Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Insulting the Rulers, UMNO-style

TMI - MCMC: Woman detained for insulting King on Facebook

Malaysiakini - Facebook user held for allegedly insulting Agong

HM Yang DiPertuan Agong of Malaysia
nice bloke, very punctual in his official schedule
very caring for his personal staff

RPK of Malaysia-Today said in his post Criticism is mandatory in Islam:

I feel His Majesty the Agong should pardon that woman who was arrested for insulting His Majesty in the spirit that Muslim leaders and rulers are not exempt from criticism. I know I said that insults are not criticism and that there is a difference. 

Nevertheless, let this be a lesson to all Malaysians that under Islam criticism of leaders and rulers is allowed as long as you know the difference between a criticism and an insult.

What that woman did was an insult to His Majesty the Agong. The problem is most Malaysians do not understand the difference between criticism and insult. And they think that freedom of speech means freedom to vilify and disparage. Maybe with this latest episode they can become a bit wiser. If not then expect a few more arrests and this time with no pardon.

Sweetie, there's obviously a mighty and probably painful difference between insulting Michelle Yeoh and HM.

sweetie Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh

Be that as it may, please flash back to 10 December 1992.

On that day, in Parliament, Dr Affifuddin Omar, an UMNO man from Padang Terap, no doubt given the imprimatur by his party leaders, said this:

Dr Affifuddin Hj Omar

"How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?" [...]

"They (the rulers) must be made to realize that they do not own this country. They are not Superman but placed on their thrones by the people."

"The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people."

"The 'syndrome of religiosity' associated with the Rulers was only to cloud the people's view of who the Rulers actually were."

Which ‘non’ could have said that and got away? None!

Only UMNO and UMNO alone could have gotten away scot-free with its abuse of the raja whom they claim to defend today.

Then in that same parliamentary session, when the UMNO-led government tabled a motion to amend the Constitution to strip away the Rulers' immunity from prosecution, the Rulers Conference rejected (but of course, what did you think?) that amendment (but which was achieved in a subsequent parliamentary session in January 1993 via a motion tabled personally by the PM Dr Mahathir), Wan Hanafiah Wan Mat Saman (UMNO-Kota Setar) preferred the Malay Rulers to be treated the way the Indian Maharajas were treated.

He said in his speech:

"After the struggle for India's independence in 1947, Deputy Prime Minister Sardar V Patel was given the task of negotiating with the Rulers to phase out them.:

"Patel rounded up the Maharajas and put them in a hotel. On the first day of discussion, he could not get them to agree to the Government's proposal.”

"On the second day, he placed soldiers around the perimeter of the hotel. On the third day, he cut the electricity supply; on the fourth day, he stopped the water supply and on the fifth day, he stopped food from being brought in. On the sixth day, all the Rulers, who were confined to the building, agreed to the government proposals.”

"When Patel was asked why he did not obtain the consent of the Rulers in a normal fashion, Patel replied, 'Do you ask the consent of the chicken before it is slaughtered?'"

Continuing his speech, Wan Hanafiah said that "a similar approach could have been taken to solve the present problem with the Rulers."

[above quoted from a post at Dewan Pemuda PAS Serdang blog]

Francis Bacon once said: “The zeal which begins with hypocrisy must conclude in treachery; at first it deceives, at last it betrays”, but obviously UMNO has done it the other way around, first betraying the rulers, now (deceitfully) defending them.

UMNO has been the biggest hypocrite of all.

The difference between a saint and a hypocrite is that one lies for his religion, the other by it.

- Minna Antrim


  1. Isn't democracy a numbers game ?

    1. and in Malaysia, also a racial-cultural-social one

    2. Religion too.

  2. The Agong could have been more diplomatic and apolitical in his address, knowingly that Malaysia is divided into half in political support. It is in dangerous water to support either one side.

    All Sultans are the same too, gone were those days that elite knows the best. Now everyone is educated and everyone can get educated. Subjects do not look at ruler for enlighten anymore, those days of reference are gone. The only God now in Malaysia is UMNO.

    Sultans must make themselves relevant to the country and the state and not to politicians (reads UMNO).

    1. constitutional monarchs have no choice - they must read what the ruling government prepares for them unless what has been prepared for them to read is totally unreasonable.

    2. Therefore the Constitutional Monarch's speech is not above criticism (with respect) since it is effectively the words of the Government of the day.

      Frankly, in the context of the events in Malaysia of the last 2 weeks, the Monarch's speech amounted to taking sides in Partisan politics.

      I don't really agree with what Anwar and PKR are doing with prolonging the protests, but the Monarch should have stayed out of the Partisan argument.

    3. yes, can criticize but not to the extent of abusing HM or HRH, in the way sweetie Michelle Yeoh was abused.

      No, if you understand Westminster democracy and the concept of constitutional monarchy, HM did not take sides but fulfil his constitutional role. You cannot demand he doesn't read official government policies or statements. IF he refuses to fulfil his constitutional role, he will be exceeding his constitutional authority

    4. Not according to Din Merican that our present HRH is a diplomat, top notch civil servant. One fella who make it to financial secretary of State of Kedah. Our HRH is as good as if not better than the fictional Humphery Appleby. Plus HRH is an oxford graduate. Hence, I expect him to demonstrate his duty as constitutional monarch with tact & diplomacy so as to project the sanctity.

      Unfortunately, I am kinda disappointed with it. I am even more disappointed by HRH Selangor's statement. How the words "fulfilling manifesto can come into the prepared speech". What the fucking hell these private secretaries doing?

  3. Hmmm...where did you dig up that ancient shot of Michelle Yeoh from ?

    She looks a lot more....mature...these days...hehehhehe..

    1. of course we all grow older. She's an actress not a himbo

    2. She's Aung San Michelle Yeoh.

  4. KT, this is one of the best articles ever....short, sweet and spot-on ! Have known about that Affifuddin umno guy getting away with such gross insult to the royalty, not even a small slap on the wrist after speech.....but the one about the preferred treatment ( ala Indian Maharajas) as advocated by one Wan Hanafiah is a new revelation ! Thank You for this piece of gem !

    In conclusion, it is not remiss to quote again : 3 things cannot be forgiven - hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny. Which party in this country committed all these 3 unforgiven deeds ?

  5. "The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people."

    kuasa ada pada wakil rakyat (bukan pada rakyat). so pm jadi maharaja & his wife jadi maharani, menteri2 jadi raja kecil, raja tengah and whatever. what's diferrence between absolute monarchy and present system? 2x5.

  6. Numerical advantage means one can even point to a deer and claim it's a horse. The rest have to agree.

  7. Just as an aside....
    Two Indian Mandores in ecstasy after swearing in....

    Senator Waythamoorthy
    Senator Nallakaruppan

    Karpal Singh has a point that the Senate has been completely debased and is now just a waste of time and money.

    No respect at all for these jokers.

    1. Waytha & Uthaya. Two brothers. Same cause. Two destinies, one among the pinnacle of power, the other in the pits of incarceration. On the same day too.

    2. So true. These two brothers have enough between them to publish a good best-seller. I can just imagine the coming twists and turns that are going to be splashed in the news about the next moves of these 2.

  8. Wave33, holding back your comment until there is some evidence of what you've written. I'll check around and you do likewise

  9. A tale of two brothers....

    Uthayakumar jailed for 30 months for Sedition.
    Waythamoorthy sworn in as Senator and (finally) becomes a "legal" Deputy Minister.

    The lesson here for Indian kids pays to be a Barisan Nasional supporter...

  10. Thank U for exposing those racist hypocrites and showing them in their true, natural state - i.e., stinky, unwashed, devoid of morals, insolent, domineering, and repulsive.


  11. kaytee,
    Kindly watch all this interesting documentaries. If ever I kenna sedition act, God save Malaysia. By the way, our current HRH is a mirror of the character there but George V is more impartial & neutral. If all our Kings are like George V, George VI & Elizabeth, I will fully respect. Unfortunately not even the present HRH as revered as King George V. You can ask UMNO to persecute me for that comment. I FUCKING CIBAILY STOOD BY MY COMMENT

  12. Kaytee,
    George V went to the extent of disowning his cousin Tsar Nicholas. For Great Britain & his crown. We wanted to see this in all HRHs of Malaysia. Ask all the UMNO FUCKING CIBAIs to sue me for having this thought. ALL HRHs Malaysia must be like George V, George VI & Elizabeth II. DUTY, HONOUR, COUNTRY

  13. Your website is being monitored for possible seditious content or comment posts.
    Beware !

    1. I'll let Affifudin Omar and Wan Hanafiah Wan Mat know, Thanks ;-)

    2. Host is out of reach, in the land of OZ.

  14. Republik Singapura12:06 pm, June 06, 2013

    Philosophically, I am a Republican.
    I tend to agree that a Partisan political Head Of State/ Chief Executive combination like in USA, France, Phillipines and Indonesia have important drawbacks.

    However, If a country needs a respected figure as Head of State who is above politics, I'm sure suitably qualified individuals can be found from among ordinary citizens.

    Frankly, a hereditary monarchy based around one or more highly privileged clans is a throwback to the Dark Ages of "divine right to rule".

    Just philosophically speaking on a global basis, no comment on Malaysia's constitutional setup.
    Not my intention to get your blog into trouble.

    1. Current King is a good bloke and is very conscious of his constitutional role. With him, there won't be any constitutional issue.

  15. Constitutional role, KTemoc? But the Constitution has been at the mercy of UMNO until 2008. Therefore, when the Kings have been at the mercy of UMNO/PM. their fundamental power to override/review laws has been stripped from the Palace by UMNO/PM. So, is it realistic to expect the King to be non-partisan now? E.g. The PM has appointed the man who dismissed the Sulu invaders as just a ragged handful of deluded bumpkins armed with a few obsolete rifles - as the nation's new Defense Minister. His Majesty, as the Supreme Commander of the armed forces, is ok with this? Or is the hard reality that His Majesty is Constitutionally obliged to just accept the PM's choice. voice & advice?

    1. Sam,
      Kaytee has tacitly agreed to the fact that HRH especially this one knows his duty as a constitutional monarch. In a beri crude, it's a LPPL situation. LPPL stands for LAN PAR PAR LAN.
      Since I understood from Din that present HRH was a diplomat, I have expected him to be extremely neutral. This HRH is exactly one Humphery Appleby type one but then his speech kinda disaappointment. One of my matey, Lawrence Anderson B said & I quote if HRH doesn't have anything better to say, HRH should have maintained......judicious silence.....Got one latin phrase for you & kaytee

      Si tacuisses, philosophus manisses

      I expected HRH should have known that! He is a learned fella.


      Si tacuisses, philosophus manisses