Friday, August 03, 2012

Siapa Raja?

News of MIC president G Palanivel possibly standing as the candidate for the Cameron Highlight federal seat in GE-13 has caused much unhappiness in the local party membership.

Pissed off local members criticised his move as marginalising (and ousting) the incumbent, SK Devamany, who by the way is a deputy minister. They want Palanivel to contest elsewhere. For more, see Free Malaysia Today's Palanivel for Cameron Highlands?

It would appear that those MIC members have taken a leaf out of Azmin Ali's book of the Inner Core's Mafulat Machiavellian Manual, where on page 26, paragraph 13, it states:

When the party president wishes to contest, he or she is required by the deputy president to seek his grassroots' consent. However, this requirement is not applicable to party de facto leader, party advisor and deputy party president.

Dr Wan Azizah had stated her wish to stand in a Selangor State seat in the next state elections, which prompted her deputy Azmin Ali to say she, the party president, must obtain Selangor PKR grassroot (meaning his) support before she may do so.

'Twas just as well for Dr Wan that the PKR members in the state Sementa constituency said she would be welcomed to stand as a candidate there.

Just imagine her embarrassment if the 'grassroots' had kept quiet. But there's nothing to worry about, because it's quite normal for a party's president to request a party's deputy president his permission to stand in what he perceives as his fiefdom.

I hope G Palanivel  is as popular as Dr Wan and that there may be a MIC branch that has the same respect and generosity for the party's president as PKR Sementa.


  1. How about DAP's plastic parachute import from Malacca who unceremoniously bumped off the previous incumbent for the Air Puteh Penang Assembly seat ?

    Is that a more "democratic" arrangement ?

  2. i dun understand what exactly this post trying to tell.

  3. then don't worry about it wakakaka

  4. Typical of Palanivel to want a safe seat for himself. Talk has been going round for some time that he wants Cameron for a sure victory.
    Hello Anei, it's not up to you to decide.
    Go lobby via your god-father to take his Sg. Siput seat. Wanna see you lose there.
    Seriously Anei, you can get a safe seat but you are not sure of winning.
    Wow, daring ya this Azmin fellow dictating to boss's wife. Why is this old lady still wanting to contest.?
    I thought she's a reluctant politician.
    So it's true yeah, Azmin has the upper hand and much more favored by Anwar than his own wife.
    I read a piece by a PKR ex-member which said Anwar loves Azmin more than wifey.
    "You can meddle with my wife but dont mess up with Azmin," the guy wrote quoting Anwar as telling his people.

  5. of course no worry, in fact i am merely asserting my evaluation in the most literal way….dont understand. it’s me that not used to your short post, and in no way i am implying your inability to put across a point in any less than 300 words essay. not your flaw, really :)

  6. PKR has very little in common with MIC. This article trying to draw a parallel between Palanivel and Wan Azizah is either a naughty or malacious piece of writing.

    Of course, not surprising coming from Ktemoc

  7. eh ktemoc the stupid!

    Wan Azizah in any EVENT cannot contest a state seat in Selangor unless its her designated IC address is in Selangor lah!

    All this talk blaming AA is as usual brilliantly prejudiced.

    What a 2 headed snake!

    Start of the commentary with something about MIC but as usual, revert back to the same old same old blame everything on DSAI and AA.


  8. sunwayopal

    You are the stupid one. Not KT.
    Aw come on. Any one is free to contest anywhere even though they are not domiciled there.
    Examples LGE and LKS. They are Batu Pahat people.
    LGE has contested in Melaka and Penang. LKS too is MP for Kota Melaka. Used to contest in Perak, if I am not mistaken.
    He can contest in Perak or Selangor if he wants too.
    Same goes for most of the ministers and MPS on both sides of the political divide. Almost everyone stays in KL.
    You mean they keep on changing their IC address.
    IC address is only for voting. That is why you see some MPs from KL for example contesting in a constituency but cannot vote in that constituency because his IC address is still KL.

  9. HuaYong, KT is his usual self, ranting against DSAI, this time in an indirect way.

    If you have followed his earlier posts, you will know of his 'rancour', 'Capt. Ahab-ness' when it comes to DSAI. (these are the labels from commenters in his blog).

    You can actually touch his raw nerve in this respect.

  10. what if wan azizah want to contest in bukit bintang, kepong, seputih, cheras or hmmm ipoh timor?

  11. they're all federal ones which she has been barred from contesting for 5 years since she resigned as MP for PP, but she's welcomed to negotiate with DAP for a state seat

    But she only wants a Selangor seat to neutralise PKR's Team A


    pls read up before u expose your stupidity here for all to see!

    To contest a state seat in Selangor , you need to reside in Selangor meaning your IC has to have a address here in Selangor.

    Wan Azizah has been voting in Permatang Pauh so all this about contesting in Selangor is just not possible unless she changes her residence.

    Blardi stupid fellas , i mean ktemoc is stupid i understand.

    That there are followers of him simply boggles the mind.


  13. eh Buttercup bodoh

    where u r born doesnt matter! its where u r domiciled

    paham difference between domiciled and born or not.


  14. Kaytee, what happen to psm when they ask dap to fuck off from jelapang? Haris Ibrahim even better. Ask to have debate. Kua just as wee wee boy who has grudges against Lks concur to it. Fun isn't it

    I thought wan azizah wanna contest in Penang state seat. For god sake google

  15. Neutralises, kaytee. Or smoother things up between azmin & khalid. Just as haris fuck rpk for spinning on mclm. You one heck of the spinner. You left out the Penang part

    Heard what kepong mp said. In any organisation, there is always conflict & disagreement. Kua Kia Siong at one time called Lks a dictator. Sound familiar. Just like your lover boy zaid Ibrahim. Kua left in 1995. Dap thereafter a terrible blow. You would probably vote for koh tsu koon

  16. Even in Sarawak, there is a big fight going on in dap. Why did voon lee Shan asked to fuck off from batu lintang? I dont think chiang in the charitable mode of giving to pkr. Chiang senior did ask see chee how to fuck off from stampin. What happen in Miri hah recently? Something about dap grassroots not happy with incumbent

    There are many things I am not happy with azmin. You can check with dr raffick. At least he's objective. You? I wonder perhaps anwar did finger your sisters cat

  17. Ah...the saga of AI and AA

    The perfect example of 'friendship' so tight....'thick as thieves' is used to describe those that are close friends.

    Think about it....thick as thieves. No one, not even the wifey or gf or any other could wedge in between them. United they stand :)

  18. Kua Kia Soong known to have a deep dislike for the leadership of a Pakatan member party, namely the DAP.
    But he is one truly principled person, and has steadfastly remained an outspoken supporter of political and social reform in Malaysia.

    Unlike those who resorted to earning credit (monetary or otherwise) for the BN/UMNO side like Zaid Ibrahim, Tunku Abdul Aziz, Chandra Muzaffar and Raja Petra.

    I reserve my judgement on which category Ktemoc belongs to...

  19. First, sunwayopal, if Dr Wan wishes to contest in Selamgor, she needs to change her address to Sekangor. What's the big deal then? The big deal is her own party in Selangor, controlled by Azmin Ali, doesn't want her there, wakakaka.

    Problem with PKR Selangor under AA is there is currently a factional struggle (undermining Khalid Ibrahim as MB) due to greed, struggle for power and selfishness. Anwar doesn't want to deal with it because AA is involved, thus Dr Wan has stepped in, probably at her daughter's urging, to neutalise AA.

    Looes47, you're getting more vile each time you come here - tsk tsk tsk, shame on you.

    On Jelapang, in the last GE, it was a 3-corner fight among DAP, BN and PSM. DAP emerged the bigger but the incumbent ADUN, Hee, became a frog.

    If there is to be another 3-corner fight among the same 3 parties, I have no doubt that DAP will emerge winner again. Thus PSM and Haris Ibrahim have appealed to DAP to give the seat to PSM.

    Haris' arguments has been poor, that since Hee lompat, DAP should surrender Jelapang to PSM. If this is to be the rule, will PKR surrender all the seats its frogs lompat away from?

  20. Monsterbaby, you are too judgemental on Zaid and RPK - don't agree with you. I don't know much about Tunku and Chandra so will not comment like the typical anwarista or umno-ite wakakaka.

    You can put me in any category you wish - I've been accused of being on one or the other side since 2005, so it doesn't matter. But if BN or Paktaan wishes to pay me, I'll be more than happy to accept payment - will buy you a beer then wakakaka.

  21. "But if BN or Paktaan wishes to pay me, I'll be more than happy to accept payment - will buy you a beer then wakakaka."

    Triple wakakaka ! KT's answer should shut up ( for just one minute, alas )these anwar/aa fans busy vying with themselves here who is more vile, rude and sneeringly contemptuous, illogical and unreasonable day by day.

  22. Of course, monsterbaby. Zaid Ibrahim is kaytee loverboy. The untouchables even when Harris fuck him kaw kaw. Even wee wee boy did not receive much condemnation from kaytee. Everybody is wrong about kaytee being mca guy. Kaytee was once a geral admirer who might have voted Lks & his goons out of Penang in 1995. Prnangites including kaytee responsible in chasing out dap. Penang was without oppos for 9 years. Go figure

  23. Anwarista zaidista stool sendrista! Seriously, if you have balls, don't hide behind anon. Be a man. Even Eli Wong got guts. Perhaps anwar fingering kaytees cat once upon a point might have traumatised you.

    Kaytee, feel hurt from my comments. Got heart attack. Come join din merican blog, try engage mr bean, the legal beaver who now resides in new York. He is good one in hantaming folks like you

    Soaps makan cili dia yang rasa pedas

  24. I am amused by some clowns who don't have the cojones to reveal who the fuck they are mentioning the work illogical. Bravo bravo clap clap. Jon Stewart should have come here to do daily shows. Malaysia does have endless of clowning stories, conspiracy theories. Some may make Glenn beck looks like a juvenile

    Reminds of yes prime minister series. Rpk & mine as well all time favourite. It's also along this line rpk wants us to keep jibby because he's a liberal. Yes! Else it'd be worse. Rpk was then kenna whacked by haris

    All dogs have four legs. All cats have four legs. So a dog is a cat. Try apply this to ktemoc analysis & voila.

  25. Dato' Pak Abu12:21 am, August 05, 2012


    Come on, don't talk bull. I once was a commentator in Din Merican's blog.
    After a while, Din censored my comments after pressure from the regular commentators there.
    Din and friends only like to hear sweet stories about Anwar and Pakatan.
    Tell me what happened to all pro BN commentators there? All being censored.
    His blog is the laughing stock where people like Kathy who knows nuts except to quote someone or other gets praises.
    Try going there as pro-BN commentator and come back to tell us whether you get one word.
    Here in KT's blog you can criticize him and you get space. People who spews nonsense gets a listening ear here.
    Count your blessings.

  26. i am aware all 5 is federal, just replace wan azizah with anyone or federal seat to state seat, i believe the reaction from incumbent is not much differece, unless there is one obvious dominant party or under one dictator sort of leadership, which i dont think is healthy to our democratic progress.

    i notice most that criticise is more likely a pr supporters rather than ai/aa fans.

    strictly speaking, zaid and petra is not politician. they have less
    baggage and can talk in a delusion manner, i meant something ideal incline but less pragmatic.

  27. din merican censor most that criticise him irrespective u r pro bn or pro pr, he is one proud self claim liberal minded fella. i observe most old man share similar attitude, for instance that rpk, he censor a couple of my comments but unlile that din, he ban me totally when i criticise his stance pertaining to bersih. in other words, this few old man are fair to everyone as long as we dont criticise them.

    how old is kt?

  28. Dato' Pak Abu, HuaYong, and others,

    The vast majority of bloggers are egoistic and narcissistic.

    As long as you are supportive of their views or if you are adulatory towards them your comments get accepted. If you present an opposing viewpoint you will usually get censored or even banned.

    One thing we can say about KTemoc's blog - he's fair and all comments get passed except for one overbearing potty-mouthed stalker.

  29. Pak Abu, are you ellese? This is getting fun.

  30. For those Anons who had posted comments revealing themselves to be Anwaristas and Azmin-nitas, they miraculously escaped being labelled "clowns who don't have the cojones to reveal who the fuck they are..."

    But alas, for those who also chosed to comment under Anon nicks but 'unfortunately' are not enamoured with the Twin-Reformasi chaps, woe betide these illustrated by one loser74 who apparently have some obsession with sexually-abused cats !( omg, spare me from a loser with weirdo fantasy, hehe ).

    But KT being KT, he's liberal enough to embrace all, abominations and aberations included. Bravo KT....hats off to you. You are one in a million.

  31. Wrong Hua yong. Unlike kaytee, some clowns are deliberately making comments that are bending towards destroying the blog itself. Those clowns did so from day one. Kaytee is different. He provoked folks like monster to retaliate. Hence all the shuts kaytee is getting is his own doing. Mr bean comment can be even more vile than I do. Hahaha

    Seems kaytee can't stomach criticism

  32. Tracker, just as the same dr said

    Same to you

    Fuck you buddy

    Just google fuck you buddy & watch the documentary

    You can change it to

    So long suckers

  33. Normally, I don't even bother responding to commentators particularly those who remains anon. They have no cojones who loves to hide under anybody gives them cover. Beware such folks can easily stab you in the back. I am sure kaytee not that stupid. Is he?

    It's normal to have leadership challenge or even factional fight within any organisation. No organisations are spared including dap. Perhaps we should remind kaytee on whose orders kerk Kim hock was defeated in 2004 ge. Kerk was forced into retirement.

    The funny thing is that makes Lks as anwar, lge as azmin Ali. To use the same logic kaytee, lge has done it out of greed of power to get rid of kerk. Don't believe ask teng Chang khim

    Does it make lge a bad person? He run Penang well. He got zero experience & he isnt a penangite. He was pj mp before he was incarcerated

    Guys & gals,
    Time to read & think with discernment. Don't let those especially folks such as kaytee to mislead you

  34. Dato" Pak Abu10:37 am, August 05, 2012


    No I am not ellese. Ellese was a commentator after I was banned. Earlier than me was Fatimah Zuhri.
    What I heard from people who never got a word printed is his new wife the dentist censored the comments.
    She once used a nick to state in Din's blog that she hates ellese, Jeff the man and some other pro-BN commentators.
    Actually most times Din flip-flops. Bodek the gomen but quickly change when rebuked by his commentators.
    Din is nothing but a man looking for Datoship who finally got it in his dotage. He should thank PAS for it.
    Tired of hearing him boasting about his stint in Wisma Putra, Bank Negara etc .Old man reminiscing of his so-called good times now that you are Quran buruk.
    But the unkindest cut was what he and wife did to a diplomat's son. La-di-la I think his name was.
    At first Din was genial and trying to bodek the boy since he knows that boy is a son of a Tan Sri diplomat.
    Later after the boy was found to be anti Anwar he and the wife deleted all his comments. But he allowed the others to condemn La-di-la.
    And you know he used the boys nick to post pro-Anwar's comments as if that boy was saying it.
    After four times doing it, Mr Bean remarked Din has gone the bender. That definitely wasn't La-di-la's comments. Immediately red-faced Din retract all the made-up comments.
    He had to declare that his wife is so busy to meddle in his blog. what a joke when most blogs wee talking about Din and wife antics.
    Imagine stooping so low to twist a person's statement as though that guy is supporting Anwar. And condemning Najib.
    If you are still a commentator there, please tell him I am one of those who is a successful bidder of the Government ETP.
    I am not a sycophant or paid commentator like Din and wife think I am.
    What do you think of old man and his hag wife ridiculing a young boy who just graduated like Jeff the Man and castigating him to a mindless beast?
    Shameful to see old man parading the wife every Saturday in his blog entertainig fans with oldies.
    Meloyakan. Meluat.

  35. Hahaha...Dato Pak Abu....also known previously as Buttercup..

  36. Buttercup has no class to fake like a double headed snake.
    He writes alot of junks.

  37. looes, my observation all these years is when some pro bn commentators like ellese start to use offensive language and provoking term, we were quick to label them this and that, in fact most of the time they are just responding likewise on what we wrote. both sides are equally guilty. I can agree wrt to kt, he is inconsistent in most of his accusation, perhaps everyone is bigot and prejudice toward something, I dun know. bean is vile but he is one of the most rationale, I like to read what he wrote.

  38. eh ktemoc the stupid, u think its so easy to change your IC address ?

    in any case, point is currently her IC address is in Penang coz shes a voter there.

    So she herself has NO ZERO intention to contest Selangor despite what anyone infers.

    And you as usual are making a mountain out of nothing and as usual blaming AA or PKR for someting or a problem that doesnt even exists.


    1. Sunny,
      Got to agree with kaytee. It's easy to change address. But then again I thought kak wan wanna stand in Penang.
      By the way, chill la. we are here to comment. No scooby cookies if you win the argument.
      Our strategy should be strengthening abuism

  39. Wah....all these AI and AA fans...simply 'amazing' what ?

    Check out how they first started out here in this blog.... and see how they finally transformed or rather their true selves emerged in all its glorious foulness.

    That monstrous one started out genial and ever so polite...and tada ! he later lives up to his nick ( the 'monster' part, not the 'ball' part ) by having the foulest mouth on this side of the planet.

    Now all his kindred kinds inevitably showed their colours those that are not sharing their viewpoint...then be expected to be inundated with the likes of fuckers, stupid, suckers, clowns....

    How different are they from the UMNO supporters ? although one have to admit diehard umnonite like buttercup and tanah melayu don't go about flinging foul words although they are racist to the core.

    Is it the water or the education system or is it because they ARE malaysians that they turned out to be the way they are ? Ooooh give up already :(

  40. The problem is Kak Wan have no intention at all to stand in Selangor lah.

    By very virtue of fact she still is a voter in Penang speaks volumes!

    Now if in actual fact she did change her voting address and IC and AA had made those comments, then ktemoc the stupid might have a point.

    As usual mindless and totally prejudiced views from the stupid one as usual.

    Bloody acts like charging Rafizi, Najis Razak wife going on jaunts to London to watch badminton on tax payer monies he has no issues or keeps silent.

    But non issues like this he thinks is a big deal.

    Rubbish from the stupid one.