Monday, March 11, 2013

PKR Overkill?

First things first – before we leap straight into the post topic, perhaps a wee discussion on some English aphorisms like:

(a) reap what you sow,
(b) people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and
(c) tit for tat

may be in order.

The first, ‘reap what you sow’ was originally ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ which in turn came from the biblical ‘Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap’ in Galatians 6:7 (KJV).

Okay, let’s discard it as it sounds too theologically heavy; besides, it invokes God’s name which I don’t like as it may jeopardize my chances, small as they already are, of entering the Pearly Gates, wakakaka.

The second, ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones’, is way too judgemental on and accusative of the thrower of stones. As the saying means ‘Do not criticize others if you have weaknesses yourself’, it would insinuate, perhaps indirectly but undoubtedly, that the one who throws stones (the accuser) is just as bad or even suffering from the same weakness.

A random example would be, harkening to an item in my last post, someone who's 'gatal sikit' shouldn't accuse or criticize another person of being 'gatal sikit', because his or her own 'glass house' would be shattered by the very stones he/she has thrown at someone else. 

So, being  too judgemental  or/and accusative of the thrower of stones is not on unless one has the evidence. Since this is only an amateur blog (see no advertisement, though I am still waiting for many cheques from UMNO, DAP, MCA, Gerakan, the Palestinians, etc for the last 8 years, wakakaka), I shall avoid being so as I don't have the resources to take pro-active  investigations …

… which brings us finally to ‘tit for tat’.

Tit for tat!

Years ago, as I recall, Anwar Ibrahim used to jeer at Najib and threatened to expose ‘what happened at Port Dickson’, when he made speeches at some ceramahs or some political events. Alas, Anwar’s jeering at Najib on the Port Dickson episode were all manmanlai where we didn't get to hear the full story. I wonder whether it was a ‘gatal sikit’ tale?

Apart from that, there were the regular accusations of Najib or his wife having a hand in the murder of Altantuyaa Shaariibuu. The accusation became virtually the central piece in the Gerakan Anti-Najib (G.A.N) campaign.

PKR mourners for Altantuyaa

I don't recall reading of Altantuyaa harassing Najib as she did Razak Baginda. Also, on the day Razak Baginda was cleared of the murder charges, Altantuyaa's father Setev Shaariibuu mentioned only Razak Baginda as the man her daughter came to KL to see. 

And that's the reason why I have been sceptical about Najib being directly involved in the murder, whereas I am prepared to believe he might have 'helped' his buddy.

But since G.A.N continued with that poo-flinging campaign, in typical Malaysian fashion the smear stuck on both Najib and his wife, Rosmah. Whether they like it or not, some Malaysians have found them guilty until proven otherwise.

Another example of our typical Malaysian fashion of poo sticking would be poor Tian Chua who we knew bit a policeman. Thus, many now believe he badmouthed the policemen in Lahad Datu.

Whether he did or didn't, the point is that he like the Najib pair is 'deemed' guilty until proven otherwise.

We Malaysians have a marvellous street-type legal process founded on the vigilante corps of the American Wild West, and f* evidence.

Anyway, back to Najib and wife - I opine Rosmah has been selected to be the fallback target for G.A.N in case their campaign against the primary target, Najib, does not gain traction. Additionally, she makes a better target because many in UMNO don't like her, wakakaka. The fundamental aim of course has been to prevent Najib from becoming PM, either by getting him or getting him through his wife.

On the other side of the rivalry, Anwar Ibrahim had the misfortune to be ejected from UMNO right on the eve of him becoming the political party’s president and by default the PM of Malaysia. I have posted many pieces on this so I won't repeat what I had mentioned previously. 

When he was expelled from UMNO (and jailed) he was already the UMNO deputy president and thus, the DPM, the second highest political post in the nation and actually on the threshold of becoming the No 1.

I suspected then he naturally wanted to reclaim his old position after he was released from prison following a court ruling that there were technical faults in his trial.

I am quite sure or at least I opine that he must have felt that the best way to his old position, and then onwards to the No 1 spot which no doubt he believed was 'stolen' away from him, would be back in UMNO.

Of course he denied this, but I noted he attempted to make his move back into UMNO or at least for a start, into UMNO's grace during the Scenic or Crooked Bridge affair in April 2006 as I posted in A Bridge Too Far - Anwar Ibrahim.

After blaming the whole crooked bridge fiasco on Mahathir for sending Daim Zainudin to negotiate with former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew over the terms of the project, he openly pontificated: “I would grant the criticism of many that negotiations with Singapore are not always easy. The solution therefore is to send competent people to negotiate. If you send semi-literates to negotiate, we will lose out in the negotiations.”

From that statement, one couldn't be blamed for believing he deemed Daim Zainuddin as a semi-literate wakakaka who shouldn't be sent to negotiate with a tough intellectual like Lee Kuan Yew. Hmmm, I wonder who was the ‘intellectual’ Anwar had in mind then, wakakaka again. He was more or less directing his comments for the benefit of the Sultan of Somnabulence.

After gently chiding AAB for not doing his homework on the matter of the crooked bridge, Anwar poured on luscious honey for AAB by expressing full support for the latter’s decision to abandon the project as a commendable decision, crooning: “It takes a lot of courage and wisdom ... after weeks of massive campaigns against Singapore ... (for Abdullah) to suddenly say that the decision (to build the bridge) was faulty and that we have to scrap the’s commendable.”

Wow, commendable, courage, wisdom.

He continued: “I support the decision taken by Abdullah because any responsible leader cannot proceed with a project affecting another country without that sort of arrangement being made.”

“Even if it’s not related to relations between Malaysia and Singapore, you cannot imagine in this modern time any country wanting to undertake a major project - a bridge, highway, whatever - affecting another country, unilaterally. We have condemned the United States for its unilateral decision to invade Iraq, so we can’t seriously proceed in such manner (ourselves).”

I was very much ‘taken’ by Anwar’s opinion that building the scenic or crooked bridge, already agreed to by the former Singapore's PM Goh Chok Tong in a letter, would be equivalent to the US invasion of Iraq?

I then thought: ‘Gee, we are so fortunate to have him advise us of the parallel situations. We wouldn't have thought of that’.

Anyway, he continued: “I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah [AAB] if he were to ask my views on the issues ... like the negotiations with Singapore on the bridge and even information on the negotiations with Indonesia on border issues.”

Wow, 'I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah [AAB] if he were to ask my views on the issues' - very manmanlai, and his offer was not only for Singapore but Indonesia as well.

Mind you, Anwar assured us his offer did not imply a wish to rejoin UMNO - of course not! Everyone knew and knows the UMNO-led government always get outsiders to negotiate with foreign governments on its behalf.

And he explained his motive for offering himself to AAB: “I will not be serving the government. But I am a Malaysian and very loyal to the country and will do my best to serve.”

What a great guy.

08 March 2008 - I believe he was himself stunned by the success of the political tsunami and could have exclaim: 'Aiyah, sikit lagi kowtim liao lah', when by then he showed his true impatient colours in his deformasi 916.

But 916 failed because so-called non-intellectual AAB could count easily that 140 seats easily stumped 82.

Then in 2009, I believe on the 10th of March, he ‘coincidentally’ wakakaka met AAB in Hulu Langat at a religious school there in conjunction with the Maulid Rasul (Prophet Muhammad's birthday) celebrations. They then had lunch with the Ustaz.

This was around the time AAB was about to hand over the PM-ship to Najib.

AAB denied it was a planned meeting, stating that he was invited by well-known Ustaz Sheikh Mahmud Al-Mazjub to celebrate Malulidur Rasul. He said: "I was having my lunch with the Sheikh when Anwar came (later). We were listening to Sheikh Mahmud during lunch."

Wakakaka, another coincidence!

Be that as it was, the laughable thing about Anwar coincidentally meeting AAB in Hulu Langat was observed on the following day. He wanted so much for the press to know about it, so at a press conference in Parliament, he (as reported by Malaysiakini) prodded reporters into asking him about this controversial lunch date.

"So what is the latest news today?" he casually asked reporters towards the end of the press conference when no question were popped on the matter.

"Isn't anybody going to ask me about my meeting yesterday?" he quipped. "Since nobody is asking, it is a closed matter then."

Wakakakak, of course with such ajak-ing, the reporters had to oblige him whereupon he narrated all but denied that it was a 'secret meeting' between the two, stating that it was a mere coincidence (wakakaka) that he met AAB where they only discussed family and health issues.

But obviously, the fact that he prodded the reporters into asking, indicated he wanted badly for the news to flow to (perhaps) UMNO MPs.

That's probably where his heart was, at least in those days. I don't know where his heart is now but mind you, I can speculate, wakakaka.

Okay, back to the Anwar-Najib bitter rivalry for UMNO’s top post, and given the G.A.N constant barrage against Najib and wife, it wasn't long before Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law manifested in Sodomy II.

So ding dong, wa hentam lu, lu hentam wa, tit for tat, and as things developed, we get to witness the PKR's new G-Ds of 'truth' in Perumal Balasubramnaiam and Deepak Jaikishan. Around them we also have several others wakakaka mentioned in The missing man in the Altantuyaa story

And then, as if there weren't enough G-Ds to see the devotees through to Shambhala Putrajaya, we just have had the father of Saiful Bukhari Azlan in a press conference making a 'repentant confession' about Sodomy II and (morally-politically) exonerating Anwar, a confession which Saiful immediately repudiated. The dad also made an apology to Anwar, all of which I posted in Son and father

I wonder whether the end target of all this would be for the benefit of PAS members? More of this later.

As was for the case for Balasubramaniam in his 1st SD, a PKR official organized the press conference for Saiful's dad who also joined PKR as a member.

CT Ali, a Pakatan supporter and regular contributor to Free Malaysian Today's column, was infuriated with PKR organizing the Azlan confession which he expressed succinctly in a FMT article titled Mistake to rekindle Saiful affair. He stated (extracts):

Already you question the credibility of what this father of Saiful has to say. He mentions Najib’s special officer, Khairil Annas Jusoh, and yet has never met him.

So he tells us that he had stood by his son to provide moral support. So what has changed? Saiful’s morality or his?

He says his son is a good person, so what has changed with Saiful to make him change his mind – or again is it himself that has changed?

And why the change – a sudden rush of religious morality or financial inducements? Do not bring race or religion into this. What has being Malay got to do with it all?

If you talk about religion, then what is more kosher – Saiful taking an oath in the name of Allah that he has been sodomised by DSAI or his father using religion as an excuse of supposedly coming clean.

So his previous statement had been scripted by his son’s lawyer Zamri Idrus? Who is now scripting his statement?

And why the presence of Johari – that in itself smacks of politics being behind it all, not morality, not religion, not race.

He tells us that the government did not meet with him or even ask his opinion on the case. Why should the government meet with him and discuss the case?

Was it not his son that was sodomised and not he?

And again invoking the name of Allah, he wants to ask for forgiveness from Anwar’s family and from Anwar himself.

Do not use the name of Allah in vain; use it so often and in all circumstances that it no longer has any credibility in announcing your guilt or innocence to any of us – what more to Allah?

And what does Saiful do in the face of all this? He releases a text message and holds a press conference to affirm his previous stand. No drama.

Subsequently when Azlan (Saiful's dad) was asked by reporters whether he was willing to take an oath on his confession. this was what FMT reported in Saiful’s dad joins PKR:

During the question and answer session, Azlan dodged many queries posed to him, including on why he revealed on Anwar’s innocence only five years later. [...]

He also dodged questions on why he did not stop his son from taking a religious oath on the sodomy case in 2009 if he had known Anwar was not guilty.

On allegations that he received financial remuneration for being alligned to PKR, Azlan said, “I can’t stop people from slandering me. Let them speak. Besides, I joined a political party and it has nothing to do with the sodomy trial.”

Whether he would take a religious oath on the matter, Azlan said that he would not do it as people are making a mockery out of the sacred vow.

Pressed on the matter, Saifuddin interjected by saying, “If everyone takes a religious vow, then we won’t need courts".

Presumably that was why Anwar didn't want to take the oath in Sodomy II (Saiful did), and even imported former Indonesian President Bapak Abdurrahman Wahid (more popularly known as Gus Dur) to back up his reluctance to do so.

Okay, RPK has now emerged with a new post titled The Deepak-Bala marriage: in Deepak's own words which informs us that, based on what Deepak told the MACC, Bala's 1st SD was made for RM700,000.

You can decide for yourself whether it's true - after all Deepak is also one of the new G-Ds of 'truth', wakakaka.

But Bala, Deepak and Azlan - aren't these a bit of an overkill to bugger Najib, as CT Ali pointed out?

No, apparently not!

A few days ago, FMT’s Anwar: PAS can pursue Islamic laws for Muslims reported:

PETALING JAYA: Critics have always accused Anwar Ibrahim of being inconsistent with his stand on Islamic issues, especially pertaining to PAS’ aspirations.

While the opposition leader gives the impression to some that he is committed to Malaysia being a secular state, he however told the Sydney Morning Herald otherwise.

In an interview with the Australian newspaper’s Southeast Asia correspondent Lindsay Murdoch, Anwar said that under Pakatan Rakyat’s rule, PAS would be allowed to pursue the Syariah system for Muslims, which was a sensitive issue in Malaysia.

On the same note, he also said that a government helmed by him would allow freedom of expression and religion.

The move, he said, would allow Muslims to enforce the Syariah-based legal system.

”I have very strong Islamic traditions. I think we should carefully consider and promote these positive values,” said Anwar.

So Mr Manmanlai has changed again, from promising a secular Malaysia to now, a 50-50 Malaysian legal system. But you can bet, mateys, it won’t be an equal 50-50 at all.

Anyway, how will a PAS-PKR's 50-50 legal system work?

No doubt many of his supporters-defenders would jump in to declare that’s exactly what we have today under UMNO.

But do we? Currently the Islamic legal laws only apply to Muslims on such issues as family laws and cases of not fasting or drinking haram stuff or preaching without approval, etc. There's no hudud involved.

It was only in very recent years that some corrupt city officials presented the government with a fait accompli of their intrusion into non Muslim affairs, as had happened when they attempted to extract money from a young Chinese couple for holding hands and when the young Chinese couple refused to play ball, masked their corrupt demands by accusing the victims of indecency. 

I have no doubt it was exploitation and misuse of Islamic values to disguise their base corruption and to vindictively punish the victims.

But we have witnessed how PAS syariah laws or values, call it whatever you like, couldn't help but intrude into non Muslim affairs, as happened in PAS controlled Kelantan and Kedah, and less legally on occasions when western or Indonesian entertainers came here to perform.

PAS Youth’s perennial campaign against a non-Muslim event, Valentine Day, has been clear indication on the intent of PAS to intrude and syariah-rize even non-Muslims.

Today of course PAS needing Chinese votes would back off after the Chinese complained, as in the cases of unisex hair dressing salons in KB, two adult males in a car at the KB airport, and dress codes for Chinese New Year celebrative events in Kedah.

But imagine when PAS is in the ruling party together with Anwar's PKR, and they no longer need non-Muslim votes, do you think they will back off? We may not even enjoy the possibility of rejecting them after 5 years because I fear a PAS in government will kill off the Westminster style of democracy we currently enjoy, warts and all.

And dear Anwar has just announced that PAS will be permitted to implement (and enforce, you can be sure of this) when Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. Thank you very much, dear Leader.

This is despite that (as reported by FMT) Last year, Anwar courted backlash from many quarters, including his ally DAP, for saying he supported the implementation of Hudud laws in principle.

Later, Pakatan leaders unanimously agreed that the Islamic penal code would not be implemented if the opposition pact wins the general election as it is not part of their Common Policy Framework.

He has now given two-fingers to the so-called Common Policy Framework.

And once PAS implements syariah, which incidentally embraces/includes hudud, there is no way non-Muslims can avoid being affected by the new Islamic legal system. We know that, we have witnessed and experienced PAS intrusions into our affairs, and we will not be able to do anything about that, …

… because if DAP were to object, PAS would just move across the street to join up with a waiting and eager UMNO, and you can bet Anwar’s inner core in PKR will be stampeding across in 'unity'.

Of course Anwar can promise “no one would be compelled to pursue any religion and no one would be stopped from expressing their views or religious convictions” but such promises, as he and PAS will eventually claim, have to subordinated to the higher imperatives of Islam’s syariah laws, and thus may be dismissed and ignored without dishonour.

That’s one of the reasons I have been against Anwar Ibrahim, remembering him as the fiery and ferocious ABIM leader and the UMNO man who escalated the Islamization of Malaysia under the then benign gaze of his mentor and godfather Dr Mahathir, where non-Muslim school children had to perform doa.

Anwar has made that announcement of okaying PAS to implement syariah laws for Muslims in an interview with The Australian newspaper because (I suspect) he wants to shore up his prime ministerial prospects within the PAS camp, which has demonstrated its members’ lukewarm receptivity to his candidature as the Pakatan PM.

That’s the problem with and the tragedy of Anwar Ibrahim. 

He suffers from an unhealthy obsession to be PM, which saw the so-called reformasi man dabbling in a blasphemous frogology in 916, an in-erasable black mark on his already dubious claims to reformasi.

Thus he would do anything to get a.s.a.p to the prime ministerial position, so it's not hard to suspect or speculate or read that he would do just that, anything,  to fulfil his obsession.


  1. Dear KT,
    Always mesmerised by the accuracy and your judgement of Anwars political move.You are absolutely accurate to say that when Anwar was released from jail in 2004 he was actually looking for entry into UMNO.Remember at that time he even denied he was a PKR card carrying member.After going for 'treatment' in Munich he choosed to stay in Washington until early 2006.During this period he met extensively with UMNO division chiefs mostly during his short trips back to Malaysia to gauge support for his comeback to UMNO.By 2006 he realised UMNO's door was closed to him and only by mid 2006 he gave his full heart to PKR.The question is how long should Pakatan trust him.Of course,at this moment all attentions are on GE13.If Pakatan wins GE13 he will be PM and any colloboration with UMNO will be over.But a Pakatan victory is unlikely and that's when Anwar will be roaming ala 916.So far,UMNO-Pas unity talk could not bear shoot and got nipped in the bud.But who nip it?What if Anwar now take the initiative for a malay-muslim political unity.Pas will support him and he can muscle PKR to sign-in.If UMNO bow-in Anwar will be a hero no Malaysian has achieved.He will be bigger than Dr.Mahathir.If UMNO refused the malays will reject them come GE14.It's a decision UMNO has to fully consider.What about DAP?Anwar will invite them to to be in the government because by then MCA is dead.DAP will keep Penang forever and they will be pretty contented.
    The other matters raised regarding Azlan Bukhari,Bala and Deepak will become irrelevant once the big picture is drawn.

    Guess me - No.3(For your eyes only)

    1. Thanks, No 3 wakakaka, you and J Jasin have been among the earliest, if not the earliest, to see the leopard beneath the lambskin coat. Pity you didn't join DAP which needs people like you.

    2. u need a formidable force that serve as real threat to the malay/muslim community to materialise a unity, for instance sabah is invaded by enemy in full force and become a issue of sovereignty, otherwise i dont see what is the point of unity, try to find me a less authoritarian country that talk unity.

      chinese n india as bogeyman no more effective, some might even laugh reading this.

  2. You've not included now his u turn of supporting lynas.

    1. I don't normally respect MCA people (except for Ong Tee Keat and a couple others) but one of my fave quotes ironically has been from Ong Ka Ting wakakaka. Ong KT (not Tee Keat) once said of Anwar: "He talks human talk with humans, and ghost talk with ghosts", implying Anwar would/will say all things to anyone.

      In Australia, naturally he would talk of the future of Lynas, an Australian company, in optimistic manner, as he once told an Australian workshop on Shakespeare(he was one of the guest speakers) how Shakespeare's books 'comforted' him in prison. He picked Hamlet as his special subject, that of political intrigue, BUT sadly mock the prison guards, whom incidentally on another occasion (not the Shakespearean forum) he had praised for being kind and courteous to him - I wrote in my

      Former Malaysian deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim is grateful that the guards who watched over him in jail knew little of Shakespeare.

      Six months into his six-year internment on trumped-up charges, Mr Anwar was allowed a copy of Shakespeare's collected works on the grounds they were not political.

      "Of course, Shakespeare is not political," he said with a knowing smile in Brisbane yesterday.

      "Stalin knew what was going on - that's why he banned Hamlet."


      That's vintage Anwar, mocking the prison wardens who were kind to him when he was in prison, for his self aggrandizement in the eyes of western foreigners. I was so annoyed that I also wrote:

      KTemoc noted:

      (1) So “Anwar Ibrahim is grateful that the guards who watched over him in jail knew little of Shakespeare.”

      Anwar had put it so to an admiring western audience how smart he had been in outfoxing the unwitting guards, when the truth was no one at his prison cared whether he was reading William Shakespeare, John Milton, Thomas Hobbes or Niccolò Machiavelli.

      But then that’s Anwar’s skill in convincing the English-speaking western world of his cosmopolitan nature, his intellectual relishing of, and covert but clever discovery of political paradigm in the writings of the English-speaking world’s most political writer – just as he had confessed how he, as a young man, wanted to marry America’s sweetheart, Natalie Wood – I blogged on this in Anwar Ibrahim - actress & songs he like. I am sure Americans would like such a man.


      Just to show another example of his chameleon-ish human or ghost talk, wakakaka, recently in his speech at the Dong Zong CNY celebrations, he quoted (no, not Shakespeare but) Wu Cheng'en's "Journey to the West", one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

      I suppose when he attends a Thaipusam festival or Deepavali celebration, he will be quoting the Mahabharata or Ramayana.

      "He talks human talk with humans, and ghost talk with ghosts", wakakaka.

    2. I have read about 10 of William Shakespeare's works, the 4 Great Chinese Classics - Journey West, Water Margin, The Three Kingdoms and the Dream of the Red Chamber, as well as an abridged translation of the Mahabharata. I could give a reasonable talk on any of these books.
      It means - I have an active mind who loves books, and I have had spare time on my hands (I'm retired after a long and very busy career).

      If Anwar can give a stand-up intellectual discourse relevant to a wide variety of international and local audiences, I say Bravo to him. Very few individuals in Malaysia are capable of doing that. Its something to be applauded, not a sign of hypocrisy.

      If he proposes different policies to a different audience, he would be guilty of being a hypocrite. I have attended Anwar Ibrahim ceramahs in front of predominantly Malay audiences, Chinese audiences and Indian audiences. His message has been remarkably consistent, far more consistent than any BN politician, including our Prime Minister.

    3. consistent as in syariah laws, Lynas and reformasi?

  3. Pro Bono Publico8:24 am, March 12, 2013

    Given the breadth, intensity and awful nastiness of the Malaysian Government's attacks on Anwar Ibrahim, I can understand if Anwar and his supporters chose to go on the offensive, instead of just defending and refuting those attacks.

    I have lived long enough to understand if you just spend your time and energy on the defence, you lose.

    I suppose one has to be physically in Malaysia to appreciate the sheer variety, vehemence and viciousness of the campaign to destroy Anwar, using all available channels, including Taxpayer funded media like RTM and the Information Ministry.

    I'm inclined to allow Anwar a great deal of leeway in how he choses to counter this, because G.A.A - Gerakan Anti Anwar has really vast resources , including all the machinery of Kerajaan Malaysia, behind it.

    G.A.N - Gerakan Anti Najib, if it exists, is a shoestring operation by comparison.

    1. But a political reformer (of his so-called reformasi) shouldn't indulge in dirty sleazy politics. Do we see DAP or PAS doing what PKR has been doing?

    2. Now even the flag of Anwar's PKR has been associated with a foreign currency, according to a police report lodged by an engineer.

      (Wonder what currency he is linking to the colors blue/red/white of PKR flag. OTOH, doesn't he see the similarities between Jalur Gemilang & US flag?)

    3. "Do we see DAP or PAS doing what PKR has been doing?"

      u mean by exploiting race and religion?

  4. KTemoc, you're quite restrained in your criticism of this specimen under your microscope which you've been studying with such all-consuming fascination.

    I've been looking in on those pro-UMNO blogs and it appears that those bloggers and their readers have turned against said specimen of yours with a scorching passion, and the vicious things and language they use on him could possibly make your toes curl! Yet I'm certain that if under the extreme unlikelihood of Pakatan taking over Putrajaya and your specimen ascending the throne there, these fellas who are condemning him so much now will be slithering on their bellies to grovel at his feet and suck up to him. Except for a certain Pharoah who has never forgiven him for doing a Brutus on him (the Pharoah, that is), and never will; but nevertheless Pharoah will probably be shaking in his sarong wondering if Brutus will embark on a vendetta. All chickens eventually come home to roost, no?

  5. If Altantuya had been stabbed or bludgeoned or simply shot and killed, and her body dumped into a belukar or the Klang River, I may have found it more believable that she was killed or raped in an unplanned manner or unpremiditated act.

    As it is, she was blown up into unrecognisable bits by C-4 plastic explosives (not available in your corner sundry shop) by elite troopers, not known for indiscipline, the then DPM's bodyguards, and her Malaysian immigration entry records erased on their database.

    They nearly pulled off a perfect crime - no dead body, no immigration entry records. Total deniability. Wonderful smiles and congratulations all around.

    Their bad luck occured because
    a) Her cousin got away unscathed and made a police report on her disappearance.
    b) The taxi driver took note of the number of the car she was forced into.
    c) Witnesses in a normally lonely , deserted area heard the explosion which blew Altantuya's body to bits.

    If Razak Baginda had been found guilty of her murder I may have believed he was the initiator. But he is innocent (the court said so, and the Attorney General concurred).

    The simplest (and most likely) explanation is that people in the very highest levels of the Malaysian government were involved in her death.

    Even if you dislike Anwar intensely to the bones , that isn't an excuse for cloudy thinking.

    1. given Altantuyaa's last known activity (harassing Razak Baginda until he couldn't stand the pressure and hired Bala) who then would have the greatest motive to kill her? The only alternative would be a random act by those 2 police officers who took her away from Razak's house but decided to have a bit of "fun" on their own but which turned sour.

      Where's or what was Najib's motive or Rosmah's motive?

    2. You are indeed Najib's lover boy.....Am I right?

    3. oh my dear looes, I don't go on parochial, partisan or Myrmidon-ish emotions. I go by logic

  6. One thing admirable about Anwar is his ability to con the so called “intellectuals” consistently.

    1. as we witnessed even until today, wakakaka

    2. but umno dun even spend time to hmmm...con? they just kick ur ass, n the only thing u can do is to pen nonsense in the internet, anonymously.

    3. we must be sure we're changing for the better, not from one UMNO to another 'UMNO' - what's the point then. And quite frankly, he was one of the worst, if not the worst UMNO man.

    4. from one umno to another umno? that is possible if dap is just another mca. r they?

      the worst umno man is still fighting umno after many years and dont run away to his mother country and contempt his mother language, this worst umno man anytime have more stake than one that vote with their feet.

    5. he was chucked out of umno for losing a turf war to mahathir; he fought umno to get back his UMNO position; he is still fighting umno to realize his missed opportunity to be PM as he would have been if he wasn't foolish enough to try to stab mahathir in the back - don't ever imagine he fights for you or anyone (with the exception of Azmin Ali), wakakaka

  7. trevino kt is writing another fantasy script for najib.
    good payday for a troll in downunder. just as trevino and gang in usa.

    1. can you ask Najib to send my cheque please, thanks

    2. oh, and I hope mine will be at least 1% of Bala's wakakaka

  8. Kaytee,
    While you are burning Anwar's arses over your sister's cat incident, isn't it time to defend DAP? KKP mengamok lagi or Is he right?

    1. The problem of public transportation as every Penangite knows and which KKP seems nto to know, is the CVLB, which I opine is worse than the collective incompetencies of the police, MACC and EC combined.

      The appalling, nay, roguish state of commercial vehicles in Penang has been the result of a corrupt and incompetent CVLB. Even the previous BN-Gerakan state government gave up, so what cooperation can the PR-state government expect?

      see my previous posts:






      I wonder whether the CVLB is still chaired by Markiman Kobiran?

  9. If Wong Tack stands on PKR ticket, you would have Anwar for lunch

    Now KKP is frying LGE again, apa macam

    According to KKP, DAP may lose all seats

    P.S It can happen you know.....It's that what you want.....Najib's lover boy

    1. he is standing on a DAP ticket wakakaka in Bentong - and I hope he trashes that Raja Bodek there. Somehow Manmanlai has convinced DAP including WT of giving Lynas a chance to prove it's safe.

      KKP can go fly kites.

  10. KKP rebutral of LGE.......As DAP's numero uno supporter, what are you going to do about it? Or am I right to say you work for Najib?

    1. reason given above about an incompetent and corrupt CVLB - no hope for improved public transportation so long as federal government holds the reins of authority and the purse strings for public transportation. At least Lim GE has a plan translated into a working project to ameliorate traffic flow. KKP is just hackling.

    2. I respect Khoo Kay Peng.
      Much more level headed and fact-driven blogger than K.T. Moc, who is full of dark emotions and unrelenting, irrevocable prejudices.

      "Somebody" must have caused K.T. Moc a deep personal wrong, real or imagined, a long time ago.

      I come here for a perverse kind of entertainment value.

    3. why you naughty saucy pervert, wakakaka. But jokes aside, have what I said about The Great Man being wrong or based on bullshit?

  11. the toothless fella10:39 pm, March 12, 2013

    Kaytee,first of all we have to talk about the big three stooges of PKR,Anwar,Azmin and Tian chua.These three chief circus clowns are the main obstacles that are going to prevent PKR from winning big this coming GE,thus preventing the PR from sweeping to federal power.

    Their actions are unbecoming of leaders who are uncapable of leading the country.They think that they are chimpanzees in a circus.They not only do stupid things.They talk stupid too.And as amnesia hits them big time,say one thing today and another tomorrow.Flipflopping just like Jibby.

    1. I once said UMNO can only be cured by UMNO people, thus PKR can only be cured by PKR people.

  12. I find strange that people also have short memory of Anwars corrupt practices. Whatever he alleged UMNO is doing he has done it before. From cronyism to nepotism to corrupt rental seeking profit to undemocratic practices. And nothing has changed if you witness PKR's internal election. The fraudulent cheating and authoritarian conduct still persist.

    He still play the old style politics. He collects and gather people who has similar interest with him. Once that is achieved and he moves to another self serving interest, he will dump them and build another self serving interest group. That's why now he just build up on hatred of umno. Once achieved, he will consolidate his personal position and dumb the rest again. It's the same repeated script he's playing. He can con the majority again with the so call intellectual oratory skill.

    Don't ever be surprised that DAP be like MCA (or worse) once he managed to destroy UMNO. Do not ever think that Anwar will give the same leeway to LGE like he's portraying now. Don't forget he will need to show he is in control and for this no independent person can be tolerated.

    I don't know why people like to see repeats. It is important for a two party system we must get the politicians accountable for their stands and issues. What we get is its right if I do it but wrong if you do the same model. Anwar managed to get people to vote based on hatred and not on what he wants to do. We have not moved at all from 2008. I dare say we retrogress from 08 where, we at least have semblance of idealism.

  13. Umno con don’t trouble me in anyway as most people don’t believe them. However Anwar con does as the so called “intellectuals” cheering his inconsistent consistently. hehehehe

  14. For all of us who are voting for the first time, the phrase "caught between a hard rock and deep the blue sea" truly hit us first-timers real hard !

    Without doubt, the malay leaders will have to rule this country, whether it is from PR or BN. But what hellish karma we rakyat have....asking us to choose between one UMNO 'big boss' and another ex UMNO taikoh, with the fervant ulamas waiting impatiently in the wings ever so vigilant to ensure Malays and Islam 'should not lose out'.... or else !

    Bloody shitty choice, asking us to choose between Devil A or Devil B.

    1. "... deciding once in three or six years which member of the ruling class was to misrepresent the people in Parliament, universal suffrage was to serve the people...."

  15. Najib is like a pilot rapidly running out of runway to take off safely.
    After GE12 Negeri Sembilan was the first state to hold its State Assembly, March 26, 2008 (b*oody stupid of them, why so impatient ?).
    So NS DUN automatically dissolves on March 26, 2013.

    Najib can still delay dissolving Parliament for another month after that, but it will be a heck of an embarassment with elections being forced on the NS Assembly first by law.