Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Silat of kungfu, kungfu of silat

I read with much delight RPK’s The art of silat, which reveals to us a bit on Ling Liong Sik’s mulling about Chinese (presumably Chinese Malaysians) and their approach to politics.

Why with delight?

Because I too had previously written on a couple of similar issues. For example, RPK wrote the following on one of Ling’s political reflections:

“The trouble with us Chinese,” he said, “is that we are not as skilled in politics as you Malays. We Chinese play politics like kungfu. We just charge and whack. You Malays use silat. You smile and dance and make graceful moves and we don’t know when the keris is going to stab.”

Seven years ago, on 07 Nov 2005, I posted Anwar Ibrahim & silky court intrigues, as follows (extracts):

Once an old (Chinese) pal of mine confessed to me how much he saluted the Malays for their amazing and sophisticated political skills, which were/are subtle as silk - silk of course is also an effective garrote. 
He lamented how raw the Chinese were by comparison. When I asked him why, he pointed out to a tradition of Malay court intrigues dating back to the legendary days of Hang Tuah and his best mate/nemesis Hang Jebat. 
When I countered by reminding him of equally diabolical Chinese court manoeuvrings, with its legends, history, eunuchs, imperial concubines, traitors and whatnot, he smiled and crushed my arguments by stating: 
“Those imperial ar$eh%les were northerners. The Chinese in Malaysia came from the south, and were of ignorant bumbling peasant stock." 
I was outraged and protested vehemently, declaring that my ancestry could be traced back to the bloodthirsty pirates looting, pillaging and raping in the Formosa-Fujian-Guangchow region. 
Chinese pirate Sao Feng wakakaka

Bloody hell, calling me, a descendant of swashbuckling Chinese pirates, a descendant of country yokels! ;-) 

Oh, BTW, Chinese victors in a dynastic struggle ordered dethroned royal families to kill themselves and avoid the shame of public execution, by presenting the unfortunate victims with a sash of fine white silk, for them to hang themselves.

It would seem there are certainly more than a few Chinese Malaysians who have lamented the political naivety of many in their community, but then we should remember we have been the descendants of mainly country peasants (wakakaka).

Chinese peasants - photo from Greenpeace East Asia

The other aspect of Chinese political naivety has been their hitherto refusal to recognize or just blissful ignorance that 65% of Malaysians are Malays who are Muslims where most (though not all*) deeply respect their sultans, culture and tradition. Such has been that the Malays have a saying ‘biar mati anak, jangan mati adat’ which means ‘better your children die than your traditions’.

* read the Hansard of 10 December 1992 to know how Dr Affifuddin Omar, an UMNO man from Padang Terap, no doubt given the imprimatur by his party leaders, described the sultans:

"How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?" [...]

"They (the rulers) must be made to realize that they do not own this country. They are not Superman but placed on their thrones by the people. The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people."

Now, which ‘non’ could have said that and got away? None! Only UMNO and UMNO alone could have gotten away with its abuse of the raja, who they claim to defend today. Thus UMNO could and indeed would be considered the exception to the rule that Malays deeply respect their sultans, culture and tradition (including religion).

From our limited views (only of Malay politicians, particularly like Dr Affifuddin Omar from UMNO) we non-Malays may think that’s no longer the case (wakakaka), but step into the Malay Heartland, and we can see why such a saying had evolved centuries ago to remain still true today.

However, it’s gratifying to note that today Chinese politicians, especially those from DAP, are more conscious of, and thus able to demonstrate their respect for Malay royalty, culture and tradition.

Previously, some DAP sweeties like hardworking, dedicated and ‘colour-blind’ Teo Nie Ching, MP for Serdang, was reported by UMNO of entering a surau without proper headgear. Notwithstanding her faux pas, Teo had already successfully and effectively reached out to every sector in her constituency. Her popularity among her Malay constituency has been such that, just as an example, she was specifically invited by them to join in their aerobics sessions (much to the fear of UMNO).

Teo Nie Ching

Thus it wasn’t surprising that UMNO attacked her mercilessly by highlighting and amplifying the seriousness of her headgear-less entry into the surau.

Apart from this, our dear Home Minister, Hishamuddin (I won’t mention his illustrious father’s name next to his), a man with a natural flair for putting his foot into his own mouth every time he opens it, condemned Teo on another issue, as being too ‘dirty’ to enter a surau (mind you, at the invitation of the mosque authority) to present some money to her constituency.

Of course, much as Chinese have not been so receptive to and perceptive of Bahasa euphemisms, even then we knew he implied Teo was or could have been menstruating when she visited the Muslim prayer place.

And may I ask Hisham please, how did you know Teo was menstruating at that time? Were you browsing through her rubbish bin outside her house? Wakakaka. For more, see my post The 'dirty' business of menstruation?

But this multi-aspect assault on her character was driven more by fear of her popularity with her Malay constituency than anger at any so-called religious-cultural slight on her part, but obviously it was a straw that UMNO clutched on tightly in desperation to make hay (I love mixing up metaphors and sayings wakakaka), I suppose, in preference to having its division leader or media mouthpieces fabricate horror stories about DAP and son of a DAP leader (wakakaka) - mind, selecting the former option didn't stop them in the latter. For more, read my post A dead chook and many frightened monkeys.

But as I said, that’s all in the past. Teo and her DAP female colleagues have since been careful to pull their selendang (Malay shawl) over their heads a la Catholic women entering a church when they visit a surau or mosque.

Still, some Chinese (pro BN) bloggers want to have it both ways, where they now jeer at Teo for wearing a selendang, a jeering obviously targeted at any chauvinistic supporters of Teo, to show Teo ‘has gone native’ (as if we aren’t Malaysians).

But worse, especially for another DAP ADUN, sweetie Hannah Yeo, those bloggers in badmouthing her hopefully for the same targeted Chinese audience have deliberately mis-described her selendang as a tudung (hijab), where the former is of Malay culture while the latter is of Islamic origin, and supposedly worse for Hannah in the eyes of her Chinese and Indian supporters.

Hannah Yeo with selendang

sweeties with tudung

I believe I am not wrong in stating that the only Chinese Pakatan sweetie to wear a tudung has been Eli Wong (PKR). And I also believe, very strongly, Eli has every right to do so. After all, kaytee wears sarung and sometimes the dhoti (wakakaka).


So, boys and girls, unless your heads are missing (wakakaka), do put on your songkok and selendang (or tudung if you wish) when visiting an important Malay-Islamic place or event (like when invited by HRH), and thus show respect to/for your hosts.

I’m also tickled pink by another of RPK’s paragraph which says:

Silat masters will tell you that you must never teach your students everything. Teach them all the moves except one. And you keep that last move in the event the student turns on you when he thinks he has learned enough and can now makan his master. Then, when he turns on you, you hit him with that one move you never taught him.

Six years ago, 01 April 2006, I posted The Master & The Disciple, in which I wrote about a kungfu master by the name of Sifu Ma Ha Teh (wakakaka).

As with most who know something about Chinese martial art, in China the surname of Ma was associated with the renowned Chinese Muslim martial art practitioners, like the amazing Ma Xueli who was the founder of the Henan branch of Hsing I. But our Sifu Ma Ha Teh was not from that family or China. He lived in the land called Arhm Noh (wakakaka).

My story was about him and his love-hate relationship with his erstwhile most fave disciple, Arn Wah (wakakaka) during their leadership struggle in the school of martial arts called Dominating Leopard. In that struggle, it brought out the classical story of the wushu master's last 'ace in the sleeve' that RPK mentioned.

Well, those martial arts schools did have strange names like White Crane, Praying Mantis, Eagle Claws and such likes, so why not a Dominating Leopard … you known, the carnivorous feline reputed to never ever change its spots (wakakaka).

Finally, in ending I need to clarify Ling Liong Sik’s understanding, or lack of, of kungfu (or more correctly wushu, Chinese martial arts). While he was correct in stating Chinese Malaysians had been too blunt and not diplomatic in politics, not unlike the practice of the Western World, he was incorrect in believing kungfu (wushu) has been about ‘charging and whacking’.

While in general, wushu in southern China has been more of the hard style, thus giving rise to an incorrect impression of brutal crude abrasive style of fighting, it has never been about 'charging and whacking' in approach. Besides, there are other Chinese ‘internal’ or soft style wushu (like Taichi, Bhaquazhang, Hsing I, etc of the Wudang Sect, most of which originated in northern China) which are very gentle, slow and graceful in its moves but extremely deadly, not unlike a whip.

Wudang (Taoist) style wushu

Hence we often read in our Malaysian blogs of “Chua taichi Ong” (wakakaka), implying Chua had subtly and with finesse manipulated Ong to Chua’s advantage, or “Ong shaolin Chua” indicating Ong employed a very abrasive, aggressive and confrontational method to combat Chua (though of course, it’s important to remind ourselves that Shaolin martial arts are not specifically about ‘charging and whacking’, or not subtle like its northern internal school counterpart.

Shaolin (Buddhist) style wushu

Okay, so with kungfu wushu 101 out of the way, let me ask you, has Najib ‘taichi-ed’ both Mahathir and Anwar in approving a RCI on the Sabah illegal immigrants? Was Mahathir too ‘shaolin’ in arguing the RCI would not be useful? And has Anwar in stating he was not involved in the Sabahan ‘Project IC’, floated like a butterfly and hoped to sting like a bee? Wakakaka.


  1. who cares about this whole pile of crap of crap ktemoc the stupid wrote.

    End of day, just decide.

    Vote Pakatan or vote Barisan Najis

    Vote DSAI or vote Najis Razak.


  2. The stupids and the yip yip yip are at it again, hehehe.

    Podah lah you Pakatan own crazies, as one blogger Erna Mahyuni so aptly puts it (, although I beg to disagree with her why Dr M turned out the way he did. It is like as if to say that if these challengers had not 'assailed' him in UMNO, he would have turned out differently ! Love to read Erna but this defense of the old man, pinning the blame onto UMNO and those who challenged him is just too lame.

    And KT....hahaha...Sifu Ma Ha Teh in his Arhm Noh land and his erstwhile disciple Arn Wah. Dominating Leopard ? that's rich.

  3. And by the way, monsterball, it is 'craps' not 'crabs' lah....this is not the first you have been mixing these two words up. CRABS ialah ketam, faham ? CRAPS ialah you lah, faham ?

    And you don't have the 'cojones' to use a proper nick. What's this Anon nonsense ? Ooops....saya sendiri pun pakai Anon...ooops, ooops *red face, head hanging down in shame*. Sigh...we Anons are so shameful lah. Sangat memalukan ya ?

  4. Your remarkable essay sure takes its time to reach its conclusion, much like a gentle stream meanders its way over flat terrain before reaching the sea.

    And it ends by posing a question to the reader. But the answer is already self-evident from the way the question is constructed.

    Actually you would have challenged your readers' analytical skills by presenting Sifu Ma Ha Teh and his hand-picked disciple Arn Wah as a penis and an anus and asking them to decide which one is the penis and which the anus!

  5. hmmm......this is a enjoyable read by kt, however referring to petra art of silat, in chinese we label it the trick of xiaoren (小人 / villain), 君子坦荡荡, 小人常戚戚. gosh, funny he feel proud of it.

  6. I have stopped treating RPK with any level of credibility for quite some time since the "Tragedy of RPK" as Malik Imtiaz called it..

    RPK is just a hired gun these days...and not a very skillful one either..

  7. It seemed the sifu Ma Ha Teh and his disciple Arn Wah had managed to avoid a face-to-face meet up ( even accidentally )all these years after their huge fallout....quite an amazing feat. But if the Sabah RCI for the illegal Project IC were to materialize, would these 2 masterminds be hauled up and finally, like fateful lovers, meet up and *gasp* be even reconciled ?

  8. "Correcting spellings and judging others encouraged by a 4th grade blogger and now an idiot is talking like him"

    Monsterball, oh time making such mistake, or even twice, can be forgiven lah. But umpteen times ! Remember, it is CRAPS,....not CRABS, hehehe. The word meaning for ketam ends with the alphabet "B". The word which ends with a "P" is the exact word to describe YOU, hehehe.

    Took your medication for today? Podah lah you....hehehe. We sorely miss tokiorain to put you in your place.

  9. anon of 5:09 PM, August 16, 2012, please don't blame him - he wrote "crabs" as he pronounced the word, because when he did so he didn't have his dentures on, hence "p" became "b" - lost his dentures in a hotel room in Hadyaai wakakaka

    btw, he is a secret supporter of mca - his children informed me he has been an ardent participant in mca's fund raising dinners - and again, please don't blame him for consorting with bn people because he is so hard up to be seen with politicians (any politician) that he even wanted to attend party cinta malaysia's fund raising dinners wakakaka - his children told me they were so embarrassed (c'mon lah, PCM wakakaka) they stopped him

    1. Wat Liao. Are you smoking something? Can I have some? You really a one nut case. John Forbes Nash gone shizo that way. I am very worried about you.

  10. since the host never cease to talk petra, i continue...

    "This is not about logic. This is about sentiments and emotions."

    petra is right and that is why bn continue to rule for 54 years despite it inferior or close to inferior performance, no one could explain the logic, unless we have a twist tongue to spin like what he is doing now, by giving us a flaw and illogical logic and hope that we would continue to consume every word he said? what a lovely and greenish mentality.

    1. Didn't you hear what Mr Bean, self professed melayu Christian, residing in new York said about Petra. The top legal guru. Again, who the fuck is kt hah? What the fuck you do for a living lei? Heard of Kenneth Williams. What a fucking shame.
      Hua yong,
      Always remember this is just a blog. Most of the blogs do not have much impact on people. Particularlly when blog host refuses to reveal who the fuck he is. Furthermore, there is no prize even if we win the argument. He may not admit his defeats at all.
      Just look at the quality of the comments in the blog. Either they por lampa jokers or those who are to massacre kt. It's a fucking tragedy. Something kt must reflect if he still wanna remain relevant in cyberspace.
      I don't think you are stupid to believe. Sit back & enjoy

  11. ".....he didn't have his dentures on, hence "p" became "b" - lost his dentures in a hotel room in Hadyaai wakakaka" - said KT

    Ooh...macam itu ke ? would that also explain his 'yip, yip, yip' ? May be he meant yes,yes,yes, but came out like a little doggie yipping away coz sudah hilang gigi palsu, of all places, in a sh*t hole Hadyaai motel. Hehehe

  12. how about rpk's tian chua/nurul's style of kung fu got anything like that to show.

  13. rpk is hedging his bet on 2 horses.therefore he has money banked into his london bank a/c by two sugar daddies.what a dog's life.hehehe.

  14. "...rpk's tian chua/nurul's style of kung fu fighting." Anon 9:24 PM the first place, how sure are you that THAT kungfu even take place between tian chua and nurul ?

  15. anon 9:36 pm
    because the nut rpk said so.Then maybe we will also have teoh nie ching/hannah and teresa kok mud wrestling coming soon to town.hehehe.

  16. Aaha ... I get it - Sifu Mah Ha Teh and his disciple are likened to a "prick" and an "arsehole" and our task is to determine which one is the prick and which one the arsehole. That's not difficult - both of the fellas are a prick as well as an arsehole!!!

  17. looes 74,
    that fucking mr bean a self professed melayu chriastian do not reside in ny.he and his young dentist missus,reside in kl.he is a ball carrier.

  18. "Just look at the quality of the comments in the blog" - said one loser commentator here

    Blimey...there's a disastrous shortage of mirrors here, to such an extent that the one who really really needs it most goes around putting down others, blissfully, arrogantly and foolishly unaware that if someone were to show him his own reflection, even he himself would cringe at his own horrendous sight, hehehe.

    Freedom of expression is a blessing, but it sure does flush up all the sh*t to the surface....let's grit our teeth for the sake of live and let live lah.

  19. "Well, at least I know where I stand. And I suppose if I am treated as the enemy then I better start acting like the enemy. And many Malays have come back to me to tell me that they are very happy to see me being subjected to all this. Now you understand why we are opposed to the non-Malays, they say. Last time you called us racists. When we try to explain to you, you will not listen. Now what do you think about the sincerity of the non-Malays?"

    he blame others for his own decision and choice? grow up la petra, if u live in the feudal past, the winner will chop u when u still behave like u r somebody if he won the war, but most of us dun want to be somebody and our wish is move toward a balance system, while u r not bec u want to be somebody, that is our difference, alas, u never get it do you?

    just go back to where u r coming from, it is a more comfort and easy route ahead.

  20. Just like the other famous whistleblower, Wikileak's Julian Assange, RPK has become very much a fallen figure, going from hero to zero.
    A once towering figure reduced to the stature of a pigmy, due to his own shenanigans.

  21. We should put RPK,Shahrizat and Nong Chik in the same room and let this trio bash it out.Shahrizat will end up sitting on top of the two useless dunggus and chempadaks.Shahrizat got real balls while this botak and chiky are eunachs.

  22. Without naming names, the Bald Blogger who, at one time, was distinguished for his ferocious savaging of the Racist Ketuanan Party, now is clealy seen to have both his feet firmly planted on both sides of the divide.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out that he is now being paid by both the opposing parties to write on their behalf. In other words, he is just a "keyboard" for hire - you just need to pay him the right price and he will write anything you tell him to and to hell with conflicts of interest. So you will find him hammering Party A one day and then changing course and hammering Party B the next day, like a pendulum swinging left and right.

    While doing this he can also twist it to his advantage by claiming that he was merely being neutral and being non-partisan and he will criticise anyone who deserves to be criticised, thus shoring up his credibility which we can see has been crumbling for some time already.

    I hardly go to read his stuff nowadays except maybe when I'm in the mood for some entertainment.

  23. for those with dentures, you may only make comments here if you are wearing your dentures, preferably clean ones wakakaka

  24. Did Lim Kit Siang really piss on the flagpole flying the Malaysian flag on the eve of May 13, 1969 ?

    The pictures showing someome who sure looks like the (then) young Lim Kit Siang have been all over the internet. Pictures don't lie , do they ?

  25. see how one loh pin point petra flaw logic?

    petra whack malay, malay angry, chinese happy, but malay shoulder petra? so malay happy or no happy?

    petra whack chinese, malay happy, chinese no happy, then malay dont shoulder petra? and chinese shoulder petra?

    only dumb like johnmonkey can read petra fantastic logic, where he twist the causality and result base on his emotion and sentiment, entirely without any logic, but claim others as no logic.

  26. "Did Lim Kit Siang really piss on the flagpole flying the Malaysian flag on the eve of May 13, 1969 ?

    ....Pictures don't lie , do they ?"....Kalai

    Mmmm....then all those oh-so-real-looking pictures on the net about aliens, huge monsters and creatures, najib sitting with baginda and the blown-to-bits mongolian lass in a cafe in Paris, and many many more thousands of such 'authentic' pictures...they don't lie,right ?

    Btw...did not Mr Lim Kit Siang clarified that he was not even in KL on that fateful may 13 ? So how to pee at the MB tiang when he was not even in town, let alone sneaking into the compound of the MB to pee ? Good of you, Mr Lim, to sue them to kingdom come.

  27. Maybe Lim Kit Siang is suffering from the common Malaysian politician ailment of selective "poor memory" at critical junctures.

  28. afraid not Kalai, "poor memory at critical junctures" has already been copyright-ed by UMNO wakakaka

  29. Boys and gals,no more arguments and screaming.It is Hari Raya.Festive time is here again.Time to come together.

    Repeat after me twenty times.NURUL for PM.

  30. Come together and shout NAJIB FOR PM AGAIN 100 TIMES.
    Allah Bless UMNO - ABU 100 times.

  31. Selamat Hari Raya, Buttercup...

    But unfortunately for you, not many here will shout even one time, let alone 100 times for Najib to be PM again, heheheh.

    As for Allah Bless Umno...well, we prefer Allah Bungkus Umno...ABU, ABU, ABU....heheheh

  32. Allah Bless UMNO...Requiescat in Pace..

    You have earned your Eternal Rest.

  33. Buttercup,

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
    to you and your loved ones.

    I think you are the only Malay who posts here on a regular basis. Other Malays may just read quietly and not post anything at all.

    Anyway, you are special for speaking civilly and in gentlemanly fashion instead of cursing and shouting expletives like some others! ;-)

  34. Ktemoc said: ""... poor memory at critical junctures" has already been copyright-ed by UMNO wakakaka"

    Yes, agree fully with you KT, especially that Swami Guruji Mah Teh. hahaha

  35. Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Raya is welcome by all since it means open house.Food, food and food.
    Thank you Butterplate for the kind remarks. Yeah please check KT's hansard and you will not find any profanity from me.
    To me Raya is everyday which means good words and deeds all the time.
    After this we quarrel again ok since the GE will be next month.
    The Ball, especially, save your mouth first.Glue your dentures to eat Lemang.
    P.S. Heard KT is holding an open house in Sydney.

  36. Who is wearing dentures?
    Stand up and be counted.
    I know Monty have false teeth implanted like real, no dentures.
    Buttercup needs glue to close up his fucking mouth.
    tokiorain still does not know why the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. What an idiot he is.
    No wonder night shift worker at an Internet Cafe.
    Walk the talk again on 30th August if you dare.

  37. Monsterball, oh monsterball...."nanis" and "bulum" and "sungok".....still talking CRAPS without your false teeth ah ? Just coz you use Anon, don't think we can't ferret you out...your denture-less pronunciation will without fail track you down, kakakaka.

    Aren't you joining your MCA corrupt buddies to stuff yourselves at the Hari Raya Open House ? Makan til you burst ya...all paid by the rakyat lah, hehhehhehh.

  38. continue on mt topic....

    gangster story pula, i once a member of one hungsuntang, damn proud of it until one day a senior bro told me, "on the positive side, you are a member via monthly rm21subscrition fee, but a more genuine fact you are one being protected by hand out a protection money la" shit n i quit, and i did meet this all used to be taiko fella and as i guess correctly everyone of them said fuck off with this whatever brotherhood spirit, the "tai lou" always tell ready to back up u for a street fight but disappear whenever case become a severe one. trust ur dog better. my classmate which father was a truly taiko of 306 in setapak that were "transfered" under the Restricted Residence Act, and he use to collect all sort of protection money on behalf, is now a workshop taukeh, told me that was his most foolish years.

    dont fantasize, no such thing as brotherhood spirit in gangsterism and politic, only "li" (利/benefit/interest).

    1. Hua yong,
      I am not sure about kaytee. I am getting bored with some of commentators who got no cojones & yet love to bor lampa for whatever reasons.
      Let see if din can his articles up in his blog. I love to see some actions between clf & him. It'd be dynamite

  39. Quite surreal....was reading about those RPK's triads days in his recent article "I Used To Be A Malaysian" at M2Day....and then we see one commentator HuaYong giving his 2 cents (complete with his utter contempt) re RPK's article over HERE at KTemoc ?

    What's happening ? Kena banned over there ?

  40. if i recall correctly. mt never ban anyone, the anon r either new or young, or asking the wrong question. this post at the least talking about petra article, and nothing about huayong. y not shut up if anon have nothing better to say?

    mt latest is about hypocrisy, r this anon one?

  41. let us go thru petra hypo list:

    i support pas right to advocate hudud
    i am okay if anyone criticize pr leader base on fact, but not okay if one said not vote pr
    i join pkr and am pkr member
    i don’t comment in mt since petra demand registration, and telling his reader comment using “anon” meant hypocrisy, in fact I register so many times since 2004.
    i voted 4 times.

    what about u anon?

    looes74 take a bus from spore to join bersih, what about u anon?

  42. I was at PM Najib's open house just now.
    Wow! What a tremendous level of support! The siza of the crowd was incredible.

    Ha Ha I think Anwar will be sent back to Cheruk Tok Kun soon to plant kankung.

  43. Tak perlu register lah di RPK blog dah.....boleh comment di sana til cows come home lah. Siapa yang outdated eh ? Lagi pun, pakai any nick there except Anon if the RPK have objection to Anon...semua same same je. I yang Anon di sini pun pakai some nick there just to comply lah.

    Kalau loser itu naik bas dari S'pore for Bershi, saya lagi dahsyat....I naik kapal terbang untuk Bersih lah. Boleh challenge tak, hehehe.

    Podah lah you losers all, hehehe.

  44. i know you’re slow on the uptake due to incapacity, to prevent u from continue demonstrating ur impediment, i paste here what petra wrote: “cowardly refusing to register to comment in Malaysia Today because they want to remain anonymous.” so r u the hypo type or the coward type?

    n sadly u seem to have very little understanding the subtle difference and level of those that take a bus and not a flight, exactly like that idiotic emperor that ask y the poor dun eat meat if there is no rice.

    hehehe doesn’t at all help to advancing ur point, only show ur immaturity. again, pity.

  45. How to take bus when you have to cross miles and miles of ocean ? Anyone willing to blow so much of one's saving to walk the talk is ok by my book. Anyone willing to take a bus or even crawl for Bersih is also ok by my book. Only the presumptuous and petty minded will even bring this up. Who's slow now ? And who's in the habit of sneering condescending mode ?

    Podah lah you....hehehe. Go pity yourself lah.

  46. one of the few logical things you’ve ever said but, regrettably this is what u wrote earlier "Kalau loser itu naik bas dari S'pore for Bershi, saya lagi dahsyat....I naik kapal terbang untuk Bersih lah. Boleh challenge tak, hehehe."

    n this is what i wrote "little understanding the subtle difference and level of those that take a bus and not a flight"

    hmmmm....i dun think u r that old, but hard to tell, even the young could get alzheimer, go see doctor, check with monsterball if u need more detail.

  47. Ya lah...whatever lah, HuaYong...split whatever hair lah...go as 'subtle' as you want lah.....we here just don't have the time or the interest to decipher your chinese thought/phrase translated ludicrously into english lah...heheheh.

    Whatever lah. You are the one who started it.....going on your sanctimonious high horse "looes74 take a bus from spore to join bersih, what about u anon?"

    Podah lah you....heheheh.

  48. Lesson number in getting things done.
    You can't boil all the water in the ocean.
    You can't slay all the monsters.
    Focus on item Number 1 on the agenda.

    To me Item Number 1 on the agenda for reform in Malaysia is to vote Barisan Nasional out of office.
    Whatever strengthens that gets my support.
    Whatever detracts from that is an unwelcome diversion.

    Moaning and bitching about how flawed Anwar is belongs to that category.


  49. lol. i should give you some credit for at least having the honesty to concede.

    u see many countries limit porn not because sex is dangerous, or alcohol is off limits not because drinking is dangerous, the limit is because of concerns minors aren’t ready to evaluate and understand the implications of these things. i hope we don’t have to set limit in blog because of some hehehe minor, or foul mouth grown-up.

  50. I want to add to Anon 11:50 am..

    My sense of it is that the Anwar Ibrahim-spearheaded effort to have BN voted out in GE13 is Malaysia's last, best chance to have the country put back on the road to a semblance of a successful economy and a pluralistic society.

    After that, with Ketuanan UMNO at the helm, it will be a long, slippery slope down, down.
    Temporarty highs in commodity prices, cosmetic marketing-oriented "reforms" will be mere speed-bumps towards a Phillipine-style dysfunctional state.

    Eventually, someday, the rakyat, by themselves will grow so sick of the failure and corruption, they will throw UMNO out, but by that time, there will be one, two, three, whatever, lost generations...take your pick.

    Ktemoc is both right and wrong that we don't need Anwar Ibrahim, citing 1969 as an example.

    1969 was 42 years ago.
    It took that long for people to wake up, even the non-Malays.
    I think the facts speak for themselves.

  51. Woah....the shameless audacity of some commentators KT must oft times be climbing the wall in frustation, heheheh, having to suffer not only a persistent old crusty windbag trailing foul odor from his denture-less gap wherever he he has to contend as well with these smart alecks (dict : an obnoxiously conceited and self-assertive person with pretensions to smartness or cleverness, heheheh ) full sympathy to this blogger lah.

    That's the trouble with these smarty pants....unable to delve deeper than the mere surface, taking everything literally, with a stark lack of any sense of humour....and yet foolishly, boldly sally forth ( and rambling too, ughh !) with their half baked so-called rebuttals which most times premised on wrong assumptions and wrong interpretations and even outright lies.

    One recent example is the one who typically, condescending sneered (due to his own delusions) that this Anon has "conceded". what ???? Kakakaka....fool is he who understands not the underlying message and in his typical square-brained literal take, he comes to his delusional conclusion of conceding !

    Hei, learn to read deeper lah, just keep at it, and eventually you might even grasp the subtle nuances too.... or else if in too much of a hurry to show off your so-called 'cleverness', get someone else to decipher/interpret for you lah. Just bear in mind that most times, behind that sneering, condesending posturing, hides a person with deep inferiority complex.

    Podah lah you, hehehehh. These anwaristas are the very pits....if not downright obnoxious the likes of monsterball, then we have to deal with the vile ones and they are getting 'viler' by the day (you guys know full well who they are, hehehe); and if not having these types on our hands, then come the sneeringly condescending one...ughhhh...think we should count our blessings that at least one of them - monsterbaby - is at very least not in the 'weirdos' category like the ones mentioned above.

    ( Note : sorry lah have to go long and lengthy but what choice does one have having to deal with those such as mentioned above ?)

  52. All the weirdos have suddenly amassed here.All our pretty lasses of elected politicians better get the hell out of here.They might get raped by these weidos.

  53. "All the weirdos have suddenly amassed here"---Anon

    Hehehehh...they came swarming in like sharks smelling blood, going for the 'kill' off KTemoc for having the temerity to look askance at their living god AI and his blue-eyed boy.

    But alas....they've bitten off more than they could chew, but being the kiasu that they were, be assured they will come back with more 'vile' and 'sneers' fear of that lah, heheheheh.

  54. Prior to 2008, there had been a steady trend in Malaysia towards making mosques defacto community centres for their neighbourhood. It was actually a sensible idea. Many mosques had spacious compounds and subsidiary buildings which could be put to good use. Inevitably, some non-Muslims did get involved in activities on the mosque grounds, but not in the prayer hall itself

    When Pakatan Rakyat took over in several states after 2008, suddenly the rule is now "Mosques only for Islamic religious activities" , with some State rulers jumping into the fray. Muslmim Pakatan Rakyat leaders have been banned from addressing the prayer attendees.

    Classic case of U-Turns

  55. this would normally be too stupid to merit any response, i meant nobody would expect much comment on garbage right? but for the sake to urge a minor persistence writing exercise, we shall at least acknowledge his effort to entertain us.

  56. Garbage ? When the nasty truth about oneself is not palatable, when their inferiority complex is exposed.....of course the only out for such ilk is to immediately 'rubbish' such truth, as though it will change the fact. You wish, heheheh.

  57. kt will never change- never in this lifetime.
    The symptom of kt's rigid, shut mind that there is not possible to convince him Anwar is better than Najib.
    kt postings, his convoluted thought process and his selectively shut mind of a broadcaster working for BN.

  58. my opinion of anwar is not only governed by his performance, conduct and policies when he was in various ministerial capacities in the UMNO-led government, but concretized by his inability to reform.

    anwar has demonstrated his non repentance about his past lamentable political conduct and proclivities, still committing them till today.

  59. come on la, i already debunk all ur 'fact' in my past comment, pls review the tape if u r interested, dun waste time doing psychoanalysing, this is what i meant by garbage, einstein.