Saturday, August 11, 2012

Well done Pandelela Rinong

Most heartfelt congratulations to Pandelela Rinong for her sterling performance at the Olympics. We look forward to more diving achievements at world level competitions from this sweetie. Syabas sweetie.


  1. No thanks to Najis Razak who as usual trying to steal the limelight from the Sarawakian.

    And as usual, ktemoc the stupid trying to burnish his 'Malaysian'ness.......


  2. As I have indicated all along, I am a strong PR supporter ( in liew of any other viable opposition coalition to take out UMNO/BN ). But the way some of the ardent PR supporters here are (mis)behaving, you people are actually doing more harm than good to your cause of bringing down the current govt.

    Just as an example, among the scores in the past, the above comment by one sunwayopal leave a very bad taste.....KT is sincere in his congratulation for this lass who deserves all the accolates. Why twist it in a bad way ? Putting a very bad light on PR supporters.

    Additionally, would anyone appreciate having his name attached with the word 'stupid' after his name everytime that name is mentioned ? No matter how we disagree with someone, there's no justification for such boorishness.

    Yes, congrats to Pandelela Rinong ! Well done. Btw, me too am residing most of the time outside of Malaysia....but by congratulating a fellow malaysian for her win and making our country proud does not mean I am also 'burnishing' my malaysian-ness. Sheeesh ! Buck up lah, PR supporters, don't be an ass.

    1. Simply takdak faham. Why so difficult to leave your name or your nickname for a start? It makes people wonder what's your intention? Or you really a pondan. It's really funny. You reside overseas, you afraid that special branch will tangkap you. Or are you special branch? Seriously, before criticise yourself, look at the mirror yourself, ok
      It's a tragedy that jut because some people misbehaved, bn will rule another 200 years. Don't you think! Which brings to the fact that policies & issues matter, not personalities. I agree with you that sunny should chill out rather than mercilessly attacking ktemoc especially on this topic. However, there is always reaction whenever action is involved. Newton 3rd law. We should ask kaytee instead his obsession over anwar. Read the blogs, nearly most condemnation on that man. Why he's so bitter over anwar? What did anwar do to him personally? See what goes around comes around. Just as wee choo keong so bitter over Lks not bailing him out.
      Anyway, what can I say about a man who thinks he's a supergod. Atheism is a form of religion. They believe that they are only smarts one around who knows all the answer. Since this atheist kaytee has been quoting bibles every now & then, perhaps he should be reminded that what happened to one mighty Babylonian king who was condemned after he declared he's ahem ahem.
      Get my drift so far

  3. It is just so regrettable that this congratulatory post dedicated to a Malaysian sportsperson has been desecrated with anwarista politics, just as a obituary to Sabrina Yeap, a person who dedicated her life to the care of unwanted/stray dogs, was similarly so. I was forced to close the comment section for the post on Sabrina, and I'm doing the same here, out of respect for Pandelela Rinong.