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Son and Father

Late last year I posted Daughters & Fathers, the story of two daughters, Marina Mahathir and Nurul Izzah and their fathers, as I see them. As usual, kaytee was very tng k'ooi or long winded wakakaka.

Today I decided that on gender equality, I have a post  on 'Son and Father'.

But I want to be tng k'ooi again, wakakaka, and so to motivate you to read it, I'll start off with wonderful SEX.

The wonderfully s-exciting thing about Malaysian politics is that there's always X-rated sex in it, wakakaka.

Dr Mahathir once wanted (no, not the topic word, wakakaka) Malaysia to have a population of 70 million, a publicly voiced but informal announcement which set many railing against his proposal, as they have railed against all of his proposals or assertions since he retired, wakakaka.

Anway, regarding his 70 million population proposal, I imagined he must have looked around and saw almost every ASEAN nation has more or less that population size, eg:

Myanmar - 63 million
Thailand - 64 million
Vietnam - 90 million
Philippines - 96 million (hello, been Dahil Sa'yo*-ing too much? wakakaka)

* meaning 'because of you', probably Philippines most popular song

Nat King Cole singing the romantic Dahil Sa'yo

Malaysia with its current 30 million is comparatively puny, but I had suspected (still do) that he wanted a population of 70 million not so much for defence resilience or showing the population biceps only, but rather more for the economic viability and independence that comes with domestic consumption and also the human resource potential to produce/export cheaply like China, Thailand and now emerging Vietnam.

Then, he would have also seen those economic powerhouses such as France, Britain, Italy (each mid 60 million), Germany (82 million), Spain (47 million) and most remarkable South Korea (50+ million).

apart from heavy technology & construction, Samsung, Korea exports its wonderful k-pop

Thus he must have reckoned 70 million population would be comfy gnam gnam to make his Malaysia economically strong(er).

Known as a rather impatient man who, despite being a medical doctor and should have known the time span required for human gestations and stuff like multiplication and arithmetic progression, or precisely because of that, some have suggested that he must have decided to kick start the process to achieve his 70 million dream with devolved IVF-ing, wakakaka, by having eggs fertilised in neighbouring countries and the results force-fed with tempeh and jamu pasak bumi, and also balut and bayag ng baka (wakakaka) into instant adulthood before receiving them warmly with open arms and a blue IC.

our new and instant citizens

But that's only a temporary (kick start) measure, where he must have expected every Malaysian or rather Malay in the meantime to do his/her (beyond the call of) 'duty' wakakaka to achieve the target 70 million.

Presumably in the name of Malay-Muslim unity, PAS did try to support the bangsa and negara call, more so when the means towards that has been certified halal by agama, by supporting an innovative proposal in 2006, the Islamic misyar marriage, for sexual gratification for divorced women who lacked the Islamic legal means to attain the gratification.

Now, we must be clear that (in 2006) all these were directly driven NOT by Dr Mahathir, but by a PAS politician, Abdul Fatah Harun, the ‘honourable’ (wakakaka) PAS member for Rantau Panjang, who told the Dewan Rakyat in 2006 that “If we see women who don’t have husbands and are divorced not because their husbands are dead, (it must be because) they are ‘gatal sikit’”.

Wow, such a succinct analysis - naturally by a PAS pollie, wakakaka.

And with Prof Mahmud Zuhdi Abdul Majid's brilliant proposal of misyar marriages as a solution to the equally brilliant analysis of divorcees who were 'gatal sikit', none other than Pak Haji Nik Aziz gave his personal stamp of approval for the sexual panacea.

Oh, how sex drives us Malaysians even in our socio-politico-religious decisions.

But then, spoilsports such as Prof Madya Harlina Halizah and Siraj and IKIM director Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas put a damper on misyar marriages, misconceived as a Islam-sanctioned path to recreational sex for what a former PAS politician deemed as women who were 'gatal sikit'.

Prof Madya Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj

For more details wakakaka, please see my 2006 posts:

(a) Malaysian sex machines and
(b) Malaysian Sex Machines (2) - Bonking with responsibility.

Actually, in those discussions 7 years ago, we glimpsed the philosophical and political dichotomy of Dr Mahathir's UMNO and Pak Haji Nik Aziz' PAS, where the former saw sex for procreation as a step towards achieving national resilience and power (including that for UMNO via its 'fixed deposit') whilst the other, as sexual gratification especially for 'gatal sikit' divorcees.

Ah, wonderful sex, sex, sex, CUT!

Now, though I do not wish to wander into another area of sexual gratification or recreational sex (implying consensual sex of course, and not rape including the statutory version - hmmm, come to think of it, would it be by any chance that the Tan Sri-ship was awarded for despicable dedicated efforts towards achieving the 70 million target?), I have to force myself to in view of new information.

Those of you who have been visiting my blog for years would be aware that I have not posted anything specifically on what [censored] transpired in Sodomy II and the proceedings of the trials which brought out the [censored], because I have no interest in such sexual stuff, chiefly for 2 reasons:

(a) as someone, an atheist, living in Australia where we have a former leader of the Greens (Senator Bob Brown, now retired) who is a self-declared gay but highly respected, ...

... a High Court judge Michael Kirby who is also a self-declared gay and very very respected and in fact admired and loved, ....

... and several very muscular (wakakaka) high profile sportsmen (Australia's other gods) who self-declared themselves as gay, I am in a society which is fairly tolerant about gay and bisexual relationship (The Malaysian word 'sodomy' is nothing more than the personal consensual activities of gay and bisexual adults), ...

... thus I don't really care whether Anwar who wants to be PM or for that matter anyone is a heterosexual or as alleged by UMNO, a bisexual which he has already denied, and

(b) I'm not really into such topics other than the associated political or criminal (eg. blackmailing) issues.

However, I do have one weakness (among many weaknesses, wakakaka) and that is to take up blogging cause for those I perceive as underdogs. Thus I have posted a few items in support of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who I see as an underdog in a lamentable feral environment which in the days of the Wild West, would have seen Saiful being lynched by the village or suburban vigilante corps.

I have a few posts on this but perhaps, in fairness, let me start off with two which actually defended Anwar though I'd be happy to have them seen as neutral:

(a) Anwar Ibrahim: "Shouldn't Saiful be charged too?"
(b) Sodomy II

The following would be supportive of the underdog I see, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, on grounds of fairness:

(a) Anwar Ibrahim set Saiful to clean the Augean stables
(b) Ustaz - Saiful's dodgy Arabic renders oath dodgy
(b) Cui Bono

But last year, Anwar Ibrahim was cleared by the court of the sodomy charges (though there is an appeal against the dismissal of those charges to be heard in July this year, when he may well be the PM by then) so the matter should have ended.

Yesterday, virtually on the eve of GE-13, we suddenly have Azlan Mohd Lazim, Saiful's dad, emerging a la Perumal Balasubramaniam and Deepak Jaikishan to attack Najib, wakakaka.

Azlan Mohd Lazim

Oh, these marvellous new PKR G-Ds of 'truth'. 

(l) P Balasubramaniam - (r) Deepak Jaikishan

And of course Azlan Lazim was accompanied by a PKR man in the press conference, though this time, thank G-D, there was no Sivarasa Rasiah, wakakaka - see also my post The missing man in the Altantuyaa story.

Even though Azlan Lazim made his 'confession', I see no legal benefit for Anwar in the appeal trials because Azlan Lazim was not a witness in the earlier trials.

Syahredzan Johan, a civil liberties lawyer was reported by Sinar Harian (via The Malaysian Insider) as saying that Azlan Mohd Lazim’s remarks will have no effect in helping Anwar, the defendant, in the appeal trials, and at best could only serve Anwar as political capital, by moving him up on to higher moral grounds.

But Syahredzan Johan placed an ominous note over Azlan Lazim's head in that the latter's confession could be viewed as contempt of court, and the public prosecutor may even press charges against him for his public revelation.

I believe the political capital for Anwar is the more important requirement, as has been directly or indirectly provided in recent days by P Balasubramnaian, the world's greatest private investigator, and the other G-D of 'truth', Deepak Jaikishan in their attacks on Najib.

Now strangely, when I went through my notes on Saiful, I notice no reference or mention of his father, Azlan Mohd Lazim at all, zilch, nada, kosong - of course I could be wrong. So his appearance yesterday has been out of the blue.

Saiful Bukhari Azlan

Instead, I note that Saiful's uncle was mentioned in Malaysiakini's Saiful in hiding, uncle has faith which reported that Saiful has been subjected to horrendous character assassination on the Internet.

Malaysiakini continued with Saiful's uncle saying:

"But I believe in Saiful. He is a good kid and all that he has done, he has done with honesty. I just got back from Perak and we've not been in touch but I know why he lodged the report."

Teary-eyed, the uncle said that his nephew reported the matter as he wanted to expose the PKR leader for what he was. When asked about Saiful's alleged links to Umno politicians, the uncle brushed them off.

"We've got no help or connections with Umno. All he wanted to do is to expose the heinous crime."

I had also seen a video clip of Saiful's brother.

But never of his father. So why has Encik Azlan Mohd Lazim now emerged to make a confession on a matter he didn't, never, have a part in?

And Saiful Bukhari Azlan himself has now come out to repudiate his father. FMT's I stand by my accusation, says Saiful reported that Saiful at a press conference held at his lawyer's office, in a response to his father's so-called repentant 'confession', said:

“In the name of Allah, my race and Malaysia, I will not budge from my allegation, the statements I made in court and the religious oath I took in a mosque years back, till my death,” said Saiful.

Wow, “In the name of Allah ..." is pretty serious stuff.

So, being curious I asked my Uncle what's going on as the father had previously not appeared in the Saiful and Anwar story.

He too being curious went about asking and came up with what he cautiously qualified as only from the grapevine, meaning the info needs further verification - fair enough.

He was told that Saiful and his dad have never been on good terms, though in the news Saiful hasn't attacked his own father other than to repudiate the senior man's 'confession'.

It seems, according to the talk in Malaysia's upmarket kopitiam, the dad abandoned Saiful (and family?) a long time ago.


Now this next bit requires a fair bit of confirmation because it's gobsmack astounding, that Saiful's dad is actually a PKR member and a branch committee member somewhere.

Holy moley! But wait, don't get too excited - check first, check first, check first, CUT, wakakaka.


  1. We need to respect truth and justice, regardless of how much we may dislike Anwar Ibrahim, which I do.

    For the duration of the Sodomy II trial, I had the benefit of expert scientific and medical commentary from my uncle, whom I was lodging with his family at the time. He had recently retired after decades of distinguished service as a physician - Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, no less.
    Being a respected member of the community, his socio-political views tended to be pro-establishment. To be honest, most of my family is not so much pro-BN but pro-etablishment.
    So his excoriation of the Sodomy II trial was surprising. But the truth is the truth.

    Saiful has testified that he refrained from defecating for 2 days (48 hours) after the "Act", and the HKL doctors testified that his anus was empty at the time of examination (more on that later).
    The digested remains of what a person eats takes up to 40 hours to come out at the Anal end. So Saiful would have had to refrain from eating anything for 88 hours (40 + 48 hours) prior to the medical examination for his anus and colon to be clean and empty.

    Either Saiful and the doctors were lying through their teeth,
    or if the testimony were true , it was patently a pre-planned entrapment operation - with medical advice in the planning, no less, not eating 2 days BEFORE the Act.
    Very likely it was an elaborate lie, because the 2 HKL doctors swore that they had Perfect Memory, therefore had no need to refer to their examination notes. I now believe it was a determined effort to prevent the actual medical examination notes from being exposed to the defence as court evidence.
    As my Uncle has said, in 30 years of medical service, he would never go before a court to testify purely on memory, when notes are available, because memory can be faulty - you either forget details, or mistakenly recall facts.

    Why were the HKL doctors forced to testify that Saiful's Anus was clean at the time of examination ?

    It is true, as the prosecution stated, that semen DNA has been recovered from rape victims up to 80 hours after the act. But that is from the female vagina - a relatively clean environment that evolution has created to be hospitable to sperm cells - women need live sperm to get pregnant, ya...

    Saiful's anus is a different story.

    You and I, ordinary mortals who eat 3 meals a day, if you don't shit for 2 days, the Anus would be full of You-know-what - a complex mixture full of bacteria and yeasts - not hospitable to extracting any usable seminal DNA.
    The only way they could make the "Anwar seminal DNA" fairy tale stick was to state that Saiful's anus was clean.

    But as I stated above, the whole Sodomy II story falls apart - it does not withstand the test of truth.

    My uncle called the 2 HKL doctors who testified Traitors to their profession.

    I wonder how they manage to sleep every night.
    If they are practicing Muslims, how do they make their peace with Allah ?

    1. Sodomy charges against Anwar were dismissed by the courts last year, so we needn't revisit the grubbier details of the alleged but now dismissed act.

      Thus this post is NOT about the alleged but legally dismissed act of sodomy. It's about Saiful's dad coming out to make a "repentant confession" and its kosher-ness. The issue I posed here for general discussion is how was he involved in the accusations, trials and immediate aftermath to be able to make such a "repentant confession".

    2. To help refresh your memory.....for someone who wants to criticise and cast aspersions, you and your Uncle - is it Uncle Pet ? - seem to be quite ignorant

      Saiful's father appeared beside him in the Kuala Lumpur mosque on August 15 , 2008 when he made the "Sumpah Laknat" accusing Anwar of sodomising him . It is one of the most serious oaths one can make in Islam, because it invites Allah to Damn the person if he is not telling the truth.
      The photo is below, there are also Videos on YouTube.

      Saiful's father also came out last year, Jan 11 2012, after the Sodomy II acquittal insisting the AG appeal Anwar's acquital.

    3. Is he a PKR member as goes the grapevine? afterall Saiful was also a PKR member


    Chandra says no need for regime change....

    BN lackeys are waking up to the likelihood there may well be regime change occuring in GE13...and making desperate calls to preserve the status quo.

    A hell of a lot of us, I don't know whether we are the majority, are in the mood to Fu*k BN.

  3. another stupid article, no gossiping konon.

    1. my dear HY, quite a step down from your usual style and quality of comments, wakakaka

    2. the basis of u saying that quite a step down is ….? let me guess…is it bec i disagree with u?

      the playing up of tbh, altantuya n sodomy 1234 is to cause an impact from commoners toward an ruthless, oppressive n corrupted government, n najib being the pm is the figurehead of this regime, hence become a target, r u that childish?

      if fair play and ethics is a way, we don’t have to enjoy the oppression / ridicule from that 2 old fella, one 22 years and one past 2 years, and c’mon, when ur writing talk nothing about anwar n pkr, u r just one stupid chinese dap supporter.

    3. wah and I presume you're one smart Chinese then, wakakaka

      but stupid as you accused me of being, I'm not prepared to buy and swallow wholesale anything from those Machiavellian princes and their G-Ds of 'truth' - check, question and verify, and don't blindly follow like lemmings lah, wakakaka

    4. nope, i didnt accuse u anything, reread again pls, i am saying only yr article that being critical to anwar n pkr get the mt host attention, the rest u r no diff from the stupid dap chinese supporter, according to his logic. seem to me to make presumption n speculating is yr fave.

      of course u dun have to swallow everything, and similar to u i dun trust a word from both father n son, we can just ignore both, however the fact we shall ask is who initiate the whole sodomy episode? y take the high moral grd to blame pkr when they r the victim? i am being literal now to reduce the misunderstood of my statement, the only reason i can think u take a position that the case is end (pending appeal though) is because one that suffer is not u, or yr family, or yr friend, ergo yr same reaction in tbh, altantuya n sodomy.

    5. Hua Yong,
      Your further comment would resulting in kaytee saying that you are strest. Remember this clown called Ellese. See how he defend BN with all his gallantry in spinning. Spin till kenna ban in din's blog
      Chill la

    6. oh my dearest looes, you shouldn't be so cynical wakakaka

  4. trevino kt, thanks.
    you hv a family?

    1. gosh, did I strike a raw nerve somewhere? wakakaka. I dread you and your mates being in power because you'll probably use the police and ISA to force me to shut up

  5. Aiya KT. Why waste time on Saiful and dad. It will not change Anwar's political fortune.
    There's a new boy Mohamed Fareez Kamal Intidzam who is in the news now.
    This 24 year old boy claimed of a special relationship with Anwar Ibrahim which made Azizah and Nurul Izzah jealous.
    He appeared on TV3 last night with wife and baby after making a police report that he was harassed by Mrs Anwar and daughter.
    Read the report on Free Malaysia today. Awaiting your comment on this hot off the press story.

    1. this sort of story is not my style - am only interested in political hypocrisy, political blackmail and money-ed politics

  6. How you spin. You said that Saiful and his dad were never on good term and not close, but according to Saiful (article on I stand by my accusation in MT) when asked about his relationship with his father, he said he was closed to his father and he just spoke to him about his cats. See how closed they are and even when Saiful swear in the mosque, his father was beside him (see the photo). And in the mainstream media, Saiful's father has said that he wanted justice for his son.

    So, whatever you said are just lies.

    1. nice way of getting justice for his son - what "motivated" him?

    2. Mr KTMoc, why are you discussing these sickening issues. I thought you are an intelligent and educated person. Bring up matters more worthwhile and interesting so that we can all learn and benefit. Maybe living at the foot of Penang hill must have suffocated you, go to the beach for some fresh air. And why do you like to insert wakakaka. Pardon me it is a bit silly.

    3. Tsk tsk, KT, in your comment just above you accused Looes74 of being cynical. Now you yourself are!

      You wrote: "nice way of getting justice for his son - what "motivated" him?"

      What motivated him? Why! the truth, of course, as the dad himself stated! If you want to believe otherwise, then you ARE being cynical! ;)

  7. Saiful appeal will end up getting nothing…… why not screw millions out of Anwar. wakakaka

  8. Sodo Me, Sodo You10:15 pm, March 10, 2013

    Sodomy II was always a political game - both for UMNO/Najib and Anwar's camp.
    In the political play and counterplay , with little more than a month left before the 12th Parliament automatically dissolves whether Najib is ready or not, the statement by Saiful's father Azlan Mohd Lazim has exploded like a nuclear bomb.

    Saiful's accusations were always directed discrediting Anwar Ibrahim in the conservative Malay rural heartland.

    Most liberal and educated urban Malays have already long consigned Sodomy II into the "conspiracy" basket.

    Azlan Mohd Lazim is, after all, Saiful's father. In the conservative Malay rural heartland, what Ayah has to say about his son Saiful carries a lot of weight.

    Saiful trying to discredit his father in return is a big No-no and carries the risk of himself being labelled as an unfilial son.

    The grapevine and innuendoes about Azlan's past relationship, or lack of, with his son are just that.

    Unless something concrete surfaces, such as solid proof of Azlan being paid off by people linked to PKR, or proof of his PKR membership, the latest statement from the Father effectively checkmates Sodomy II politically.

    What's left for Anwar's people is how effectively they can spread the word nationwide, since the MSM has totally blacked out any existence of Azlan's press conference and statement, and Internet access is still lacking in rural areas.

    1. ... which has been why Saiful was careful not to criticize his father (probably on advice by his lawyer) though he must be livid that he was betrayed by his old man

  9. Please do not be unfair to our sex perverts in politics.

    They, too, are gatal sikit (or banyak)and have a need to satify their lustful perversions. Wearing traditional garments does not make one less of a sex pervert. But toleration is the key. Load them up with wives and soon they will a surfeit of it and if there is anything to aversion therapy, cured. If not they will snuff out their mortal coil and head for paradise with any number of virgins to gambol with. Let's not speak of the netherworld where many of them will surely fill.

    Mari kita semua "Gatal Sikit'. It has such a nice ring to it, doesn't it.

  10. Hmmm, so you said. This Fareez's story has all the elements of hypocrisy, blackmail and money politics of Anwar and family. It will soon grow in proportion to Saiful's story which I have discussed at length in pro-Pakatan blogs.
    Saiful is passe. This guy is the new Saiful. You will soon be in the rigmarole when all blogs write about this 24 year also jambu boy..

  11. The French and Italians are very relaxed about their top leaders being "Gatal Sikit".

    Its understood and almost expected that powerful leaders also have strong libido.
    If they need to have some side R&R recreational activities for stress relief, as long as its consensual, most people hardly bother about it.

    1. But they don't claim to be mullahs or wannabe mullahs

  12. This morning its March 11, 2013. 5 years and 3 days since we last exercised our right to vote.

    Is this still a legitimate government ? Strictly by the letter of the law, maybe, but not the spirit of the constitution.
    We have all been effectively disenfranchised.

    A caretaker government by right is just a caretaker - ensure the rubbish still gets collected, the police still enforce the law, civil servants still get paid, hospitals still run.
    But no more major new contract awards, no more new projects announced.
    In developed democracies, such acts would be considered attempts to pervert the outcome of an election, and the ruling party could land in big legal trouble.

    1. Dear Adman,

      Need we even to ask if this is a legit government or whether we have been disenfranchised or whether all our elections outcomes have been perverted ? Not for nothing our government has been shouting itself hoarse "Malaysia Boleh", ha ha ha ha.

  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I distinctly remember seeing news reports during the time the Sodomy II trial was underway, which had the father regularly attend court hearings as a way of giving emotional support for his son.

  14. Sodo Me, Sodo You4:50 pm, March 11, 2013

    Wow ! Ktemoc, you are prescient !

    However, if taking what is said at face value, Azlan is joining PKR 4 days after his press conference, so his statement on his son's alleged involvement in a conspiracy was not done as a member of the party..

    Of course, nothing surrounding Sodomy II is ever safe to consider at face value....

    PKR, is as usual acting as a vacuum cleaner, sucking up all kinds of riff-raff and misfits....