Saturday, March 16, 2013

GE-13 - Khairy to rescue of MCA and Gerakan?

TMI - BN admits uphill battle to woo Chinese, first-time voters

Ah Moi's and Ah Chai's
Ah Jib Gor wants you, wakakaka

Hmmm, I wonder why!

Note I didn't place a question mark at the end of above sentence, wakakaka.

By the by, a University of Malaya's Centre of Democracy and Election survey released in January showed that first-time voters, who form 30% of the total 13.3 million voters, and that's 4 million gorgeous votes, will likely be the kingmakers in GE-13.

And gasp gulp omigosh, the Chinese represent the bulk of the new fence-sitters as-yet uncommitted voters, meaning they would be undoubtedly and eagerly woo-ed by both BN and PR

But more frighteningly, such woo-ing of the new kingmakers, the majority of whom are Chinese, will drive Dr Mahathir more mad, and may affect his problematic heart - problematic physiologically and emotionally.

Aiyah, you know how he feels and has warned about Chinese controlling the country, wakakaka.

Najib, lu jaga sikit lah
Ni China asking for too much lah

But a drawback on the BN's non-UMNO side is that there is hardly anyone as good or charismatic as Khairy Jamaludin, wakakaka – so we are told by a senior BN person.

Alamak, this is going to hurt the feelings of a Gerakan bloke up north who has been virtually making noise just to get everyone’s attention, wakakaka.

Hint – he’s Chinese and a desperate wannabe, wakakaka.

But what about Gerakan’s Baljit Singh who I notice has come up with decent comments from time to time, and more importantly, in a civil manner too.

Anyway, recognizing there'll be more Chinese than Sikhs among the new voters, wakakaka, the senior BN person said: “We need a strong Chinese leader, a Youth leader that the Chinese can idolise. BN is currently looking for that.”

Tolong lah, we don't want to IDOLIZE anyone lah because we'll end up like mindless moronic Myrmidons, wakakaka - but then, I suppose that's what politicians want ;-)


However, in the event they can’t find a “strong Chinese leader” to appeal to the youths, Ibdil Ishak, BN Youth national secretary, said (as reported by TMI): “… the wing was confident it could bank on Khairy’s progressive and multi-racial appeal to entice Chinese youth into voting BN back into power.”

A fallback option, so to speak.

“He is popular among the Chinese and Indian youth. You can see they love him if you gauge the response of those who attend his programmes. That is why you see his programmes are made under the BN banner and not Umno.”

Hmmm, leng chai may attract some Chinese girls

Ibdil's assumption, or if you like, presumption wakakaka, is based on a Merdeka Center survey of first-time voters which showed non-Malays were ready to be represented by someone of another race, in contrast to three-quarters of the Malay voters, who probably must have been brainwashed by Dr M and his Perkasa, wakakaka.

But then, I recall that when another 'charismatic' bloke wakakaka made appearances at some by-elections campaign for PAS etc, while he attracted huge crowds, the by-election results didn't reflect his star appeal.

Political observers attributed the huge crowd being attracted only to the entertainment value he provided, wakakaka.

This was true in the days (1963/64 when Singapore was part of Malaysia) when Lee Kuan Yew campaigned for his PAP in Penang. He attracted humongous crowds but after the entertainment or curiosity appeal he provided, the Penangites went away to vote for other parties. His PAP campaign in Penang proved to be an equally humongous flop.

Super star Tony Leung touted to play Lee Kuan Yew
in a new Singapore film on the island's independence

Hmmm, if LKY had looked as leng chai as Tony in 1963/4
his PAP might would have won Penang by a landslide, wakakaka

So, I would advise BN not to count too much on Khairy to attract the new non-Malay voters on just his so-called leadership or star appeal.


  1. Khairy's reinvention (or chameleon transformation, depending on how you look at it) since 2008 has been astounding. From Kris brandishing ultra to lovey-dovey inclusiveness.
    He could give Malaysia's Renaissance man a run for his money.

    1. What you mean? You mean ultimately KJ may finally Jump.

      Because of you, I jump

    2. Huh Kaytee,
      What does leng chai got to do with winning the election? Oh yes, I forgot Ong Eng Guan & Lim Chin Siong also beri leng chai ones. Back in singaporeans, the oldies especially the ladies cringed over this guy called Lim Chin Siong.
      Well, see you always leave out the juicy part. Guess what happened back then. Sukarno has just launched Konfrontasi. My mum was serving as Lieutenant in the Home Guard (Or was it Captain?) Sound familiar with the Lahad Datu incursion right near the coming of 13th GE. Of course, people were more guillible back then & decided to vote the Alliance. Ok la, just to make you happy......PAP's campaign was to allow them to take over the urban areas. The notion is MCA headed by Tan Siew Sin has become weaker. LKY has made a prophetic message about MCA back then......MCA is a boh hut party. Anyway, read the election carefully, what happened was the split between Socialist Front & PAP resulting in Alliance romping biggest victories.

      To be continued

    3. looes, see my article for CPI

      has a lovely mention of your Lim Chin Siong and also Lim GE and PAS wakakaka, and best of all, my dearest matey Hua Yong left a comment which showed his allegiances, wakakaka

  2. KT sez: "But more frighteningly, such woo-ing of the new kingmakers, the majority of whom are Chinese, will drive Dr Mahathir more mad, and may affect his problematic heart - problematic physiologically and emotionally.
    Aiyah, you know how he feels and has warned about Chinese controlling the country, wakakaka"

    Omigosh, KT, how could you write that! Whatever happened to your manners and Confucian/Asian values? Aren't you supposed to show respect and reverence to the elderly, no matter what they do, no matter what they say, and especially one so distinguished, who moreover is your/my Tuan? ;)

    OK lah, I admit this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black because I'm gonna top you on this. (This should rate one wakakaka from youse.)

    Right, here we go: When Bapa Ketuanan (you know, Malaysians love to give their PMs titles like "Bapa Malaysia" and Bapa this-and-that except perhaps Bapa Ayam, so anyway Bapa Ketuanan suits him well remembering how he makes such a song-and-dance about Ketuanan Melayu a while back) discovers that these li'l chingkies by their sheer numbers might upset Arm Nose's cart he will surely fly into an apoplectic rage and then, uh-oh, soil his sarong dark brown in the back, and then everyone will have to hold their nose when they go near him.

    But then, even without staining his sarong he still gives out a peculiar odor with his brand of racism and disdain towards the Nons. Alas, this odor will not go away no matter how much water and detergent are used because this stench emanates from the heart.