the knaves every 5 years just to keep them on their toes...

    But interestingly enough, the ma chais like Ms. Muppet and some strange bed fellows that like words like Cinabeng in their blogs still grovelling in semi-poverty while the masters play cricket (as you aptly put)... Oooh, well... some still fight for a noble cause or maybe the going rate of mercenaries today is pretty cheap since many are waiting in line to join... wakakakaka

  2. It is obvious that the Chinese are attempting to grab political power in a big way.
    In absolute numbers, they cannot do it, as DAP often points out.
    However, they have undoubtedly learnt from observing another well-heeled minority, the American Jews, the concept of political leverage. A relatively small minority have an uncompromising lock on the foreign policy of the world's largest military power, through almost undivided unity over Israel, and strategic patronage of willing Christians.
    The Chinese leverage is conducted through the Malay traitor Anwar Ibahim's silver tongue and like-minded power crazy Malays who willingly peddle Malay disunity to further their self-centered agenda.
    I fear they will succeed, if the Malays, especially "liberal" Malays don't wake up by GE 14.
    Tanah Melayu

    1. Israelis and some Jews control America through religion; presumably you, by drawing such a comparison, are saying Chinese control the Malays through religion?


    2. The Chinese in Malaysia as the equivalent of the Jews in the US ? hahahaha....try being a white politician in the good US of A and calling for the blood of the Jews, calling the Jews pendatangs, traitors, ungrateful, forcing Jew students to read literature in schools which insult the Jews, forcing the Jews to give 30% of their companies to the white 'natives', threatening to burn down the Jew bizness chamber of commerce, making only the Jew to pay 90% of income tax, calling the Jews children of prostitutes,jailing only Jews for so-called seditious statements, denying all Jews from the civil service and public institutions.......try doing all this in USA like what the malay politicians and their supporters are doing to the Chinese here......and see whether you would still assert that the Chinese are the Jews in this country !

      Pordah lah Tanah Melayu otak kampung tempurung !

    3. No, I'm not implying that the Chinese in Malaysia use exactly the same methods as the Jews in America.
      I'm saying the Chines have learnt the lesson from American Jews that a small minority can leverage political power far beyond their numbers if they are
      a) A wealthy community
      b) Highly cohesive and focused in their political agenda
      c) Able to find willing collaborators among the majority population.

      The Jews have succeeded brilliantly in controlling American policy, which I have to admire, much as I detest that policy.
      The Chinese in Malaysia have clearly been attempting the same in GE13, and going forward, GE14.
      Their collaborators are the Traitor Anwar Ibrahim and his PKR / PAS allies such as Azmin Ali, Khalid Ibrahim, Khalid Samad, Mohammad Nizar, and Mujahid Rawa.

      These Malay deceivers are more corrupt and rotten than any of the BN or UMNO leaders that the Chinese condemn for purportedly being crooked.
      The PAS Erdogans are among the worst hypocrites, wearing their pious mantles while in cahoots with the Haram DAP.

    4. Chinese this time around "highly cohesive and focused in their political agenda"? How come those times when more than 90% of the Chinese voted almost wholesale for BN, no accusations were hurled at them for being cohesive and focused in their 'political agenda'? typical of these UMNOnites......tak habis habis bashing the Chinese when things don't go their way. To this holier than the most holy UMNO, a chinese party like DAP is HARAM, but other chinese parties like MCA and GERAKAN are HALAL just because these parties are their partners-in-crime. So now PAS are the worst hypocrites for being 'in cahoots' with the HARAM what happens should UMNO succeeds in wooing PAS to come over to UMNO? Of course, of course.....the hypocrites PAS will suddenly become un- hypocrites, will become an angel, having seen the holy light and come to their senses to finally embrace their righteous muslim brothers in UMNO. Right ? Ya, so right.

    5. In the GE10 (1999) BN specifically UMNO suffered badly and it was the Chinese that saved Mahathir's ass from a trashing from the then Barisan Alternative due to the Malays reaction to the Anwar saga. We did not hear him talking about a Malay tsunami, or what-more-do-the-Malays-want, or stop-being-so-patronising-to-the-Malays, or the label 'ungrateful' used on them.

      Also it is a waste of your breath arguing with the likes of Tanah Melayu, Helen etc as their entrenched mindset makes them unable to see thru the charades or cricket games that the members of the politicians class have been playing since time immemorial (and is no secret either). "Don't ape the politicians" would be a fine slogan of the common people.

    6. Yes, Anon 10:54 am......waste of breath to respond to the likes of Tanah Melayu and Helen Ang. They were the very people that will specifically ape the BN politicians, especially the UMNO pollies - birds of the same feather.....although we now get quite a fair bit of those who just want to 'get back' for being scorned.

    7. If you fear they will succeed, you are a fearmonger. Chinese is only 24% of the population. DAP only got 33 seats whereas UMNO had 88 seats. So if you fear, then, your fear is irrational.

  3. This article recalls me back to the days when that UMNO YOUTH guy came out to threaten to burn down the chinese chamber of commerce in jalan ampang. The next day after this threat made the headlines in all the MSM, this bloke was having a one-to-one cozy chat with his chinese friend whose company pays monthly 'support' money to him and his colleagues in UMNO....and this was what he told his chinese crony...."you know lah...we have to make some noise...and anyway, my boss as usual chicken out and I have to do the job....don't worry, this will all die down..we have to make this sort of statements every now and then lah, where are we going for lunch today ?"

    Semua wayang....the warlords and their cronies gleefullly robbing the country dry while firing up the naive and manipulated underlings and masses struggling to make ends meet to burst their guts out to genuinely hate their neighbours ( malays hate chinese, and the chinese hate the malays, and the indians hate everybody ). Kita semua jadi bodoh while these warlords laugh their way to the banks. Very apt KT's use of the masters playing a friendly game of cricket fighting while their country burn. The crimes of the ordinary thugs and murderers on the streets pale in comparison to these devils going about in their elegant clothings living in posh palaces speaking from both sides of their mouths. These are the real criminals who deliberately create mass massacre between the ethnic groups just so that their bank accounts are filled up to the brink.

  4. Today RPK also posted an article with the same message. That Malaysians have been treated to incredible international class wayang kulit that had them stupefied and awestruck. The actors range from Berahim to Mahathir and Anwar and are anything except what they appear to be.
    Can't take it.. Who said malaysians are not good for anything?

  5. Thanks, Ktemoc. You explain things more clearly than the meandering algebraic equation given by Clive Kessler...

  6. But ours is not to reason why; ours is to do or die.

    So I scratch my head, rest it with a puff and wonder what on earth in tanah melayu that the two chiefs of warring parties would have any agreement on.

    It is not easy for a distant uninvolved observer to discern grounds that might be tradeable between the two chiefs. Conjectures wreck my brain cells.

    Can it be that black 505 is pricking the other? If this be the case what can possibly the trade off for the other to call it off?

    Can it be that one has realised that in fact he could possibly have the same enemy (not the chinese of course) as the other and both should therefore jointly fight the same?

    Indeed it wrecks my brain to wonder what indeed could be tradeable issues between the two chiefs.

    Whatever the issues, both chiefs should know that business has become very bad for small chinese business man like me. We need to get the economy going. Both the chiefs should trade off and get the country going. Help I need to make money to survive. Help.

  7. I hope Helen Ang reads your blog. The way she writes make me think she is ashamed to be a Chinese.

    1. She...ahh...suffers from "wrath hath no fury like a woman scorned", wa ka ka ka

    2. Seems like she spent a lot of time trawling thru blogs and comments, sure she would not miss this one. But don't expect her to change her fanatically-entrenched viewpoint (no reboots).

      She declares "Aku Cina" in her blog and appears to be having masochistic tendencies from the way she revels in the commentators' disparaging remarks about the Chinese.

    3. What can you say about her when she allows this remark from a regular commentator in her blog:
      "One day, a Hitler will emerge from among the Malays. And once the Malays think they are a superior race and should purify the country, they will start with the Chinese."

    4. And when the melayu Hitler come for her ( helen ang ), she will start shouting...." walau pun Aku Cina, fikiran dan tulisan saya anti cina....tolong jangan apa-apa kan saya.....muka saja macam cina dari jinjang, tetapi sebenar nya, saya sudah masuk melayu lah....tolong, tolong....please, please lah, tanya rakan saya nama nya Rid One Tee, dia pun sangat benci bangsa sendiri, macam saya ".

  8. The Jews of Malaysia ?.....Just 2 syllabas...MA and MAK.....jadi lah MAMAK. These Indian Muslims are the real Jews in this country...they became PM, they became Deputy PM, they control the Finance Ministry, they control the Education, they control the wealth and economy ( most times by proxy) of the is country. They have assimilated so thoroughly that they are now more melayu than the real malays. Now they even control the melayu PMs, dictating who should be the next PM or Deputy PM and which racial group should the malays should now hate and boycott..... these asian jews have real clout.

  9. It is haram for Muslims to support or cooperate with DAP.
    MCA, MIC, Gerakan , OK, halal.

  10. The end justifies the means.

  11. I bet ktemoc is a extremely happy man. He'll sing Mari Kita with his arms & legs & his third leg

    1. I can always rely on looes to make outrageous accusations against me, wakakaka

  12. I have brilliant ideas, why don't we call chinese no more instead of 'Jews of the east' like the Indonesians did. Tell every pro-umno blogger and Malay newspaper not to call chinese no more than 'Jews of the east". In fact its true, chinese=jews in economic dominance.