Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Chinaman's REAL dilemma

Alamak, hamisu lah?

RPK has published a letter in his Malaysia-Today titled The Chinaman's burden, which came up with lovely neat motherhood statements on what DAP as a political party should do in the light of virtually continuous anti-Chinese diatribes coming from UMNO sources, even down to childish nonsense that romanization of Bahasa Melayu was done as a favour for the 'ungrateful' Chinese but a claim which failed to mention the much earlier death of Jawi-script Malay newspapers.

Be that as it has been from a former judge who has lost his moral direction, we know that there'll be further 'incoming' for the Chinese - 'incoming' being an American military word for enemy artillery barrage which for the Chinese Malaysians would be UMNO sources and their politicized anti-Chinese rants.

Let me tell you what has been and is the real Chinaman's dilemma. But to do so, I need to step back a few decades in time, at least briefly.

Because Chinese like Jews all over the world have had pogroms against them from time to time, they (the Chinese, not the Jews) prefer to lie low amidst the political landscape of wherever they sought domicile.

Their political abstinence or if you prefer, political abstention, manifested in the notorious all-day-all-night long mahjung games on Malaysian election days wakakaka, is quite the opposite of what Indians do.

My Unc who studied in UK for some years told me at one time, around the 70's, there was strong anti Indian feelings among Britons just as there was recently in Melbourne, Australia, but relatively nothing much against the Chinese, both in Britain during the 70's and Melbourne, Australia at the time of the anti-Indian outbreaks.

Maybe it's because Indians have been and are very politically conscious and active (could this be linked to the preference and domination of Indians in the field of law?) that they brought themselves to public prominence which consequentially gained for them the full attention and force of local bigotry?

Incidentally, pogrom is a word of Yiddish-Russian origin, testifying to the regular and frequent persecution of the Jews in Europe, particularly in Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria that such a word worked itself into the English vocabulary.

Similarly the overseas Chinese, also a race frequently bashed around by the majority ethnic groups in various countries, have such a tragic word to describe the regular anti-Chinese pogroms. That word is p’ai-hua meaning ‘The Driven Out’, to wit, they were being 'driven out' but which unfortunately for them, did not exclude bloodshed or other atrocities.

where got lah?

Oh, now that we have mentioned p'ai hua, someone who was once in UMNO, wakakaka, was very vocal in telling his Heartland crowd that the Chinese should balik Tiong Sun (China).

Okay ... back to topic, Chinese Malaysians had politically been lying low for decades because of two factors: firstly, as mentioned they didn't want to bring the attention of the mainly Malay local authorities to themselves, and ...

... secondly, I believe there could be an atavistic belief among at least the older Chinese Malaysians that Malaya-Malaysia was/is not their homeland, a subconscious impression enforced through regular drilling into their barb-wire haired head by UMNO that they were/are pendatangs, despite sacrifices of Chinese soldiers and policemen, so why would/should they bother to participate in local politics. Aha, the allure of mahjung becomes more pronounced, wakakaka.

And if/when they had to vote, they would quietly work out a voting strategy of sending federal opposition parties like the Socialist Front and (since 1969) DAP and the latter's late 60's to early 70's allies (PPP, Gerakan, wakakaka) to federal parliament to 'make mucho noise' for Chinese interests, while voting Perikatan-BN into the state Assemblies to ensure continued federal-founded developments for their state.

The strategy had been employed for years except in the 1969 general elections, but which has ceased since 2008.

Prior to 2008, when push comes to shove, they preferred a BN-UMNO government, hence 1999 and 2004 saw Chinese tsunamis for (not against) BN-UMNO.

Here I have to say that someone saved by these Chinamen in 1999 has been terribly ungrateful, one Melayu yang mudah lupa wakakaka, while having the brazen thick-skinned face to condemn the Chinese today.

It's the same volte-face treachery practiced against the Malay rulers, who were slapped in their royal face in 1991 but Godzilla-ishly ampu today by the same group of treacherous traitors.

Anyway, I believe two principal reasons convince the Chinese Malaysians today to cease the strategy of 'making noise in the East while behaving with decorum in the West'.

The first came about during AAB's term as PM, when ironically due to his quite relaxed attitude towards the online media, the Chinese public saw with their own eyes on TV and read on both hardcopy and online media the vile vicious vitriolic ultra racism exhibited during the UMNO Party General Assembly as several wannnabe leaders showed off their credentials as defenders of bangsa, agama dan raja,and bloody f**k negara. They frightened the Chinese.

Yes, most Chinese were shocked at the unbelievable words and antics of those wannabe ethnic heroes. It was no longer the UMNO they had been comfortable with, a politically dominant UMNO which no doubt favoured UMNO Malays excessively but which was also an UMNO that was reasonable, rational and reachable (accessible).

The second factor was/is the generational change among the Chinese, where the younger Chinese, born as 3rd, 4th or even 5th and 6th generation Malaysians have different values to their elders.

They believe in and would vocally assert their Malaysian rights, and sometimes in their western cultured democratic practices appear as biadap to conservative and elderly Malays who haven't been exposed to the more robust style of democracy seen in Western countries like UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Thus the dilemma, the real dilemma of the older Chinamen was whether to join the younger Chinese in being more vocal in their opposition to BN and its less than admirable behaviour and practices, or to lie low as before and continue their 'making noise in the East while behaving with decorum in the West'.

I suspect what might have tilted them over to the former (see above paragraph) has been their conviction that the UMNO (and thus MCA, Gerakan etc) today is not the UMNO they had been comfortable with in the past.

They fear that by remaining politically equivocal or worse, silent, they will suffer more from increasing racist marginalization than they would by being vocal and bringing themselves to UMNO's nasty attention.

And then of course the very epitome of all this new UMNO viciousness was tragically perceived by Chinese in the untimely unwarranted and (arrogantly) unexplained death of Teoh Beng Hock, a man who was killed on the eve of his wedding day. The tragedy and more importantly its aftermath encapsulate all the worries of the Chinamen.


  1. The remarks from the ex-judge about the romanization of Jawi script sacrifice is not original. It is adapted from the work of that ungrateful someone saved by Chinamen in 1999 :

    "... Generously, the Malays have offered to compromise. This generosity is not acknowledged. It is taken as a matter of course. The concessions the Malays made are many and varied, and began with their abandonment of the Arabic-based script which they had evolved as their national script. On the surface this seems trivial, but if it is compared to the resentment that the Malayan Chinese would evince at any abandonment of Chinese characters, the sacrifice can be considered to be of some magnitude. If we remember that the Malays still have to burden themselves with this script for the sake of their religion, the concession is indeed remarkable...."
    - the Malay Dilemma, Chapter 8

    1. and yet the Malays eventually abandoned their Jawi, as evindenced by the death of the Jawi-scripted Utusan

  2. The Chinese alredy control 80 % of the retail business in Malaysia.
    90% of the Property Development.

    What more do the Chinese want ?

    You cannot have political control.
    There will be serious trouble if you attempt that.

    1. 24% Chinese control Malaysia politically? DOn't tell me 60+% Malays are so ineffectual?

    2. KTKia,
      I may be wrong, but for any Malay to venture to any retail business in the high street of most Msian towns (and also the shopping complexes) is a monumental task in terms of competition. I have not heard from any Chinese on how to address this apart from telling the Malays that in business, its the survival of the fittest ( business acumen, good strategy and location, substantial capital and a bit of luck)
      If we were to follow simple arithmetic, to get Malays to engage in at least 30% of the retail business is to disallow the non Malays establishing further retail business if they have reached the 70% quota. This was never achived nor executed,( unless Msia had taken the Ugandan way of the late 60s) and I beleive it should remain as such.
      Hence we have now high street retail business belonging to about or maybe more than 90% Chinese with a steady catchment of about 60 % clientele of Malay wage earners ( govt servants mainly).
      Now what more Chinese businessmen want?

    3. Chinese control 80% retail because Malay don't want to do business as it very hard for them to scarifying their life to it. They always have this mentality kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang. If you go to foreign company setup in Malaysia you find majority employ Chinese and Indian. If not because of quota being set by the government there might not be any Malay. I do agree Chinese businessman are cruel but all same with foreign company too. Small % of Malay start adopt to the culture as well. If the Malay don't step up the economy will soon be take over by foreign company.

  3. The fact is most Chinese in Malaysia do not consider themselves Malaysians, not really.

    They are just Chinese who happen to be stuck in Malaysia by accident of birth and have nowhere else to go. From their disdain for Bahasa Malaysia, learning it because they need to pass up to SPM level, to their insistence on their apartheid-like Vernacular school system, to their refusal to fit into any truly Malaysian society.

    Those who can, will quit for other shores as soon as they have the opportunity - to Chinese Singapore, Australia, like Ktemoc, and other Western shores, and increasingly to China itself.

    Malaysia doesn't need disloyal citizens, regardless of concerns about the Brain Drain.

    1. Chinese Malaysians passed their BM - FULL STOP!

      Chinese turned towards vernacular education only because UMNO Ed Minis screwed up Malaysian education system for decades until the standards of the national education system became unacceptable. Among those UMNO Ed Mins were Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim.

      We're just like Daim Zainuddin working/living overseas. Additionally, we need to cari makan which in Malaysia we would have difficulty getting the choice jobs

    2. Tanah Melayu, to call our births in Malaysia an accident shows your utter disregard for fundamental rights of abode arising from birth rights.

      Why is it that your birth is natural and my birth is accidental ? Please explain.

      Why should my loyalty be questioned when I pay more taxes than you?

      You question something as nebulous as loyalty but you do not condemn blatant treacheries and robberies committed under your nose.

      You are just a simple racialist with an offensive nickname to insinuate that you belong to this land more than me. Your views perpetrate disunity and surely you do not qualify to question my loyalty.

    3. Bullshit! Chinese Malaysians are absolutely horrible in their BM, I would imagine only a person who have never set foot on Malaysia would think that as Malaysians they (the Chinese) would be fluent in their own National Language, but then again we have youtube where we can see these people speak BM, which is utterly revolting (nak termuntah, literally).

      Mereka tiada rasa bangga pun pada BM, no sense of attachment whatsover, lebih memilih untuk brcakap Bahasa Inggeris dan dialek2 Cina saja. Kalau boleh mreka tak mahu pn cakap BM, sbb kononnya "BM tiada guna kalau nk kerja overseas". Seorang sahabat saya, Cina Indonesia, prnah britahu sy dia hairan knapa Cina Malaysia bgitu "tebal kecinaannya" dan dia trfikir "mungkin sebab negara ini trlalu dekat dgan Singapura". Cina Indonesia, kalau di overseas pun mreka masih brcakap Bahasa Indonesia, itu bru betul bangga dgn Bahasa Kebangsaan sendiri.

      Cina Malaysia? Tak ubah macam pendatang. No different from tourist from China. Kdg2 dpan orang Bumiputera pn masih cakap Cina, org Bumiputera pula terasa asing.

      And regarding this brain drain thing. Personally I don't give a damn. If the Chinese wants to leave in droves to other countries, good riddance. They say Malaysia will not progress then, fuck that, I don't care. You guys leave first, we know how to take care of our own country.


      Nenek moyang says sudah tinggal di tanah melayu lebih daripada 100 tahun. Nenek saya ini nyonya yang boleh cakap bahasa melayu lebih baik daripada kamu. Kalaulah, saudara mara ataupun nenek/atuk moyang tak bertapak lama di malaysia. Bagaimana Tunku Abdul Rahman boleh mencadangkan & memastikan seorang cina dari Ipoh, pakcik emak saya menjadi gabenor melaka yang pertama.


    5. I speak no Mandarin, and am comfortable speaking B Melayu; I've returned from S'pore and USA, turning down offers to get PR. I believe I'm very Malaysian - even more so since it is both a by nature(birth) and by conscious choice.
      Wanting better for Malaysia, instead of another 50 years of corruption and poor governance, makes me a PATRIOT, not a disloyal Malaysian. When you do not fight for the goodof our country, you become the disloyal one.
      I want a Malaysia which fulfills all its blessed potential - which includes a multi-ethnic population; and not one where the youth with dissenting voice (not violence) get locked up or worse, die from the intense bullying of govt bodies such as MACC/PDRM. Yes, I'm a PATRIOT.

    6. Kaytee,

      Well, I hope that these folks should emerge rather than hiding behind pseudonyms. Even though these folks mhave a weird opinion.

      Such people have created an alternate universe called Bullshit mountain. 2 ways of dealing with such people. Snub them & Do it the LKY way without resorting to court. But then great if we can engage such folks in court. Make sure that it's a singapore one

      Perhaps this bloke who really got some form of grey matter, do watch this

      Creatures that may adapt would die off especially dinasaurs. I am very sadden such young mind have such dinasaur brain. How true what Michael Portilio say? Neanthadals such as Iliayas has taken up the clubs. If Cameron disputed to be big brain homo sapien, what about najib? What happen with these homo sapiens such as Ismail? Just as what Portillo : DYING FUCKING CIBAI, ISMAIL

      Is that you?

    7. Looes74, what did I say that was wrong? You yourself are using a pseudonym, so speak for yourself.

      What I said neatly describes the Chinese in general, of course if we go to specifics then it would be a different story altogether. We have many Chinese that can speak BM in a decent manner..but those that can't, is what makes them look like a pendatang, especially when they dislike mixing with the Malays. I've had many experiences when mixing and sitting with the Chinese, they would speak Chinese in front of me, to the point that I feel alienated.

      Ask the Chinese in Indonesia, Thailand and other oversea Chinese if you don't believe me. They find it strange that the Chinese Malaysians, although being a citizen of this country, can't be fluent, and indeed are horrible, in speaking their own National Language. The Chinese from those countries on the other hand, speaks their National Language as their first language when they reach 2nd or 3rd generation Overseas Chinese.

      Of course, at the end of the day I would prefer the Chinese to stay, but if they want to leave, then by all means, please do.

      As for the video, my answer is, I voted for PKR in the last GE, so don't go assuming otherwise.

    8. IIiyas Ismail, you have very narrow mind, guess you are one of those who was BTN-ised properly. When you are with a Kwailo, do you try to speak English or do you still speak Malay to him? If you speak English you were just trying to show the world, "hey you are really good man, you can also speak English which is not your mother tongue", (please take note I'm talking of genuine admiration not being sarcastic") but if you still talk Malay to the Kwailo then I'll really sympathise you, oh poor! So it is the same with those Chinese who insist in talking in Chinese in front of you, they were just as poor. On the other hand when you insist on talking to me in Malay, you are just in the same category, not much better, what they say the pot calling the kettle black.

    9. Iliyas Ismail,

      Can u understand the differences between speak & talk?

      When someone speaks, the content holds itself for the world to see. If he/she talks, there is little content for any one to fathom.


      Just like politicians talk & statesmen speak - aka Mendala speaks & that Mamak talks!!!!!!

      So, how good a Bahasa Malaysia can u mastered? Judging from yr current write-ups, yr BM is just so so - not much better than the pasar bahasa that the nonMalay Malaysians r using.

      U only have AN ADDED ADVANTAGE of been able to articulate BM colloquially & fluently compare to the nonMelayu-speaking nons.

      So what so great about that???

      BTW, many current school children talk (vis-a-vis speak) lousy BM bcoz of the poor school curriculum. That syndrome cuts across all races, just like u as a 'university' student! Ha, what 'uni'?????

      In fact, if u care to compare then do go a find out, within a control group of Melayu-speaking Malaysians, what is the percentage of non vis-a-vis Malay Malaysian. That statistic is telling & put many of yr learned kindreds ashamed to no ends.

      Yr comparison of the nonMalay Malaysians with the Indonesia & Thailand is a common myth that troglodyte likes u like to emphasized. This argument ignores the historical, demographic & political evolution of this unique country known as Malaysia.

      Ha... call yrself a Malaysian? More like a ketuanan sub-tribe under the skin!

    10. Not all Chinese is good person and not all Malay a bad person it same for even party not all umno a bad person and not all pr a good person. I'm a Chinese, I always talk with my Malay neighbors every day some umno supporters some pas supporters. Some Chinese don't like to mix with Malay and some Malay don't like to mix with Chinese but we all want to do better for Malaysia.

    11. Anon 9:51 you forgot one small thing, what is it eh, oh yah, Malay is our National Language! How am I the same when I talk in our National language with the Chinese? Malay is your language as well, not only my language, or just the Malays' language. This is what I mean when I refer to the pendatang mentality. You guys don't even think that Malay is your language and your identity. Wake up! You are no longer in China.

      Mandarin is not our National Language and it is as foreign as it is to Indonesia, or Thailand, or to countries like Australia, the UK and the US where there are many Chinese there as well. All the overseas Chinese have adopted their National Languages by the 3rd generation. >75% of Malaysians can't understand Mandarin. This is why we hate vernacular schools.

      To a kwailo, well it all depends if he/she understands Malay in the first place, doesn't it? I was talking about Chinese speaking with Chinese, with Bumiputeras in the group. And even if there are no Bumis in the group, can't you just speak Malay every now and then among each other? You won't see this especially not in the urban areas of KL or Selangor.

      Anon 10:25
      What's so great about that? Urm, I would say it is great because it shows I have an attachment with our National Language and you guys mostly don't.

      Beginilah, kita ada dua cara bercakap dan menulis, sama ada secara rasmi atau tidak rasmi. Pelajar sekolah yang kau maksudkan selalunya akan bercakap dalam keadaan tak rasmi dengan dicampuri dengan bahasa pasar dsb, tapi sekurang-kurangnya, tahap Bahasa Melayu mereka masih boleh diterima lagilah.

      Ya, kita tak suka orang menggunakan bahasa pasar, tapi bukannya semua orang menggunakan bahasa pasar pun. Kau cuba jumpa aku, kau dengar sendiri ada aku guna bahasa pasar tak..

      "Haiya, ini olang ah, manyak susah punyea oh, I pun mau, itu, denga lu cakap BM, at least ah, I tala cakap ini, maceeam punyeea oh. Oh, u cakap Mandarin or English la, easy for me to understand, I'm not Malay"

      Baik, kalau orang Cina dari China yang cakap seperti di atas ni, aku masih boleh terima, tapi generasi ke-3 Cina Malaysia? Aku tak boleh terima, dan inilah yang buat aku nak termuntah dengar. Mereka membuatkan diri mereka sendiri kelihatan seperti pendatang.

      Sepatutnya aku punya "added advantage" tu ada pada kau juga, sebab kau pun Malaysian, bukan aku saja. Kalau kau Malaysian First, sepatutnya kau punya bahasa Malaysia pun baguslah, tak begitu? Atau kau Malaysian last??

  4. The overwhelming majority of Chinese believed that the time had finally come for WU YUE WU, HUAN ZHEN FU (MAY 5, CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT). DAP was very convincing with that powerful slogan. They wrongly assumed that PKR and PAS were able to garner most of the Malay support.

  5. This is the whole problem with the country that it continues to be racially baitable by pseudo intellectuals armed with a motive to rob the country by scapegoating Chinese so as to swing more Malay support for UMNO.

    After 56 years of Merdeka, we come back to question the fundamental liberties of the people as to choice of education, right to speak and study mother tongue. We question loyalties based on the flimsiest of reasons. Yet we refuse to condemn blatant acts of treachery committed by leaders who diluted our voting power by giving out voting rights to foreigners. We refuse to condemn blatant acts of corruption and cronyism with billions being stolen right under our noses. We forget so easily lembu condos and ......

    And, to make us truly forget the gravity if such treacheries and blatant robberies, we come to attack bak kut teh and chee cheong fun.

    I say man, who says you can't fool all the people all the time? In Makaysia, the people gets fooled all the f..king time.

    1. This is the price you have to pay for insisting to be different in a country that you are a citizen. Look at your fellow chinese in Thai or Indonesia. Are they like you?

    2. Your short and succinct reponse is appreciated. Do you perhaps consider yourself as having been fooled or enlightened?

  6. very spot on ! I still remember the indignance of the Chinese, right down to the Ah Soh at the wet market, who proclaimed loudly to all within earshot, about the biadap-ness of the Malay minister who had the thuggish audacity and incredible insolent contempt he dared display towards the Chinese by threateningly raising his kris while uttering seditious words at the Chinese. That minister belatedly realised his foolish mistake and did apologized but alas...Dr M persisted in rubbing salt to the wounds, coming out immediately to admonish the minister for even needing to apologize, saying in effect that there's no need to say sorry as the Chinese deserved such threats from the Malays. The Chinese, unlike the Malays, tidak mudah lupa....all the unfair, vitriolic insults and totally unreasonable and abusive threats hurled at the Chinese are systematically recorded and remembererd in one corner of the brain and they come out in full force for pay-back time at the one and only opportunity available..... at the voting booth.

  7. Iliyas, I hope after the Chinese leave, you and your friends who graduated overseas go back to Malaysia to contribute (hopefully you did learn properly while you were attending courses overseas) instead of signing off as Overseas Malays. Don't consider yourselves part of the brain drain, you should contribute to the development of tanahairmu.

  8. This is not about race, it is about the future of Malaysia. This is about who can speak BM to qualify as royal Malaysian, it is about how we can keep a good governance of the country. I am sad to see some of the poor racist columnist wrote about their comment, which showed that they are continuing struggled with race in this 21st century. Our biggest threat in Malaysia today is Globalization, how to compete, how to stay relevant in this world!
    Corruption, economy competitiveness, education are the three important and urgent tasks that all Malaysian need to fight and excel. It is not about who is more Malaysian than who. Please wake up, everyone.

  9. It is always the argument of the ultras that the Chinese want Malaysia run like Singapore. In what way? Politically? Race superiority (ie the rule of Chinese)? Yes, the most obvious attack would be to compare DAP to the PAP. Some arguments fall apart when DAP (ie. Chinese) is aligned to "Bintang Tiga". Which is which? Are they Bintang Tiga or the minions of the PAP (ie. LKY)? Or are we foolish enough to even consider the PAP communist?

    When one considers the aspect of Spore and its merits (not just us but Westerners like Jim Rogers, Eduardo Saverin etc), the city-state is recognized for its anti-corrupt system, meritocracy, good education & health system, good financial system and place for foreign investment, crime free, practically eradicating poverty, clean environment etc. Of course it has its own warts.

    Then, we speak of the Malays is Spore that are subjugated to Chinese "rule". How then can we convince them otherwise that it’s better for them to return to Malaysia and live here?

    Therefore, can the argument lie in the fact that many Malaysian are looking for a better, civil and progressive society "like" Spore? The argument of the ultras even confirm this fact - "if you do not like, can go live in Singapore, Australia etc" First, they reaffirm it’s not a racial issue. Why do they not say, "go stay in HK, Taiwan" which are more Chinese-centric societies compared to Spore? Or if the leaning of the Chinese are more communist, then why not choose China? Therefore, they reaffirm that people who have their grouses would choose an environment that is much better than Malaysia in terms of the issues stated above like Australia, NZ, UK etc. Those who have lost patience have left (including Malays)…

    The results of GE13 do not lie but hammer this fact home. Most Chinese, a partial % of Indians & Malays want change. But the most glaring fact is that nearly 90% urban or semi-urban people want change!! We cannot discount the fact the internet has change human lives. Many more people globally are dissatisfied with their governments and want change - social media has help accelerate this among Malaysians (not just Chinese). MCA was discarded because they were perceived to seek their own selfish interest. Post GE13 proves our point in terms of the discriminate appointments, business dealing etc.

    Part 1

  10. Then what can Malaysia be compared to? Maybe Brunei? Can the ultras argue that the Chinese in Brunei are discontented? Surprisingly, the Chinese there love Spore but only for shopping but is drawn back to their country - Brunei. Many do not hold full citizenship but still enjoy living there. Why? Is even wealth distribution a mitigating factor? Brunei is ruled by an absolute monarch who is considered as a benevolent ruler. HRH will never allow disunity and racial attacks on any community. The government is run and administered by HRH. There are no personal income taxes, cheap cars & petrol. Education (educationist are all foreign recruits), health management is first class etc. Good allocation of national resources.

    Malaysians agree that our head of government must and should be Malay and the official religion of the state is Islam. Whether the head is an elected head or titular ruler like the Agong, Malaysians are seeking progress...

    What do Chinese want? Walking out of the house knowing they will not be a victim of crime. Seeing rampant corruption in every sector stopped. A better education system albeit kebangsaan, vernacular etc. Addressing the illegal immigrant issue. Mingling in society without the perception that one is a pendatang or someone braying for your blood.

    Political rhetoric can be a double edged sword, both consuming the intended victim and also the master. These rhetoric are so divisive than it has now become damaging. The power struggle between the Malay leadership (ie Tun M and KuLi, then Tun M & DSAI, now Tun M against KuLi & DSAI together) is now becoming a behemoth in the making. The Chinese are but a part of this political struggle – in 1957 at independence, then 1969 between Tunku & Tun Razak, then finally 1999, 2004 where they saved Tun M and overwhelming supported Badawai. (Maybe we should reinstate the monarchy to have absolute rule). The Chinese did not vote DAP out of choice but maybe necessity, seeing a lack of alternatives.

    What do the Malays want? We know what the Chinese want (we can’t speak for DAP but many do not want to rule, that is certain. They want the Malay leadership crisis to be solved so that the country can move forward).
    What do Malaysians want? - post GE13. We all know the answer to that. However, many are still attracted to the dissonance voices that call for....

    Part 2

  11. Here we go again, using the Chinese as scapegoat.

    Perhaps we all read this sobering article in the Star

  12. When an ethnic group has a huge numbers advantage, who can stop it from getting what it wants?

  13. One cannot compare Malaysian Chinese to Thai Chinese or Indonesian Chinese. They are small minorities as Thai Chinese is 10% of the total Thai population and Indonesian Chinese is 3% of the total Indonesian population. As such, they have no choice but become assimilated. In addition, Thai culture has many similarities to Chinese culture since Thais came from Nanchao China since the 13th. century. Thais practice Buddhism like many Chinese. These are facts that many native Malays have failed to grasp and understand.

    Another thing because Malaya was a colony of the English, the English forced the Malays to abandon the Arabic script and adopt the romanized alphabets since the English governors and colonists will not be able to read and write in Arabic script. Since Thailand was not colonized they are still using the Thai script today in the 21st century.

    1. excellent summary - you beat me to it, above was to be my next post but nonetheless I'll still post it and acknowledge in the post you mention same thoughts. Cheers

    2. Anon 1239: "10 % Thai Chinese, no choice but become assimilated". So, Malaysian Chinese would be assimilated in future, say in 2050, when they are less than 10%?

    3. The mistake was from our past administrations. Right from the start Tunku should have implemented assimilationist policy on the first and second generation pendatangs who were given free and instant citizenship after Merdeka. Thailand and Indonesia both closed down their vernacular schools and either encouraged or forced their Chinese to change their names and not allow them to openly display Chinese culture (Indonesia) for many years.

      Thai religion and language are both different to many Chinese. They practice Theravada Buddhism and most of the Chinese there now practice Theravada instead of the Mahayana practiced here, still a difference. The overwhelming majority of Chinese in those two countries, except the elderly, couldn't even speak Chinese anymore.

      Due to the smaller number of children that the Chinese are having now compared to Bumiputeras, it is an encouraging trend to see that the number of Bumiputeras will continue to rise and the number of Chinese will drop. Vernacular schools will naturally have to be closed one day. I yearn the day when Malaysia is united under one language, our National Language, unlike the many non-Bumi Chinese where even after 3 generations they still fail to grasp BM or understand the local culture.

      This is if we are taking a moderate approach of wait and see.The percentage of Chinese in 2040 will drop to 18.4%. The % will be lesser if we take into consideration that many are migrating to other countries, which is good. If we would want a more aggressive approach, then the government could just follow the footsteps of other countries by closing down the vernacular schools and banning displays of Chinese characters in ads, shop signs, banners etc. Countries all over the world uphold their national language, why can't Malaysia? If you think this is racist, then you would probably be better off in Indonesia or Thailand? Or even the UK, US or Australia where there are no vernacular schools nor Chinese characters displayed everywhere?

  14. Ever since Najib started the theme of Chinese tsunami, the scapegoating of Chinese have been spun to even include the issue of Chinese participating in the PR rallies.

    In those rallies before yesterday's one, some have alleged that Chinese were the main participants in the ongoing rallies, quoting Mahathir's claim of Chinese faces in the photos. These have been interpreted by them as Chinese uprising against the Malays.

    In yesterday's rally, some blogged that there were mostly Malays and that the Chinese stayed away from participating. This 'absence' of Chinese participation was interpreted as the Chinese making use of the Malays to fight their cause, typical of Chinese tendency to 'weasel' from their obligation or duties.

    So for the Chinese to participate in the rallies: damned if you do, and also damned if you don't.

  15. Besides Anon 12:39 view, Thais are open to Chinese PM's. In the restive south, we find similar situations as in Malaysia. Is that telling us something? Yes, Chinese assimilate to Thai culture and Thai culture is accomodative & inclusive except in the south.

    So we know what Thais want. Although non-Bumi's especially Chinese in Malaysia do not aspire to be the PM but can we be that accomodative? So, we better drop the apple for apple comparison.

    We also know what the Indonesians want. And for those that do not know what they want, they find Malaysia's social, political & economical climate better. Therefore, let us not fool ourselves, we aren't exactly attracting talent from Indonesia.

    We also know what the Philippinos want and can see the role of Chinese there, plus the remnant of the Spanish "conquest". Should we again compare or use this as a model? Again, we know what Filipinos want when they come to Sabah.

    Spore is always raised because it was part of the Federation. We can also mention Brunei since Tunku invited them to join the Federation. Today, we also know what Bruneians want & think of our Federation. We can also see how Sarawak & Sabah especially fit into the present arrangement. So is it just what the Chinese want? Or can we include Ibans & Kadazan Dusuns too unless we do not consider them Malaysians? Now, we want to know what the Malays want, especially for themselves.

    We also know what the Africans, Iranians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis want when then come to Malaysia. Malays in the next 10-15 years should be more worried about this new element rather than being concern that Chinese can't read Jawi (by the way, many of us studied Jawi until DSAI introduced Bahasa Baku. Our primary school Jawi teacher was in fact Indian and many Malays were equally disinterested to learn it). The Malays may loose their identity not because of other Malaysians but because of the tidal wave of new immigrants (again, not of the desirable type).

    Many of us are the silent majority/minority that have remained silent for years and accepted the system. No, we are not in revolt but the situation has gone beyond offensive. It even shames us just to pen these words in response to both faulty and dangerous logic. The more one argues these premises in a globalize age, it makes Malaysians and those (individuals & groups) who proport such arguments look stupid or highly naive. The name of the game is politics but we are allowing it to be brought closer to the precipice. There after, the slope gets very slippery and the bottem unimaginable.

  16. They are all descendants of gangsters and prostitutes anyway.
    Scum of the earth

    1. Anon 346, who are 'they' you talk about?

  17. As a chinese, all decisions you make are going to be wrong. Its that simple. I include quotes below on how 'the chinese should conduct themselves' to make a point.

    Example 1: Some anon here quoted that the chinese here should follow the chinese in Indon, thai in assimilating themselves etc. Question: After the chinese has assimilated, did the indonesians treat them any better? Nope. They still went butchering chinese 10 years ago. In the end a lot of them decided it was better to go away anyway.

    Example 2: "chinese should reject racist parties like DAP who brainwash the chinese."
    Already did that in 1999. Did that make mahathir any more benevolent to the Chinese? Nope.

    Example 3: 'Chinese should not provoke the malays or raise malay insecurities. The more they support opposition, the more malays will rally to BN'
    Hahaaa but that obviously didnt work in 2004.The chinese voted overwhelmingly for Badawi. Did that make UMNO any less virulent or insecure? Look at the famous Kerismudin fellow or the famous Rustam 'we dont need you. You can leave' .

    These examples goes to show that if the chinese vote for UMNO, they get disdain and snide remarks. Then if they voted against UMNO, they get called traitors, anti malays.
    Bottom line: you cannot win.

    1. Example 1: The riots happened mainly in Jakarta, and the reason was because of resentment and jealosy towards the Chinese who were dominating the economy at the expense of the bumis. Here in Malaysia we have the Hak Istimewa Bumiputera to prevent that. Another step would be for the assimilation of the Chinese.

      Example 2: What does more benevolent entails? please explain

      Example 3: Unclear example, are you saying you should provoke and raise Malay insecurities?

      You vote whoever you want to. You got wholesale citizenship rights during Merdeka without any exams whatsoever is good enough. Umno just feels that although the Chinese Malaysians are the luckiest bunch of Overseas Chinese in the world, you still see it fit to take over the Malay-majority government in favor of a Chinese non-Muslim one. DAP won majority parliament seats in GE13.

      We know it would be a DAP influenced government in terms of policies, because you guys refuse Malay domination or even Islamic domination. Would you agree that PAS be supreme, when it lost badly and it would also mean an Islamic state be established, with DAP put into a position as the MCA was, which is subordinate to Umno? No right?

      I may not agree with Umno's backlash, but they do have some truths in it. You guys are dangerous, and the Malays refuse to give both economic and political power to you. Assimilation is the way forward.

    2. Ok, there is this song you can sing along. Kaytee, come come sing sing. Why not just go for a broke for once? We only live once right

  18. What has race got to do with all this. Why can't people be different? Why does it offend anyone for the world to and thus country to have different races, languages & religions. Even within a broad based race, there are different sects. There are Hokkiens, Cantonese ...there are Bugis, Javanese, Kelantanese ... there are Methodists, Catholics ... there are Shites, Sufis ...

    When you talk racial, religial and linguistic uniformities, you talk divisiveness and disunity but these issues per se are ok. Only when you say someone is at fault when they are not the same race / language / religion as you and purely for these differences, you make castigations against this person, then it should be clear to all right thinking human beings that you are sowing pure 101 bigotry

  19. The mistake was the Malays did not adopt the superior Chinese Singaporean policy of assimilation. They (singapore chinese) thought about integrating everybody so much so that Malays are not allowed to practice BM in official function and live together. Here we allowed them not to speak and adopt the official language. The British allowed the Malaysian chinese to have separate school and live separately to enhance the divide and rule. Now with their new found unity they think they're superior. For example the argument that they have to have vernacular education because of their believe in mother tounge education. Its only their mother tounge they are concerned with. We have more than 30 ethnics with various mother tounges. But they want to protect their mother tounge and culture only. Why? Because to them its superior. They think Malays can't see this chauvinistic argument. What more in work force where they select their own kind in the name of survival of the fittest. Then call everyone except their race as racist. All this are bullshit. hakbersuara.wordpress

    1. Malay school standard is bullshit as most of Chinese student do better than Malay themselves. Chinese always the top brunch with hardly any competition that why Chinese send thirty kids to Chinese school. Some of my Malay friends send their kids to Chinese school as well for better education. During my school time almost 90% of Malay student always borrow my homework not because their stupid but lazy. Only few of them join the competition with Chinese and Indian.

  20. The real Chinese dilemma in our wonderful country is for the very first time our government is unrepresented by a major minority group. For the first time the cabinet does not seem real given that we had always had a power sharing government. It is clear that this is a new phenomenon in our system of government.

    This new phenomenon is a dilemma in itself and represents a manifestation of disenfranchisement of a major minority group. This is real but whether it would make a difference to the overall effectiveness and fairness in government is worth pondering.

    Obviously there is ample evidence to show that the our government has always been fair to all groups in its deliberations. My thinking is Malaysia is going to enjoy the next 5 years in a glorious way with growth, prosperity and happiness for all.

  21. Ellese, you have said correctly that the British discouraged assimilation to enhance "divide & rule." You also speak of Spore of a perfect example of assimilation. But this is where those against vernacular education contradict themselves. Ms. Muppet thinks that DAP's Bangsa Malaysia or CheGu Bard's SABM is a farce and will steal the unique identity of the Malays. First, we are multi-racial and trans-cultural, pluralistic society. Yes, this line of thought sounds convincing but Don Quixotic. Second, we respect the special rights of the Malays.

    Therefore, Spore's force assilmilation isn't the answer. However, having said that, LKY offered something in return for this policy. He offered a better systematic education system where ENGLISH was the base of instruction. He allowed the Malays to selected Bahasa Melayu as a second language while forcing Chinese to drop dialects in pereference of Putonghua since he foresaw the rise of China (not as a chauvinist but as a visionary). Aaah, you get the drift.

    Furthermore, he promised ALL Sporeans a better and developed society. If not so, why aren't the minorities leaving in droves or rising up in arms?

    Therefore, we can get rid of our vernacular system not just because for assilimlation (again, those who argue for this have a totally biase philosophy) sake BUT to REPLACE it with a united and better education system. You cannot take away something & not return something better in return like LKY.

    But the strange part is that during Tun M (who has been the most visionary PM) time, he never discussed this matter. Wonder why? Was giving leeway to MCA? Today, it can still be done... but why not?

    Instead, we are allowing tons of private entities to mushroom private colleges and international schools. For the latter, thereby allowing the elite access to better education and sidelining the less fortunate and rural children. What kind of philosophy of education do we have? Let alone talk of assilmilation since this affects the majority groups more than the minorities.

    For a better model, look to Brunei than Spore is my best bet...

  22. Melting pot-style assimilation is the best way forward. You submerge your original ethnic identity into the common national identity.
    No more arguments about Malays, Chinese, Indians, Iban, Kadazan etc.
    Just Malaysian.

    1. No lah, celebrate differences is best. We need to be diverse - truly Asia. I need to vary my diet from bkt to mee mamak, roti canai to nasi lemak then chicken laksa. Occassionally, I enjoy a sirloin or shashimi.

      Same with Ah Moi, then Aminah and then Mageswary. I see nothing wrong in having it all.

  23. The moment policies are sentiments inclines (to pacify voters),
    there is no way a common national identity can be forged.

    Singapore whether is a base model to replicate or not, it has its fair share of problems. Economically, it has proven itself to be better.

    Racial issues on both side of the straits (m'sia and sg) is there and always will be there.
    Difference is the integrity & responsibility of these politicians who are suppose to "uphold" and knit the community.

    Politics in M'sia does not take long term planning into considerations.
    Parties here "live for today" mentality is what causes all crap to happen here.

  24. Quite interesting! The British Indians were targeted because of the large scale settlement from East Africa (remember Idi Amin?)and the fact that not all of them spoke English. But they are well integrated into British life now. As for Singapore, many are migrating out (unkindly described by a Singapore Minister as "those who come second")for a better life for their children, etc.

    Malaysia will never be able to ensure unity unless it gives an equal stake to all. That is what we get in the West.

    Sure we whinge about racism (hidden and sometimes not so subtle) but the Governments have laws against discrimination, racial vilification, and for equal rights that work. People accept these as legitimate means to seek out the best in all citizens. In many Western countries, help is available to upgrade third world qualifications so that you work and pay your taxes. In Malaysia on the other hand, there is a clear policy of restricting development of non-Malays and access to education as well as devaluing good education acquired overseas by non-Malays. See the problem?

  25. Get rid of Vernacular root of racial polarisation in Malaysia.

    1. Bingo! So simple! You're a genius!

    2. What about uni-racial MARA and UiTM, etc?

    3. The high priests of the ketuanan deity won't let in the 'unclean' ones into these temples.

    4. Students entering MARA and Uitm are already in late adolescence. Whatever racial attitudes they have, positive or negative, were already formed years ago.
      MARA Colleges and UiTM are not a source of racial polarisation.

      Vernacular schools, which institutionalise Apartheid from the age of 7 are the single most destructive system in Malaysia in terms of national integration. A 7 or 8 year of Chinese child in Malaysia grows up with Zero Malay or Indian friends, and is completely immersed in Chinese language and culture, to the exclusion of others.

      Its only the Chinese racial supremacists and their Malay traitor allies like Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts who refuse to acknowledge it.

    5. Bird brain

      Then why the need to BTN-ized all Malay Malaysians of all ages, especially those in the govt depts?

    6. Tanah Melayu, so you are saying those entering MARA and UiTM have already been taught to be racists by their earlier schooling?

      I can believe you because we have already witnessed how some national school principals behaved like unmitigated racists, yet avoided prosecution or punishment

  26. Eh..correction ..Mamak Kutty hentam the royalties in the 1993 constitutional crisis/amendment and not 1991.

  27. KT,
    Is Anon concerned with the racial composition of a school?
    His objective is to abolish Chinese and Tamil medium schools.
    Malaysia will then be heavens on Earth! WAKAKAKA!

    1. Correction .... It's Anon 321.

  28. This is the best solution;

    'Get rid of Vernacular root of racial polarisation in Malaysia.'

    Then with the perforation of the English medium 'International schools', we r now coming of age with class polarization.

    The rich & mighty get all the best the Mlaysia nature could offer, while the low & downtrodden get the crumbs of EVERYTHING.

    Guess who r the majority of the low & downtrodden class?????

    Jumping from pan into fire????????

    Best thought of the year - coming to u from the BTN-ized troglodytes.

    1. The best solutions are always simple and to the point.

      Getting rid of the Vernacular School system...Fast... is the single most effective way to solve the problem of racial polarisation in Malaysia.

      It is very obvious the Malaysians - Malay, Chinese, Indians, Iban, Kadazan, Lain-Lain who did not go through the Vernacular school system are the ones who have the least difficulties with living and working in an integrated Malaysian society.

      Unfortunately, for the Chinese the numbers of these non-Vernacular school products are near Zero among those younger than 40. That's the reason the younger Chinese are the most Racist population group in the country.

    2. Agreed that the best solution is always the simple & to the point.

      Heard of Occam's razor?

      Now let's identify two of the biggest problems in sekolah kebangsaan b4 jumping to that claim.

      1) Every conscious M'sians know that sekolak kebangsaan sucks big time, due to the systematic quality 'reengineerings' done to favour certain tongkat users. Over the years this problem has deep-rooted & not easy to resolve.

      2) Sekolah kebangsaan is a mono-linguistic out-post. Moreover, its disguised Islamic tone is too strong even for some liberal Melayu to stomach. Never mind about the complaints of the Nons about its subtle implementations.

      Now in Vernacular schools,

      A) Every students r tied to rigorous subjects studies. The discipline is also top notch.

      B) Vernacular students r multi-linguistic. More so it's run without ANY religious interference.

      So back to Occam's razor - which is the simplest & yet to the point solution to racial polarization in M'sia.

      Let me put it to u - let all the sekolah kebangsaan be run by the vernacular school personnel. In a sense, convert all sekaloh kebangsaan to vernacular type.

      The vernacular system has long history of well managed operations. It has many dedicated educators & generous Samaritan supporters.

      So why re-invent the wheels.

      BTW, yr last paragraph could very well be read as;

      'Unfortunately, for the Malay the numbers of these sekaloh kebangsaan products are near Zero among those younger than 40. That's the reason the younger Malays are the most Racist population group in the country.'

  29. KT,
    The Star's senior editor and columnist, June HL Wong, in her article titled "Rebooting Chinese history" talks about the same topic as yours here. You may be pleased to know that she even mentioned your blog in her article.

    You can view the said column here.

    Congrats! your blog is going places!

    1. wah, thank you, this makes my day wakakaka