Friday, June 21, 2013

Political snippets (20)


Saifuddin Nasution, PKR (not Pakatan) sec-gen said PSM not welcome in Pakatan and daringly asserted that Pakatan will 'never' accept PSM into its fold.

Asia Hotel, KL, 1996 - APCET II forum
Look, who was that hoodlum among UMNO Youth out to wreck APCET II

But Anwar Ibrahim came out to say PSM can join if it endorses the Pakatan common policy framework, which is not only commonsense but a reasonable and fair statement.

But the point to observe is: can and will Pakatan as a now more-gelled coalition stop such ketuanan wannabes like Saifuddin Nasution and his 'inner coterie' dwarfish brethren from making unwarranted, un-Pakatan-supported and unacceptable ketuanan policy statements as if they have been or are acting on behalf of Pakatan the coalition when they're only officials of PKR the smallest party (wakakaka) within Pakatan.

See my post Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality where I highlighted Saifuddin Nasution's role in the thuggish and violent disruption of an international forum (APCET II) in KL, until the forum had to be abandoned. Was he APCET-ing upsetting PSM?


Bernama via Malaysiakini - If needed, army will help police in Saturday rally

Hello there PDRM and ATM, the people who'll be participating in the rally are Malaysians, not foreign invaders, so WTF is the police calling in the army?

The usual f* police intimidation against Malaysians?

No constitutionally-minded army will ever act against the citizens of its own country.

Meanwhile, Pakatan (meaning Rafizi Ramli Strategic Director of PKR) rejects Merdeka Stadium offer, suggesting to kaytee that PKR is set to deliberately confront the authorities head on, perhaps a la Bersih 3?

Lawful civil disobedience should be about the right to hold a peaceful rally (which will be perfectly possible at Merdeka Stadium), and not about deliberate confrontational insistence on a specific venue.

'Nak cari pasal saja, yakah?

We also hear from Tian Chua of PKR (not Pakatan) that 'Anwar can wait five more years, but not the rakyat' wakakaka. 

That's Tian Chua's bull, when in fact the Malaysiakini article should be titled the other way, namely, 'The rakyat can wait 5 more years, but not Anwar Ibrahim'.


FMT - Haze issue: Jakarta snubs Malaysia, S’pore

Behaviour of a hopeless low class unneighbourly so-called ASEAN neighbour who only knows how to flex his gorilla muscles rather than his cultured civic-minded upbringing, if at all any.

Jakarta: Nah Nah Nah, we don't get any. F* you all

KL: Apa boleh buat, Abang Besar ma

Singapore: Wei Malaysia, you no more got any Hang Tuah aah? Wah-bout that hee-low Ahmad Zahid?



  1. I was doused with a heavy dose of stinging-chemical laced water cannon during Bersih 2.0, somewhere in the vicinity of Tung Shin hospital.
    That time we wanted Stadium Merdeka, but the authorities refused.

    I think the Stadium Merdeka "offer" this time is bullshit and Rafizi is right to reject them.

  2. Malaysia's Dept of Environment website on the air quality index ( measures particulate matter at PM10 (10 microns) whereas Singapore ( is already measuring at PM2.5 which is more dangerous than PM10 to the lungs.

    A good description of PM10 and PM2.5 was featured in an article in the Star:

  3. Lets stick to current issues.
    Digging up a 17 year-old photo of Nasution is of little interest to most people, and indicates a streak of small-mindedness in the writer.

    Personally, I did some stupid things 17-20 years ago, but it has little to do with what I am now.

    There are reasonable grounds for doubts , debates and objections to admitting PSM into Pakatan Rakyat. I do respect the commitment of some of their activists like Dr. Jeyakumar , but overall they would be something of a lose cannon inside PR, making PR more vulnerable to UMNO ambush and disinformation.

    1. indeed let's stick to the issue under discussion, that of a PKR man bullshitting as if he was issuing Pakatan policy when he had no authority to do so. Anwar Ibrahim showed that he was totally out of line. Hasn't this ketuanan mentality the same as the one displayed in Apcet II, shafting his own prejudices down people's throats?

    2. DSAI brought ABIMism, activitism & silat into UMNO (eg. Johor canning of women and trying to outbeat PAS in spiritual matters). Then they brought UMNOism into PKR. So now, UMNO backed people kick the cow's head or bunga-bunga dance in front of people's house while PKR has one person saying one thing and the head denying its their stand plus warlords trying to finish the MB and vice versa. After a while we can't tell the difference. No wonder, pro-BN bloggers are asking for unity talks.

      With the current antagonistic dividing politics, army on the streets, 6th most dangerous city and to beat it all, the suffocating haze... some of us need to sail a boat to Australia as refugees... You will be surprise of the mix in such a boat. At least Gillard will welcome them... to help in her elections ala Sabah style... wakakakaka...

      PS. No offense intended to any Oz guy or gal.

  4. More snippets about the haze:
    1) In the 90s, the air polution index API was classified as state secret, and was declassified only after Abdullah became PM.
    2) Sarawak CM & family left for US during the height of the haze, supposedly to seek expert's solution.
    3) The word 'haze' caused displeasure from big bully neighbour during the ASEAN summit, had to be termed as 'trans-boundary pollution'.
    4) It was a big worry during the commonwealth games with the fear of participants staying away. But the threat fizzled out during the games.

    1. The core problem is no ASEAN country could make Indonesia do what Indonesia should be doing as a civic-minded neighbour. The related issue is Indonesia either can't or won't deal with the burning. There's so much corruption in Indonesia that you can virtually bet on those huge plantation concerns bribing the regional governors to close their eyes to the illegal bush and peat burning which cause the haze all over most of ASEAN, southern China and as far north as Korea during drier seasons.

    2. In Indonesia....dulu dan sekarang ....Semua Bisa Di Aturrrrrr......heheheheh. Big abang thumped his nose at the little brothers - "What's the big deal with breathing in some polluted air a few times a year ? Everybody has to die sooner or later lah. Better you die off sooner than to stop the lucrative golden eggs which is our divine rights to pocket and stop all the whinning, just bugger off and make do with some face masks, heheheh. Jangan nyomom banyak sangat.....nanti kita kasi ganyang baru tau !"

      But the official line is more accommodating..... when neighbouring countries complained about the haze for the past 25 years, Indonesia's stock answer : Investors from your own countries are the main culprit...and our hands are tied, we cannot punish them as this will cause bilateral diplomatic relations between us Asean countries to deteriorate.

    3. Maybe one day, due to effects of climate change, the winds blow in south-easterly direction bringing the smoke towards Jakarta, then they will take action.

  5. The Peaceful Assembly Act is a useless piece of shit.
    Even Myanmar has a more credible law.