Saturday, June 01, 2013

Murdered ... by Police

A man was brutally murdered through being beaten to death ........ by police, yes the bloody Malaysian Police, after he played the good citizen in going to the police station to report he was involved in a quarrel - for more, read Dharmendran died from multiple beatings, forensic report confirms.

He was NOT the first!

For more, read Ugly ferocious beast in Malaysia and Pagar makan padi - deaths in police custody.


  1. Waythamoorthy, oh Waythamoorthy.....are art thou ? In your little doggie house just outside the PM's door having a cosy nap ? Have you set up the timer alarm to only wake up when all these storm-in-a-teacup fuss about the death of Dharmendran blows over ? So true the old saying.....strike while the iron is hot, make hay while sun have come in, strike at the right time and in a blink of the eye, like magic, you become a Dep Minister and we are still waiting for the Hindraf blueprint which you had agonised so much over till you are willing to starve yourself to death.

  2. A man was murdered while in the police lockup. And the likely killers are walking around free , doing easy desk jobs. And stupid Zahid is concerned about the morale of the police if they are suspended (not even locked up, mind you.) Why is there a separate set of laws for police?

  3. Deputy IGP's respose:
    .... police would review the standard operating procedure (SOP) in the lock-up to idenitify its weaknesses.

    "We have not found any immediate weaknesses in the SOP and it will remain as it is now until we decide if there is any flaw in the current procedure," Bakri said. ...

    Still talking on SOP & procedure after the Kugan's case. It will be a repeat of Kugan's case where some lower ranking officers will take the blame. By right some senior officer should take responsibility and resign.

  4. No point crying over spilt milk.The miniority choosed the Umno/BN which practises the art of authoritarian gomen.And this is what they got,which is already an open sceret.Suspects beaten blue,black and purple if not ended up dead in lockup.No difference from a third world cell or lockup.Now where is that creep Waytharmoorthy.Quiet as a tikus as usual,now that he has got a senatorship and deputy minister's post.

  5. Sad for Malaysia10:07 am, June 02, 2013

    What can we do ? What can we do ?
    The police serve UMNO's political agenda. In return UMNO protects the police from even the worst misbehaviour. That's the Quid Pro Quo you can see in action here and in every case of Police brutality.

    Pakatan Rakyat is not any better.
    Anwar Ibrahim is a hypocrite. Most of the PKR leaders are hypocrites, just playing political opportunism on the backs of police brutality.
    DAP cares not about Indians, in reality. It scored a massive result in GE13 from a campaign heavy with racist Chinese communalism. In process DAP damaged the prospects of its so-called partners in PAS and PKR among the rural Malay electorate.

    PAS is just a bunch of Mullahs in Erdogan clothes.

    I'm migrating to Canada by autumn.