Monday, August 13, 2012

Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians

Well, there's too many chiefs and not enough Indians

Around this house
An' baby, I'm tired of this old game we play
Called cat and mouse

If you don't give just a little bit more
We're both gonna lose this race
'Cause there's too many chiefs and not enough Indians
Around this place

- sung by Dean Martin

You know that saying (and song) 'Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians'. Well, you see a lamentable element of it in Malaysiakini's Niat lists GE demands - seeks Indian M'sian DPM which reported (extracts):
The National Indian Rights Action Team (Niat) has listed out its demands for the next general election today, including calls for a Indian Malaysian deputy prime minister. 
This was among the NGO’s five demands that it wants the next government to implement within the first 100 days in office. [...] 
It also calls for three Indian Malaysian cabinet ministers and four deputy ministers, most of whom would be elected representatives, while the rest are picked from NGOs and appointed to the cabinet. [...]
In addition, the proposed line-up calls for Indian Malaysian deputy chief ministers in Selangor, Perak, Penang and Negri Sembilan, assuming that the states are ruled by the same parties as the federal government.

Such demands are only self serving but worse, it demonstrates MIC-type mentality behind them. And of course, the proposed Indian ministers and deputy ministers will not only be from those elected in the coming general election, but also from NGOs.

And NIAT's inclusion of Indian NGOs or NGOs, which have Indian members, as a source for ministerial material means one or all of the following:

(a) NIAT has no confidence in MIC (or any BN party with Indian candidates, like wakakaka PPP or more wakakaka, Gerakan) winning in any federal constituency,

(b) wink wink nudge nudge, NIAT is an Indian-based NGO - if dear Nallakarrupan can become a BN senator, why can't NIAT members be ministers or deputy ministers,

(c) NIAT secretary Arun Dorasamy obviously doesn't know what the abbreviation NGO stands for?

NIAT published a 42-page booklet which asserts that the marginalisation of Indian Malaysians was due to under-representation in government.

This statement has been the sad story of Indian Malaysians, where indeed Indian under representation in government is true but NOT because of the small numbers of Indian ministers or that the DPM is not an Indian, but the inability or reluctance of those Indian ministers to stand up and speak for the fair interests ordinary Indian Malaysians.

Thus, increasing the number of Indian ministers per se, via front or back door (like for Palanivel wakakaka), won't help those poor Indians at all.

Mind, some items in the booklet are good proposals, such as '... opening boarding schools to all students and not just those from national schools, tackle alcoholism with measures such as rehabilitation centres and banning the sale of alcoholic drinks in convenience shops and to end to statelessness by 2013.'

In the end, it's good policies by the government and ministers (of any race) who will be selfless, dedicated and courageous enough to serve all Malaysians (not just Indians, Chinese, Malays, or any other ethnic groups) that are required.

And of course if NIAT is still insisting on more Indian Chiefs, they can listen to the song 'Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians' wakakaka.


  1. Ambiga Sreenevasan was a keynote speaker at the Niat meeting, and she spoke in support of the demands....

    Sweetie's racist credentials are coming to the surface. I was just wondering how long it would take...

  2. On the light side.... don't we oredy have an Indian PM for at least 22 years ? and if Mr Anwar were to become PM soon, we would again have yet another Indian PM since his grandfather is tamil ?

    Dat's the trouble la.....we started off with each race fighting for its own and see where we end up with ?

    And the so-called multiracial in the opposition camps....betul betul ke dia tu multiracial ?

  3. You might want to spend a bit of time and energy helping out Lim Guan Eng.
    He's headed for trouble in Penang; GE13 is not going to be the walkover DAP was assuming it would get.

  4. Undesirable Indian mentality has taken a deep root after leading by Semi Value /MIC for so many donkey years.

  5. Me think the title of this post should be "Too Many Mandores and Not Enough Workers " !

  6. A check
    B check
    C check

    Aiyo-yo Aneh, ini sudah lebeh. Banyak sikit orang, banyak menteri mau. Lebeih itu dal dari kari lah Achi.
    Apa tak mau cakap you mau tu Ambiga jadi DPM.
    Itu Palanivelpun ah Anei sudah mau lari contest tu Cameron Highlands tau. Dia takut itu kalah sana Sungai Siput.
    Dia sudah suruh itu Najib taruk itu Devamany contest sana Sungei Siput.
    Itu Vel kalau sana CH contest, ya, saya mahu suruh saya Uncle, cuzen (lol) brother, cuzen sister undi tu DAP. Kalau itu Sakmongkol sana contest lawan itu Vel, mesti menang punya.
    Aiya apa Anei ini mau, sana mau. You punya bangsa ah my neighbour macam youlah.
    Itu parking area saya rumah, dia ambik taruk dia sampah dan dia kereta.
    Itu sampah dari ddia car buang saya tempat. Dia tempat parking bikin itu garden banyak beautiful.
    Youpun mahu itu Gomen bikin sama itu macam for you Keling ya.
    Mana boleh Anei. Mesti sama. Mesti tahu itu entitlement and you punya territory. Boleh ah Anei?
    Cina lagi manyak orang, mesti mahu manyak lagi. Kepala pusinglah itu Najib.

  7. Are you not supporting the Internet campaign to Stop Section 114A ?

  8. I'm which has been why I am not posting anything today. Alas, I don't have the black screen that the online media use.

  9. Talking about Section 114A of the Evidence Act, all the useless "Good" Barisan Nasional MPs voted in favour of the law, like the rest of the sorry BN/UMNO crowd.

    Included among the guilty - Ong Tee Keat, Saifuddin Abdullah - a few of those whom Barisan apologists frequently give as examples of "Good" BN MPs

    Only Pakatan Rakyat MPs voted against the law.

    Another clear reason why ABU is necessary for anyone who truly supports reform in Malaysia.

    When it comes to the crunch, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD BARISAN NASIONAL MP.

  10. To add to Monsterbaby's comments, there is this "whip" that ensures all MPs toe the line regardless of conscience etc.

    i have always wondered, how come our elected MPs answer not to the rakyat, but to the executive?

  11. RE: The expression, "Not enough Indians and too many chiefs" was coined by colonials who in absolute subservience to colonial hierarchy refused to respect the laws & economic customs of the land. This expression reflects the 'chiefs' of each production society who spoke with authority on its behalf. Humanity's 'indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') & First-Nation Economic-Democracy heritage provides for investment of individuals in their specialized Production Societies, devotion of their expertise as service in the public sphere, progressive ownership over the course of a lifetime & distinct representation overcomes the lack of representation in the present 'political' system. Multihome, village, national, confederate & continental 'councils' then brought together the diverse economic voices. Political-Democracy is a mathematical impossibility by itself. The very structures which would allow for a real 'democracy' ('power of the people') are lacking in political-democracy. We have to realize that colonialism deliberately destroyed structures of economic-democracy out of ignorance, competition & greed for power & allegiance. What we call 'democracy' today is not a haphazard accident but ignorant subterfuge by design.