Saturday, March 16, 2013

Philippines senator threatens WAR?

TMI's Claimed Sabah abuses may warrant Philippine troop entry, says lawmaker reported:

KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 ― The Philippines may be entitled to deploy troops to Sabah to rescue Filipinos allegedly in danger from a Malaysian operation to flush out Sulu gunmen there, according to a Philippine senator.

Philippine private broadcaster ABS-CBN News quoted Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago as claiming that the republics armed forces were allowed to rescue their citizens if Malaysia could not guarantee their safety, although international law barred the use of force.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“As much as possible, we want to avoid the use of force,” Santiago was quoted by ABS-CBN’s website as saying yesterday.

“But if this is the attitude of Malaysia ... then we shall avail of the exception,” said the former chair of the Philippine Senate’s foreign relations committee, adding that using force would be the Philippines’ last resort.

Senator, it'll be fucking WAR if Filipino armed forces enter our territory.

Both countries have agreed that it was within Putrajaya’s rights to defend its borders after appeals for negotiations were met with stubborn refusal from the Kiram clan that is laying an ancestral claiming on Sabah.

So Senator, go back to your books and learn about the rights of a sovereign nation!

Santiago also condemned Malaysia’s use of fighter jets and air strikes to flush out the Sulu militants in Lahad Datu, Sabah, last week, saying: “It’s like using a scud missile to kill a fly.”

Senator, we Malaysians love to swat f**king filthy flies who tortured, murdered and mutilated our policemen, and our only regret is that we cannot overdo the ways to swat those mongrel f**king filthy Filipino flies, so ...... be grateful we just used the equivalent of your 'scud'.

we must never forget the heinous crimes
of those barbarous Filipino terrorists


  1. Many politicians are publicity whores, they will never give up on a chance to appear in the news especially when they think it will buff up their image with the public.

  2. Oh oh.......melayu lawan melayu, within and outside our borders. Malay unity ? Lawan tetap lawan.....hidup melayus

  3. Here are some basic facts :
    a. There are many eyewitness descriptions and reports of serious human rights abuses by Malaysian security forces against Filipino citizens in Sabah since the recent tragedy. Beatings, threats of death and injury, threats of rape against women.
    b. There are too many unrelated reports to dismiss them as just exaggerations , tall tales or concocted stories.
    c. Filipinos legally in Sabah, with valid Permanent Resident Mykads or passports with valid work permits or entry visas have had their documents destroyed by Malaysian security forces in raids, effectively rendering them into "illegals" , then subjecting them to abusive treatment and threats as illegals.
    d. As a sovereign nation, the Philippines has a right to demand Malaysia explain those incidents.
    e. As a sovereign nation, the Philippines has a right to demand Malaysia stop the mistreatment and human rights abuses against its citizens who are legally in Malaysian territory.
    f. In the last resort, the Philippines has a right to employ appropriate actions to protect its citizen who are being subject to illegal actions by Malaysian security forces.

    Its bit rich for Ktemoc to play the Ultra-Malaysian patriot act from an ocean away in Sydney , Australia.

    1. u r a katak dibawah tempurung, believing only Malaysians who stay at home can speak for Malaysia

    2. I really really can't understand those who just can't get into their heads that malaysians working and living in another country ( for whatever making a living, being with their foreign spouses, on foreign postings or assignments, etc etc )...that malaysians living AWAY from their homeland HAVE THE RIGHT to be patriotic or make comments on any issues affecting their own country !

      It would be even too simplistic to blame the dismal education system for such moronic thinking. It's bad enough that we have to face the great possibility our country going bankrupt with the kind of leadership we currently have, but must we also endure such bankrupt-minded individuals who's so nauseatingly righteous-sounding, as though they and they alone are entitled. Ptui !

    3. Katak dibawah tempurung ? On the contrary, I have been to more places in the world than I care to count, and I have met many Malaysians overseas, which is where I come in here.
      I don't begrudge you your right to comment on Malaysian affairs, and I'm not painting you as disloyal.
      Those who have moved away from Malaysia permanently - and that by definition excludes students, those on foreign postings or assignments, those just doing a particular job overseas - a majority of those PERMANENTLY away , from my experience, stay put in their foreign land permanently at least partly because coming back to live in Malaysia would be distasteful.

      Either economic opportunities, the social or political situation. I'm not criticising them as such - that is their private matter, just don't try to put on that Ultra-patriot act in public.

      Its not credible on such people and my bullshit detector goes into overdrive.

    4. Good to speculate which invites my speculation that you're a pro Filipino-in-Sabah - though currently one isn't sure of the changing alliances among the new Blue IC holders, whether such a creature is from UMNO (supporting Najib's 'fixed deposit') or PKR (supporting 'transferred deposit')

      My speculation to match your speculation

  4. Philippines and Malaysia should not fight. They should not declare any war since they are neighbor countries and both asians.
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