Monday, June 24, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim and his twin Kevin Rudd?

Just a quick and very short note on observation of similarities and differences between Australia's Labour Party politics and Malaysia's PKR politics.

Many had been the times I wanted to say former Aussie PM Kevin Rudd is in so many ways similar to Anwar Ibrahim, but each of those times I hesitated because I fear Kevin Rudd might be offended, wakakaka.

However, on one issue, namely their kniasu obsession to be PM, they're very much alike, almost twins in mindset and their similar 'whatever-whichever-however-it-takes' determination to be the nation's No 1 political person.

Tra la la, I will always be the Prime Minister

Both Kevin Rudd and Anwar Ibrahim are both strangely (wakakaka) very popular with some segments of the voting public. In fact Kevin Rudd was once so popular he whacked the hell out of John Howard (Liberal Party PM) who was almost unbeatable.

Asia's Deputy Sheriff
of course deputy to the USA

But in Aus, when a politician manmanlai too much, his credibility and/or his popularity drops - thus had been the downfall of Kevin Rudd who was replaced by his former deputy PM, Julia Gillard.

However, the similarities between the two wannabes PM (bearing in mind Rudd had already been PM once, wakakaka) end when it comes to intra-party popularity. While Anwar Ibrahim continues to be a much revered, much adored figure within his party, well, at least among the majority of PKR members wakakaka, Kevin Rudd is highly detested by most of Labour Party members.

Currently, PM Julia Gillard and the Labour Party are experiencing very low popularity according to the polls. Some political observers suggested that the low popularity rating might have been due to (a) myths turned into 'facts' by conservative news media owned by currently pro-conservative Rubert Murdoch (who when its suits him can be pro-liberal as well) and (b) the undermining of her position (we Malaysians call it treacherous sabotage) by Kevin Rudd, whose party faction has spread the rumours that many Labour power-brokers wanted her out, naturally to be replaced by Kevin Rudd, wakakaka, which would then humongously raise Labour's popularity ratings.

However, each time following such rumours from sources, perhaps conveniently attributed to 'a Labour insider who preferred not to be named' (wakakaka), those Labour power-brokers allegedly in favour of Rudd would immediately come out to say "Bullshit" to deflate the hopes of Rudd's faction.

Because of Kevin Rudd's repetitive undermining of Julia Gillard, which unfortunately for Gillard is causing the Labour Party significant losses in public support (who wants to support a party which is experiencing internal strife?), he is deeply hated by many of his Labour Party colleagues for his alleged treachery, to such an extent that one (former) Labour Party political analyst claimed that most Labour Party MPs would prefer to lose their seats and allow the Labour Party to lose the election rather than support him as as party leader in place of Julia Gillard.

Anwar fortunately without such intra-party infighting is by comparison zillions of miles ahead of Kevin Rudd.

But then, Australian politics is far more mature than the Malaysian version, wakakaka.

In the next post I'll highlight my observation on similarities between Kevin Rudd and Ku Li wakakaka, but if you have similar observations as mine, then tell us in your comments ;-)


  1. Canberra Cowboy9:55 am, June 25, 2013

    Kevin Rudd would be a much better PM than Julia Gillard....just my opinion.

    1. Ridd was and lived as a populist PM, making and changing his policies in according to polls without consulting his cabinet - he was a one-man show surrounded by his advisors and totally divorced from his cabinet and perhaps even relaity.

      He has been known to be a nasty person, where an example was he made an air force stewardess cry when he excoriated her ferociously for the in flight food he didn't like. He also demonstrated his pretentious wannabe-Napolean mind when Wikileak informed he told warned Hillary Clinton to be prepared to use force against China ''if everything goes wrong''.

      WikiLeaks revealed Rudd informing Hilary Clinton during a meeting in Washington that China was ''paranoid'' about Taiwan and Tibet and that his [Rudd's] plan for an Asia-Pacific community was intended to blunt Chinese influence.

      The Labour Party was so pissed with his behaviour that they swiftly deposed of him as PM and put a steady Julia Gillard in place. Since then, Rudd has been treacherously sabo-ing Gillard to get back his old job as he is like Anwar, a kniasu wanna-PM.

    2. Canberra Cowboy4:56 pm, June 25, 2013

      Kevin Rudd graduated 1st Class Honours in Asian Studies, majoring in Chinese Language and Chinese Literature. At one time he was a diplomat in China. It is a major challenge and achievement for a White Caucasian to succeed in studying Chinese language and literature at such advance levels, not just basic language skills.

      His baleful attitudes towards the Peoples Republic of China are well known, but in his case it is a conclusion he made not from prejudice or xenophobia but from deep knowledge and experience.
      I can't say I agree with him, but you have to respect where he is coming from.

    3. In 1900, the Eight-nation Alliance defeated Chinese Imperial Army and the Boxers. More than a centuary later, western nations together with the Japanese work hand in hand to impede Chinese rise. Rudd has no "prejudice or xenophobia"?

    4. being academically smart doesn't mean he has been a good politician

      his baleful attitude towards China was to impress the USA, to feel he has a global role and was on par with American leaders - it fitted with his narcissistic ego

    5. Kaytee,
      At least better than John Howard. You know that John has lost his seat.

  2. Don't know much about Rudd's chances.
    AI has a very bright chance to be PM in future if:
    1. there are big BN related scandals,
    2. PR does not fall apart, and
    3. he is in good health

  3. One has got a fictional character and a fictional dream and is losing is mind at that... wakaka

  4. Our beloved KT has gone bonkers. You are off you rocker man. It's an insult to equate Kevin Rudd to the Democracy sodomizer.. Jauh panggang dari api.
    Am no fan of Rudd or any Aussie politicians. And I do not think they are more matured or democratic than us.
    Anwar is non-pareil. His match is the Malay folk lore hero Mat Jenin. Hugging a coconut tree while dreaming of marrying a princess. The coconut dropped on him.
    At least Mat Jenin had awoken from his dreams. For that Anwar fella, even a bomb fall on him, he will think it's the Putrajaya crown. Hahaha.
    Waiting for your take on Ku Li and Rudd. At least that's plausible.

    1. Speak for yourself.

      A lot of Malaysians consider Anwar Ibrahim a good candidate for Prime Minister. Certainly better than the lembik incumbent.

      BN was elected by "Mr. Gerrymander".

  5. Canberra Cowboy8:52 am, June 26, 2013

    Oh My Goodness...Julia Gillard knitting a kangaroo toy for the Duchess of Cambridge's coming baby ! low can you go for votes ?

    Julia Gillard is arguably the least "domestic" female public figure in Australia, if not the world, probably hasn't touched a sewing needle in decades. if ever.
    A Canberra Cowboy like me could probably do a better sewing job than her.

    And she's a committed republican as well.

    I don't hold that against her, but please....don't try to create more haze with a photo-shoot darning a soft toy for the Royal Baby.

    1. Julia Gillard is disliked by many conservatives in Oz because she lives with a man in an unmarried state, is an avowed atheist, and as you said, a Republican.

    2. I am not sure why you got a soft touch for that woman. No point is it's Gillard who has challenged Rudd's leadership. That nearly sunk Labour Party. Of course, Gillard little bit better than Thatcher, Gillard has given him the foreign secretary. That leaves very bad taste.

      Perhaps, you watch this video how bitter this close colleague of Thatcher lambasted him over EU policy. He has resigned & returned to backbencher to criticised Thatcher. His name is Geoffrey Howe

  6. Ex-Malaysian Liberal Party Supporter10:44 pm, June 26, 2013 must be prescient...
    Kevin Rudd stabs Julia Gillard in the back...after she did the same to him 2 years ago.... Dua Kali Lima

    1. some labour Caucas members blinked and rewarded treachery

    2. I can't find any UK equivalent to that scenario. Julia & Rudd relationship reminds me of Thatcher & Heath. You may say Julia resembles Heath. Heath is a single till his death. Of course, Heath is an anglican unlike Julia. Thatcher is more of a conviction leader like Tony Blair.

      Come to think of it, Julia wanna do a thatcher on Rudd if Labout failed to win the reelection. Just as what Thatcher had done to Heath.

      My type of labour hero is Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan, Denis Healey & Shirley William. Shirley is a much PM than Thatcher.

      Denis Healey has introduced the first law of Hole

      " When you are in the hole, stop digging". The problem with Labour (Australia), both Gillard & Rudd dug too deep & it buried Labour

      If they are not careful, they may ended up like the Labour in the wilderness for 18 years. Aaargh....Those leaders are far better quality than the Labours in Australia.

      1) Michael Foot
      2) Denis Healey
      3) David Owen ( Too bad he lft to form SDP)
      4) Shirley William ( Like David Owen)
      5) Jim Callaghan
      6) Harold Wilson ( The Real Cool Britannia)

      Hehehehe, sorry this bloke is a Tory bloke whom I kinda like

  7. Kevin Rudd is liked very much by most Australians. They have not forgotten how he saved them from the GFC. Many households are indebted to him for arranging government cheques to be sent to them so that they could buy necessities and in the process help stimulate the economy. He has been unfairly criticised for the failure of (usually Liberal Party supporters)tradesmen who made mistakes in the home insulation scheme, etc.

    It is not an accident that the Labor Party now enjoys its highest polling since Gillard took over the government through a series of backroom betrayals. Rudd will lead Labor to victory and for all their chatter, the Liberal Party knows that it is in dire straits under Abbot. But the Liberal party has moved so much to the right that it does not have the gumption to bring back Turnbull who could provide a counter to Kevin Rudd.

    1. agree and disagree with you.

      agreed that Malcolm Turnbull is Coalition's best choice as alternative PM, but he's dislike by the conservative side of his own Liberal Party who still sees in him a republican and to make it worse, an arrogant person (and he deserves to be arrogant considering the low class right wing elements)

      disagreed on your views about Rudd. Rudd started off well but eventually allowed his conceit, egomaniac and paranoia to turn him into a one-man show who refused to listen to his colleagues (but only his inner coterie, wakakaka) and who twitched like a cacing kena abu every time a poll came out, changing policies by the minute. Hardly a stable environment with him holding the reins.

      He had shown his personal ugliness to subordinates, for example like the air force stewardess who was chewed by him until she cried, all because of the in flight food which the stewardess had no control over, and which really, a PM should be above such pettiness. He had shown himself to be a complete asshole.

    2. public popularity like those for Anwar and Rudd does not truly reflect the soundness and suitability of a politician, but only his/her appeal through myth, misgyuided adulation and good public relation imaging.

      In this Rudd scored bigger than Julia Gillard. Gillard was unpopular chiefly because she was (a) a woman (many Australians are still conservative chauvanists), (b) an atheist (many Australians are deeply religious), (c) an unmarried woman who lives with a de facto (again, conservatives dislike her for what they see as an immoral lifestyle) and (d) seen as a villain for back-stabbing Rudd when the more factual reality was Rudd was ousted by Labor's Caucus who couldn't countenance Rudd's dictatorial egomaniac ways