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Loh Gwo Burne a frog? I disagree with RPK

I have to admit that in this post I'm working on logic and recall of past incidents rather than the most recent of political information or intelligence that RPK seems to have in abundance. Nonetheless I have to disagree with his take in his post Frog hunting season that Loh Gwo Burne is a tadpole unable to metamorphose into a slimy frog only because of the lack of 'incentive' a la the Jelapang model.

If we were to stroll back in time, we would easily recall Loh was Anwar Ibrahim's personal, yes, very personal 'last minute' choice as a PKR candidate for the federal constituency of Kelana Jaya in the 2008 general election.

On 01 March 2008, just 7 days before the general election, sweetie Helen Ang wrote Kelana Jaya: Compromise and keeping to convictions in the People's Parliament blog (headed by Brother Haris Ibrahim) on Loh's nomination for Kelana Jaya by Anwar Ibrahim:

Elections and electoral politics are about expediency, and politics is the art of compromise? We grant that Opposition politicians may have to compromise somewhere along the line. The People’s Parliament, on the other hand, was born of idealism and built on the same. Principles matter. 
Some of you may not see the point of why I’m talking in the abstract when the rest of you are intent on denying BN its two-thirds. You’d rather all these considerations be put on the backburner until after March 8. 
Well, compromise is a slippery slope and this is very early in the game to be already backsliding. From the discussions in the Kelana Jaya threads, I see that some commentators have come to believe what is convenient is also what is acceptable. 
On Loh Gwo-Burne’s shortcomings as a speaker and deficient in Bahasa Malaysia, there are excuses made: Not all MPs speak in Parliament; for the hot-button issues, BN could create a ‘no quorum’ precluding any chance for the Opposition even to speak; or this — MPs don’t need really to speak well lah (c.f. the BN ones). Will you allow this much leeway for lack of professional competence if you’re talking about your doctor? [...] 
To return to Gwo-Burne, this unproven chap is not winnable. His candidacy is premised on too many structural weaknesses, and depriving Kelana Jayans of viable choice. There are certainly more qualified people in PKR. Or the seat could have been yielded to DAP to contest or an independent who can give Lee a run for his money. 
The duty of People’s Parliament to me is to take a broader perspective on this issue. I cannot agree that we must go to the extent of doing ‘anything’ to deprive BN of votes. This forum was not established to canvass for the Opposition. We have our own rhyme and reason.

Though sweetie Helen Ang has since changed (political) horses, her words then were spot on. Anyway, she discovered to her surprise, and indeed to everyone's surprise as well, that she was so wrong in her belief the unproven Loh Gwo Burne was not winnable wakakaka.

As the post tsunamic March 2008 fave saying went, even a monkey would have won. But then, it was a piece of wisdom only with the advantage of hindsight.

The reality was that prior to the election, no one, not even Anwar, expected Loh to emerge as a giant killer wakakaka, which might possibly explain why the Great Leader had so generously nominated young Loh to the Kelana Jaya federal seat.

Even so, why then did Anwar select Loh to be PKR's candidate for a federal seat, and at that, just a mere two weeks before the election? Loh wasn't even a PKR member when Anwar invited him to stand in Kelana Jaya.

I suspect that the answer must surely be Loh's father rather than Loh's famous video clip. Could it be that Loh Senior made a very very handsome contribution to the PKR's election campaign fund? It's not illegal to make a political contribution you know, so possibly explaining Anwar's most strange last minute choice for Kelana Jaya which led to excoriations from Brother Haris Ibrahim in his post PKR, why, why, why?

Incidentally I had actually preceded sweetie Helen Ang in questioning Anwar's personal choice of Loh in my February post 2008 titled PKR's Kelana Jaya sweetheart deal? where I wrote:

Here’s a person, who until the Lingam tape, was a PKR nobody but now suddenly being rewarded with the party's nomination for a parliamentary seat while hardworking, dedicated PKR member and a human rights lawyer, Elizabeth Wong, gets a state seat.

Anyway, Loh won wakakaka, and I cheekily penned another post dedicated solely to him titled Bahasa Mělayu - a letter to Yang Běrhormat wakakaka.

Okay, I have in fact in passing already provided (above) the reason for my disagreement with RPK's assertion that Loh Gwo Burne was a tadpole who didn't become a frog only because of inadequate 'incentives', and that is my belief Loh's father, Loh Mui Fah, had probably contributed generously to PKR election funds to the extent Anwar had personally invited young Loh to stand as a PKR candidate in a federal seat, where we may then assume Loh Gwo Burne isn't exactly a person in need of money.

Born in UK, Loh Gwo Burne holds a British law degree and also a Masters in law from China, but doesn't intend to practice law - a typical picture of a scion of a rich family who wasn't exactly driven to earn money a.s.a.p like poor kaytee was wakakaka. However, we may safely assume he likes video-photography wakakaka. 


Incidentally Loh Mui Fah's family had or still has a multi-million ringgit business empire which landed in court some years back because of internal family disputed claims to that business empire.

Loh Mui Fah

And guess who acted for Loh Mui Fah in court? None other than Mr Americk Sidhu, the lawyer for Malaysia's most famous private investigator, Balasubramaniam who together with Anwar Ibrahim (all three of them) were at the press conference when the world was told by Bala that he was told by Razak Baginda who was told by Najib who was told by Altantuuyaa that she 'liked it in the back'.

Back to topic - If Loh is not, IMHO, a potential frog (for reasons he is unlikely to be attracted by mere financial rewards like someone in Perak wakakaka) then why is there sounding from PKR that he will be discarded in the coming election?

Well, in the brouhaha connected with the messy PKR party presidential polls, Loh made the mistake of writing a personal letter to PKR party president Dr Wan Azizah to complain about what he believed to be dodgy party polling process, and worse, criticizing the most scared cow in PKR, namely Azmin Ali, Anwar Ibrahim's blue-eyed boy - see my post The Poison Within PKR.

Then Loh burned his final bridges when he wrote a very public letter to Malaysiakini to lambaste Azmin Ali. Loh was a supporter of Zaid Ibrahim and probably must have been so nauseated by the injustice done to Zaid in PKR where he saw nothing (including his complaint to Dr Wan) would be dealt with, for him to write such a public letter in angry frustration to condemn the party's deputy president. From that moment, Loh sealed his fate as a member of PKR.

I invite you to read my post of 19 November 2010 titled Loh Gwo Burne & Gobala - one-term MPs?

Even though Loh had supported Zaid Ibrahim, when Zaid criticised Anwar Ibrahim on exiting from PKR, Loh attempted to make a distinction between his earlier condemnation of Azmin Ali and his extant support for Anwar by voicing his regrets over Zaid's actions - see Malaysiakini's Gwo Burne, Gobi not following Zaid.

But alas for Loh, I wonder whether that would be enough to save his skin in PKR, for as I had previously written, in PKR there's virtually little separation of identities between the symbiotic Anwar-Azmin. 

Because of this or rather, his offending Azmin Ali, I have forecast that it'll be most unlikely Loh would be re-nominated by PKR ...

... unless, IMHO and the most remote of possibilities, his father Loh Mui Fah makes such a substantial contribution to PKR's election fund that even Anwar Ibrahim will find it hard to refuse, Azmin Ali's objection not withstanding. But it won't be easy.


  1. this whole article by ktemoc the stupid has no basis at all.

    He thinks Loh's father donated and as such got chosen as a candidate ?

    I might as well surmise also ktemoc's wife is Najib's sex slave and as such that is why ktemoc is always against PKR and supports UMNO.

    I think my surmisation has more basis than ktemoc's entire useless article based on his fantasies.


  2. piss poor pathetic analogy. besides I'm not married wakakaka

  3. Hahaha, well, dap can do a pkr just as pkr sarawak did & is doing to dap Sarawak by staking claims on Miri & stampin. Come on dap! You can stake claims in Hulu selangor, kelana jaya & pandan. We can ask haris to be the middle to conduct debates between dap & pkr in those areas to see which party is better
    Let's have zairil for Hulu selangor, teng Chang khim for kelana jaya & Teresa for pandan. Azmin sure jump one
    Aspan for Hulu selangor. Leave zairil for bayan nary. Anwar can take nibong tebal. Hahaha

  4. OK...let me see other far more important political news in Malaysia over the last week.

    George Kent, a company which makes water pipes and water meters, whose biggest civil engineering works to date have been laying roadside water supply pipes, has been awarded the multi-billion Ringgit Klang Valley LRT construction project.

    Apparently 80+% of the project will be sub-contracted, understandably, because George Kent has never built a single millimeter of mass transit railroad in its entire history.

    Just because the George Kent CEO is Najib's golfing partner.

    Rafizi arrested and charged under BAFIA for disclosure of financial transaction documents detailing NFC Lembu's diversion of government loan funds to buy Luxury Condos in Bangsar and Singapore. A most unsavoury Barisan Nasional abuse of a national institution to go after the whistleblower.

    On the bright side, it will probably lead to a Rafizi landslide win in Pandan in GE13.

    Sometimes I pity Ktemoc. He is lost in his own dream world, screaming "PKR is evil" every morning and "Anwar is a Demon" every night.

    I don't know about you, but I'm very clear about who are the real evils and Demons in the Malaysian body politic.

    1. Monster baby,
      This time I got to agree with kaytee. Why pit rafizi against otk? By the way, unlike kaytee, I can still recall otk instigated buffons having chair throwing session. Of course, kaytee can argue that mca youth members were sub humans
      Leave it to Teresa kok sassy politician. Hahaha, actually I can claim credit for promoting sassy term to teresa. No need royalty fee. Or why not teng Chang khim. Unknown to kaytee, mca had a fantastic debate with dap. Otk-wks vs teng changkhim-nag lor Ming. Love it when mca was shredded to pieces. But then kaytee can't enjoy it since his mandarin sucks & he's not from Chinese school. Hence what the fucking beef between kaytee & anwar? Childhood nightmare when anwar actually finger his sister cat
      Rafizi should stand in Hulu selangor, jelebu, sepang or even bagan serai

  5. well since ktemoc the stupid says he is not married, let me issue a correction then to my below.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    this whole article by ktemoc the stupid has no basis at all.

    He thinks Loh's father donated and as such got chosen as a candidate ?

    I might as well surmise also ktemoc's MOTHER is Najib's sex slave and as such that is why ktemoc is always against PKR and supports UMNO.

    I think my surmisation has more basis than ktemoc's entire useless article based on his fantasies.

    correct ah ktemoc the stupid? unless u telling me u dont have mother also ???? hehe


    1. Watch out for such nut case such as kaytee. Remember John Nash , the one who invented game theory was in the advance case of schizophrenia when he sell this 'fuck you buddy' game board to us important folks including the military
      Heck, nuclear war game was based on that
      My point is this kaytee has hypnotised into making half of pkr folks as condemned goods. That includes anwar Ibrahim. Divide & conquer is a useful strategy. Once folks in the opposition pitted against each other. Sure bn & mahathir will rule forever & ever

  6. "Though sweetie Helen Ang has since changed"

    could it be the one that change is lge? u know la, the penang cm is basically no diff with gwo burne, equally dumb but both have a good dad,and become mp/cm simply because of daddy "contribution".

    the only thing that baffle me is y her obsession toward the silly lady call hannah, among the ladies from pr, the subang mp is one that obviously lack intellectual, the only thing i like her is her chinese name "杨巧双“, a truly beautiful name. Hmmm...woman.

  7. Well Hua yong, there are plenty of stories as to why such obsessions. Remember some bloggers are really nut cases. Can you imagine that MAD comes from John Nash who was really going nutty when he initiates this concept
    I disagree with your comparison between lge & loh guy. Lge ain't dumb. Beat comparison is with the current pm down south. Lky-lhl

  8. sunwayopal, you're more vile and disrespectful than monsterball wakakaka, besides as I informed monster, my mum is already dead, so you want my dead mum to eeb someone's sex slave? You're pathetic.

    I'm glad PKR is not in government 'coz I hate to think how you people, like mentality like yours, will treat the rakyat.

  9. monsterbaby, nice topics - you can write on them in your blog. So, don't be lazy, create one. Good luck wakakaka

  10. looes, why would Teresa Kok go for Pandan when she is virtually invincible in Seputeh wakakaka

    1. Precisely! She made it so invincible that seputeh has become mighty fortress. It's time to let young folks to take over the mantle. She has done that when she decided to contest in kinrara. Lks done that by giving up tanjung so as to contest in bukit bendera. Of course, folks like you might have betrayed Lks by voting him out. Proof that I am wrong man.
      Lks also expects his members to do that as well. That includes lim hock seng who decides to venture into contesting Penang state seats
      Teresa, the sassy lady will tui lam otk in pandan

  11. Incorrect again looes, kinrara is a Selangor state seat, unlike Seputeh, a federal constituency, which has been why I was pissed off with Khalid Ibrahim for keeping mum about Teresa's due rights to be deputy MB. Khalid dared not offend PAS (Hasan Ali was then in PAS) because those Islamic champs were/are against a Christian Chinese Chabor being No 2. Khalid was gutless.

    Incorrect once again, lks contested in Ipoh Timur, not BB which was contested by Chin Leong.

    ;-) you seem intent on blackening me by accusing that I voted out lks and karpal in 1999 - how to prove to you otherwise when you keep insisting I betrayed dap. If that makes you happy, so be it.

    I believe PKR has staked out its claim in Pandan. You know how difficult it is to pry away any seat from PKR

  12. Just lost my whole chunk messages. The problem of messaging through iPhone. Again kaytee who don't really have the habit of counter check your facts. Lks was a tanjung mp since 1995. He decided to contest in bb. Part of do or die campaign resulting him & karpal Singh booted out in 1999.
    Admit it that you may have booted Lks & co out in 1995.
    It's teng who was khalid preferred choice. Teresa from lge block teng meteoric rise. Ask wee choo king.
    Plus it's time for dap to have a pre emptive strike. Pull in haris if you have to

  13. again more blame by ktemoc the stupid to PKR.

    I guess its as difficult to pry Pandan away from PKR as it is to pry say Seremban away from DAP.

    what is with ktemoc's nonsense with PKR.

    and furthermore, i dont track your family happeninings, so i guess in a way good also your mum passed away.

    if she were to read the crap you posts, i think even she will probably b disgusted with a son like u


  14. Everyone knows the 12th GE is choosing all candidates that are freedom fighters against BN.
    The results showed voters want change of government first time in 5o years.
    It needs ktemoc to twist PR reasons and objectives at that time to prove how idiotic PR politicians are.
    Why don't he tell readers how Nurul can defeat Shahrizat, Umno's Wanita Chief?
    Anyway all know who is ktee and his reasons to put out such posts, time ad time again.
    Don't be surprised , this comment will be deleted to keep young voters from reading.

  15. sunwayopal, you are absolutely right.
    ktee's mother may die out of broken heart and extreme sadness to see she has a son behaving this way.

  16. looes, is okay to disagree, but fact is all three have good daddy.

    btw, bb, cheras, seputih n kepong is traditionally opposition, even djz kerk cant win unlike koh in penang. this has nothing to do with teresa and dap, more to do with the chinese educated, or not educated businessman and hawker that are more visionary and courage than the hypocritical english speaking class in pj and penang.

    1. But then, Teresa has done her job well. She reminds me of lee lam thye. Hence I believe she would be asked to move on or to give up her seats completely. As for teng, though currently he got a hang of the job, he may have to move up the ladder. Wouldn't it be nice to attack kelana jaya? Hahaha! Even sepang aslo can

  17. "Budak-budak, pergi mandi cepat. Gosok gigi. Nafas busuk lagi dah nak main-main politik dalam blog Ktemoc.
    "Cukup-cukuplah tu. Takde faedahnya.
    "Siap-siap pergi sekolah. Belajar rajin-rajin dan jadi tokoh politik pandai.
    "Mak tak ndak korang jadi macam MP Loh, tak reti Mak nak sebuat nama dia.
    "Bodohnya dia tu. Omputih tak reti cakap. Melayu langsung tak tau. Makpun tak pernah tengok muka hidung dia kat sini. Bulu diapun mak tak nampak.
    "Pergi Parlimen tidur je. Diam macam orang bisu.
    "Nilah si peliwat tu nak sangat dia jadi MP kita. Syok sangat dengan video korek-korek yang dia tangkap tu.
    "Ada si Nwar atau si loh ni tau air dok takde. Mak naik turun tangga 10 tingkat angkat air hari-hari. Air yang diberipun kotor.
    Inilah patut orang flat ni tobat-tobatlah jangan undi Pakatan lagi."

    This is the except of the rantings of a an irate mom which applies to you - old men here.
    Go bathe and brush your teeth, if you have one, NOW.
    Stop talking about the useless PR fellas.

  18. Looes, I don't disagree with your suggestion.

    I read somewhere that DAP may move some top guns down to Johor in its determination to finish off MCA in the latter's last (but now weakened) stronghold. Thus it'll be a 'gunfight at OK corral' for DAP and MCA. Apparently, in this 'leaked' strategy, Lim KS himself will move from Ipoh Timur down south to add extra vitamins to teh final showdown.

    The greater danger for DAP is not so much from MCA but rather from CJM and his green-eyed Chinese section of PKR wakakaka.

    And it's not an implausible threat as someone in PKR wakakaka had committed 'political fratricide' by sabo-ing Zaid kau kau in the Hulu Selangor by-election by providing his old (still?) mates in UMNO with photos of Zaid yamsenging ;-) - a nasty strategic move to ensure Zaid won't ever become or remain a threat to him. Nest of vipers lah

    1. Not sure if it's a good move for Lks to move so far south. With the on going feud in pedam. Most probably Lks may contest in kampar to recapture the lost dap traditional stronghold. If I were Lks, I may ask kula to contest in tanjung malim or Tapah. Hahaha, got to agree that those china boys from pkr are very much disliked because their boisterous claim on seats. Just like white collar workers putting tissue paper in kopitiam.
      Sometimes I do wonder why lge wanna get rid of kerk Kim hock. Sounds like azmin Ali to me. Kerk can lead the entire army in the south. I wouldnt mind if Chua jui Ming wanna take back bakri. After all he was bakri mp till the 12th ge.
      By the way, er teck hwa Bahasa is even worse than loh. He's a firm five school leaver boy. Hshaha do much for dap stringent selection of candidates. Got to agree he's a conscientious one. I believe he can be smoother up if given a safe seat. Or boo wanna do a voon on er. Just as in Sarawak, chine chieng Jen had voon lee Shan removed from batu lintang. Likewise in Johore, the missing thing is er not a thorn in dap Johor politics. Perhaps er may stand in betayan to remove gwee
      Kaytee oh kaytee! Politics ain't so black & white. Plenty of azmin Ali arounds in dap & pas. Ask rpk la

  19. whatever lah ktemoc the stupid!

    Even the nest of vipers (u so claim) is , was and always will be better than voting UMNO!

    get that into that thick skull of yours.


  20. Buttercup says: "Stop talking about the useless PR fellas."

    Buttercup is totally correct - the PR fellas are indeed useless. They are opportunists at best.

    Remember that chingkie woman from DAP in Perak? It seems that all UMNO needed to do is dangle some leftover crumb before her and she readily and greedily grabbed it and jumped over to the other side, happily betraying her comrades without even batting an eye. She is not the only one who did this, there were others.

    This reveals the quality of these PR fellas - piggish, swineish, froggish. It is impossible to think of a single good word to described them.

  21. Still talking about dinosaurs like LKS, Pathetic.
    Oh I forgot Pakatan is short of candidates. Gotta recycle Sinking Kapal and LKS.
    Good of LKS to contest in his Johor homestate to meet his Waterloo. Nice grave-yard.
    Easier and cheaper to bring coffin home to BP.

    1. Then what the fuck Chua soi Lek doing. Having a fucking good time. By the way it's on otk order Chua soi Lek secapade was exposed. And ong ka ting fought mca presidency after fucking semi retired. I met his brother together with my parents. He run from front door to back door to escape from us. That sums up the state of mca. And you too

  22. Tanah Melayu, if you are talking about the Jelapang frog, you need to be aware of her attitudinal problem, basically one of deficient self esteem and delusional victimhood, which sadly led her down the path to the cesspool wakakaka.

    1. What do you expect from failed srp school leaver? Stringent dap candidate selection heh? Plus remember what happen to fong po kuan when she dropped a bomb shell before ge.
      Zaid your lover boy not even an incumbent in Hulu selangor. Because zaid was given full trust by anwar, one good doctor got jilted & ran to umno.
      Compare this to the sabotage kaw kaw on kerk Kim hock. He's an incumbent plus the then dap secretary general. Which is more serious. Dap might have done even better under kerk. Time to bring back kerk for johor

  23. sunwayopal, same nest so same brood of vipers wakakaka

  24. "jumped over to the other side"

    jump? r u a idiot? thief and robber r family, hee n bn are family, so there is no other side, and no jump, just like congenital idiocy or acquire idiocy make no different, this can be corroborate by reading what u wrote, an idiot is an idiot no matter which angle we look at it.

  25. "Jelapang frog...her attitudinal problem, .....deficient self esteem and delusional victimhood"-Ktemoc.

    Beating round the bush.

    DAP Jelapang was BOUGHT. So she sold herself like a StreetW*lker...

    Just like DAP Malim Nawar...

  26. looes, failed srp school leaver or not, dap is an equal opportunity party and makes inclusive concession for the disadvantaged, more than I can say for other parties.

    The most important factors of stringent candidate selection would be the candidate's integrity and commitment to public service, and while not ignoring certain basic competencies, should not be snobbishly focussed only on paper qualifications. This approach would be evident when you compare DAP and PKR frogs (bearing in mind there is no threat of divine damnation for anyone wishing to leave).

    As mentioned, the person in Jelapang suffered from attitudinal problem, arising from deficient self esteem and delusional victimhood. And these were undeniably the principal factors that rendered her far more susceptible than anyone to betraying dap for alleged monetary gains.

    as for chilipadi Fong (one of my faves if I may add), after an initial merajuk because of dissatisfaction with local leadership she was successfully persuaded by dap leaders to remain in mainstream politics as an MP, so what's your prob?

    as for your lover boy KKH, he resigned after losing the Kota Malacca seat in 2004. Besides he was at that time diagnosed as suffering from cancer. which was another factor leading to his resignation. He is okay now. I don't buy your argument he was sabo.

    (From New Straits Times (Malaysia))

    MALACCA, Sun. - Kerk Kim Hock bids farewell to politics as DAP's secretary-general today, with hopes that the party will continue reforming to attract young Malaysians as members.

    Kerk, 48, said he was firm in his decision to quit as secretary-general, although he still has three years of the term to go.

    "Although the party performed well in capturing 12 parliamentary seats in the recent election, I have to shoulder the blame for the loss of the Kota Melaka parliamentary seat.

    "It is very hard for me and my family to make this decision as we have received many e-mail asking me to stay on."

    1. You see guys & gals. The tragedy of kt. He loves to leave out the fact kerk complain about sabotage. This is a very good comparison because unlike zaid Ibrahim who is just a fucking candidate parachuted from nowhere while booting out the good dr who merajuk & join umno, kerk was the incumbent & he was the secretary general of dap. I dare to say kerk is far more capable than lim guan eng. Kaytee ask his lover boy wee choo keong.
      Kaytee has mentioned about the advance cancer that kerk had. He omitted the fact that kerk recovered. Shall we inform kerk just as monsterball inform dr hsu to refute this clown called kaytee. If John, current seremban mp, left dap because of his disagreement with Lks policies, why not lge man enough to bring back kerk? Give him important to take on Johore or better still malacca. Sim tong him would agree with my suggestions
      Oh kaytee oh kaytee, just admit that you lost your plot

    2. Fong po kuan quited not just merajuk. It's not dap leaders hold her back. It's the public will. One of the reason why lim kit siang came to perak is because on going feud between ngeh gang & kula gang. Carried on from the earlier leadership. Notice how dap performs like shit in 1995 & 1999 ge. That is when anwar was very much in charge as 2nd man.
      Kaytee, where was the first place teresa kok made her first debut? Huh? Who the fuck is lim ah Kim? Fong dropped the bomb but then brought back & then another dap guy also drop the bomb about the state of dap perak. Judging from kaytee, ngeh nga not fit to rule lor because they sabo other dap factions especially fong kula kaw kaw lor. Fong po kuan was incumbent as compared to the fucked zaid. Heard of haris fuck zaid over his decision to recontest in kota bahru. Ain't that Chua hui Ming style.
      Lim guan eng not fit to be sg because he made kerk lost kota Melaka

  27. Most of these Malacca Neanderthals are idiots. From the Lims to the Ball who pisses on your blog...very low life types.

  28. it depend on who you want to believe, mainstream or the non mainstream like teng, boo, fong or the many melaka dap member that vote until lge rank 16 n betty rank 17 out of the central commitee. kerk perhaps keep quiet but many said lge sabo kerk 2004 election. looes is right there are many azman ali, this is politic, no?

    1. This kaytee clown missed out lotsa thing about the so called dap stringent selection candidate. How come in the 90s whole lot of dap aduns move to mca in seremban? The recent one is Chen man disciple. Why Lks got to move back from pj to tui lam Kota Melaka defector. Aiyaa. Haris is right. Hee not suitable for the job. Dap should have just put ngeh hock cheh. Kaytee, just admit you lost

  29. "There are many "Azmin Ali" in DAP as well"

    I'm heart is still with the DAP, but I have to say, that is true...

  30. looes, recall I told you about being naughty in putting words into my mouth? Now, when did I say Kerk had 'advance" cancer? Then to worsen your crime, you accused (me) "He omitted the fact that kerk recovered."

    The following was what I wrote above (in English, BTW, so do please read it again wakakaka):

    "as for your lover boy KKH, he resigned after losing the Kota Malacca seat in 2004. Besides he was at that time diagnosed as suffering from cancer. which was another factor leading to his resignation. He is okay now."

    so where's the "advance" cancer? and did I advise he is okay from his cancer problem now?

    looes, you're terrible man, but I forgive you wakakaka

  31. while I do not disagree that "being inclusive" with Hee had cost DAP a lot, there's no guarantee in any party that vetting a candidate can ever be a 100% assured exercise. I bet you that if there's a hung parliament, Anwar and Azmin & inner coterie will be the first to lompat.

    the other issue is you like to dip deeply back into dap history. why not go back to 1965 wakakaka

    1. Precisely! One can't vet 100%. Hahaha! Yeah right dap so stringent that at one point of time no need election dap Penang cec. Those were the days anything also can. You forgotten me mentioning how dap got into Sarawak. Supp

  32. Yeah, you fucking sublimal point is that kerk resigns because of cancer. Reminds me of ong teng cheong discontinue his reelection as president purely because of cancer. Just like ong, kerk made interview indicating he was sabotaged. For goodness sake, if you are not in Malaysia, do proper research la. what do you know? All fingers point to lge & Betty. Wanna verify with sim tong hi , teng Chang khim or the man himself kerk Kim hock.
    Using your logic kaytee. Lim guan eng is despicable & power hungry because he sabo kerk so as to maintain his clout over dap. Remove the threat just as azmin did. Worst an incumbent mp, secretary general. A fellow who is with dap for many many years unlike zaid just masuk pkr wanna be raja. See your logic!
    Kaytee, I don't blame you for being delusional but that's politics. The question is does it affect us. Lge is the best cm ever. Ah so

  33. alas looes, it seems you can't change - my original comment was Kerk resigned because he lost in KM seat. Maybe he felt he had to do that because as sec gen he lost an election; the cancer was an additional factor that persuaded him.

  34. Speaking of the devil. That's you. You have omitted the interview kerk has that pinpoint real reason behind why he lost his seat. KM is dap fortress le. There is more to meet the eyes than a simple reason why he resigned.
    Just admit political infighting & over manoeuvring happening in any political party
    Using your logic, can I say lge or perhaps Lks masterminds behind the scene to rid of any folks not in line with them. Just like anwar azmin case with zaid & rest of those you mention
    It's you who are stubborn to admit those facts. Heck, you are not a dap member anyway

  35. "you are not a dap member anyway"

    That's very obvious.
    Ktemoc has no inkling of what really goes on within DAP.
    He has no idea of what PKR is really like either.
    All he has is prejudices based on 3rd hand information and gossip.

  36. looes, being NOT a member of DAP or any party (unlike someone who regularly attends MCA and even PCM campaign dinners wakakaka) I am thus impartial in my posts ;-)

  37. haha, what a joke, ktemoc the stupid is impartial ????

    what a blardi joke!!!

    sabrina the doggie lovers death also u would have laid the blame on PKR's door lah but for me !!!


  38. I want to support and vote for the Opposition....umno/bn too corrupted and everyday talk nonsense.

    But after reading quietly all the comments here, all by PR supporters, I find 99% have bad behaviour and using bad language when they don't like other's point of view. Just like the umno supporters' comments in umno blogs.

    I also scared of PAS.

    For GE13, I have now made up my mind not to vote. Will do my best to convice my friends, office workers, hobby groups, judo class friends, fishing friends, family members to read and see for themselves the standards of these political parties' supporters' comments and their behaviours. Then I am very sure they will also boycott this election.

    All these political parties have lousy leaders, and their supporters are also lousy. Just see for yourself how they curse, yell fuck, stupid, chowchibai, shit, kanneeneh, and so many others bad words here.

    Better work hard and save enough to go to a better country.

  39. Ktemoc impartial ?....sorry I nearly damaged an expensive chair falling out laughing.

  40. A serious comment by me and two twist and make fun.

  41. obviously sunwayopal doesn't understand what an "impartial" blogger is or stands for. he believes "impartial" means the blogger shouldn't criticize any pollie, especially Anwar or Azmin wakakaka, and if push comes to shove where criticisms have to be expressed, preferably only against BN people wakakaka again.

    in this blog I've criticize UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PAS, DAP and especially PKR wakakaka. I've also criticize many politicians (guess who has been most criticized by me wakakaka) INCLUDING Lim KS and my idol Karpal Singh.

    The only parties (leaving aside those in Sarawak and Sabah) I haven't criticized are probably PSM and PRM (the PRM which still remains as PRM and not absorbed into PKR wakakaka)

    being impartial doesn't mean a blogger shouldn't criticize any politican or political party, but the criticizms or comments are made not for the sake of a particular party, not like, for example, pro UMNO bloggers or media mouthpieces criticizing (or telling lies) about PR pollies or its component parties for the sake of UMNO, and vice versa.

    I make comments on anyone that I believe deserves it, but on his public performance, policies and conduct, or on double-faced hypocrisy related to policy stand (like reformasi wakakaka). being non-affiliated I feel free to whack anyone, but i try as far as possible to do it without vile filty obscene language wakakaka.

    But as a voter I do favour politicians and political parties I believe can do good for the rakyat

    just a basic lesson for sunwayopal - no, no, no, puhleeeeze don't thank me, it's just my public service wakakaka

  42. wakakaka, your kids just told me you've forgotten to take your pills, again!

  43. Talking about your claim of impartiality, to be fair, you do have a burning dislike of DSAI, and this was pointed out by commentators some months back. Of course you are unable to assess your own self as such. (BTW I am not a fan of DSAI)

  44. Yes, I've never disguised the fact that I dislike Anwar, but the dislike is not about his personal self or his personal (alleged) activities.

    It's about his conduct, performance, policies as one of the most nasty UMNO ministers we had the misfortune to have, where we suffered from his policies, especilaly when he was education minister - Ive blogged on this many times.

    People said he has changed but how can you expect me to ever believe this man has changed when he kept confirming my suspicion he is still a wolf in sheep's clothingh. Take 916 as an example - reformasi? Bullshit and bullshit a zillion times. There were also other events that confirm his true self, a man certainly no better than the worst UMNO bloke you can think of.

    To have the brazen nerve to call himself a political reformer is in itself a most pathetic hypocritical blasphemy.

    But that doesn't mean I'm not impartial. because I've measured him only on his ministerial records and his hypocrisy after he was kicked out of UMNO, and not because of any personal grudges, much as those bedazzled, blinkered and blind anwaristas accused me of.

  45. Your next topic

  46. mr ktemoc the stupid, i EXACTLY know what impartial means ...

    and u sir, r the last person to show any sort of impartiality in your comments...

    i will let the people judge for themselves


  47. Hello guys,

    I have just finished my studies and am back home from overseas. For ge13, i've already registered and will be voting for the first time. Yayyy....!!!!

    So i considered it a sacred duty to trawl the net (the mass media is hopeless ) to update myself and my buddies b4 we vote.

    Have been to umno blogs, pr blogs, fence-sitter blogs, alternative medias etc

    Have just stumbled upon this blog....and have been coming back regularly ever since. Mr can write ! you have wit ! you have great humour ! and you are very fair in your writing ! you are also generous (to a fault) the way you treat your commentators whom i unfortunately found to be childish and immature (AND cannot express well on paper !) Some of the commentators are downright dense and stubborn and v v a word, blind. And they use v abusive language to show their stand.

    Don't worry sir,,,, there are many silent readers here who tend to agree with you and i myself altho' green in politics, have learned a lot just by reading your writings.

    I thot anwar ibrahim have really changed but your clear writing tell me that he never reform himself in the first place. If he hadn't changed at all, how can his right hand men like azmin ali and saifuddin etc ( the inner coterie as you put it ) ever change from their umno selves ? if pkr is truly multiracial party, why are these malay inner coterie have their own private meetings after their 'official' meetings with the rest of the pkr members ? is this not one more 'proof' ( if this rumour is true ) that pkr is just another umno ?

    Hope the ge 13 will be later...extend to next year, as we newbies need more time to assess the situation, although we have almost reach a conclusion pkr is not reliable and PAS with its insistent islamic state is worrying.

    Thank you sir for allowing me to put comment here.

    1. I am sadden on you. You are a young man, full of zest & enthusiasm. For god sake, be open. Use your name. Tell us where you from. What are you doing now? Ask Hua yong, though we don't meet. He knows I am a perakian, reside in Singapore. Together with so many Malaysians kenna sent in droves for further studies. He even know that I study in the place where rpk was born.
      What is it your afraid of? Kenna tangkap by authorities. You young man should be berani. Tell others these are my comments. Fuck you if you buay song.
      Ok la your rights to praise or patronise kt. Tell the truth he doesn't give you 2 hoots. Me I fuck him kaw kaw because he cakap tak lengkap. Spin here spin there. Anyway spin spin. So good be a diplomat la like din Mercian. Or activist like dr raffick
      Young man,
      You want good blogs! Go visit din Mercian, dr raffick, aspan alias or dnightcaller. There are plenty of those who are fuckingly honest & writes much better than kaytee.
      Better engage with mr bean, the renown law expert than to stick here. I guarantee it'd be an eye opener

  48. kt, i cant resist to praise u on ur unique talent to assign new definition for many english words, truly amazing skill.

    and grren boy, what if anwar never change and pkr is not a truly multi-racial party? do u have a better choice? u think raja petra n kt will stand for election? they cant even agree and move a small thing like mclm.

  49. KT said "...It's about his conduct, performance, policies as one of the most nasty UMNO ministers we had the misfortune to have, where we suffered from his policies, especilaly when he was education minister - Ive blogged on this many times..."

    Agreed. But how about doing the same for the other top politicians who have also done great damage to our our country and cause much suffering? And criticizing them with same zeal too?

    One of them in the current news is the former long-serving PM with his justifying the giving of citizenship to illegals on the basis of them speaking BM...

  50. KT said "...It's about his conduct, performance, policies as one of the most nasty UMNO ministers we had the misfortune to have, where we suffered from his policies, especially when he was education minister - Ive blogged on this many times..."

    Agreed. But how about doing the same for the other top politicians who have also done great damage to our country and cause much suffering? And criticizing them with same zeal too?

    One of them in the current news is the former long-serving PM with his justifying the giving of citizenship to illegals on the basis of them speaking BM... Don't forget, he is the one still actively pulling the levers and still determining policies thru his sheer influence, and further affecting how this country will be run.

  51. Anon 6:16 PM wrote: "Agreed. But how about doing the same for the other top politicians who have also done great damage to our country and cause much suffering? And criticizing them with same zeal too?"

    Hey, Anon 6:16 Pm, you have a very good point there.

    As KTemoc obviously has his hands full writing on topics of his choice why not you, as a public service, write about these contemptible ministers almost all of them without exception are from UMNO. You can post them (your opinion of these ministers) here which should surely benefit all readers.

  52. mano, kt is the one that claim he is impartial, not us, so pray tell how HIS choice back up his assertion?

    your suggestion is a red herring, and not relevant to the current discussion, you should learn how to pay attention.

    1. There's one fella who is impartial. That's god himself. Kaytee is a nut case just like Nash who thinks that he's a demigod. Such fellas can be very dangerous. Start using your brain instead

  53. Dear Mr Mano,

    I am the student who have just finished my degree and will be voting for the first time. My first comment in this blog was at 5.03 PM

    What you suggested is reasonable. If we the rakyaat are so agrieved by the corrupt doings of umno politicians, nobody cld stop us from doing some research and write about them here and expose them.

    Like i hve mentioned, i have spent days reading voraciously all relevant blogs and alternative i've read all ( or most of )mr ktemoc's past writings. Indeed mr ktemoc have very cogently touched on the shenanegans of umno and other bn politicians in his previous writings....the latest being the 3 interesting very well-written series on dr mahathir. But what this blogger said about one point that's very IMPORTANT : in essence, he said that we all know this current govt is the pits, not redeemable anymore and we have no hope it will reform. 54 years is too long for it to lead us any further; so we should look for alternative and we should put our magnifying glass to this new leader group that claims it could lead this country better, that it is truly fair, multiracial, transparent ... reformasi, reformasi, reformasi.

    Surely the time for comparing umno/bn and pr is no more. We are already past that. (but for those still want to gloat over the 'evils' of umno, they should have visited other sites which are chock full...malaysia chronicle have a daily hammering there ).

    Now is the time to really scrutinize those leaders making all sorts of reformasi claims and wanting our votes so desperately.

    1. Not just the leaders. Everybody. Then use your fucking brain to consider your options! I can tell you there isn't any. Sorry to tell you in a crude way, you don't have that fucking power to do so. Look around, you really think you can change the world.
      Funny you can even make the first move. Who the fuck are you?
      I love that nus graduate guts. By the way she got guts. During convo, she said many things passionate. First words are beautiful. It's fucking terrific. Wow!
      Young man,
      Have cojones. You have more than the lady. Be brave. Better if you disagree with kaytee, fuck him kaw kaw.
      Hua yong will tell you that at times I agree with him but at times I fuck him kaw kaw on those he's clearly wrong.

  54. u r right green boy, n pls help to convey this message into kt thick skull :

    a vote to pr is not necessary a vote to anwar, azmin, islamic state, chauvinist or emperor, scrap the one party system first, then only filter the rotten and trash. that is fine to criticize any tom and dick, but dont tell not to give our vote to pr, we dont have the luxury and allowance to choose under the current bribery and gerrymandering reality, our premise of support should be on party, not individual.

    1. Hua yong,
      You know what! You are fucked, buddy. Nash the master of game theory has developed the board game called fuck you buddy. Basically it hinges on the theory that human beings are self centred bastards who care for their own interest
      Rpk, ktemoc beloved sifu has mentioned that nothing wrong for Sabahans while kenna fucked kaw kaw, still voted for bn because of economics.
      Guess I am convinced that kaytee has betrayed dap by voting out the whole gangs in 1995. Then again who doesn't! Remember what I say : fuck you buddy!
      The point is that now you from supportive of the pr movement with anwar as leader into something that suits kaytee's agenda. Fuck you buddy game requires board game players to team up temporarily so that once common enemies are wasted. Time to fuck you kaw kaw
      Sir Humphrey once said there are many ways rubbishing the character. Start by being a friend. See kaytee is on your side. Then he says this fellow no good, that fellow a scum. Sublimally you vote for bn
      The is how the British rule the world. Get it!

  55. It is good enough that Mr KTemoc has no issue at all with me and some others posting our comments under the Anonymous nick.

    After all, most bloggers allow for this in their blogs. We ANONS don't have to justify to anyone at all our reasons for using this readymade very convenient way to get some of our views published.

    Does not matter one bit what majors i did in the U, what age am i now at, which state i came from, what gender, which race, what religion or no religion....heard of the phrase " it's the message, dude, not the messenger?"

    Mr KTemoc sir,,,,,i do think, in my humble opinion, in all seriousness, you are badly in need of better quality commentators. One had the audacity to implore me to be "brave" ? and he even wrote...."Better if you disagree with kaytee, fuck him kaw kaw " ! Uhh ? Guys, i may be a green horn in politics, but that does not mean lame brain, not in the least ! Another one very presumptiously and rather condescendingly address me as 'green boy'. WTH ??!!

    And i won't even go into yet another who's even older than my grandpa.

    Dear Mr KTemoc, do keep up with your scintillating writing, good humour and all. I am not too incline to putting in lots of comments but read your writings i will ! Thank you, sir.... am off to read Mr Sakmongkol now.

    Thank you once again for allowing me to comment so freely here.

  56. "i myself altho' green in politics"

    "I have just finished my studies and am back home from overseas. For ge13, i've already registered and will be voting for the first time."

    y not using a nick if u r not comfortable with how we calling u? i think searching n looking for anon 3.05, 4.05, 9.07, 11.59 is pretty inconvenience to others who wish to reply, my name calling is mostly limited to any anon base on my memory after reading.

    since u dun like it, i will skip yours in future, my apology for being rude.

  57. looes, i think kt is doing fine, we were given the opportunity to rebut and retort, i dun think everyone share the same worldview.

  58. looes, you're once again incorrect wakakaka. Who says God is impartial? Not the Rwandaans, Acehese (Boxing Day tsunami), Nanjing-ren, Jews (Shoah).

    Some even claim God told them they're the Chosen Ones, and I'm not just referring to the Hebrews-Jews.

    God is very partial because "God" is created by man with all his inherent prejudices.

  59. Yeah, kaytee. You are special. You are supergod. You can do no wrong. All hail kaytee. Where the hell with all kayteeista

    Fuck you buddy......just like Niamah from Patrick teoh

  60. Najib is finally going to announce a Royal Commission into illegal immigrants in Sabah - literally with a gun to his head , 7 months at maximum before GE13 must be held.

    Expect a detergent-filled exercise like the Teoh Beng Hock murder RCI.

    1. Nah! What if he catches the big shot such as dr m. With all noises generated from any where including kaytee. Believe me bn will rule in perpetuity unless all factions act together to rid of bn first. Very simple concept. Yet so difficult to execute

    2. I believe that kaytee would be bursting with joy if anwar was implicated on project ic. Waiting for his damnation on his nemesis

  61. any comments by the monstrous BULUM (wakakaka) BANGYAK (wakakaka) BLOB from the swamp will be deleted (even if wrongly targetted, sorry lah, collateral damage). I don't welcome useless comments from that vile vicious venomous HADYAAI (wananabe) HUMPER. Pordah pathetic pariah.

    And a piece of advice (from your children) - don't forget to take your pills and put on your dentures wakakaka