Monday, March 04, 2013

Chinese policemen

As you may be aware, I have recently added A Kadir Jasin's blog (The Scribe) to my blogroll to widen the availability of political views. Pak Kadir held various high level management posts in the UMNO controlled news media.

I had indirectly crossed swords with him over at the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) website in March 2010 when it carried his article I wish to remain a Malay. Then I decided to answer him with my I wish to remain a Malaysian wakakaka.

There's no denying he's a pro UMNO blogger, and I respect his political preference.

But when I read his latest post titled Sabah Incursion: Hang the traitors, I was terribly disappointed by Pak Kadir's tone in the opening paragraphs of his blog post, which stated:

As has always been the case, when we send our policemen and soldiers into battle and are killed or injured, the chances are they are Melayus and Bumiputeras.

Perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they too can die for one Malaysia.

I would like to draw your and especially his attention to the huge sacrifices Chinese Malaysians have made for their country while serving in the Royal Malaysian Police Force.

But before I come to that, it may be worthwhile to ask ourselves why in the recent tragedy in the Lahad Datu and Semporna areas in eastern Sabah, there has been no Chinese police death. 

Not that I wish for Chinese death or for that matter, any Malaysian deaths, but we, especially Pak Kadir, must be honest and ask ourselves why the casualties have been confined to the Malay policemen.

But then Pak Kadir answered that himself when he suggested that “Perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they too can die for one Malaysia” but in a regretful tone that sounds caustic, unfair and indeed morbid.

Alright then, who’s to be blamed for the Malays currently bearing all the greatest sacrifice to their nation?

Surely not the Chinese for back then in 'less divisive' days we depended heavily (though not solely) on mainly Chinese policemen (and women) in the Special Branch to win our war against the insurrection of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).

Then the head of the SB Division (a two-star bloke) was always a Chinese but which practice ended together with the end of the Malaysian Emergency (probably because the Chinese were no longer required after the defeat of the MCP).

Yes, the sad fact today is that both the Police and Armed Forces (and the Malaysian Civil Services) have not been earnest or sincere in recruiting non-Malays as they used to do in the earlier 'less divisive' days. We sense we the Chinese and Indian Malaysians (other than a token few for window dressing) aren't welcomed in these institutions.

But to answer Pak Kadir's seeming jeer, we should remember and I would encourage him to be decent and acknowledge his recognition of our Chinese Police heroes of yesteryears, stalwarts such as:

  • Yeoh Chew Bik (killed by CT at Sebarang Perai)
  •  Koh Ah Cheng (killed by CT at Bukit Kepong police Station)

    Ironically the communist assailants were led by a Malay Communist, Muhammad Indera - not unlike today's Muslim-Filipino Malay assailants of our 8 policemen
  • Loh Ah Chu (killed by CT at Bukit Berapit, Perak)
  • Chan Eng Teck (killed by CT at Bukit Berapit, Perak)
  • Ang Lock Say (killed by CT at Bukit Berapit, Perak)
  • Yeap Sean Hua (killed on duty while apprehending a criminal at Setapak; another policeman Fong Thean Kit who was off duty but heard the shot gave chase and apprehended the killer)

    Important note
    : Both Yeap (posthumously) and Fong were awarded Malaysia’s highest gallantry award, the
    Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP)

SP - awarded for act of extreme bravery and valor 

  • Chin Chin Kooi (Special Branch Chief Inspector who served in the Police Force for 21 years - shot at point blank range and killed by unknown slayers, probably CT; before he died he managed to shoot back)

    Important note
    : Chin was posthumously awarded the
    Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP)

  • Lee Han Cheong (a Sergeant and PFF patrol leader was killed by CT near Bidok)
  • DCP Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong (killed by communist subversive in Perak)

Two other Special Branch police officers who are still alive today were awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), namely SP Paul Kiong and DSP Sia Boon Chee.

Without exaggeration, I would consider these two officers’ contributions (presumably still under secret classification) as pivotal to the defeat of the communist terrorist movement in Peninsula Malaysia.

Thus 5 Chinese police officers were awarded the nation's highest gallantry award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), with two posthumously. I hope Pak Kadir takes note of this.

Then there were Chinese in the Armed Forces who showed their loyalty to their nation by making the ultimate sacrifices, TUDM officers like the late Lt Choo Yoke Boo and the late Lt Chang Tatt Min who were both awarded the Panglima (or Pingat) Gagah Berani (PGB) posthumously. It's said that the PGB is next in gallantry honours to the SP.

PGB - awarded for act of extreme bravery and valor 

One Ranger officer, 2nd Lt David Fu Chee Ming who I believe is still alive today, was also awarded the PGB.

2nd Lt David Fu was the Platoon Commander of 8th Platoon of C Company, 4th Battalion Royal Rangers who was tasked and placed in the Tanah Hitam area of Perak to track and destroy the enemy in his sector of operation. This was the citation for his award of the Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB):

On the 27th August 1970, his platoon of 24 men made contact with a group of about 70 enemy combatants. The enemy unknowingly had entered his sector. Thus started a heavy and intensive battle lasting 7 hours. Under his unwavering leadership, the men fought on, successfully killed 4 of the enemy. His patrol did not suffer any casualties.

For his outstanding gallantry and bravery in the finest traditions of the Ranger Corps he was bestowed with the
 Pingat Gagah Berani, by the King.

He left after exemplary service as a Captain.

Then there was Captain Mohana Chandran al Velayuthan, like 2nd Lt David Fu also of 4th Battalion Royal Rangers.

Captain Chandran was posthumously awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP) on 3 June 1971.

His citation for the SP read:

Leading a unit of ten men of the 4th Battalion Royal Rangers on a reconnaissance mission in the vicinity of the Ulu Kinta forest (Perak), he happened upon a group of CT numbering approximately 40 men. This occurred on the tenth day of their mission and 4 hours after they had located the first enemy tracks.

Coming under murderous fire after detection by an enemy sentry Captain Chandran rallied his squad and advanced on the enemy. The encounter with the well-entrenched enemy led to the death of Captain Chandran at the age of 27.

Alas, Pak Kadir has not been unlike Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi, who on 09 Nov 2010, as to be expected for the archetypical UMNO ‘patriots’, stated in response to a question in Parliament that the low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military could be due to the Chinese and Indians [being] 'not patriotic enough'.

Zahid Hamidi, once a very close ally of Anwar Ibrahim and the man who accused Dr Mahathir of corruption and cronyism in an alleged impatient move by the Anwar faction in UMNO to nudge then-PM Dr M out for Anwar’s final ascendancy to the PM’s post, abandoned his allegiance to Anwar after the former DPM was ejected from UMNO, to pay loyalty to Dr Mahathir.

He is hardly an appropriate person to talk about patriotism or loyalty.

In fact, given his disloyalty to initially his (then) party president Dr Mahathir and then his mentor and 'friend' Anwar Ibrahim, he should be the last person in UMNO to ever moralise about loyalty.

I wonder where were these pro UMNO and UMNO Malay 'patriots', people like Pak Kadir and Zahid Hamidi, when the above Chinese Malaysians made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, Malaysia?

As Aldous Huxley informed us: "One of the great attractions of patriotism - it fulfills our worst wishes. In the person of our nation we are able, vicariously, to bully and cheat. Bully and cheat, what's more, with a feeling that we are profoundly virtuous."

Note: My letter to Malaysiakini on same topic though more brief has been published less than an hour ago, as Chinese M'sians, too, have died for one Malaysia


  1. agree with some points but many Chinese and Indian reluctant to join armed forces due to low pay compared if they work in private sectors or business, strict discipline, long working hours etc etc etc. And they demand for HIGHER POSTS, only want to be higher rank officers. Maybe you can encourage them especially SPM leavers start joining armed forces from today??? we acknowledge the PAST CONTRIBUTION, but how about PRESENT and FUTURE?

    1. in the past, the pay was worse, yet many non-Malays joined, people like my uncles. Two unlces joined as only private, one in FACR (Armour) and one in Engineers - both became Sgts.

      One granduncle in SB, a police Sgt, was assassinated by CT. One granduncle actually joined a British infantry unit. Another granduncle joined the FRU (Police - he said it was better than SB as he didn't have to look around all the time for CT assassins. The one assassinated was his cousin).

      Today there are many non-Malays wishing to join - no different from yesteryears as the Armed Forces and Police provide excellent careers. But many has found the "doors closed" to them. Maybe the Armed Forces and Police careers are too popular and over subscribed.

  2. His blog article has not been withdrawn.

    First, why target only Chinese in his piece? Why not include Indians? Is this targeting (politically)only one group?

    Second, that sensitive sentence follows shortly with "hanging traitors." As a season journalist & proficient in the Queen's language, he understands word associations and how sentences are connected. As a season newspaper man, its a poignant piece.

    Third. Chinese & Indians can't even get a job selling stamps if they wanted. Besides the excuse of low paying jobs, the knife cuts both ways. In the GOOD old days, Chinese & Indians were allowed to enrol to the Royal Militry College where graduates went on to be high ranking officers. There were Indian admirals in the navy. Even till today, there are high ranking officers in the police who are non-Malays. Is there political will to recruit more? Or to open the civil service (eg. tax dept, finance dept, foreign service, ok.. even JKR, Jabatan Air). There was a healthy mix from Merdeka up till the early 80's). Even Rukun Tertangga is no longer emphasized (which was compulsory and built racial cohension for neighbourhood safety especially in today's crime rates....)

    1. the sad truth is that in the years since Dr M took over, the non-Malays have been gradually marginalised

  3. A good read!

    The reason i bought NST every Saturday (?) were because i do not want to miss every piece of Other Thots, i often perceived NST a much better daily, partly due to Kadir Jasin column, just like i read Raja Petra MT for it significant role in educating Malaysian youth (or aged) to discard the bigot and prejudice of race and religion, and deeply share Helen Ang CPI and Mkini column sympathetic write up that never cease to pursue the rights of the weaker and vulnerable group.

    But I feel pain to read their writes today!

  4. If the Chinese and Indians were to join the military ... would they be considered BUMIs or still second class citizens? Would they be invited to go back to China and India, respectively once their public services are over ????

  5. My unc told me this story. In Hussein Onn's PM-ship days, when some housing estates complained that the 30% of the houses reserved for bumis were not taken up, Hussein told them to sell them to police and armed forces nons because he said that as far as he was concerned, they were bumis too. My unc was a beneficiary of his inclusiveness. Unfortunately for nons he was the last of the inclusive PMs.

  6. My extended family had members who served in the police, army and RMAF. That was in the 1960's and early 1970's. The watershed was 1969 and the NEP.
    After that, no youngster among the relatives has seen it appropriate to join the armed forces of a country that actively discriminates against them on the grounds of ethnicity and considers them "pendatang".
    There are also deeper cultural mores involved. The corruption, abuse of power and cruelty towards its own people shown by the military in China during the waning years of the Manchu Dynasty, the Warlord era and the Kuomintang led to a social stigma attached to military service among the Chinese - good sons don't join the army.
    One of the minor social engineering objectives of Singapore's National Service was originally to uproot this convention among its majority Chinese population. It has succeeded to the extent that a Reservist's military rank has become a status symbol among many men, quite apart from their title or position in their civilian jobs.

    1. the first emperor of song dynasty was in fact a general, he knew what a general can do to his throne, their policy was to discourage officer with military background, they prefer intellectual and non-stop talking literati. qing also implement various obstacle to discourage and prevent the chinese to become army to ensure the Manchu reign. ergo govt policies is the crux, beware of all this batu api that write shit.

  7. Ktemoc,
    Have watched this video? Have you heard what Musa Hassan criticising DAP supremo of playing politics? You as a DAP supporter numero uno, what the fuck you are going to do with it?
    Again are you colluding with Najib? Everybody is criticising Najib. you seems to be very quiet. You never question Najib. Is Najib your benefactor?

    1. kt continuously mum on this issue is not a good sign. i hope looes analyse is wrong wakaka

    2. I believe I have included my take on Najib's earlier silence and non action in a couple of my more recent posts, that he was nursing his 'fixed deposits' (the Bangsamoro nouvelle voters in Sabah. At that time he was pissing off Peninsulaans and the real (not imported) Sabahans.

      He was of course looking after his own political interests - see my post which explains (my thoughts) on what prompted his final action

  8. While Kaytee screwing Anwar, serious questions being asked on LGE

    Again as a DAP supporter, what is your stand?


    "Philippine media reports that Malaysian fighters jets had erroneously dropped bombs on their own 'friendly' positions.."

    The F/A-18 is one of the most feared ground attack aircraft in the world, used with deadly precision accuracy in the hands of skilled pilots and forward air controllers (FAC) in Afghanistan - just ask the Taliban.. .....but it seems Malaysian pilots can't aim...

    1. Do you believe the Sulu Sultan's spokesperson (who provided that news to the Filipino media)? There's no report of casualty among Malaysians in the ops.

    2. Well, I know I don't really believe the utterences of the Malaysian Home Affairs Minister, Defence Minister, and Inspector General of Police. So many of their earlier statements of this "non-crisis" have turned out to be whisps of hot fart.
      Pinoys couldn't be any worse.


    "soldiers combing across a wide area of hilly plantation country were yet to find any dead militants" - clueless IGP

    I told you Malaysian Biro TataNegara-trained F/A-18 pilots can't aim properly.

    1. air power in our terrain has limitations as the USAF discovered in Vietnam. Ultimately it has to be ground troops to clear an area reported to be as large as Singapore (if those interlopers slipped through the immediate area.


    SAK AK47 didn't mince his words. F/A-18 bombs hit empty huts.

    1. TUDM strike pilots could only target what they were informed to target - not their responsibility to ensure there were enemies within

  12. "Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi, who on 09 Nov 2010, as to be expected for the archetypical UMNO ‘patriots’, stated in response to a question in Parliament that the low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military could be due to the Chinese and Indians [being] 'not patriotic enough" - all ministers, Malay or otherwise, no lampa (balls) and tua phow (talk big) only. They turn padang only when the fighting stops, and no bullets flying around. If the terrorists were to counter attack at their forward base, gues who will be fighting to board Nuris back to KL?

    Many of my counterparts back in the 8th. Batt Rangers were non-malay, chinese, Indian, kadazans, siamese, were happily sacrificed as forward pointmen and search & destroy units while malays were more confined to bases in towns. Who were reporting of our sacrifices then?

  13. This Pak Kadir is a confused bumi. Cannot think independent - like he cannot decide whether he is with Anwar or with TDM. When he wss in NST he was clearly with an A man but after A was sacked, he noticeabky went into a confused state. Given his position then as Group Editor of NST and now as The Scribe he is hardly the type who might be expected
    to have a consistent well-thought out philosophy on what might be right or wrong as clearly his position sways with the errings of being an M man. This man's writings are sheer waste of tainted liquid on good paper demostrative if a man with a deeply confused mind. A sheer non-event.