Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thanks Punch Gunalan, a Great Malaysian

Good bye to Datuk Gunalan s/o Panchacaran, who's better known to us as Punch Gunalan.

Like another Malaysian badminton world beater, Tan Yee Khan, Punch was an amazing badminton champion in both singles and doubles, winning championship titles around the world.

Coincidentally he teamed up with Ng Boon Bee, after the latter split up with Tan Yee Khan, in their days the world's best double players. But Punch and Boon Bee continued Malaysia's one-time stranglehold on the doubles game.

Punch & Ng Boon Bee (front row)

After retiring from the courts, Punch took up coaching where he coached Malaysia's 1992 Thomas Cup team. Finally, he played a huge role in badminton sports administration, and was the secretary-general of IBF.

His contributions to Malaysian badminton was enormous, making him a truly Towering Malaysian.

Vale Punch, Requiescat In Pace.


  1. You indeed packed a punch, dear Sir.
    We salute you. Thank you for the glory days of badminton.
    RIP. Condolence to the family.

  2. Deepest sympathy to the family of Punch Gunalan, may he RIP.

  3. Surprise Najis Razak didnt show up and try and his blardi 'play-acting'.


  4. Yes indeed Punch will down in our history as one of the Towering Malaysians ! He did us proud....RIP.

  5. you can always depend on sunwayopal (PKR supporter or member) to politicze even an obituary to a great Malaysian sportsman