Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Political snippets (19)

(1) TMI's MCA backs EC leaders to stay on reports:

The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) has thrown its weight behind the Election Commission (EC), saying there is no reason for opposition bigwig Tian Chua to call for the EC leadership team to resign.

The Chinese part of the ruling Barisan Nasional points out that both the political coalitions that contested the general election have filed election petitions and it argues that this proves the EC did not favour either side.

It's not the MCA stand I have problems with because MCA is being what MCA has been for the last 30 years, a lapdog of UMNO.

It's TMI description of Tian Chua as an opposition, get this, bigwig.

I accept Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah are opposition bigwigs, and likewise for Pak Hj Nik Aziz, Pak Hj Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu, Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng.

But Tian Chua?

WTF or wakakaka.

PKR pollies are more bigheads (or bigheaded) than bigwigs.

(2) TMI's - Election Commission chairperson admits failure of indelible inkElection Commission chairperson admits failure of indelible ink reports:

The Election Commission admits failure of indelible ink during the 13th general election. Its chairperson, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof expressed his disappointment with reports that the ink could be washed off easily.

"If people ask me now, what is the saddest thing in my life, I would answer: ‘Indelible ink'," said Abdul Aziz during an interview with Malay daily, Sinar Harian.

The ink was part of the electoral reforms made last year to improve transparency within the system. However, the plan backfired when many voters found that the indelible ink can be washed off.

According to Abdul Aziz, the commission tested the indelible ink several times prior to the May 5 general election.

“On the much-awaited day, the power of Allah is greater when the ink could disappear after being washed several times. Where is the mistake?” said Abdul Aziz.

As they say, to err is only human, BUT to f**king lie is unscrupulous.

The EC had flagrantly lied about the so-called indelible ink and worse, kept changing their lies.

First, it was staff lack of knowledge in using the ink, then it was the need for Islamic ablution (prior to prayers) which 'compelled' the EC to dilute it so that it is NOT indelible (then why the f**k used it?), following which it was the Health Ministry's warning about the poisonous silver nitrate or some health-hazard chemicals in the ink which again 'compelled' the EC to dilute those noxious stuff, ...

... and which the new Health Minister, S Subramaniam, has (together with a ministry senior civil servant) repudiated the EC's claim of the advice coming from the Health Ministry.

In short, the EC has been lying but also demonstrated its sheer incompetency that they couldn't even come up with a decent lie and stick to that for consistency. That's what incompetency means.

Now, the EC chairperson, Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, has the blasphemous nerve to draw in the name of Allah swt by providing another excuse again, effectively blaming The Almighty in his declaration “On the much-awaited day, the power of Allah is greater when the ink could disappear after being washed several times."

No, not 'washed several times' but by merely rubbing the inked finger against grass.

And he thought by blasphemously invoking the name of Allah swt, he might get away with it.

And this is the EC that MCA supports.

Have you read my previous post Some "Chinese" rule Malaysia now?

Maybe I've been incorrect and should have written a different article titled 'Some "Indians" rule Malaysia now' - wakakaka!

Former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad has backed urgings for the posts of president and deputy president to remain uncontested during the party polls to be held later this year. [...]

"If someone loses, they will withdraw and form another party and later divide Umno. I agree with competition but if there is competition, Umno will be split into two."

Obviously he worries about UMNO being split into two because that's not what he wants his nice but still politically naive son Mukhriz to inherit.

(5) Malaysiakini's Why should incest victims, too, be whipped? reported:

Whipping all parties involved in incest fails to recognise the power dynamics of a family where one party becomes the victim of another, says the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG).

Instead, it said justice would be better served if the perpertrator is charged under the Penal Code, as this would "properly reflect the gravity of the crime committed".

JAG adds in a statement: "It is grossly unjust that the Syariah Criminal Offences Act renders a victim of incest liable to a charge of illicit consensual sex.

"This fails to recognise the power dynamics in sexual crimes that occur within the family. No victim should be punished or even charged for the crime of incest."

Civil law, it said, is better suited to punish incest offenders as the guilty party is liable to a jail term of no less than six years and not more than 20 years.

Under the Johor Syariah Criminal Offences Act, those guilty of incest will face a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, or to whipping not exceeding six strokes or to any combination thereof.

Of course civil laws punish the offenders severely which may be why some Malaysian misogynists may not want.

There have been very observable discriminations against and disrespect for women among some Malaysian men - read my older posts Gatal versus miang and Lawmakers too easy on incest!

Taking about syariah laws, please read this Sydney Morning Herald report titled $25m fine 'means life' in foreign jail which tells us (relevant-related extract):

Alicia Gali, Australian victim but Dubai criminal

The scales of justice in Dubai are askew. Consider the case of Alicia Gali, an Australian drugged and raped by three fellow hotel employees in 2008. With four broken ribs, she reported the crime - and was promptly charged with having sex out of wedlock. She was sentenced to 12 months' jail and served the next eight months behind bars.

Her attackers, charged with the same offence, were deported before completing their sentences of 12 and 13 months.

Now, did I mention misogynistic discrimination against women?

So it's hardly surprising that in Malaysia the syariah laws (made by Malaysian men just as the Dubai syariah laws were made by Dubai men, and not Allah swt) allows the female (and probably underage) victim of an incestuous act to be whipped like the animal who raped her.


  1. And Mukhriz has started to prove his mantle by asking Penang to pay for raw water.

  2. After 22 years during which the father had unquestionably turned the country into one of the unhappiest countries in the world, what have we done to potentially deserve the karma of having the son, who has demonstrated clearly that he is his father's son, to again lord over this land with the same twisted and warped thinking process? Aiyoh. Kau liao la.

  3. Many "high-standard" observers thumb their nose at Tian Chua.
    I have a different view.

    He is, to be sure, a Street Politician.
    We have a Federal Government which had (and still has) scant respect for freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, fair elections, respect for minorities. A street fighter (a real one, not the one calling himself one on your blog) like Tian Chua is a necessary part of the struggle for such freedoms in Malaysia.

    Like him or not, he has shown a level of moral and physical courage which most of us can only watch from afar, and never attain.

    He's behaved badly before in the past, but I don't look down on him.

  4. What do you think of Aspan Alias' recent tirades agaisnt DAP? I believe the man has a point (besides being NS's only viable candidate for CM), there was a notable lack of Malay faces in DAP's lineup.



    1. I wrote th4 following in M2D:

      Anthony Loke has been terribly insensitive in his defensive retort. To me, every DAP member whether a party official or ordinary member, whether standing or not standing as an election candidate, is important to the party. Anthony Loke should apologise to Aspan for his poor choice of words.

      Anthony could have said, words to the effect, that "Aspan Alias is on DAP's list of candidates for a future election. The fact that Ariff Sabri and Zairil KHir were put up in GE-13 is proof that DAP is multiracial. But for obvious reasons that far more senior members have been working hard and proven their suitability for election meant that the party had to make hard decisions in selecting some new members but regrettably leaving out some. It's unfortunate and was a hard and agonizing decision for the party to leave out Aspan Alias in the last round but the future is bright for DAP and he is not forgotten at all. There is a current strategic role for him in the party which will require his expertise and which will prepare him for the next round of elections".

    2. It is people like Anthony Loke who will bring woe to DAP or any party he is a member of. Although he is not as terrible as those UMNO loudmouths, DAP cannot afford to have such insensitive leader to represent a multiracial party. Ahhh...in this country, the rakyat have no choice but to choose the less terrible, the less evil and the less violent and the less corrupt to lead us.

    3. Again I hated people who never reveal their name while commenting. To me, this is a fucking cowardice stand. It means that you can't take responsbibility of what you are saying.

      It's Anthony Loke who brought Aspan in. With respect to Aspan & Anthony, I believe this is called difference of opinion. Of course, I agree that if disciplinary action taken against him, it would be a sad dad for DAP.

    4. One could have differences in opinion without being rude or heartlessly insensitive. This is even more so very important when such so-called differences-in-opinion are aired so publicly with nation-wide coverage. It is of no relevance in this matter who brought in Aspan....

      DAP has to be careful now......one incident with Tunku Aziz and now another such with Aspan....remember the cliche...3 strikes and you are out ! It will be a pity for DAP to gain a hardcore reputation for being crudely insensitive and riding roughshod, especially dealing with known 'sensitive' people who are prone to let loose and seemingly losing all sense of balance when on a merajuk trip. Heard of the phrase...loose lips could sink ship.

      Btw....what's so cowardly to post comments using Anon handle ? ......as long as no foul words are used, no seditious or slanderous comments are thrown around. As can be seen, most Anons here are pretty polite, 'proper' and responsible.

  5. Anthony cannot say the things you suggest because DAP philosophy does not have an inclusive power sharing. So how can he say somethig that not only does the party not subscribe too but not even out of personal conviction. Even the snake oil salesman first believes in his product before proceeding to "con" people.

    Ariff Sabri is decent and honest... he is very open. He is not willing to subscibe to PAS nor PKR's core values. Therefore, DAP is next best for him. To both parties (DAP & Sakmongkol), its a matter of mutual benifit and Sabri's long term goal is to challenge the establishment from without since within has been futile.

    Aspan, Haris Ibrahim, Tukar Tiub should now come under one banner... maybe PSM (or a new form of PSM).

    By the way, KTee... nice to see you quoted by a Star columist today but Ms. Muppet will only add fuel to the Star flames since her voice is gaining ground among a selected blogger grouping..

    1. June Wong, Rebooting Chinese history pg 25

      For once, both opposition supporters and Ms Muppet's selected blogger group are clamouring to boycott the Star, albeit for diametrically opposite reasons.

    2. wow, didn't realize I have become an online columnist though admittedly Malaysiakini published a couple of my letters as news articles instead of just as letters. I think one of them was the issue about the 5 Chinese policemen who received the SP

      I feel sad for Ms Muffet as she had intrinsic talents but what can I say when she continues her "crusade" against I'm-not-sure-who today

  6. Anon 8:37 gave you the answer while we were drinking coffee. Anyway, kudos to you on the quote.... Miss Muppet (not Muffet to us) is driving her last assault even on June Wong. See Rocky Bru's posting and geng. Ms. Muppet is a terrible case of a basket of fruity looney tunes.... see Rocky's reply to a comment. Classic reply.

    But Kadir, Rocky and geng are starting to sharpen the knives.. Besides the UMNO race, there is a shake up in the media industry and certain players are trying to decide where the coin falls. Wakakakakaka

    Anon 8.04

  7. I think Aspan Alias is going to turn a "Tunku Abdul Aziz".
    Malays fit in DAP like a Square Peg in a Round Hole.
    DAP continues to be dominated by Chinese chauvinists

    1. Siapa yang Rasis ?9:21 am, June 21, 2013

      I've always considered the Malays who join the DAP are either stupid or deluded or just pursuing their own selfish agenda.

      Siapa yang Rasis ?

    2. I've always considered that Malays should not join ANY party except for UMNO....all those Malays who joined DAP, PKR, PAS, PSM etc...all all either stupid or deluded or just pursuing their own selfish agenda. Look at the Malays in PKR and PAS...lead by the nose by the kaffir DAP....they have to bow and kowtow to LKS and his son LGE. The MB of Selangor and those ex UMNO in PKR are only making pretend voices of Ketuanan, but in actual fact are controlled by DAP. The Malays in UMNO are the opposite of 'stupid, deluded and just pursuing their own agenda' - they are the most the most enlightened ( not stupid), with a balanced well-grounded sense ( not deluded) and have principles and integrity ( not just pursuing their own agenda), always fighting for the goodness of the Malays and willing to make 100% sacrifice for the Malay rakyat. Siapa yang Rasis? D A P ! D A P ! So racist lah this party that it is unbelievable......pretending to be multiracial when our IMalaysia concept as advocated by our PM is the only true multiracial system in this country. As our dear RPK said in his recent article, fighting for Malay rights is Nationalism, not racism. It is DAP fighting against Chinese Discrimination ( konon nya macam ada sesiapa yang dera orang2 kaffir ni) is really RASIS.....they should be grateful already for what the generous indigenuos natives ( the Malays) gave to them in this Tanah Melayu. If they persist on being rasis, then we should implement some of the solutions as advocated by some of the commentators in Helen Ang's blog...btw, Helen is the one of the rare enlightened Chinese woman in this country. Due time for her to take up the Islam religion. She will be welcomed with open arms by our Malays. P.S dear Helen, apa lagi tunggu tunggu...cepat masuk melayu.

  8. Kaytee,
    May you enjoy these BBC miniseries called House of Cards, To play The King & the Final Cut? OMG! I do wonder if such series ever played in Malaysia. IT'S SO FUCKING SIMILAR OF WHAT HAPPEN IN MALAYSIA. You can replace F U (That's Francis Uruqhuat) with Madhater & Tom Makepeace with Anwar Ibrahim. Hal Collinridge can be replaced by Tun Hussein Onn. Hahahaha. I love every part those miniseries especially when F U was shot at the end of the Final Cut.
    That F U who fuck the king at the end of To Play the King is FUKCING CIBAI Marvelous. Of course, I have envaisaged that......I say no more....... OKIE LA ENJOY MY MATEY


  9. Kaytee,
    You educated in Australia whom mother england discarded as a colony for criminals & bastards & I was educated in Yingelang where that fucker Raja Petra Kamaruddin was born. Hahahahaha! Send noh kee (Malaysia satelite) to outerspace. Hahahaha!
    How to talk like Ian Richardson ( Scot who pretends to be english)? Hahahahhaha

  10. Inspector who was interrogating murdered detainee Dharmendran "goes missing".


    Zahid Hamidi needs to directly take responsibility because of his earlier reluctance to take any action before the policemen suspects were charged. Transferred to desk duties, free to go on leave, so much bullshit.
    Any ordinary murder suspect would have immediately been taken into custody. Looks like Police in Malaysia are above the law.

    Where is Deputy Minister Waythamoorthy ?
    Senator Nallakaruppan ?
    Minister Palanivel ?

    See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing...

    1. The 3 monkeys see, hear and say nought....coz they know better than to upset the apple cart, lest their master throw them out from their cosy doggie house. Better to be blind, deaf and dumb but the bank accounts are quietly accumulating.....don't sneeze at the crumbs from the master's table.....even crumbs amounts to millions and millions that will suffice for at least 6 generations. Life is indeed glorious in this country if one knows how to play the game.