Friday, June 14, 2013

Tengku Razaleigh & The NeverEnding Story

Before I come to the current hot and perhaps wishful topic of Tengku Razaleigh (Ku Li) forming a 3rd Force to seize power and the PM post from Najib Razak, I might explain a wee bit about my choice of the post title, appropriated from a famous German fantasy novel (as well as the films based on it).

The NeverEnding Story is an apt title to describe the political 'odyssey' and specifically the various campaigns of Anwar Ibrahim in his search for his personal Holy Grail, the appointment of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Incidentally, The Odyssey is an epic poem which is attributed to the famous Greek poet, Homer. The Odyssey describes Odysseus' (or better known by his classical-Roman name, Ulysses') 10-year wandering within the Mediterranean theatre in his attempt to return home to his Kingdom of Ithaca on the west cost of Greece after the Trojan War (described in another Homer’s poem The Iliad).

Odysseus suffered the almost never-ending wanderings because he pissed off Poseidon (known as Neptune in Classical-Roman myths), the God of the Seas, for blinding his son, Polyphemus the Cyclops. Poseidon through his control of the seas prevented Odysseus from being able to sail directly to his homeland to reclaim his crown as King of Ithaca.

Odysseus blinding Polyphemus

Homer wrote of Poseidon's hatred for Odysseus: "But victory never comes cheap. Poseidon's anger had indeed been kindled. He roused the winds and tides against Ulysses [Odysseus] and sent word to island ogres and monsters of the deep."

Because of Odysseus wanderings, one filled with hardships, dangers, perilous adventures and a multitude of near failures, any similar long, arduous and dangerous journey has come to be termed or described as an odyssey.

In this, Anwar Ibrahim's similar decade-plus (almost 14 years) long journey to realize his personal political ambition has been an odyssey. Reminding ourselves of Anwar's 'Long March' (the Chinese version of a political odyssey, and also a harsh physical one as well) is important because of reasons to be made apparent soon.

Hmmm, I just wonder who could be Anwar's Poseidon? wakakaka. And if you're thinking it must be Mahathir, matey you're wrong. It's Anwar's own impatience. Insofar as his PM aspirations and ambitions are concerned, Anwar Ibrahim has been his own worst enemy.

I have posted on more than one occasion about Anwar Ibrahim's near misses at Malaysia's top political position, as follows:

and many other posts.

Within those two posts, you will be able to read extracts such as, respectively:

on Monday 21 August 2008 - Not satisfied with the Pakatan achieving a tsunamic victory (alas, there was nothing for him personally, when UMNO continued to snub him), he sought to destabilize a democratically elected government.

In the 6-months long process of snapping at AAB's heels and attempting to crush Najib's wayward balls, he has pushed himself and his Pakatan into a blind alley, where he now cannot extricate himself if he doesn't become PM by 16 September 2008.

What he should have done was to consolidate the Pakatan’s new power, formed a shadow cabinet to train his colleagues on ministerial functions, and developed the 5 Pakatan held States as models of democracy, freedom and free speech, non-corruptibility, good governance with full transparency and public accountability, and race-less equality and opportunity.

And he would have easily become PM in 2012 …

… but alas no ..

T’was again his impatience to reach the top – and he now suffers all sorts of allegation like the alleged sodomy charge, [...]


on Monday 14 July 2008 - Anwar's Achilles heel is showing through again, refusing to wait for the next general election – of course there are other factors as well which I will blog on tomorrow. Hence the PKR's almost daily broadcast about pending party defections … perhaps to pressure other UMNO stalwarts if not AAB, but wakakaka, they sneakily (and more wisely) turn towards PAS instead of Anwar.

Expect him to continue and even escalate his campaign of political destabilization, as he becomes more frantic with the approaching September 16 in just 2 months time.

And Malaysiakini has just published 'Opposition had planned demo today' where it reported Home Affairs Minister Syed Hamid claiming that, this month alone, his ministry has received information that numerous demonstrations were to be staged by the opposition (he probably meant PKR) with the sole purpose of toppling the government.

... and of course there is the Great 916 Shame and also the post titled The Curse of Marina Lee Abdullah? wakakaka.

Happier times, wakakaka

But from my extracts above, you would be able to gather an idea of the man and his obsession for a prize he believes belonged to him in 1998.

Like Odysseus he wants to claim his crown, to be the political king of Malaysia. But unlike Odysseus (before leaving for a decade long war with Troy), he was not a king in the first place, reclaiming what was his, but which he nonetheless believes should be and thus was his.

Now, do you understand why he has been so super-geram as he launches his never-ending campaigns - call them Reformasi, (hijacked) Bersih, Black 505 or whatever, they're all tragic reflections on his obsession to be PM.

Tunku Aziz has been a naughty patrician in recent times (ever since he left DAP in merajuk fashion) but recently he made a succinct remark in stating that "Anwar has a talent for mischief", implying Anwar will keep on a campaign of destabilization, ...

... in the same manner as I had posted on Monday 21 August 2008 (see above extract of a 2008 post), to wit, Not satisfied with the Pakatan achieving a tsunamic victory (alas, there was nothing for him personally, when UMNO continued to snub him), he sought to destabilize a democratically elected government.

In the 6-months long process of snapping at AAB's heels and attempting to crush Najib's wayward balls, he has pushed himself and his Pakatan into a blind alley, where he now cannot extricate himself if he doesn’t become PM by 16 September 2008. or be sworn in together with his PKR MPs on 24 June in Parliament.

Now we come to Ku Li. 'twas often said that Ku Li was the best PM we never had. But why didn't Ku Li become PM?

In his published memoirs, Dr Mahathir claimed that Ku Li’s impatience cost him the PM’s post.

But my uncles told me otherwise, that Ku Li's monumental loss was likely due to two other factors.

The first, probably the minor one, had to start off with the telling that Ku Li was then UMNO’s treasurer. Due to his amazing efforts, he was responsible for having a new impressive UMNO headquarters building completed [don’t know whether it’s the same one today?] It was a proud moment for UMNO, but alas, like Australians, UMNO members didn't like a ‘tall poppy’.

standing out too prominently gets cut down

The term ‘tall poppy’ means a person of real ability and commendable merits but who is resented by others and usually attacked and criticized by them because his achievements has put him significantly above his peers. Thus such a 'tall poppy' has to be chopped down. With the completion of the new UMNO headquarters building, did Ku Li unfortunately become a ‘tall poppy’ to some?

Apparently, believing it would benefit his party election prospects, it was said he arranged for the party assembly (prior to the party election) to be held at the new building, perhaps to remind party delegates of his achievements as party treasurer through the high visibility of the impressive new 'monument'.

But some of his mates warned him the more conservative UMNO members might not take kindly to this, and could well vote against him. Hmmm, would that be a reflection of some members' resentment of a man they saw as not sufficiently humble enough to be a good Malay and therefore not fit to lead them, or was it just plain jealousy of a ‘tall poppy’? Who knows?

Hah, now we now come to the second factor, centred around a young bloke by the name of Najib Razak wakakaka. He was about to become the party's acting Youth Chief, as his predecessor Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka vacated that post to stand for election as a party VP.

The story went that Najib was initially in Ku Li’s camp with a voting bloc which would have seen Ku Li nicely into the party president post - recall that Ku Li lost by a mere 43 votes! But alas, it was said that Najib changed side at the last minute, and the rest is UMNO and Malaysian history.

Incidentally, RPK provided another (probably more reliable) angle to the story, explaining why Najib zagged instead of zigged in his notorious zigzag way at the very last minute.

Apparently, according to RPK, Don Corleone Anwar Ibrahim gave Najib an offer he couldn't refuse wakakaka, something along the line that Najib bloody well support Mahathir or face humongous problems in his ascendancy to the Youth Chief’s post.

Now Najib, do you want to be Youth Boss?
So listen, this is what you have to do


My uncles remember reading in the newspapers how Najib, because of his initial allegiance to Ku Li until he was ‘persuaded’ by Anwar wakakaka, subsequently went to elaborate attempts to 'honour' (bodek lah) Mahathir, with a public show of fealty when the latter came back from an overseas trip.

All the trappings and paraphernalia of Malay feudal honours and pledges of loyalty were unstintingly, ostentatiously and extravagantly displayed, not unlike what Perkasa did for our former PM when he took on the post of patron to the so-called NGO, except of course Najib's efforts were far more stupendous wakakaka. And Mahathir lapped it all up.

No doubt Najib was petrified that his zigzagging ways right up to the last minute of the critical party election would be viewed with disdain by the new No 1.

Aiyah, Mahathir always have a soft spot for then young Najib. I suspect it's the Old Man's hutang budi (debt) to the late Tun Razak who brought him from the cold outside, after he was expelled by Tunku, back into the party .

So, with all these stories by my elders and RPK, I wonder about Mahathir’s claim that Ku Li lost the post because the latter was impatient.

There was also another story of Melayu-type sabotage, where Ku Li, in innocuously wearing a Sabahan native headdress when he visited Sabah, provided his political foes with the ammo to accuse him of being aligned with Christians, because the native headdress appeared to have a cross (crucifix).

Anyway, after Mahathir’s UMNO Baru won the court case and more importantly all the most-considerable assets of Old UMNO and the power to rule Malaysia, Ku Li left the party to form Semangat 46, which, alas for us, was a political flop.

Even when he rejoined UMNO or rather joined UMNO Baru, for there was no party like good UMNO for an UMNO man (call him UMNO man or Semangat 46 man or wakakaka PKR man, they are all the same), he was noticeably 'left out' of the power loop though I'm sure he wasn't buggered in other areas such as business, etc. 

You couldn't blame Mahathir for that because Ku Li was not only a formidable opponent but highly and certainly MORE respected, liked and has the ears of the royalty, a most important institution in Malaysia. You could virtually equate him to the most beloved of all Malaysian leaders, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Then Mahathir must have still feared him as a potential, credible and popular rival.

But I suspect Ku Li's memories of that reality (his post Semangat 46 status or lack of) and the fear of being completely cut off by UMNO have been the principal deterrence which prevented him from ever taking a courageous stand to openly put his candidature as an alternative PM, whether as an UMNO candidate or a Pakatan nominated leader.

I'm sure Ku Li still harbours dreams of becoming PM but he has always waited for an open invitation which would guarantee him 101% of the PM's post. He won't take a chance.

Thus, while he has entertained meetings with East Malaysian BN leaders purportedly to form a 3rd Force to effect a change of ruling party, I bet you he would tell you, should push comes to shove, he was merely entertaining some 'old friends', wakakaka.

The current gossip is for 24 BN MPs from East Malaysia plus 10 BN MPs from Peninsular to support Ku Li in a new pact with Pakatan to form a government that is both Najib-free and Anwar-free.

Pakatan currently has 89 which on the surface will be more than enough if Ku Li can swing those 34 BN MPs to his 3rd Force.

But coming back to our home-grown political Odysseus, do you imagine for one microsecond that Anwar Ibrahim will accept Ku Li as the Pakatan PM?

DAP will, PAS is likely to, but PKR? No, I don't believe it will. Please recall the title of this post, that of Anwar Ibrahim's never-ending quest to be PM.

So we will be looking at a Pakatan minus PKR and its 30 MPs, which will give us only 68 MPs. Add on Ku Li's 3rd Force of 34 plus Dr Jeya (PSM) and you'll get 94 only. Worse, PKR by then is likely to join BN, wakakaka.

So assuming the gossip about Ku Li forming the 3rd Force is true, he will still be short of 112 - 94 = 18 MPs.

Will there be 18 or more MPs from PKR who will be prepared to say goodbye to Anwar Ibrahim, leave PKR, and make Ku Li the PM we should have had ages ago? You tell me.

But remember, Anwar will still be around to effect his never-ending story and continuous campaigns of political destabilisation. Don't for a second imagine Anwar will be satisfied with ABU and Ku Li as PM.

In fact, for him it'll be f* ABU and f* Ku Li, he just wants to be PM.

Thus, any change of government with Ku Li as PM will merely transfer Najib's problem of a heel-snapping Anwar, his PKR ketuanan inner coterie and their never-ending campaign of destabilization over to Ku Li.


  1. Anwar for DPM? is anyone else calling for the encore?

    At this juncture, the rumours remain rumours - if you go by East Malaysian non-UMNO BN MPs track history - this is likely to be just a bargaining tactic with the Najib Administration. Don't get me wrong, I wish these rumours were true - but these MPs have for the past two decades shown great conservativeness (read: cowardice) in rocking the boat (e.g. Pairin the great).

    Ironically, Sabah UMNO may be the only ones with the "political balls" to support Ku Li - and I'm sure that will come at a great price.

    -Shashi Karu

  2. Your Never Ending Story is how terrible Anwar Ibrahim is.
    Most of us don't care. Its not and never was about Anwar Ibrahim the person.

  3. Ku Li is a spent force. Whereas AI has a chance if Pakatan doesn't fall apart.

  4. Is "poppy cock" a relevant word to use here? Wakakaka

    Methinks Kuli & some Sabah MP's are trying to shake the coconut tree and see which monkey will fall out. Its apparent that Don of Don says that there is no good replacement at the moment (sad, sad situation..). Is Don of Don playing psycho warfare to also shake the tree? He may have "kebudian" to Najib because of his daddy-o but politics is an animal. Is he saying that TSM isn't good enough either?

    Without doubt that Najib is vunerable (due to his psy-nam advisors & dearest Rosie) and he is already starting to make political blunders after his GE13 win. The warlords have been happy with TSM but with the new post GE13 dynamics, even Johor is imploding.. Its grab everything you can at all cost.

    In summary, KuLi & the boys see a sliver of chance to get through the doors come August but must test the waters both within the party and opposition.

    But it is for certain that one thing AA can agree on with AI, the latter must be PM at all cost so that Jason & the argonauts should have share of the golden fleece.. so that the Greek tragedy may come to a succesful resolution after years of deep investments, hedging of bets and of course open air "road shows"... wakakaka

    1. wow your take is most awesome, wakakaka

    2. Isn't that what makes Greek myth-making interesting? At least Homer knew how to keep his audience captivated for centuries... like our dearest politicians - Don of Don (who must eat, live & breath Homer and other Italian philosophers), Musa the Black, Son of that Ghafar, the son of Razak, KuLi the evergreen, AI and the new generation like AA and his sidekicks... wakakakaka....

    3. Well, one can't agree with his argument but his take is pretty balanced with no sign of biasedness towards either party. One think I quite like folks such as Raffick. Kaytee hah another story ( I can be civil too)

      But I have nothing agsinst Ku Li becoming PM. However, as you may have to reserve reservaation on Anwar Ibrahim. Likewise for Razaleigh. Ku Li represents the old traditionalist. The real Ketuanan melayu kinda folk. You will see when Ku Li start to implement policies that would reflect his thinking.

      Who the hell is TSM? I am not sure if those boys are really aligned with Ku Li. Really depend who pays the most. Supposedly Ku Li become PM, how would the composition be? Would it be Ku Li having the majority MPs as compared with PR that he plan to tie up

      I have never thought that majority of BN would leave in droves. Not UMNO anyway. Borneo MPs as I have mentioned can go either way. My take is without Anwar's consent, Ku Li's dream of becoming PM is colder than water. Hahahaha!

      Frankly, in the four paragraph more or less I am expecting this. Especially after that Sai being appointed as unelected EXCO in the form of a political liason office

    4. I heard people saying that Ku li is just like a gurkha. Don't you guys love hisham rais. He's fuckingly vulgar & yet intellectual. Another one is the foul mouth god fearing Patton

    5. Looes, you are good. That is why we miss HY so much. But KTee is best of all.

      Many Malaysians are silent observers. The whole problem with Malaysia is that the Malay Delima has becomes everybodies delima when a scape goat is needed. As one will notice Tun M was very good in the early years until KuLi, then AI. In countering these challenges and in the human nature of animal survival instinct (like AI's predatory instincts), these events have made the man who many revile today.

      If the Malays can settle the matter of leadership and where he/she can bring the Malays their rightful place under the sun, there is some breathing space for others to also grow albeit silently or more pronounced. The Malay must grow to have self-confidence in his own psyche...

      But the problem is that tons on money being paid to stir the propagadist... on the Red, Green, Blue whatever threat.... There must always be an enemy to unite the people... Western civilization has used this many times but some prefer to empower their people to go beyond the rut.

      This is why the ordinary Malay is confused... the communist fought against the Japanese and was helped by the British. Then, they fought for independence from the British and some quarters appreaciate it. No, we are not agreeing to the communist and their killing spree after that but on one hand, boycott Chinese business (Chinese tsunami & Bintang Tiga) but we want to work & invite China with open arms. This leaves the man on the street confused.

      Therefore, they and we need a good leader. Yes, it must be Malay and a progressive one... not a satu ini satu itu situation. That is called namby-pamby and the brothers have already started to sharpen their knives.

      So if KuLi wins in UMNO, he doesn't have to care about AI but will KuLi risk his twilight years to mount another challenge even if he has a 50:50 chance of making it?? He knows the Don of Don is still lurking around with his own knife of the old chappy boy.

      TSM - Tan Sri Muhiyddin.

      KTee - sorry - chiong hee again....

    6. Looes74
      About this Hisam Rais guy, agreed 100% on the first adjective, but intellectual? Come on, don't insult his fellow inmates from the cape of rambutan ,pleeze!

    7. I am absolutely sure that kaytee would have long list of proof that Hisham Rais is an educated, intellect. You see how to engage simpleton folks with powderful language. Hence, crude & vulgar words used. A kinda shock & awe thingy

  5. Of the three - Jeeb, Da Prince, and the Ex-Jailbird - it looks like Jeeb is still the best horse to put your money on.

    Da Prince is really too old, his best years are already far behind him.

    The Ex-Jailbird may have great expectations but this is not matched by great intellect. No doubt he has a facile tongue which alone does not an effective leader make unless it is complemented by a brilliant mind. His, alas, can be described as anything but brilliant.

    So, there you go. Which one will you place your bet on?

    1. No I want Jim Hacker to be PM of Malaysia


    2. Well, on top of that, the ex-Convict is no spring chicken either. Old and worn out comes to mind.

      Ideally, a president or prime minister should be around fifty-ish. Too young he/she may lack experience/wisdom; too old....hmmm....say late 60's and above may require closer inspection - too close to the expiry date, see?

    3. Just one question.....At what age Ronald Reagan become President?

  6. Wow...Ku Li really looked like a Pope or Bishop in the old picture above - complete with a Mitre showing a cross...just like this..

    No wonder, in those Pre-Internet days, when everyone just accepted the MSM news, it looked like Ku Li had become "Christian"... politically finished after that...

    1. Malaysian or Malay politics have always been kotor on such issues. I recall my boss when I was working in a department in KL. He was always so careful about such innocuous/innocent symbols. Once he gave me an expensive brand new tie which someone gave to him. The tie had on it an image of a bursting star (kind of supernova). He told me he dared not wear it for fear that the star looked like a crucifix, wakakaka. Needless to say, he was very political and I suspected, wanted to be in politics.

    2. Dirty politics ? One's rival will use every means to topple its opponent.

    3. there are different shades of dirty politics - Malaysian politics is the very dark variety

    4. Expect UMNO to help DAP to gain Malay support ?
      Conversely, DAP encourages Chinese to vote for UMNO.

    5. UMNO and DAP dream team for Malaysia

  7. I got an idea how to save PR particularly PKR, Najib & everybody. Instead of appointing one former judge as speaker ( Pakatan's option). Why not appoint Ku Li as Speaker? PR especially Anwar & Azmin would love it because Anwar will go on to clinch the PMship either now or in GE14. Najib/ Madhater/ Mooh Mooh would be happy because UMNO can finally ditch this gurkha.

    This is one fucking observation how a newly appointed Tengku razaleigh presiding over the federal parliament. Perhaps, consituencies would get a fair hearings. Or motions tabled by oppositions can be submitted for debate? Ku Li is UMNO, so can't say Pakatan being partisan. Better still let see if Ku Li really neutral & highly esteemed as kaytee put out to be

  8. It takes balls to be opposed to UMNO.Like them or not, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi , Nik Aziz,, Lim Guan Eng all have plenty.
    Ku Li lost his a long time ago.

  9. Why are you so fixated on DSAI? It seems to you, he ALL bad and ZERO good? Did DSAI kill anybody?

    Kaytee, you MUST be a very wicked person.

    1. wicked?

      will I be considered saintly if I praise him?

    2. Kaytee,

      Why can't Ku Li settle for Speaker of Dewan Rakyat? It will kick start national reconciliation. THAT WILL PREVENT THAT FUCKING CIBAI FUCKING LUCIFER ANWAR IBRAHIM from becoming PM.
      Ku Li as speaker can pave way for alteration of constituencies done in a very transparent way. Then in GE14, WHEN I AM SURE ANWAR IBRAHIM ALREADY MAMPUS, Ku Li can be PM. Everybody is happy. YOU CAN AVENGE FOR YOUR SISTER'S CAT AHEM AHEM.......WAKAKAKAKA!

  10. TR is hopeless if you bet on him to change the current political scene .At best he will appear from nowhere to give an inspirational and awesome speech or form some NGOs then he will go back and hibernate for six months.
    He will do the same again again and again.
    Perhaps TR is waiting for someone/some party to garner enough support then hand him the PM post on a silver platter .
    Of course it ain't going to happen !

  11. Assuming AA is not alcholics anonymous, KuLi only has a chance of play with support from Pek Moh. TSM is surely history in the current roll of the dice. So in this take I think Pek Moh is kingmaker between AI and KuLi. If Pek Moh shows his hand in this direction, the game can only succeed with DAP & PAS on the same side. In this scenario, clearly AI will prevail but what would be the prize for the kingmaker?


    1. Chinaman,
      Well, I believe that kaytee would be dying to see his hero, ku li to be PM. However, according to Kaytee, Ku Li can't give pek Moh anything because Ku Li is a saitnly prince, chivalric knight who follows the rules of the game all the time. Ku Li is incorruptible in all case unlike THAT CIBAI FUCKING BASTARD ANWAR IBRAHIN & HIS FUCKING CIBAI SIDEKICK called Azmin Ali

    2. Ku Li is happy to rot in Gua Musang.

  12. Hi KT
    Brilliant analysis as always. I agree that DSAI quest is neverending and driven by thirst for the PM ship which is unlikely to come to frutition. PKR/AI/AA is the weakest link though I would like to ask your opinion - if PKR/AI did not enter the fray, would there be a DAP led govt in Penang or PKR/DAP/PAS govt in Selangor. Would DAP and PAS continued to be opposition parties without the levels of support it has today? Just asking.

    Also, you might be able to help here, Helen Ang's is a very savvy writer and also at time incisive analyst but her hatred for the DAP, Firsters, Red Bean Army, Chinese Christians Evangelists is deeply troubling and concerning. Almost Every article written centres on the above theme. I am curious as to why the obsession

    Thank you


    1. To answer your question I believe that firstly it's important to separate AI from PKR. I accept that AI (not PKR) brought PAS and DAP together - AI has that ability - call it snakeoil sales talk or whatever but he's good at it.

      PKR the party hasn't contributed anything significant to the harmony of Pakatan but instead has fostered a lot of ill will and really bad relationship because of chiefly its greed and secondly its misplaced arrogance.

      It's inner coterie under AA has been, is and will continue to be a buggeration factor for AI to realize his dreams of becoming PM (I believe he still has a couple of chances as he's only 65 - 10 more years or 2 elections to come will make him only 75) because they have riled both DAP and PAS who are finding it more and more impossible to work with PKR. Even PSM has that feelings.

      Get rid of AA and his inner coterie and I believe AI should himself step in and manage the party and bring back those good politicians like Zaid Ibrahim, etc, people who left in anger because of AA's sabotaging. Up to Anwar to decide, but AA stays in PKR, the party's fucked or will split with AA and company returning to UMNO.

      Let me place the history of Helen Ang's invincible hatred for DAP and all things DAP in her own words which she wrote in an article for MKINI (words which I still admire) that (paraphrasing) "The [campaign against DAP and consequential hatred for DAP] boat has left the harbour and sailed too far to turn back now” even though the original captain of the boat had long abandoned the boat. She's stuck on that boat of hatred though she (willingly) embarked on it only as a first mate and not the captain.

    2. Simpleton,
      There is nothing wrong for anybody who wants to be the PM or President or acheving something. One of them called Nelson Mandela. You know that guy has used all kinda of tricks in his book to acheive it & some of them through bloodshed. Another fella is Ian Smith who wanted to preserve the Rhodesia's way at all cost even to the extent of international isolationism.
      But anyway, I agree with kaytee's extreme obsession on Anwar Ibrahim & hence sometimes I kinda make the same remarks as to why the same not accorded to Ku Li. Ku Li is as much obsessed as to be PM as Anwar. But again of course, Ku Li is always perfect in the eyes of kaytee. Never mind Ku Li was the chief architect on the Petroleum Act, the Kelantan crisis resulting in PAS losing the entire government through dubious & bank bumiputra.
      Hence, now I have challenged Kaytee if it'd not be better for the sake of national concialiation that Anwar himself should have proposed Ku Li to be speaker instead. Hehehe

    3. Regarding Helen Ang's behaviour, she was totally different many years back. She has, in the theme of her blog, rebooted her thinking.

      She seems to be in a world of her creation, with her usual coterie of commentators for company.

      It reminds me of the lyrics of the song Angie Baby (sung by Helen Reddy).

  13. Thank you looes and kt for uour erudite replies

    Rpk's recent article is very interesting.

    Would either of you like to comment please



    1. Please see my post which might have wakakaka inspired RPK's latest post