Monday, March 04, 2013


photo from The Malaysian Insider

He looks worried. He should be.

In a The Malaysian Insider's news report, he 'magnificently' and 'magnanimously' mumbled there's no way out for the intruders.

My only reaction to this man's utterance is deep anger which only comes after deep sorrow for the numerous deaths that have been a consequences of the illegal intrusion by armed Suluk Filipinos.

He made the most annoying motherhood statement in his "It is time to take drastic action against the Filipino armed men after their intrusion turned deadly in Lahad Datu and Semporna."

A motherhood statement is defined as "a ‘feel good’ platitude, usually by a politician, about a worthy concept that few people would disagree with, without any specified plans for realization."

And indeed the rest of his 'wisdom' to reporters at a Perak Perkasa gathering have been just that, motherhood statements - hardly adequate, and especially for him to shrug off the appalling consequences of his prime ministerial responsibilities.

When queried on perceptions that the government had been too soft, slow and indecisive in dealing with the feral intruders, he revealed further 'wisdom': “… the government did not want to kill them because they also have families and friends in Sabah. That's why we acted cautiously at first. After all they are Muslims and we are Muslims.”

Yes, the families of Ahmad Sarbini Mohamd, A. Kugan, F. Udayappan, Teoh Beng Hock and dozens more would agree with that quality of kind consideration though alas, their loved but departed ones weren't the fortunate recipients.

And that must be the Muslim unity that UMNO has recently been promoting to convince PAS to abandon Pakatan and ally with UMNO.

As I had posted in an earlier post Puteri Gunung Ledang's 8th condition? the Muslim unity preached by UMNO has been born out of desperation for its own survival as the ruling party rather than as a noble concept of religious-ethnic solidarity. In its political prime and position of absolute power, has UMNO ever treated PAS like a Muslim brethren? And admittedly, vice versa.

Secondly, in Malaysia's multi-ethnic society, making clarion cries on Muslim-Malay unity would be, as sweetie Jacqueline Ann Surin of The Nut Graph averred in her article The problem with Malay unity a terrible battle cry to pit Muslim Malaysians against non-Muslim Malaysians. A most irresponsible, reckless and lamentable political campaign, but one thought by UMNO to be necessary for its survival.

The current Sabah disaster, especially for 8 families of killed policemen, has been a most tragic example of the outcome of such political irresponsibility and recklessness.

Thus far, UMNO's Malay unity has been all about how PAS should swarm over to the mothership to ensure UMNO emerges victorious in GE-13, purportedly as the Muslim bastion against evil encroachment by Christians and other non-Muslims.

Instead, why don't UMNO shows its sincerity in its Muslim unity proposal first, by not contesting in every seat in PAS-led state governments in Kelantan and Kedah, and in PAS-held seats in other states. In fact  why not extend similar gestures of Muslim unity to PKR Malay candidates as well?

Meanwhile I urge DAP to show Malaysian unity by voicing its absolute support for our Armed Forces and Police in their current security campaign in Sabah. May they be safe! And may they return home safely to their families.

Dirgahayu Malaysia!


  1. You did not use the word "traitor" who Kadir Jasin says should be hung. Are you trying to save this man in appreciation of his grand design for our country or are you waiting for more telling mutterings to put the case?

    1. independent of your statement I'm against capital punishment, which is barbaric and for religious people, in fact blasphemous to hijack god's prerogative to punish

  2. Muslim unity has an exclusive edge to it.
    Non-Muslims, "infidels", if they get in the way, become the "enemy" or at least get far less human consideration.
    It is no accident that so many of those who died or otherwise suffered at the hands of Malaysian police violence are non-Muslims, while armed foreign Muslim raiders get kid-glove treatment.

  3. Methinks the Suluk incursions and the subsequent tragic events are the product of an attempt to create an excuse to delay GE13 either nationally or in Sabah. It unfortunately went awry and totally out of control.

    So I ask myself - which party has been trying to delay the elections for as long as possible ?
    Who stands to benefit or thinks they stand to benefit from a delay to the General elections ?

    1. I have a totally different perspective. UMNO depends on the blue IC-ed "new" voters to win. The current armed conflict will turn those blue IC-ed "new" voters (its 'fixed deposit') against the government (or UMNO). Why do you think the government had been so reluctant to act firmly, decisively and swiftly against those Muslim infiltrators? Because of worries they would offend the "new" voters.

      In my assessment, the party to benefit from the current conflict between the government and the alien intruders should be PKR.

    2. That's why you never whack najib.....Again, it's Najib your benefactor. It's your intention of bringing DAP into UMNO's fold

    3. my dear looes, you have never failed to amuse me with your wild accusations and never failed to amaze me with your inability to read what I have posted, as in


    4. "In my assessment, the party to benefit from the current conflict between the government and the alien intruders should be PKR"

      i dun quite agree, like i wrote in tng, a govt have the opportunity to raise a sense of nationalism among it people in conflict like this, so perhaps a swift action or to drag on would pull the people to bn side, but now i am not so sure anymore because the talk of 'they r muslim and we r muslim' actually shown one indecisive, weak and full of delusion leadership. even kt bro the mt host that try to be smart shooting chinese this and indian that only make him look more like a fool.

    5. Patriotism is for scoundrels6:50 pm, March 04, 2013

      When a nation is under threat from external forces, the most common reaction from ordinary, loyal citizens, who are not hard core politicos, is to rally round the government of the day.

      That was the reaction of most common Americans to 9/11, which the Bush administration cynically utilised to push its ideological agenda - and it successfully got away with it until the Iraq occupation turned into a disaster.

      Normally, one would expect that the Barisan Nasional Federal govt will naturally benefit the most politically from such an armed foreign incursion on Malaysian soil, but it may have squandered away the advantage through its incompetent management of the events.

      Whether there is a conspiracy behind this being instigated either by UMNO or Anwar, who knows ? Maybe both ?

    6. in my assessment, Najib (UMNO) is now squeezed between the Devil (of continuing tolerant and do-nothing action against the terrorist killers and offending Malaysians, especially the 'real' Malaysians) and the Deep Blue Sea (of taking due action against the Filipino terrorists and offending their kinfolk, the 'instant makeover' blue IC Bangsamoro holders, potentially BN-UMNO voters)

      It's a dilemma of UMNO's own making. And AI is probably laughing his guts out at Najib's problem baby

  4. Mahathir is irrelevant. H eis the man who does not the difference between "Rule of Law and "rule by law" or between democracy and fascism. He has shown contempt for the former as PM in either case and now laments that the people have become smart and want their democratic rights! Mahathir's fascist tendencies are clear for all to see, notwithstanding his alleged concerns for muslims from the Phillipines.

  5. dude he is almost a century, not as sharp as you?

  6. Sokong your bi-partisan support for the national security force. Let's deal firmly with this matter first before we go back to "polock-ticking" kau kau... wakakakaka


    Remember "Sultan" Mohd Akjan Ali Muhammad who crowned himself Sultan of Sulu and turned out to be an UMNO member ? And notice how he is untouchable and the government declined to take any action against him ?
    Fact is many of the Sabah UMNO dudes and the Suluk militants are joined at the hip.

  8. There will be at least several more violent attacks by Suluk militants.
    A state of Emergency will be declared in Sabah in the next few days, including suspension of democratic process.
    There will be no GE13 in Sabah , or at least it will be delayed.
    Wanna bet ?

    This was all pre-planned, but the killing of the policemen was not - just proves that it is impossible to fully control dangerous brinkmanship.


    Did you know that the Sultan of Sulu has a formal liaison office in KL ?
    An the "Advisor to the Crown" is an UMNO Youth Exco member....

    Fact is Malaysia fed the monster of the Filipino Suluk separatist movement for the name of Muslim solidarity...and all the chickens are now coming home to roost....

    Anwar Ibrahim's hand is certainly not clean, but he has not been in power for 15 years; the current administration has much more to answer for more recent history...

    PS...I have Suluk blood myself...but I am a loyal Malaysian first and last.

  10. I'm no soldier, but I have read accounts of battle hardened soldiers in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Faced with a determined enemy, a 0.5 seconds difference in reaction time can mean a difference between being killed and walking away alive.

    Is it possible Malaysian soldier's / police reluctance to shoot Muslim militants, dangerous invaders though they are, is leading to unnecessary deaths ?

    I've seen plenty of cases of ordinary policemen being reluctant to act against fellow Malays when they have no hesitation to throw the book at a Chinese or Indian committing the same offence.

    1. The opposition (also Malay-Muslims) showed no hesitation or qualm in killing Malaysian Malay-Muslim policemen.

    2. "I've seen plenty of cases of ordinary policemen being reluctant to act against fellow Malays when they have no hesitation to throw the book at a Chinese or Indian committing the same offence."

      This is absolutely true in Malaysia......not only close one eye, oft times, both eyes too...."orang kita" lah. Combine this attitude with their tongkat mentality, we will have to wait forever before they could incorporate stuff like integrity, fairness, professionism, honesty.

      My office had an unfortunate such incident with the police too. A malay staff had resigned from our company and it was only discovered two days after he had gone that he had stolen a few leaves from the company's cheque book, together with the company's official seal. But upon reporting this theft to a malay police officer at the police station, this "orang kita" cop sourly retorted..... 'don't you people have better things to do, coming here to report such petty matter" and tried to brush it off to discourage a report from being made. It seemed he was quite gungho in beginning, but the moment it was revealed that the culprit was a fellow malay, he suddenly dropped his pen and his face turned surly. just 7 years' time, in Year 2020, Malaysia is supposed to have Developed Nation Status !

    3. garbage!

      we know chinese have the tendency and habit to kau tim, and this is the main reason that induce police place a heavier attention toward us. cut the habit to bribe n blame others, please!

    4. "Garbage" ?

      Just because you yourself is of garbage material and sub standard, it does not mean that what was recounted here that was not to your liking or according to your agenda, is rubbish.

    5. ok la, i shd have said inflammatory generalisation and not garbage if that make you happier, though i think garbage is a much better description.

    6. So predictable and typical of your garbage-ness, hihi. Must have the last know, the chinese ed kiasu type, with a distinct pigheaded obdurate smugness.....Smugness due to their blinding inability to realise their own glaring shortfall and yet illogically, studpidly, brashly, and rudely go forth where even fools fear to tread.

      P.S. Not ALL chinese ed people are that tiresome though, fortunately :)

      ( Uh...wanna bet we won't be hearing the last of his kiasu-ness ? Some fellas just can't rest in peace if they don't have the last words, haha )

  11. Kaytee,
    What about your lover boy Najib colluding with the Suluks? Again you scream saying Anwar is guilty because he met Misuari.....Now what about this?

    1. is tukartuib a foreign news media? wakakaka