Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The political ramifications of Lahad Datu - what next?

Malaysiakini - PM backs massive ops against intruders

Finally the PM has taken the correct action, but much much too late to avoid the loss of eight Malaysian lives.

Let me attempt to enter his thoughts just prior to his giving the green light for Ops Sulu (and what a bloody unimaginative codename for a military ops; why not Ops Bersih? wakakaka).

Najib (thought): I'm f* if I do, and f* if I don't! And I wish that idiot cousin of mine would f* stop indulging in photo ops. Since when has a minister, let alone two, turun padang on police-military operational matters?

His 'f* if he did' was about taking action against a group of aliens who behaved like American troops, bullying their arrogant way around in a (to the Filipinos) foreign land.

Najib was worried about his 'fixed deposit', banked in for him by you-know-who (hint, an old man). If he offended the Bangsamoro people, Sabah's nouvelle voters, Anwar would gleefully pocket the Bangsamoro's change of goodwill from BN to PR.

His 'f* if he didn't' was his worry about the deep anger bubbling in the Peninsula Heartland, at the audacity of the Filipino intruders in killing 8 of our policemen, of whom I believe 7 were from Peninsula. If he still continued to procrastinate or dither indecisively, dear Anwar would again benefit from the Heartland's dismay, discontent and disgust with him.

Yup matey,  f* if he did, and f* if he didn't!

In the end he went for the less risky option, the Peninsula Heartland.

So it looks like Najib's Sabah 'fixed deposit' is now pretty iffy.

But you know something, fortune somehow seems to have always favour Najib. Maybe he was born under a lucky star, maybe his Bugis family gave him a special family heirloom - a powerful tangkal from Sulawasi.

If Ops Sulu can be wrapped up nice & neatly without any further disaster or Malaysian policemen's or soldiers' deaths, he may even emerge from the mess smelling sweetly of roses, or more correctly, of the aromatic bay laurel, a broad-leaf evergreen used by the ancient Romans to make crowns of victory for their conquering generals.

The Heartland may come to see him as a conquering (sort of) general, wakakaka, lavishing him with commendable merits of decisiveness and firmness, etc, all qualities he of course doesn't have, wakakaka. Even the Filipinos burning his poster in Manila could become a plus for him.

And such is the mischief of Fate.

His earlier indecision, which was more out of his political concern to not offend his 'fixed deposit', namely, his Bangsamoro nouvelle voters, may even be seen by the Heartland of him as gasp gawd omigosh a strong silent man of gentle nature who has been tolerant, compassionate and slow to anger, and then only when pushed to the wall rudely by the biadapness, arrogance and barbarism of the murderous intruders.

Yes, a Hang Tuah-like pendekar with the very qualities that traditional Malays love and expect (or hope) to see in their leaders and heroes. Err ... did I mention that Fate can be absolutely mischievous?

Then if his 'troops' (in UMNO 'Special' Operations) succeed in painting Anwar Ibrahim (and we know they have lied blatantly before) as the person who agitated the Sulu killers to come to Sabah on some nebulous promise of this and that, I'm afraid that would be bad, nay, disastrous news for Pakatan, especially PKR and PAS, because by then poor Anwar will never ever recover politically from such black propaganda.

Mind, poor Anwar has not helped himself (and PR) by being less than clear on this issue when he was asked by reporters - see Asia Newsweek (via M2T) report Anwar mum over Sabah conspiracy allegations which reported:

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has refused to clarify foreign news reports of his purported links to a Sabah opposition politician alleged to have a hand in the armed intrusion in Sabah, saying the matter is being dealt with by his lawyers.

Of course it may NOT come out the way I have analysed. Let's hope so.


  1. Nobody knows how long Najib will remain as PM - maybe 2 months , maybe 2 years, maybe 2 decades (he's still relatively young).

    I'm pretty sure Anwar Ibrahim will never become PM, much as he really, really, really wants to.

    The Gods have a way of denying something that a person dreams of day in, day out.

    1. You think with this performance of his as PM, He can survive for long? Unless he's a Mugabe clone

  2. http://www.mysinchew.com/node/83034
    "Based on intelligence sources, they are not from a militant or terrorist group"

    Why did they have to unleash fighter-bombers on non-terrorists and non-militants ? ?

    1. The Sin Chew reported was dated 16 Feb. Since then, those bastards killed 8 policemen. If caught, they won't be deported but charged with murders.

      And on using the airstrikes, why not, given the fact those Filipinos are heavily armed and have snipers? A commander should use every apparatus at his disposal to swiftly neutralize the threat and minimize danger to his side - 200 armed criminals who killed 8 policemen aren't your typical bag snatchers

  3. "His earlier indecision..."

    The final decision is from PM? Just asking. I am not clear how the command and order work for our army in intruder case like this.

    1. the military is an apparatus of the government (as elected by the people) - it cannot act on its own on issues of major national significance. It must take directions (or decisions) from the government. In a democracy, civilian power rules

    2. Ktemoc,
      As such, do you agree that Najib has performed worse as PM. Why no total condemnation on Najib? Najib is the PM lei.....Must take full responsibility. Eden resigned over Suez affair.

    3. Worse than who? In which aspect?

      Didn't I write "Finally the PM has taken the correct action, but much much too late to avoid the loss of eight Malaysian lives", and indictment on his earlier indecision or non-action?

    4. You has made it as such that

      Oh Shit happens! Should have acted earlier but then again it's too late now

      Do enjoy watching this.....Sometimes I do wonder if only Jim Hacker can be the PM of Malaysia

      You know Bob Hawke welcome Paul Eddington with red carpet in Aussie land


    5. my dear looes, please don't put words into my mouth, and I didn't imply what you suggested as well. I did write that Najib's inaction was due to his concerns about his 'fixed deposit' and how not to offend those Filipinos with blue ICs whom he expected to vote for him.

    6. i thought military is under the king and not government. and that is why we say our monarchy is the 4th pillir of seperation of power?

    7. Again watch this again


      See one doesn't not have to say direct in order to get the results you want

      Anyway ordinary people are guillible

      Don't you agree kaytee

    8. King is the constitutional head of state, thus only a constitutional monarch but without absolute powers. He is the symbolic Commander-in-Chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces, but the legal authority to deploy and use the military lies only with the cabinet of the legally elected government of Malaysia. The PM is a member and head of the cabinet.

      There is no 4th pillar. In a western style democracy it's a tripodal balance or separation of powers among the executive (cabinet), legislative (parliament including the opposition) and judiciary. The constitutional monarch is above all these 3, being only a symbolic head of state. He has certain privileges befitting his position and role as the symbolic head of state but he has no direct executive powers, none whatsoever.

      Currently Najib is the PM. But if Anwar becomes the PM in a Pakatan government, then he will then be the one, with the agreement of the cabinet, to use the military for national purposes.

      If Hadi Awang becomes the PM ... well ... I rather not think about this possibility, wakakaka.

      But if you read all the above (my layman's explanation) the REAL POWER lies with the rakyat who decide through their votes or voice who shall represent them in exercising all the powers of the government to defend, manage, develop and generally rule/run Malaysia. That's why we have elections.

    9. of course looes and thanks for that clip, love it - the two series have been among my faves wakakaka

    10. Hua Yong,
      Ktemoc may agree with me that military should not be under King. Especially what happen when a johor police kenna caught drunk in singapore. The singapore melayu police gave him the middle finger

    11. thanks, i first thought there is certain element of impartial of the army when the final say is not with the ruling party, seem like i am wrong (again?), however i am not entirely agree with u yet simply because i did have a quite similar argument with one so call fence sitter in a chinese language news portal, i merely mentioneed we r no diff with china as our army taking order from ruling party and ironically this freedom of speech advocator who cant stand my acerbic tone warned that he wants to report me to mcmc for ..... (stating the obvious?), he threaten the administrator as well, i dun know whether to laugh or cry but lesson learn, dun ever trust the so call objective non partisan or self claim freedom fighter.

    12. a wee bit of semantics here - the rakyat elects who shall be the ruling party (or ruling coalition) - the ruling party then forms the government - in Westminster democracy (like British, Aus, Singapore, NZ, India, and Malaysian system) the heart of the government is the cabinet - the cabinet is the one which issues high level orders to the military (or police) - the generals, admirals and air marshals (and IGP for police) then plan, program and operate the forces to achieve the higher orders or policies of the cabinet

      What we saw in Lahad Datu with 2 ministers swanning there has been a bad case of ministers probably interfering directly with operations

      Usually PM or Defence Minister would visit the front-line troops PRIOR to operations to give pep talk and raise morale, or AFTER operations have been completed to thank and congratulate troops and visit injured, but NEVER during an operation. The field commander (not Chief of Army or Chief of this and that, not IGP) runs the operations. Obviously this was not apparent at Lahad Datu.

    13. Perhaps u r right, but many reading esp from MT seem to indicate it is not symbolic.

      Federal Constitution, Article 41 - The Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall be the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Federation.


    14. If you note his duties do not include operational matters such as employment or deployment, and in most of his duties, he is to act on the advice of the Armed Forces Council which is chaired by the Defence Minister (who is a wakil of the rakyat) - thus the supremacy of the rakyat in a Westminister style democracy

  4. For your viewing pleasure, ktemoc

    It's about Kedah



    1. very good, I like his use of the northern Chinese Malaysian colloquialism "au ta" wakakaka

      he's worried coz many Chinese Kedahans are pissed off with him, though admittedly (from my discussions with Kedahans who have returned from their home towns after CNY, some (say about 20%, probably PKR followers wakakaka) are still adamant about ABU.

    2. Well the situation would improve further if Azizan can accede to DAP Kedah request....Have more DAP adun

    3. he's like Hasan Ali, Nasharuddin and the BN's Harussani, hardcore "Malay unity" ultras who dislike Chinese and non-Muslims

    4. One remember that they are moderates even in Kedah, so would it be better to support them?

      What the fucking choice you have anyway? Revert back to UMNO's rule

      You think you really have a choice

    5. truthfully? we nons are caught between the Devil (of Islamization and hudud) and the Deep Blue Sea (of utter corruption) - both parties are ethnic-based

    6. Then what's your solution?

      You mean most of us are oblivion to this fact, how does it help the cause of ensuring a secular Malaysia

    7. thank you my dear looes, 'secular Malaysia' is indeed the key word. Tell you what, I'm prepared to accept AI provided I'm sure he won't revert to his ABIM self. I'm prepared to accept Nizar Jamaluddin but he is fairly junior in PAS where there are far too many ultras, and don't be mistaken about Hadi Awang who though has appeared 'grandfatherly' to us, is still very much with the ulamas.

    8. Again, how it help in securing the cause of establishing a secular Malaysia

      Don't you think your harping is known to everybody......So what's new? It's so made known that LKS & Karpal Singh were sacked

      Is that why you are hiding in aussie land?

  5. You know why I trust Hisham rais more than you. To put it in another word, he's more creditable than you are....

    Eat this, ktemoc


    And the Anwar's press statement together with Lim Kit Siang


    1. I have seen those, thanks. I have a lot of respect for Hisham, though I didn't realize you were comparing us - I suppose I should take that as a form of back handed compliments wakakaka

    2. The point is Hisham Rais more focus in his pursuit

      He priotises what's more important

    3. "prioritise" according to your perception, wakakaka

    4. So you are the samson who bring down the entire temple & bury yourself along with some innocent folks

      Again, even Mariam Mokhtar is whacking Najib, what the fuck are you doing? How would such writings help the cause

      How does it help DAP?


    5. I am keeping readers informed. The choice is ultimately theirs, and theirs alone

    6. Plus you would wanna spin certain issues to fit your agenda

      Come on, ktemoc....Even if it's not really fully supportive of BN.....You do have soft spots on certain leaders for obvious reasons

    7. that's what I find amusing about you, always making reckless and wild accusations, wakakaka

    8. You are the expert.....Not me

      Of course this character, Humphery lagi better.....Just watch


  6. You can disagree, but no need to get personal (accusations and such).

    Its ironic how the guys who are fighting for "freedom of speech" are the same ones who have no clue of what it really is about

  7. This is how a normal & decent blogger blog on the current Lahad Datu intrusion.....Najib kenna whacked teruk teruk


    Me making reckless & wild accusations

    Your writing tells it all

    Sometimes I really doubt you really DAP supporter.....

    Gangnam DAP or Najib kenna gangnam.....Is your intention of bringing DAP back into the fold of BN.....Just Gerakan did nong nong time ago

    1. wakakaka, you are funny, and if I am not mistaken, becoming or sounding more stressed

    2. Hahahaha.......thank you for your great concern

      Aiyaaa.....you too is a funny character

      But unlike you, I do live in a real world

    3. The difference between you and me, my dear looes, is that you accept Anwar and currently I don't tho, as mentioned (due to no reasonable options) I'll be prepared to accept him if I can be sure he won't revert to his ABIM days and gasp, merge his PKR inner core with PAS and UMNO in a Malay Unity coalition, wakakaka (no, it's not funny but a frightened laughter).

  8. [You can disagree, but no need to get personal (accusations and such).
    Its ironic how the guys who are fighting for "freedom of speech" are the same ones who have no clue of what it really is about.]

    Hi Bro....these are the types of mentality that we, to our great misfortune, are not short of in this benighted country of ours.

    At this site alone, we have all witnessed how the blogger have to resort finally to moderate the comments section to kick out the more brazen ones ( for example, the recently deceased foul-mouth old man ). But even so, we have to put up with those who still persist in harrassement and making snide attacks....they should be so lucky that our blogger here have a good sense of humour and a cheerful disposition. Obviously these fellas just don't give a damn about this :

    "A meeting place to exchange views, no matter how different or diverse these may be. Keeping these civil and courteous would be appreciated".

  9. My fear is Sabah may become Malaysia's equivalent of Southern Thailand. A territory crawling with hostile, armed "citizens" with no loyalty to the central government. With a safe haven just minutes away across the border for insurgents to escape and R&R.

    The central government effectively becomes an occupying power dependent on military force.

    The performance of Malaysia's military and police so far does not inspire confidence.
    Historical precedence shows that ineffective or poorly trained conventional forces in an insurgency have high risk of carrying out atrocities on the local population, breeding more resentment.

    1. Your fear is not unreasonable. One of the articles carried by TMI made mention of the insurgents boasting that they could slip into Sabah any time and could easily blend in with the blue IC-ed 800,000 Filipinos there. And one Ramon Tulfo said "Malaysia is now reaping bad karma for its misadventure" (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sideviews/article/let-malaysia-wiggle-itself-out-of-bad-karma-ramon-tulfo/)

      Hope that ex premier constitutional malay leader ( together with his then fork tongue deputy ) are reading all these feedbacks.....may be there really is a god and we may now know why that god is letting such slimeballs live such a long life. It takes a while but the chickens have finally come home to roost.

  10. now back to topic, i dun believe anwar is that influential, he cant even convince those from opposite camp to frog and instead his owwn men turn frog, but now this people telling me he could pursuade or instigate a military intrude?

    and i dun know what is the solution, we either allow all the suluks to become msian or we treat them as enemy like how we face the communist. i also dun know how israel can be cited for comparison, i have the tendency to insist compare apples with apples, i haven’t the abstract, and perhaps bordering on psychotic mindset to routinely compare apples and oranges.

    1. Anwar suffers from (a) obsession to be PM, (b) impatience - if he could frog-erize the other side he would as in his attempt in 916 (don't forget SAbah 1994) - that he failed (money ta'cukup) doesn't mean he didn't try, (c) he sings the song you wnat to hear - with the Yanks he is pro Yank (including being friendly or sympathetic or reasonable with Israel), with the Arabs or Indons he is the perfect mullah, when in UMNO he was singing to the Heartland, when outside UMNO he's singing to the 'nons' (otherwise no support)

      Now he has just said PAS can apply syariah laws (which includes hudud) to Muslims. We have seen how syariah laws cannot help but intrude into non Muslim affairs as was witnessed in Kelatan and kedah - today of course PAS needing Chinese votes would back off after the Chinese complained; but imagine when PAS is ruling together with Anwar's PKR, do you think they will back off?

      Anwar has that obsession, ambition, impatience to be PM and coupled with his known wheeling dealing character, it's not hard to suspect or speculate or read that he has stirred shit in Sabah, to destroy the UMNO's 'fixed deposit' there. The chief accusers have been the Filipino and foreign press, not Malaysian msm which merely picked up the accusations.

      It didn't help that Tian Chua and Sivarasa went to Manila just prior to the Lahad Datu incident. Tian Chua is known for his Machiavellian undermining of DAP and his photoshopping of the French dinner (in an attept to implicate Najib with Altantuyaa); Sivarasa has been the man seen to be involved in Balasubramaniam and Deepak so-called allegations.

    2. i have no disagreemtn with what u write about anwar but i have a diff take in the context of politics and our road ahead.

      u may perceive mine as excuse :

      1) anwar is a politician, the ada form type but lack substance.

      2) most the so call bad thing happened during the time he was with bn. without bn, he is nothing.

      3) the reality that allow the 2 party system is due to split in umno, and education, not because any thing great done by opposition. it take times to purge the remain of bn practice that we live on for more than 50 years.

      4) is dap that priciple when come to begging for votes? r they really that diff with pkr? i call this pragmatic politicking, depend on how we want to view it, or like some said, does this suit or not suit my agenda.

      5) i notice most politician are less ruthless and less authoritarian when compare against mahathir, the only malaysia politician that i find disgusting and the worst thing that happen to msian. anwar lacking of priciples suit my prefernce of moving forward with less rule of man but emphasize more on system and law ie democracy.

    3. I read the actual Filipono articles , picked up by Reuters and compared it to Malaysian MSM.

      The Filipino press did not mention Anwar Ibrahim anywhere, just Malsysian Opposition figures. It may or may not be reasonable to extrapolate those reports and conclude that they refer to Anwar. It is by no means a solid extrapolation.

      It is Utusan Malaysia and TV3 which specifically said "Its refering to Anwar".

      Innuendos and euphemisms are not grounds for a legal case, but explicit naming is.

      So Anwar is correct in suing the local MSM, but not pursuing the matter with the Filipino press. .

  11. A very decent debate. I wish to add a few points because many somehow failed to consider. Our Sabah border is just too long and porous to maintain effective control. This is a fact known for decades ago and when I was in east coast Sabah I realise that this has been going on for ages. Its the same issues like we have in the north where border cuts through existing towns and families. People find ways to cross.

    Many think that the solution lies with our army only. think this is shortsighted. Though I support what the army is doing now, but there must be other non military solution like political as well. Once the killing cycle starts the children takes up the cause that they perceive as true. They know they're overpowered now so they can sit in nearby sulu island where our military cant touch philipinos territory.

    Unless we can go to the core area in the Philippines, I think this is a protracted issue. If they can have access to arm and area to regroup and train, it will be long drawn. And they know its porous.

    The key is the Philippines government as state actors. They are governed by rules not like these non state actors. Much to the contrary of many, the standoff before the killing started showed to the Philippines we gave opportunity to a clear breach of international law. Aquino appreciated this and backed us. Malaysian and Philippines must continuously treat this as a terrorist event.

    We must take partisanship out of security. Though many disagree we must capitalize the goodwill we have given to those in Sabah. We need to reach out to them to isolate these armed fractions of the bangsamoros. We need them to tell among themselves that its wrong to do what they did. It's criminal.

    Many countries even the mighty US always think overpowering military might is the quick all encompassing solution. I find many Malaysians have these mindset and ask for kill at the word go. There's many ways to skin a cat. Find the wise one.

    Ps. If its true tian Chua and siva went there as you claim, they must account for what is transpired. If they put sulu to play these definitely are acts of treason.. No two ways. The fact that other commentators don't pick this up and still support them, shows partisanship to the detriment of our nation state. Shameful really.

  12. Parents tell their childen to keep away from bad elements. When countries forget this gold rule, they find that the snake they brought into their backyard to harm their neighbours does not discriminate when riled. Pakistan has learnt this golden rule but its citizens are still dying by the score. Now it is Malaysia's turn -- the very people they trained and armed have turned against them. I worry about Kelantan...will it be next?

  13. Did you censor my write again? On what ground this time?

    1. don't be paranoid lah, I have bread & butter matters to look after hence the inevitable delay for moderation wakakaka