Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Malaysia's goosey goosey gander story

Najib has been regularly if not constantly accused of (sometimes) murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu, or (sometimes) being complicit in the murder of Altantuyaa, or (sometimes) having a wife who was involved in the murder of Altantuyaa, or (sometimes) having a wife who was at the murder scene to supervise the demolition of Altantuyaa's corpse, or (sometimes) the father of Altantuyaa's unborn baby ... so on so forth.

Initially his guilt was by grapevine accusative allusions, but which become more firm with the statutory declaration of a private investigator Perumal Balasubramaniam (Bala).

Bala made the accusation against Najib and even included a salacious titbit about Altantuyaa being partial to sex in her behind, this puerile information during a period when someone was accused again of sodomy (who knows whether the salacious titbit was to serve as some form of equalizing and/or compensating morality?).

It was a declaration based on he was allegedly told by Razak Baginda, who Bala said was in turn allegedly told by Najib, who Bala said was in turn allegedly told by Altantuyaa herself (the enjoyable 'in her behind' bit) - all these from a chain of information told by and known only by Bala.

Man suffered a lot, personally and financially
I wonder how he sustained his family and himself in India
as well as flying here and there
hope at least his children continue to attend good schooling
available at international schools in most countries

am not brilliant with house keeping expenses but I guess-timate
Bala needs at least RM20,000 a month - help him if you can

And that's why Najib is guilty as hell, until he can be proven innocent.

Furthermore, his guilt is 'confirmed' by his own silence on the allegations ... though I distinctively saw on TV Najib telling a western reporter (Australian, I believe) that there was no truth in the murder allegations.

But then, if we admit he wasn't silent about the accusations, it would f* up the desired depth of 'guilt' that we want people to see in him. So I suppose it's best we continue with the urban legend that Najib kept silent despite all the allegations and accusations.

Incidentally, is it true Najib had also sworn on the Qu'ran that he didn't have anything to do with Altantuyaa?

I can't be sure about this because I am a bit careful about touching on Muslim politicians swearing on Qu'ran as some politicians and a very new political party member have shown they have been leery of and possessed very distinctive disquiet dislike about swearing on the Qu'ran.

It's sad and also unfortunate for us that Indonesian former president (Gus Dur), who came to Malaysia during the Permatang Pauh by-election to enlighten us about swearing on the Qu'ran, had passed away, or you would be able to confirm with him if you don't believe me.

However, I did a bit of research on the taking of oath by the Qu’ran, and obtain the following:

Scholars, looking at the fact that the Qur’an is also an attribute of Allah, considered an oath taken by the Qur’an to be valid.

Imam al-Haskafi (Allah have mercy on him), said in his Durr: Kamal (ibn al-Humam, the great Hanafi Mujtahid) said:
“Let it be known that the taking of an oath by the Qur’an is something that has become customary, thus it would be considered a valid oath.”

Allama Ibn Abidin (Allah have mercy on him) explained the above by stating: “This is based on the fact that the Qur’an is the Speech of Allah, thus it will be considered to be one of His attributes.” (Radd al-Muhtar ala al-Durr al-Mukhtar, 3/712).

Anyway, let's move on regardless of whether Najib has sworn and others refused to swear on the Qu'ran, because as I have said, Najib is guilty until proven otherwise.

Besides, he has himself to blame for as we have been informed he has 'kept silent' on the slew of accusations against him ........ regardless of what had actually happened (his repudiations in TV interviews, etc).

Besides, Bala is the PKR's new G-D of 'truth' so there should not be any further argument against his 'revelations'.

He is not only a G-D of 'truth' but a hero who has been welcomed back to Malaysia in the last of his several trips back to Malaysia, wakakaka, by none other than Sivarasa Rasiah, The missing man in the Altantuyaa story, and garlanded by PKR members, a ceremonial honour reserved only for Anwar Ibrahim on the PKR side and Najib on the BN-UMNO side (used to be Mahathir, and Samy Vellu - oh how these two must have missed this form of adulation! wakakaka)

Sivarasa about to garland Bala - 'thunderous applause' please

To borrow and paraphrase one of Mr Americk Singh Sidhu's wonderful erudite brilliant phrases on truth, "Bala has said so".

And the G-D of 'truth' just proclaimed to us His 11th Commandment, that "We cannot simply send two innocent policemen to the gallows."

Innocent? But then, he's a G-D, isn't he?

Meanwhile, RPK has made allegations of Bala issuing his first SD following an alleged financial inducement to do so from Anwar Ibrahim for the princely sum of RM700,000 - see RPK's The Deepak-Bala marriage: in Deepak’s own words.

Has Anwar denied this silly allegation by RPK? As far as I can gather, Anwar has been deafeningly silent.

Look, maybe the Great Man might not even be aware.

Can someone please please please inform him to do so as soon as possible as he may be in danger of falling into the same situation as Najib, that is, for not repudiating the adverse allegations against him (though of course in Najib's case, he did repudiate the allegations against him on the murder of Altantuyaa in an interview with an Australian reporter, and as I was informed, swore on the Qu'ran he wasn't involved in her murder).

And then there was the rather overt, aggressively in-your-face and inflammatory accusations against Anwar Ibrahim by Yuktes Vijay as reported in Malaysia-Today's The real story of Anwar’s Sodomy 2 ( Part 1), which apart from information about the Saiful case, mentioned something about Astroboy and e-mails, presumably by someone to Astroboy, or vice versa?

Yes, can someone please please please inform Anwar to immediately deny this, or sue the sh*t out of Vijay, or at least lodged a complaint, a qazaf under Islamic law, with the Syariah Court against Yuktes Vijay.

Then it'd be beholden on the Syariah Court to probe into Vijay's undoubtedly ‘false allegations’.

Under syariah laws, Vijay will be required to produce four credible witnesses (must be all male) to back up his accusations of what happened to Saiful and where necessary, the alleged Astroboy.

If Vijay fails to do so, he will declared a fasid or unreliable person. The penalty is three years imprisonment, or a fine up to RM5,000, for bearing false witness.

What? Vijay is not a Muslim and has no standing or won't even be allowed to appear in the Syariah Court?

Well, that'll kowtim the whole silly allegations accusations by Vijay then. G-D is truly great.

Besides, there was a precedent for this which I blogged in cleaning the Augean stables.

Oh BTW, is there a PKR run restaurant somewhere? I feel like having roast gander tonight. I wonder whether it'll be as good as the roast goose I had last week? 

Goosey goosey gander,
Where shall I wander?
Up stairs and down stairs,
In the hypocrites' chamber?


  1. Anwarista Lawyer11:43 am, March 13, 2013

    Yuktes Vijay ?
    He's an Internet fraud - not much different from those Nigerians who have huge amount they desparetelyneed to share with you.
    No real "lawyer" would ever reveal the contents of his work on a case, whether he likes it or not. Unless he has found some other lucrative lifelong source of income (obvious "grin"), he would be worried about disbarment from the legal profession.

    In the course of a long legal career, I have taken cases that , at a personal level, I'm thoroughly sure the accused were innocent, and others that I came to reaise they were Guilty.
    It doesn't matter.

    Having taken on the cases, I did my professional job to the best of my ability, and I will never, ever reveal the privileged information I obtained in the course of a case. And the Legal Professions Act ensures that I cannot be legally compelled to do so, though the UMNO Police regularly try to interrogate and otherwise intimidate lawyers who act for Opposition figures.

    I would say, obviously, there isn't evidence to accuse Najib of murdering Altantuya. But there is enough information , available in the public domain, to raise serious questions whether Very Senior people in the Malaysian government were involved in some way with her murder.

    By the way, plenty of lawyers who followed the trial think so too, just that they don't say it out in public.


    Bravo to Bala...he's a brave man.
    Someone was asking me how come Bala is walking around free ? Why don't they arrest him ?

    My answer - for what offence ?

    1. Najib is most fortunate Bala didn't die from his heart problem, or that would have been another murder attributed to him, wakakaka. Therein is Bala's protection, where once he made his SD and regular accusations against Najib, Najib couldn't ever touch him. In fact it now becomes incumbent on Najib to pray that Bala doesn't die, wakakaka

  3. In today's political battle contenders who choose to remain above board themselves scout for kamikaze warriors.The most apt of such warriors are bankrupts and convicts who have nothing to lose and biding their time to death.However,if an opportunity knocks to make surprise gains they are ever willing to be the kamikaze warriors.Such are Bala,Deepak and Azlan.PKR lawyers realise this very well and that is why such people are useful and even garlanded like heroes.Now you can imagine guys who almost gave up life are rejuvenated with money,posh hotels,travellings and the glitters of media publicity.Such people are pitted against the likes of PM Najib.How do you expect the PM to react? There are the school which say he needs to reply accordingly but there is also the school that advise to ignore.I opine that one has to reply according to necessity.Such fabrications are expected to be continuous and hence any respond will be drawn into bigger confusion.Where a respond can clarify public mind,then it is useful and worthwhile.So you now can identify hopelessly alive individuals,ex-convicts and bankrupts making their way in the Malaysian political scene.

    1. great analysis. the new G-D's of 'truth' replace the old surat layang wakakaka

  4. Dear KT, Kudos to you for bringing this explosive email from one Yuktes Vijay to the attention of your readers.

    This man that you love so much to write about deserves to be called a Towering Malay as he not only occupy an inordinate amount of news space domestically but he is also very well-known internationally. Malaysia, and especially our very nationalistic and beloved Tun Mahathir, should only be so proud to have produced this Towering Malay! ;) But, of course, he is not the only one, there are others, too.

    Now, this Towering Colossus is known to have a penchant for hurling multi-million ringgit law suits at those he considered as having slandered him. So, the question now is - will he do the same to this Mr. Vijay, especially as Vijay has openly challenged him to meet him in court.

    Over at the Syedsoutsidethebox blog, the writer has often pointed out that one Ummi Hafilda has been dogging the tracks of the Great Renaissance Man and uttering not very complimentary words about him publicly and yet The Renaissance Man seems to studiously and very uncharacteristically abstain from engaging with her in any way, either to refute her charges or see her in court. In fact, that blog has been hammering at this fact indefatigably.

    So, the question that begs to be asked is - what gives?

  5. Your good friend talking

    Ok I believe you would say......see RPK is right about you guys

    1. Okay then as you proposed, see, RPK is right about you guys, wakakaka

    2. That includes you too......

      I would rather be like Hisham Rais.......

      Heard of Salami Tactics

      Just wondering why Sabah RCI extended

  6. Kaytee,
    Looks as if somebody is very confident. Are you one of the factor?

    1. he wrote: As for Chinese support time around, he said BN is confident of increased support compared to the general election in 2008 which recorded a decline.

      may be true in Kedah and Pandan but I doubt elsewhere

    2. Kalau konfiden pasti menang, sudah tentu Najib dah panggil pilihanraya.

      Dah Mac 13, maksudnya, tak konfiden...

    3. Why are you so sure another one of your lover boy, OTK will win? Not when Najib has decided to endorse him over MCA sponsored candidate. You really think that Kala fellow in Hulu Selangor is repeatable

  7. Between the Devil and a Turquoise Sea4:42 pm, March 13, 2013

    Contrary to what some have written here, we are NOT caught between a Rock and a Hard place.
    I'm very clear who I'm voting for.
    My current MP is from PKR, and as far as I'm concerned, she and her party are doing a great job.

    1. Know why they recommend standing at least 6 feet away from a picture to appreciate it more fully ? The bigger the picture, the further away one must stand from it to get it all in.

      So, standing too close makes one myopic.....unable to see the wood for the trees. Get the big picture ? Your Turquoise Sea might turn out to be a sea of green serpents, wa ka ka ka.

  8. Between the Devil and a Turquoise Sea5:08 pm, March 13, 2013

    This is good stuff, coming from your favourite person ("grin").

  9. First, lets us get the elections over with!! With the constant barrage of videos, news, now even mini wars (where there are real casualties and where politicians make living for the family members more hellish), our steam is getting more flaccid.

    Second, Just hang the two Mongols, sorry Mongrels (no disrespect for the dead but...) Treat it like a drive by shooting gone wrong

    Third, this may be up (sorry, not as in up, up) KT's territory - lex talionis.

    Finally, after (1) - (4), we let the cards fall where they fall... The shake-up will surprise if not shock many. Finally, using KT's sagely thinking, right will be right and hopefully, wrong will not be worst.

  10. You are parroting RPK. Your originality has given in to unsubstantiated and biased claims about the partially unpaid rm700k of which was said to have been promised by A to B. There is not a shred of evidence and yet you had parrotted the same blatantly unsubstantiated claim.

    Why are clever well read and well bred like you guys going senseless???

  11. Funny a totally unintended way, you may be one of the huge army who are helping to raise Anwar Ibrahim's profile.

    Day In, Day Out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everywhere on the MSM, on the Internet its Anwar this, Anwar publicity.

    Surely you realise, for a politician like Anwar, generally any news is good news...its poor Najib who is having trouble getting his message across in spite of his Billion Dollar publicity machine.
    Anwar gets his publicity free of charge...

    1. actually you're grossly mistaken. this post is not so much about Anwar but the double standard hypocrisy of his followers, as well as their gullibility

  12. This is intended to you & RPK

  13. rpk full time job is to make allegation, in this respect, seem there are tacit among the many worst umno man, and also the ex, to ignore such boring stuff, that shall include the so call 'logical' speculating which is pretty close to vacuous twaddle.

    we believe in taking a first step to create a system / break through that allow the people to kick out an arrogant / non performing government, and to demonstrate that a change of government not necessary lead us to chaos and regress which the incumbent want us to believe, we therefore emphasize the competition and comparison among two coalition, unlike some that keep harping on personalities ignoring the fact that our political reality disregard individual's opinion albeit a sane one. this fence shitter only shit is the chasing after strawmen and ghosts that the very real perils facing our country go unnoticed, and the most ironic part is that many of them don't even live here.

    1. wah, HY, you've assumed the lamentable mentality of the EC, that Malaysians not living in the country should have less say (eg. less eligibility to vote)

    2. I said 'ironic', not entirely relevant or correct, but 'ironic', the people that don't live here calling us gullible as if he know more than us. See, this is the problems when they try to extrapolate and speculating without understand what we said.

      Ps/ I dun have a clear stance yet pertaining vote from overseas, I can't say ellese pov is entirely not sensible, I prefer to read more on this.

    3. Advocating policies instead of personalities

      I thought that was what RPK advocating.....Still can't get over with your sister's cat

      Looks who's talking......Defend DAP la.....Even Sak also do that

    4. True looes, I'm in support of that, but can we separate "covert" policies (as is practised by UMNO) from some personalities. When the general person talks about polices he/she is talking about public policies, not the ketuanan type of covert policies like Project IC and Forex gambling. Unfortunately some personalities have the same genes as some lamentable UMNO personalities, wakakaka

    5. oh dear oh dear my dearest HY, you have painted your own self into a corner by now saying "the people that don't live here calling us gullible as if he know more than us", thus implying Malaysians who work abroad know less than those who live in Malayisa about contemporary politics back home.

    6. "implying Malaysians who work abroad know less than those who live in Malayisa about contemporary politics back home"

      Of course they do...those of us who worked in the remote sensing business (nothing to do with politics) call it "Ground Truth".
      There are aspects to a situation especially nuances, difference in magnitude if not in kind, which can only be really be understood if you "smell the air".

      Vicarious knowledge, reports, internet information, even if pursued systematically, only gets you so far.

      I never accept anyone who is not there to talk down to me on any situation which I have personal experience of.

    7. "smell the air" wakakaka

      Malaysians who work abroad do return home, do have families, relatives and friends they chat with on phones, Skype, internet etc


    Completely unrealistic pay and benefits for government employees was one of the root causes of the Economic meltdown of Greece and Spain. Malaysia is heading that way if nothing changes.

    One of the rare areas where both BN/UMNO and Pakatan Rakyat (especially PAS and PKR) are equally blind.


    Tian Chua charged with sedition.

    I don't have a high regard for Tian Chua....but I'm afraid BN/UMNO just ensured he gets reelected as Batu MP in GE13.
    Sedition Act is one of those "Badges of Honour" that is de rigeur for Opposition figures.

    1. only charged - yet to be found guilty by court

  16. "Completely unrealistic pay and benefits for government employees was one of the root causes of the Economic meltdown of Greece and Spain. Malaysia is heading that way if nothing changes.

    One of the rare areas where both BN/UMNO and Pakatan Rakyat (especially PAS and PKR) are equally blind." Rocketman

    Nothing is too good for "orang kita" lah ! Someone said when the oil runs out, the malays will eat grass.