Monday, June 03, 2013

Disdain - enemy of the Indian marginalized

Maybe we should start off with a couple of definitions for this post, as follows:

(a) Hate - to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme hostility toward

(b) Disdain - to look upon or treat with contempt; despise; scorn

They sound the same but in fact are different.

One can hate someone yet may fear or even respect him/her. But one cannot respect nor fear someone who is viewed with disdain.

This brings me to the question on the lot of Indian Malaysians today. I have no doubt many Malaysians of all ethnicities but particularly the Indians hate the police for the latter's brutal treatment of citizens, many times unto their deaths while in custody or even without. But to be fair to the police, not every of them are brutal or have behaved like the Ugly ferocious beast in Malaysia.

But as I once posted, the worst oppressors of a race would usually be found within the same race, some in overt form, many as spies for the master oppressor.

That's one of the reasons (only one, mind you) for the Israelis coming on top of the Palestinians, because the Israelis have the necessary intelligence gained from Palestinian sources to hit at whatever, whenever and wherever the Palestinians may be planning. 

Thus it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that once the Palestinian source of information can be closed off the Israelis will have a lot of problems anticipating the opposition attacks. Anyway, let's leave this for today as it's not the main issue being discussed in this post.

As for the overt variety, my family told me that during the Japanese occupations of both China and Malaya-Singapore, some of the worst oppressors of the Chinese were some Chinese appointed by the Japanese invaders. I have a personal story to tell one day about one such Chinese oppressor in wartime Malaya who, would you believe, was my kampung neighbour but again let's leave that for another day.

Wang Jinwei, the face of treachery

The most notorious Chinese oppressor of Chinese in China was Wang Jinwei. Fortunately for him, he died before the Japanese lost the war or he would have been physically ripped apart by Chinese. Today his name is a byword in China for treachery.

In India, the name of Mir Jafar was equally notorious as the man who sold the Indians to the British East India Company for his avaricious interests, but it was a treacherous act which led to the total colonization of India. Like Wang Jinwei is in China, his name is a byword for treachery in India.

Of course today some traditional (so-called) arch traitors like Judas Iscariot and Hang Jebat are viewed rather differently by people with less indoctrinated and better-informed values and perspectives.

But back to contemporary Malaysia - it's said that some of the worst oppressors of Indian Malaysians in custody are in fact Indian police officers. I cannot verify this rumour but my uncle told me of an incident in Alor Setar some thirty years ago to show the brutality of one Indian police inspector.

That particular inspector was terribly notorious even among his police colleagues as a very brutal bully. Apart from his intrinsic oppressive nature, he must have a disdain for those he brutalized, perhaps explaining why he treated them with utter contempt in his acts of violence.

One day he made the humongous mistake of walloping a Royal Malay Regiment soldier who was in Alor Setar town during the evening. When the soldier returned to his barracks all battered and blue, a number of his angry soldier mates armed themselves to the teeth and drove up to the police station where he was brutalized, surrounded the place and demanded the police inspector come out to meet them.

He wisely declined wakakaka, and the soldiers then started spraying bullets (fortunately just) over the station as an indication of their determination to have their demand met.

Of course they weren't that stupid as to shoot and kill him but they certainly wanted to lay their hands on him as payback for their brutalized mate. But he probably would have been severely pulverized by the angry soldiers to his death if he had foolishly emerged. The bully, to his credit, wisely became a timid coward for self preservation.

Frantic phone calls were made by the senior police officers in Alor Setar to KL, and apparently the Chief of the Army (then called Chief of General Staff) was forced to intervene by ordering the soldiers back to barrack, while the IGP supposedly dealt with the brute.

The point of this story is that some people in positions of power like the Indian police inspector did not (and probably still don't) know how to handle their powers, and frequently abused those powers, such as recklessly perpetrating acts of violence against their victims, regrettably in unrestrained fashion, believing they would be immune to the laws. My uncle had observed this lamentable behaviour also among some military officers when he was serving in the Armed Forces.

When Indian Malaysians turned up dead in police station repetitively, one wonders who had/have been their violators (and not all would be Indian police officers), and why they have been regarded with such a disdain generally different from that for other ethnic groups.

Certainly their social status as the very poor could well be a contributory factor as authorities lamentably have a feudal disrespect (and disdain) for the social marginalized and downtrodden.

But I believe there must be other factors that might have led some to believe Indian Malaysians were/are easy meat and convenient punching bags, where we learnt of one such recent victim who even had his ears and ankles STAPLED by his oppressor(s).

Tortured before his death
52 injuries on his body

In my previous post Hindu Gods are angry? I admit I have been naughty in my scenario-izing and allusions to the supernatural, but I did that because I wanted to remind everyone of Waythamoorthy's fasting in an Indian temple for Hindraf's political aims and his virtually obscene jump from that holy fast immediately into the arms of Najib, preparing even to drop the issue of Indian deaths in police custody from his so-called Hindraf basic demands.

Also see Malaysiakini's Kula: Following three deaths in 11 days, Waytha has to go in which M Kulasegaran, DAP VP, said: “Now we can see why Prime Minister Najib Razak required PHM to drop the halt to custodial deaths demand.”

Thus it was my naughty and facetious highlighting of 'other-world' involvements in order to portray Waythamoorthy's readiness to have faith in the traditional oppressor of Indians against that of his faith in the Hindu gods via his 'spiritual' journey through fasting for the salvation of Indians. 


  1. You may not be right in the reasoning above. But forwarding your points without using the supernaturals to explain deaths is definitely better.

  2. "the worst oppressors of a race would usually be found within the same race"

    very true!! powerful vs powerless (antara dua darjat).

  3. Could the caste system have a role in this?

    1. maybe - see my post

  4. Friend, its all a matter of perception.
    Correct your perception, and you will realize BN is a very good government and the police are excellent protectors of the public.

  5. Colonial powers (including Japan as a colonial power during WWII) have always understood that the most effective and least expensive means of controlling and suppressing indigenous populations was to employ willing Quislings from their own ethnic group. If they are able to coopt already existing community leaders, so much the better.

    For all the superficial legalese talk about UMNO-BN being the legitimate government, UBN is essentially a colonial power in Malaysia, and it still very much functions that way.

    The Indians are the weakest of the colonized peoples in the country, and their Mandores are also the most dastardly.

  6. It is true, the same race treachery is the worst. But if colour is blind, it would be the same and will not be bias. Because it happen to be the same race, whom is culturally and religiously link that made it most treachery.

    I was told by my some folks in my village during post WWII, spies where implanted to flush out communist sympathizer. Normally the sympathizer, are the man of the house that has been identify, so to say the breadwinner for the household. Once they are caught, they are separated from their spouse and children and dump into Hainan Island. Most of them caught, are actually innocent. Just because they bought huge grocery for a big family whom is living in the isolated village, instead of traveling frequently to the town, they are suspected and guilty of supporting communist.

    It cost a lot of hardship to the family concern when they lost the sole breadwinner of the house. The Chinese traitor whom took the reward money and escape to Hong Kong. After some years of exhausting all his funds while in Hong Kong, he came back to Malaysia. He was assassinated soon after that at his home. Payback time.

    During Japanese invasion, the Malay co-operated more with the Japanese, because of the slogan "Asia for Asian". The Chinese always has the dislike of Japanese. Where the Chinese sore on the Malay for treachery or more of their own kind selling out their own race?

  7. So many ordinary citizens, who were walking freely just a few days before, not sick, not seeing a doctor, not going to the hospital, suddenly end up dead after being arrested by the police and locked up.

    I'm amazed by the lack of outrage in this country.

    Just a few usual suspects jumping up and down - Surendran, Manickavasagam, Gobind, Lim Kit Siang.

    So much so, many regard it as a Pakatan manufactured issue.
    Even Hindraf (Waythamoorthy) has voluntarily agreed to be silenced.

    The duly elected PM and Home Affairs Minister don't give a damn, and regard protests against those incidents as amounting to sedition.

  8. In these deaths in custody, some indian cops might be guilty of the crime, but the IGP ( whatever his race, though he is a Malay right now ) is the one who ought to resign. Just because the same race murdered each other in these scenarios, the top bosses of another race could just brush off the issue as though waving off some nuisance pesky flies away ? And as usual our PM is in his silent mode why even wonder about his new boy Waythamoorthy who had v cleverly also shut his trap, thanking his lucky star he had dropped the demand of such custodial deaths in police lock-ups in his so-called Hindraf blueprint. We are actually back in business after all the excitement of the GE. Very strange no custodial deaths just BEFORE and DURING the GE when Umno is strainuously wooing the Indians, hehehe.

  9. Regarding to Dharmendran's case, Zahid announced police is making progress.

    According to reports, police have classified Dhamendran's death as 'murder' since 22nd May.

    Normally, in a 'murder' case, there will be suspects rounded up and brought to lockup in handcuffs. Now they are only just getting around to suspend them?

  10. New SOP for Indian detainees in police lockups
    a. Choice of KFC or McDonalds for Dinner
    b. Astro satellite channel
    c. Dunlopillo mattress

  11. I am an indian and indians are ALWAYS KNOWN for their crab mentality

    1. What is crab mentality? Care to explain and enlighten your readers?


      Also known as Dengki syndrome

  12. In society, generally, those at the bottom are always easy prey to those above them. In Malaysia, the Malays, by virtue of the rights bequeath them in the constitution and their control of the forces of repression in the country, sit at the top of society so that they can look down on all the other races. In all honesty, the self-pride of the Malays is totally misplaced as their global contributions to the sciences, arts, learning, business, etc. are mostly non-existent. In contrast, The Chinese and Indians (globally) have excelled in all fields winning Nobel prizes, prestigious global awards, etc. Indeed, two of the powerhouse of the future BRIC countries are India and China. With the Malay establishment now under siege, lashing out against the local Chinese and Indians is to be expected. The Indian are easier prey being at the bottom of the social chain in Malaysia, which is why so many of the unwarranted deaths have been perpetrated against them. Fortunately, tyranny never lasts forever, and the Malay establishment will find that out in time.

  13. You are talking of mostly Tamils. There are many bright Tamils in Malaysia including those whose ancestors hailed from Ceylon and India. But the caste system has a role in the killings and the subsequent cowardice of people like Deputy Minister Wayang Moorthy. They have been so brutalised and damaged that they do not have the guts to stand up for themselves, let alone for others. People from the Middle-east do not forget, even slights are considered worthy of revenge. The answer is the non-judicial and summary disposal of those involved. After two or three are dealt in that manner, abuse usually stops. You do not have to attack them physically.

    All it takes is for the IGP to have some backbone and sack two or three coppers and you will have no more deaths in custody. But the police are now creatures of the BN and will of course never act in that fashion.

  14. KTemoc,
    You trust RPK who hate Anwar?
    You may like this

    1. Thank you for the link to rajaputar.....

      My 2 cents opinion......RPK has his falling out with Anwar and it is his right to fall in or out with anyone. However, anyone visiting his site could at once note the stark difference in tone and mood and content in the pre Fall-Out and after Fall-Out. He of all person should know better than to continuously harp on the topics like malay vs chinese, islam vs christianity which he was indulging in just prior to the GE13.

      What I noted was this :
      (a)he shrilly lashed out that his readers are stupid and slow with abysmal English to even understand a single para of his postings, even when obvious contradictions in his articles were pointed out.

      (b)he's fond of playing favouritism....he allows those readers that supported him to post racist comments undisturbed and to ramble on and on completely out of topic, but those who are known to oppose his views did not get such leeway, in fact the latter who did slightly go out of topic will get a sarcastic lashing from him almost immediately. ( Btw, what's so wrong with being 'out of topic' occasionally ? It makes the comments more interesting and some blog owners even join in with the fresh new topic being discussed and expanded further).

      (c)he's now very prone to running down one race ( the Chinese !) and he justifies it as such ...'i whacked the malays, so what's wrong whacking the chinese?'. But I beg to differ...when he so-called whacked the malays, he did not run down their culture and history ( becoz he's a malay himself ? ) but when he run down the WHOLE chinese race...he will with every opportunity sneers at the what he condescending labelled 'you and your 5000 years civilisation' and it must be pointed out that he actually knows nuts about this chinese culture that he had so gaily hit out, and by just pointing out that his wife is also Chinese does not support in the least his constant punching at the chinese as a whole. The wife might be chinese racially but once she is married to a malay, she has to 'masuk melayu', this is a fact one can't run away in this country ( west malaysia at least ).

      (d) he by his own writing gives rise to suspicion that he's now into playing a propaganda game, staking the chinese on one side and the majority malays on the other. This is a dangerous, despicable game and a man of principle would never stoop to such level. He might think he's being subtle but many are able to see through him.

      See his latest posting....taking umbrage that some dare to label the BN government as a Malay government. could a man change so drastically ? Or maybe he did not change at all....this part of him is also part of the real RPK and is now showing his true full colours in new circumstances ?

  15. All these happen after Tunku Aziz got sacked.

    RPK has a soft spot for Tunku Aziz, he defend Tunku Aziz and run down DAP.
    Every article now, is an attack on DAP.

    Tunku Aziz has been proven WRONG, that demonstration can peaceful. He has yet to appologies to the Rakyat. Demonstration become chaos because of provocation from Polis Raja Di Malaysia, that Tunku Aziz failed to address.

    1. PKR members led by one PKR Indian member (wakakaka) broke through the police barricade, allegedly on the signal of either Anwar or Azmin - that's what started the fracas

    2. Prior to Tunku Aziz nursing his huge merajuk and the subsequent spilling of venom indiscriminately, RPK had already shown signs of 'Mari Kita Benci Cina'. Remember his great show of support for Ibrahim Ali during that unfortunate incident of the CNY angpow (or rather white pow ) RPK lashed out at the hapless chinese old folks who all unaware, got rounded up for the CNY do....calling them prostitutes. And he had the cheek to rail at the chinese for being 'biadap' ! Re hating DAP, he actually did not hate them wholesale...apparently, he still loves Ronnie Liu...hehehehe. So he only hates DAP 99.99999999%.

      Anyway, this blogger here had used a great word.."DISDAIN". Many of RPK's former fans just have disdain for him now....and knowing RPK's fatal flaw, this is akin to MOCKING. That's what is eating at him now.....see all signs....the futile, blind lashing out, not just once or twice, but almost continuously for the past year or so. Very tiresome reading his postings.