Sunday, August 05, 2012

I dream of good politics, but I see nightmares ahead

Hasn't it been thrilling to read Malaysiakini's Anwar hints at more 'good news' from Sabah which reported:

In what seems like a flashback to the Sept 16 episode, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim today hinted at more “good news” to come from Sabah soon. 
This follows the defection of Tuaran MP Wilfred Bumburing and and Beaufort MP Lajim Ukin from BN last weekend. 
“I will be back in Sabah on Aug 12, with some more possible good news... We will have to be prepared,” he told reporters with a grin.

Hope you guys have been grinning together with Anwar and are prepared for his 'possible good news', which incidentally reeks of 916 odour. As usual, his 'good news' is about political defections - of course, what else did or do you expect, 'good' policies, 'good' candidates, 'good' governance?

And if indeed his standard shortcut stab at gaining majority rule in GE-13 via such wheeling and dealing proves to be successful, I wonder whether Anwar Ibrahim as the next PM will be a dream or another déjà vu nightmare, or perhaps both?

Both a dream and a nightmare? Can ah?

Yes, it'll a dream for the manmanlai gang (PKR's inner leadership core) and blind supporters who will no doubt exalt, acclaim and revel at Anwar's ascendancy to majority rule via such dealing and wheeling, rather than through 1st class democratic process, policies and governance.

And I am suddenly reminded of journalist Terence Netto's erudite political advice that: '... politics is also about providing opportunities, rewarding loyalties and managing expectations of the party faithful [...] … sections of the party - mainly ex-Umno members - whose 10 years (1998-2008) in the political wilderness … has had them ravening for whatever rewards were to be had.' Hallelujah!

Thus, it's little wonder PKR had rejected the Haris-RPK's MCLM's offer of 30 candidates of exceptional credentials with quality provenance to PKR.

How in the world did Brother Haris and RPK ever imagine 
highly and thoroughly vetted good quality candidates would be welcomed by PKR?

And it'll prove to be a terrible nightmare for not only true democracy but the rakyat as well because with such low class politics, consisting of cross-party wheeling and dealings, and 'those people' involved in cross-party wheeling and dealings, our future lies not in the hands of our elected representatives who will develop and implement good policies and programs for the rakyat's interests, but rather from the accidental crumbs that may fall from the grubby grabbing greedy hands of those merchants of self interests, sales to highest bidder and snake-oil cure-all.

snake oil salesman

Sure, no politician or political party is perfect, but it seems Anwar cannot stop himself in his love for manipulation of political affiliations specifically political defections as if there is no other aspects of politics to focus his principal attention, time and efforts on.

Anwar as de facto leader of PKR doesn't interest me and I couldn't care too hoots about what he does, but alas, he is also the selected leader for Pakatan. It annoys, nay, offends me greatly that he continues to indulge in, in my humble opinion, shallow, sleazy and short term allegiances with odds of commitments to good governance not dissimilar to speculations on margin trading.

That's a standard of politics which slumbers shamefully and sleazily at the extreme low rating end on the Good Politics scale, a mere menial miserable 1 where 10 would be perfect and 5 just tolerable in a democracy.

And it seems now that his pitiful political proclivity has come full circle, coincidentally in the very state he did his (black) 'magic' in 1994. Then, he had, with sleigh of hands and support from frogs turned into (bumi) princes, shape-changed Pairin Kitingan from CM-elect into Opposition Leader, or from prince into a frog.

Thus, we learn from the Anwar 1994 magic-show that Sabah is not only the 'Land below the winds' but the land where the Malaysian political word katak came into prominence.

Should we not expect better from this self proclaimed political reformer? So do excuse me when (not if) I repetitively exclaim 'Reformasi my bloody foot!'

As a DAP supporter, naturally I want a Pakatan victory, but do we need Anwar and his Dökkálfar trolls to achieve that?

Dökkálfar - Dwarfs in Norse mythology wakakaka

I personally do not believe we do, for if we leave aside the separate tragic issue following the general and state elections of 1969, the success of the rakyat's voice manifested in that election outcome convincingly demonstrated we then didn't require any false idol, nor will we for GE-13.

But lamentably, I realize I'm banging my head against a wall, one built of invincible hatred for BN, a humongous hatred so blinding that its advocates cannot see the woods (of the need for an incorruptible true democracy) for the trees (to blindly ABU).

Anyway, be that as it may, will the Great Man repeat the dubious success of his 1994 ambitious amphibious attempt at power grab? Free Malaysia Today hinted at that in its Sabah defections: All eyes on Ghapur saying that:

Even as Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has promised to deliver “more positive news” from Sabah, escalating rumours from Kota Kinabalu have named former Sabah deputy chief minister Ghapur Salleh as the next Umno MP likely to defect. 
Speculations are rife that Ghapur will be among others whom Anwar will meet when he travels to Sabah on Aug 12.

If we recall that the Beaufort MP (also an ADUN), Lajim Ukin, together with Kemabong ADUN, Rubin Balang were the super-frogs in 1994, seduced by the UMNO DPM Anwar Ibrahim into jumping from PBS over to UMNO-BN, I suppose we could say it's a Machiavellian reunion of sorts between Anwar and Lajim, on two counts, firstly of the 1994 conspirators, and secondly, wakakaka, that of former UMNO-ites.

A few days back, Anwar had generously and most imperiously ‘granted’ Lajim and the other BN defector, Bumburing, a carte blanche imprimatur to nominate their own party candidates (respectively from Pakatan Perubahan Sabah and Sabah Reform Movement) for the Sabah state elections, promising unilaterally and preemptively, as per PKR SOP (standard operating procedure), that Pakatan (not just PKR) will withdraw from any seats that PPS and SRM candidates stand in (which will likely be all in Sabah, wakakaka). For more, read The Malaysian Insider's Anwar: Pakatan willing to cede Sabah seats to local parties.

Imperiously? Unilaterally? Preemptively? 'Twas a Malaysian Caesar who came, saw and granted!

I’m sure the other 'supposed' members of Pakatan, DAP and PAS, must be rapt and ecstatic on hearing Anwar grandiloquent offer to local parties (which seemingly in the eyes of the Great One don't include the local DAP with Sabahan leadership and Sabahan membership, or PAS), ...

... and which if accepted by DAP and PAS, will initiate the withdrawal of all DAP Sabahan candidates and PAS's ones from the coming Sabah state elections and virtually the consequential disappearance of DAP and PAS from Sabah. But then, that's Anwar, that's PKR, that's manmanlai unilateral policy.

WTF, after all, this man and his party leaders can and have promised 20% oil royalties (an increase from 5%), continuing if not increase in fuel subsidies, removal of this and that tax/excise duties, no requirement to pay back study loans (new meaning of 'loans'?) and god-knows-what-else.

To get into Putrajaya, he sure as hell can promise any damn thing, including I suppose, Chinese needn't balik Tiongsun, Christmas carols can be sung at shopping mall, Hudud as Malaysia's legal system, discrimination against LGBT (reformasi discriminatory? wakakaka), school year-end holidays will stay as they are, non-Muslim school children needn't pray again at school to Islamic doa, and the bells of the Hindu Temple in Kampung Rawa may ring, assuming there is still a temple there, wakakaka.

But let’s examine Anwar’s generosity to Lajim and Bumburing a bit more. Perhaps we might have unfairly faulted the Great Leader who may yet prove to be indeed generous to a fault wakakaka, and also sensitive to Sabahan needs, INDEED INDEED INDEED, which succinctly explains why he appointed his beloved Azmin Ali, a Selangorean, as head of Sabah PKR wakakaka.

Or, on the other hand, perhaps he doesn’t give a sh*t about winning rule in a mere state like Sabah, thus demystifying his seeming generosity to Lajim and Bumburing, but is only interested in federal seats (of course including Lajim's and Bumburing's), for it will be the latter which in adequate numbers will see him into Putrajaya as the next PM. So in the final analysis, it's still wheeling and dealing.

Indeed, Anwar Ibrahim has been, is and will be always about Anwar Ibrahim.

…. Hmmm, perhaps with possibly only one exception, Azmin Ali wakakaka!

But ultimately we must ask ourselves the question, will Anwar and his PKR (former UMNO) colleagues  provide for us a truly democratic Malaysia with all the attendant transparency, accountability, competency and good public governance, expected in a true democracy?

Apart from the vexing question on the quality of PKR's inner core leadership, there is also the question of super-frogs like Lajim with a less than admirable political track record since 1994. Will he and other fellow cold-blood political amphibians prove to be a  déjà vu nightmare for Pakatan, like the remarkable revolting revolving-door frog, Nasarudin Hashim, ADUN for Bota, who showed his amazing chameleon-like nature, being initially an UMNO ADUN, then metamorphosing into a PKR one before regressing into an UMNO ADUN.

And recall how the Great One acclaimed the Nasaruddin’s defection “... reflected the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave”, but alas, do also recall how the lompat sini sana sini political acrobatics of Nasarudin Hashim initiated the defections of erstwhile PKR Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Osman Jailu, and that remarkable capsicum-spray-loving Mrs Hee.

Do we wish for this sort of politics, of voting for Party A only to find we have unknowingly voted in Party B? Are we going to accept continuous arrogant betrayals of our rights and gross insults to our choices? Are we mere tools or serfs to such pollies?

'Don't cry for me Perak' may also become 'Don't cry for me Malaysia'.

If we wish for manmanlai politics, then why even bother to have elections every five years? Why don't we have a far more economical election system, with savings to the tax payers, where we vote only once every 50 years, a system in which we accept within that 50 years political defections as a constant and legitimate process, where both states and federal governments change every now and then in our Banana Repub Kingdom in accordance to the tide and direction of defections ..... well, at least until Malaysia's secular governments become subordinate to a clerical council.

We can even reap additional gambling tax as we our political lords can then grant gambling licence to gambling tycoons like Vincent Tan, for their companies to introduce gambling bets on likely political defections. Instead of giving gaming odds like 1, 2 or half a goal, the game may involve odds of plus-minus 2 (or x) weeks or days for a punt on the likely date of the defection of a particular MP or ADUN, so on so forth. Such a political system will ensure there is an energetic ongoing free flowing movement of pollies between parties through defections, and thus keep the gambling system viable.

Am I being too naïve to demand an exceptional if not ideal state of politics, for a score of 8 on the Good Politics scale, at least on the side opposite to BN?

Okay, why don't we hear what Adelyn Yeoh, a 20-year old sweetie, an undergraduate student in Mount Holyoke College, USA, and also a contributor to the blog at CEKU (UK & Eire Council for Malaysian Students), has to say in an article titled In defence of idealism (in politics) in The Malaysian Insider (extracts): 

… the world has potential to be better than it is because humanity has a knack of coming together in times of desperation and great need. The way I see things there is great hope for great change. This is what gives me my belief that idealism is the main driver for substantial change. All this I have observed in my short 20 years of existence.

Having said that, idealism is commonly misunderstood to be synonymous with naïvety, that an idealistic person lacks a keen sense of reality when that may not even be the case. 
Idealism is not an illusion, it is a goal. It is a point of perfection that we are all aiming for. In some ways all of us have romantic idealism. The difference is that it is more pronounced in some than others. This is not to say that idealists are unaware of the harsh realities that are present, more often than not they are keenly aware of them.

Idealists are the movers and changers of society. Instead of whining about situations they realise the severity of their situation and strive to get out of it. They focus on the end point and realise that there is a possibility of actually reaching that point. And for that they keep dreaming.

The Malaysian political arena as we know is experiencing an extremely volatile period. With GE13 looming, tensions are high everywhere. Many are caught up in the PR-BN tussle. With this, ideals are extremely necessary for politics.

Ideals should take priority over political affiliation simply because ideals are constant but political parties are not. If you have ideals you know what you want and you can always choose to vote for a party based on what you want or need. As voters, this is how we can move above and beyond partisanship. We should champion values and ideas instead of political parties.

Indeed, sweetie, I’m 100% with you that ‘Ideals should take priority over political affiliation simply because ideals are constant but political parties are not’, and on which I have regularly remind readers that while I am currently a DAP supporter, my vote shouldn’t be taken for granted by DAP. In short, I’m not a mindless moronic Myrmidon wakakaka.

Myrmidons wakakaka

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  1. eh ktemoc the stupid?

    As usual, only know how to blame DSAI and PKR.

    U think the 30 candidates suggested by MCLM can b accepted by PAS and DAP izit ?

    U think DAP will accept anyone froom MCLM to stand in say Seputeh or Bukit Bintang?

    Its outright rejection from Pakatan Rakyat lah


    As usual only lay all the blame on PKR's door.

    Seriously u r a DAP fan???? haha, i think u r a closet Najis Razak fanboy more like

    Hope the readers here have brains to think!


  2. MCLM candidates were meant for PKR, the party within Pakatan with the greatest problems, especially with defectors

    1. I thought haris was from mclm. What did he say about asking dap to fuck off from jelapang. What kua say thereafter? You should read inside dap written by kua. Any difference between Lks & anwar?
      Google kula flayed by lim cho hock. Don't you think it's the same going on in dap.
      Talking about ideals. Who the fuck you are to compare yourself to fan yew teng? Why the fuck fan yew teng left dap to set up sdp?
      What more you wanna say?

  3. A pipe dream just like the 916 which never happened.
    Might as well he buy 916 gold for Shamsidar.
    I was laughing my ass off seeing him amd Lajim on TV wearing a native costume looking like Bisayan pirate.
    He's cut for that job.

  4. looes, when in the hell did I compare myself to Fan? You have now adopted the nasty insidious practice of putting words into my mouth.

    Haris was supporting PSM to stand in Jelapang, on the arguments that since DAP's erstwhile ADUN Hee defected, DAP should give PSM a chance in Jelapang. But as I mentioned in another post, if we were to use Haris' arguments as a basis for stepping into another Pakatan party's seat, then the biggest loser will be PKR who suffered the most number of defections, both at state and federal levels.

    Incidentally my uncles and I know Fan's younger brother quite well. He was in his days probably the youngest Malaysian MP, at I believe, only 21 years old.

    BTW, mind your language and control your impetuous self wakakaka

    1. Hehehe, indirectly implying that is. The point why invoking the talking of ideals when you ain't perfect. Kinda bullshit isnt it.
      Hahaha, having heart attack with words such as fuck. Sudah rasa terlalu pedas. Wow, you are agreeing to dap giving up jelapang. Bravo bravo clap clap
      So what If you know fan. My mother's grand uncle was the governor of malacca. So what the fuck! We always knew folks from both sides. So what, haiya. Tell us who the fuck you are. Ex diplomat like din or retired military doc like raffick
      Since you felt that you are just a tool, start a party just like fan did. Just like wee wee boy did. See how far you go
      Again kaytee, are you getting senile already? I thought thamrin was pkr Sabah chief. Where does azmin Ali? Are you a blast from the past? Seriously just as theresa kok whacked Chua junior kaw kaw, do you homework. This is such thing called google. Use it!
      Frankly no parties would want their candidates vetted by third parties including dap. There is also no guarantees that they won't jump.
      But to make kaytee happy, certain things I may agree with this clown which I would mention next comment.

      Guys & gals,
      Again use your discretion in reading every articles you read. That inclues this clown called kaytee. Plus we should demand his credentials. Starting with one simple question : who the fuck is kaytee?

      P.s Patrick teoh is even fucking vulgar than I am. Of course, he will say who the fuck is kaytee anyway

  5. No sunny, ktemoc was a gerakan Lang. He might have Lks & gang out in 1995. Dap was nearly dormant for the next 14 years in the state level. Thanks to people like kaytee
    I don't archiles are mindless. In fact it epitomises the ideals of men free from political domination under one king called what his name. Hahaha! Fuck la kaytee can't get his history correct.
    Comparing this clown to dr raffick's quest of saving abandon housing projects owners. Er......
    Aisehman, kaytee invoking the ideals of an idealist. Bravo bravo clap clap! Just like the old pig who had a dream in the animal farm. Mao tze tung an idealist too. What happen to china now? Gimme a break

  6. looes, you've not only been attempting to put words into my mouth but have been dispensing untruths (meaning you have become a liar, though it's too harsh a word to call you). The point is while my family supports Gerakan I've always supported DAP from Day 1, with Karpal Bhai as my political idol.

    And I'm not sure wtf you're rambling incoherently about dr raffick and abandoned housing projects - not an area I've blogged on so why bring in here to confuse the topic of this post, namely manmanlai & his BS reformasi wakakaka, or has that been your aim, to save your leader with a deliberate diversion, another wakakaka

    1. Proof it! Just as rpk did it to some pkr folks such as sivarasa. That is when raffick has pointed out rpk's.
      Oh I feel hurt when you say I am a liar. Sob! Sob! Fuck la! Tell who the fuck you are. Your occupation! Your whereabouts! Australia izzit?
      Point 3 fingers at yourself before you point at others.
      By the way I am from Ipoh. Don't talk to me about dap. Have known them better. It's folks you who voted karpal Singh out.

  7. Guys & gals,
    Since this clown invoke on ideals, perhaps, we should move away from supporting personalities than supporting issues & policies. Of course, no political parties can offer ideal manifestos. Google Anthony jay on British political manifestos.
    Since Malaysia in practice a one coalition party with lopsided apparatus, keeping them afloat. Best ways are ABu or take to the street.
    I will pull one cock hair if kaytee really lead one street protest when massive election irregularities happen. Hehe, I know hisham will do it.
    Of course I have to agree with kaytee that certain actions by anwar found lacking. Especially the habit of choping seats. Jelapang seat grabbing maybe instigated by anwar. Nevertheless, just as Chinese saying, whenever there is a crisis, there is opportunity. One got to make a move somehow
    In ww1, general haig was criticised for heavily reckless in executing plans that lost millions of lives. Stubborn, haughty, refused to adopt to changes that may save lives. Dig further you will see otherwise

  8. looes, it seems there is no stopping you from the nasty practice of putting words into my mouth, like for example, when did I ever agree to dap giving up jelapang? Dream on ler, why should dap ever give up that seat when it won it in 2008 even in a 3-corner fight including PSM. That Mrs Hee defected hasn't and doesn't change the jelapang voters' continung preference for dap.

    Mind, I agree with you that Anwar (or more likely, someone close to him wakakaka) might have instigated PSM to bid for jelapang.

    I can't respond to your other comments as they're incoherent and rambling, but do keep your vibrissa on wakakaka.

    1. Yeah right, nobody forces you not to be a chicken. What else! Anwarista la, zaidista la or syiok sendrista. Pick one!

      Guys & gals,
      Frankly this is kaytee practising Joseph goebbel mantra. If you repeat many times, some may believe its true.
      Worst still even kaytee believes in his shit.

  9. about me and family knowing Fan's brother was just polite exchange of social info, gossip so to speak, and not about point scoring - too bad you see things like that with a blinkered hostile acrimonious view

    1. Speaking of a devil such as yourself

  10. You know what. The state-of-the-art 100 beds Tuaran Government Hospital is about to be completed. Even you give everything, there will always be people who do not know how to appreciate things given to them. Of course their reply, it is the federal government responsibility to provide amenities to the public.

    1. So janji ditepati. Since I built schools so you must balsa budi so that I can screw billions of money from coffer.

      Guys & gals,
      Learn how colonial Britain & bn rule this country in perpetuity. Divide & conquer. How? By having lotsa noise blur the focus.
      The best way is still Abu. The ideals is to break the dominance of one coalition party running the country for too long.
      Only then we can talk about i other things. Meaningless counting egged before hatched when such stupid actions by some leading yet another autocratic rule
      Enough is enough

  11. Listen up are giving too much face to loser commentators here.

    They misrepresent...putting distorting words in your mouth for the umpteen times. They lie blatantly but when caught red handed, they nonchalantly brush it off, with nary a word of apology or pretend you haven't call them out for lying.

    Know why they ramble on and on incoherently ? First, they are unable to comprehend fully your main post. Secondly, they are unable counter intelligently points for points raised from your main article - so they resort to their fave tactic..... name calling ! Thirdly, as a diversion tactic.... veering wildly off tangent, bringing in weird stuff totally unrelated, not least about some sexually-abused cats, hehehe

    And most of all, they rather concentrate on the messenger rather than the message. That's why their incessant calls for you to 'reveal' who you are. And if that fails to rouse you, they still have the final card....daring you out to start your own party, hahaha. Such unbelievable nincompoops. Half the time, difficult to discern what they are rambling on about - makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Low grade leaders and their low grade serfs/losers ? One deserves the other....a good cliche.

  12. "In short, I’m not a mindless moronic Myrmidon"

    i hope so, and i am sure most of us here are equally mindful on our decision.

    "As voters, this is how we can move above and beyond partisanship. We should champion values and ideas instead of political parties."

    who is not champion values and ideas or ideal my dear adelyn, you are not given a choice between pkr versus dap, you choose either bn or pr, one only, so how your move above and beyond partisanship help us to move closer to our values and ideals? sorry to say ideal is not naive but your ideal, and that of kt is.

    1. The funny thing is kaytee talking about championing values yet his whole articles is about criticising personalities. When these folks ever learn that, policies matter over personalities
      In absence of FairPlay, kaytee is so ahem to think he does have the power. Just like Forbes thought that he's the emperor of antartica

  13. yeah maybe some of looes writing is not entirely coherent and presumptuous but at least he is trying to stick to the topic, unlike the hehehe that almost 90% of the response is irrelevant, going off topic and fundamentally premises on the same name calling tactic he accuse on others.

    1. Heard of me mentioning how Jon Stewart ripping off Glenn beck. Kaytee might be good at writing long thesis. But his logics really baffles me. Frankly I am worried he may go nuts. Or is he?
      I am laughing hysterically & wonder if ever Jon Stewart can come to Malaysia. Aussie also an. Just identify nutty bloggers such as kaytee
      I read an article in Singapore today talking how bloggers manipulating public
      Views. Of course I trust Malaysians still got otak to be discerning on things

      A dog got 4 legs. A cat legs got 4 legs. A dog is a cat

  14. Henry Kissinger will tell you there is permanent friends but interest. How true!
    Especially in Sabah. Sabah politics is at its murkiest. Well what can you say when you have all kinds of tribes & races. With huge foreigners thrown in. The bad thing is personalities matter in Sabah
    There are too many Indian chiefs. Mahathir & his predecessors knew it. They play it well with their divide & conquer game very well. Yes, anwar was the henchman then but the mastermind is mahathir.

    Frankly there is never ending story to this Sabah issue. I found that it's very incompetent of one blogger of oversimplifying Sabah politics & blame the whole scenarios on a few people.

    In short practically everybody in that political arena in Sabah has bloody hand on it. Something kaytee will never understand

  15. It would take a very hefty leap of the imagination to consider Wilfred Bumburing and Lajim Ukin as "Good Guys" and I would treat them like lepers.
    Having said that, I wouldn't launch into a knee-jerk condemnation of any move that destabilises BN's Fixed Deposit position.

    Your admiration of MCLM's "quality candidates' offer to PKR has been overtaken by the reality of events, in fact months ago.
    The MCLM project collapsed under its own weight, or rather the weight of strong suspicions (with basis) that RPK is in reality no longer a supporter of political reform in this country (I haven't mentioned anything about PR or PKR or any partisan politics).

    Malik Imtiaz, himself a former MCLM offer candidate has termed it "The Tragedy of RPK", calling RPK "largely irrelevant" to the reform agenda in Malaysia today (pun intended)
    I'm not a fan of frogs, but I will say this - it is not an illegal activity and it pales into insignificance beside the massive corruption and abuse of power being carried out by the current ruling regime.

    At this moment, Anwar Ibrahim's unmatched ability to articulate Pakatan Rakyat's offer to the Malaysian people is still indispensable to any serious attempt to overcome Barisan Nasional in the next General Election.

    The electorate which delivered the 1969 election results is largely dead and gone, both figuratively and literally speaking.

    It will take a miracle to cut through the massive BTN-ized brainwashing armour which BN/UMNO has surrounded itself with.
    And yes, some political activities which do not quite fit Marquess of Queensberry rules.

  16. KTemoc said...

    MCLM candidates were meant for PKR, the party within Pakatan with the greatest problems, especially with defectors

    5:59 PM, August 05, 2012

    wah ktemoc the stupid delete my posts some more ?

    let me repeat !!!

    MCLM offer was to all parties, they were to provide quality candidates !!

    any self respecting polictical party would have rejected such an offer!! including DAP, your so called party u claim to support (which i doubt very much since i think ktemoc the stupid is a closet Najis Razak lover)!!

    And he has the balls to say PKR reject!!!

    Fact is whole of Pakatan Rakyat rejected MCLM candidates!!

    MCLM is a side issue as usual and ktemoc blindly trashes PKR without reason, serving Najis Razak punya agenda would b my guess.


  17. Now Kt is involved in mud wrestling too.With monsterball absent,he has a new sparring partner in Loess 74.

  18. I truly believe ge13 is about the PARTY we vote in and not the CANDIDATE. Unless of course if we become wishy washy and up with a very weak majority in which weak candidates then become kingmakers. I also believe it will be easier to kick out Pakatan in the GE14 if they don't perform than BN. I also believe that in an ideal fair world , idealism is certainly a virtue to strive for . BN has virtually declared war on the people's right to chose a govt of their choice. Najib himself has declared that BN should be prepared for crushed bodies in defending Putrajaya. His regimes brutal assault on the people who want cleans election tru BERSIH is tantamount to a declaration of war on the people. His use civil service apparatus to oppress the people and opposition shows BN wants to play dirty. Anwar has been the victim of abuse of the law in addition to people like dr jeyakumar , RPK , HINDRAF ( though I don't agree with their race based platform ) , rafizi and now Nasution . Gerrymandering means that people in urban areas may have up to 10x less voting power than pro govt areas . Lights going off during counting of votes and suddenly having the results change, is not uncommon. Worse , now Bangladeshis , Indonesians and other foreigners being fast tracked into citizenship is nothing less than treason. Equally as disgusting is the govts attempt to bring back the long forgotten may13 incident to instill fear and wariness of other races to keep us apart . All along BN leaders of all races continue to steal billions of OUR money and our chikdren's future. So , for me this is a very subtle war where the ruling party as disregarded all sense of decency and lawfulness with the single aim of remaining in power forever. Despite their flaws , Pakatan have generally been fighting for the common man while BN for corporations and cronies. Pakatan are in a one sided war against a massively advantaged regime who have shown no limits to how low they will go to stay in power . Pakatan are also further disadvantaged by years of mediocre education that has thought some people to be grateful forthr few things that the govt does for them . Breaking people out of this slave mentality is another challenge in ridding this country from this cancer called BN. This is a war to save this country from certain doom with continued BN RULE. Therefore , like any war , I believe we give up some idealism temporarily and fight for it after the war is won. Fighting for idealism will certainly be easier if Pakatan wins the war than BN

  19. Wonder why looes74 is so combative towards KT.
    Hey dudes, you both are on the same side - the DAP!
    With these common ground, kiss and make up. Fight together for your party of choice.
    To hell with MLCM or whatever alternative parties. They are all idealists without a cause!
    In the final analysis, DAP and BN will be the main contenders after the GE.
    PAS may go with UMNO and PR will die a natural death with the defeat of Anwar.
    I like Anwar only for his manic confidence when he knows PR will be badly defeated in the GE.

  20. A lot of wishful thinking from Buttercup...

  21. ktemoc is not on DAP's side.

    he's more a closet Barisan Najis supporter trying to burnish his opposition credentials by saying he is a DAP fan.

    I think the day Pakatan wins Parliament will b the day ktemoc goes insane.


  22. The "Real Ktemoc" will be revealed the day Pakatan wins a majority in Parliament...and some of us will be saying "I told you so"....


    Thanks to BN's selective prosecution culture, Rafizi will likely demolish the BN candidate for Pandan if he is fielded there in GE13.

  24. "Aku tak mau la nak kata pemimpin bangang. Tapi kalau Ngeh dan Nga itu lebih penting dari pengundi sendiri..yang tu aku kata bangang."

    read the idiocy of some dap fucktard, no wonder most of their supporter include the third rate blogger behave exact the same manner, selfish and arrogance.

  25. After much reflection, I have decided that I cannot support Pakatan Rakyat because that is the surest route to an Islamic state in Malaysia.
    A vote for any of the Pakatan parties - DAP, PKR and PAS is a vote for hudud.

    Say no to Hudud.

  26. Yup, say yes to Barisan Najis.

    I hope u r the type that likes big families and have lots of children!!

    U deserve fully the govt u vote for. Oh yah, your kids also.


  27. Rather have hudud than a corrupt racist govt that treats non Malays as second class citizens . At least with hudud , only the bad guys get their hands chopped off. Now the common citizen can even walk around in neighborhood without fearing being attacked by thugs. And the govt says its just a perception . This is in addition to govt themselves hiring hoods to attack anyone that do not agree with them . And harming our health by allowing cronies to withhold supplying our water , bringing in radiation and polluting naphta. And is it not some members of umno including puteri umno chief who wants hudud for all. Despite all this there seems to be many people who still want to vote for umno/ bn. We certainly deserve the govt that we vote for.