Sunday, August 12, 2012

Congratulations on Gold

The Malaysian Insider - Anwar: More crossovers expected in Sabah

KOTA MARUDU Aug 12 - Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim confirmed today that more notable Sabah Barisan Nasional BN personalities will cross over to the opposition camp in the coming months adding strength to Pakatan Rakyat s PR growing influence in east Malaysia.

Congratulations to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Asia's Renaissance Man and World renowned political reformer, for winning the gold medal in the sports of political defections.

defectors wakakaka

For years this man has dedicated himself totally to this aspect of Malaysian politics, and he has not failed his ardent supporters and admirers in bringing about a heartening win, giving him another gold medal, coincidentally in a place where he won his first gold medal in political defections.

Syabas, Datuk Seri.

Citius, Altius, Fortius, Amphibious.



  1. Wakaka. Excellent post. I hereby award Mr Ktemoc of Sdyney the gold medal for a touche post.
    Let this delusional, aging Olympian Anwar chase his gold medal from Solomon mines.
    Olympics are held every four years. But his Olympic frog quest has been going on every minute.
    Look at his froggy athletes. All bow-legged unwanted dinosaurs nobody gives a hoot.

  2. Forget about Anwar.After the final votes are counted,and PR is declared the winner.The real shocker of the century.Sweetheart Nurul is elected by the PR coalition as PM,sending Azmin Azmin into a heart

  3. Anwar and his shortcuts....that man will never change. But then, his counterparts brethens in UMNO is no different let's see which dirty will win this GE13.

    Is BN shaking in its boots what with their fixed deposits in the East not that 'fixed' anymore ?

    Methinks Buttercup doth protest too much ? Tak takut just a wee bit ke ?

    Will the lesser evil win this time...and let the devil take the hindmost. Menang dulu, belakang kira.

  4. If Nurul becomes the PM,buttercup can butter both sides of bread,with a steamed frog in between as a reward.

  5. In the chinese dynasty days of yore, when an emperor descended to the throne at a very tender age, there's always a regent/dowager 'overseer' to run the show, using the young emperor as the mouthpiece showcase. For example, Liu Xie, Emperor Xian of Han. ( watch 3 Kingdom fantastic drama with awesome english subtitles )

    If Nurul the princess becomes the PM, guess who'll be the regent power-behind-the-throne ?

  6. Hi, Anon 12:48 AM,

    What you're saying is that the young emperor was merely a puppet being manipulated by a puppeteer who kept out of sight but who was in fact the real power behind the throne.

    Ahem, isn't there a mamak fella who is trying that stunt here but without too much success ... yet.

  7. In America they have this frog jumping contest whereby the frogs are judged by how far they can jump with one leap.

    But the frogs are not always cooperative, so the owners of the frogs sometimes have to resort to poking the frog's backside with a sharp pin or an electrical prod in order to induce the frog to jump.

    Now, that leads us to the billion ringgit question, namely, what do you think The Great Leader uses to prod the backsides of his frogs in order to encourage them to jump?

    Does anyone out there have the answer?

  8. In the 3 Kingdoms series, General Cao Cao repeatedly said :

    "I'd rather betray the world than the world betray me !"

    Many chinese used this famous quote to describe the Jelapang Hee when she'd rather betray Perak than allow Perak to betray her, hehehe.

    Guys....this 3 Kingdoms series is highly recommended...made all the more superb by its awesome english subtitles. Here's the You-Tube link -

  9. Nurul as PM. Kahkahkah, Thanks for making my day.
    Woke up this morning feeling sad. But you perk me up with this Nurul joker.
    Might as well ask the mommy to become President. Kahkahkah.
    Where do you put the father? He will kill her for upstaging him.

  10. Far, far, far, worse crimes have been committed with impunity in this country by people in power, especially BN/UMNO, compared to this....which is not illegal...

  11. ktemoc the stupid posting a useless post.

    Why blame DSAI and PKR when Barisan Najis and Najis Razak doesnt want to ban party hopping itself?

    You must see which party allows for party hopping.

    Barisan Najis can propose such a law and the Opposition will give them enough votes to even amend the consstituition if necessary but they just wont.

    Blardi ktemoc the stupid is blaming people who jaywalk but doesnt talk about the lawmakers who legalises jaywalking itself.

    Talk about not getting the big picture.


  12. ktemoc keep copying ideas from BN crooks and highlighted Anwar as King of frog like an idiot.
    All need to go to Lim Kit Siang's blog and read read the 3 facts that Anwar was ever ac frog at all.
    Yes telling lies lies lies ktemoc is very good at.

  13. 3 facts that proved Anwar was NEVER a frog.
    kt needs to read that and apologize.

  14. Fact 1- Abim is not a political party. Therefore there was no hopping involved. Furthermore Anwar was invited by Mahathir to join UMNO.
    Fact 2- Anwar dis not leave UMNO. He was sacked.
    Fact 3- He did not jump into PKR. He formed it.

  15. where in this post did I say Anwar has been a frog?

    all I did was to show Anwar indulges in and focuses on political defections as if this aspect of politics was democratic reforms

    so you anwaristas stop your ignorant moronic bullshitting and read on what I wrote, that is, if your 'blindness' allows you to read at all wakakaka

  16. sunwayopal, I m not sure whether I'm stupid, but even taking your words at its worth, what about you? Haven't you shown you certainly are, wakakaka

  17. ktemoc the stupid, no need to have doubts lar.

    I am sure YOU ARE!

    actuli, not only stupid but blindly prejudiced and totally impartial, not known to comment fairly AT ALL when it comes to DSAi and PKR.

    Thats you,ktemoc the stupid.


  18. sunwayopal, you claimed this blogger is stupid without a doubt, but the blogger very clearly said he's not sure about that, but he's real sure that YOU are the stupid one, hehehe.

    So when you said this blogger is 'totally impartial', do you KNOW what you really saying ?

    Synonyms of the word IMPARTIAL are: unbiased - even-handed - equitable - fair - dispassionate

    Hehe....sunwayopal, you are so right here....this blogger is totally impartial as you said, but you sure are STUPID, proven beyond a doubt, hehehe.

    So everytime you write 'ktemoc the stupid', we know you really meant 'sunwayopal the stupid' ! This phenomena is known as BACKFIRE, hehehe. Podah lah you.

    1. Have you read his profile? Does it reveal anything about him besides the location identified as Ayer itam? What it imply?
      Frankly I don't really give 2 hoots la

  19. "Frankly I don't really give 2 hoots la"

    So apasal selalu tak henti henti marah kat commentators tak bagi personal particulars ? mengapa asyik bising hal profile blogger ini? Kalau don't give dua hoots, diam lah....tak perlu heboh heboh. Mengampah ! pergi sembah tuhan kau yang membelit lidah tu. Porrrdahhhh !

    1. Berani kalau benar, takut kalau salah. Takut apa kalau anda tulis tu munasabah & bernas. Ataupun anda herniat untuk menghasut & menghina orang. Eh, kan no amanat & pesanan Dari Tuhan atau allah

  20. Porrrdahhh is CORRECT!!
    must have rrrr and hhhhhh!!!
    rpk speaks like an orang puteh and his "porah" sounds like a Bugis educated from England and so he stays there talking cock and our ktee stays in Sydney talking bull.

  21. Dr No, Anons 2:21AM, 1:15, 10:34, 10:30, 9:44, 9:43, koitiam fella....all these are Monsterball lah. Like the grand-daddy vampire, he comes out at a certain hour to suck blood.

    Funny his buddy the looes 74 and others NEVER once ask these Anons to have the 'cojones' to use a fake nick..... so very 'IMPARTIAL' lah. Podah again lah.

    1. If this blog host can't be honest & frank on what's he doing, does he have the authority demanding high moral standards from others? Why can you use your fucking brain to think? Stop being a la la cheerleader or blind supporters? Kayteeista

  22. Stop being..cheerleader or blind supporters ? Speak for thyself la, mr anwarista, hehehe.

    Blog host can't be honest or frank ? Look who's are forever putting words into the host's mouths ( harsher meaning = lying lah ) and when you either intentionally or unintentionally misinterpret the blog host's writings and went ahead to make wild accusations based on the misinterpretation, and WAS pointed out several times by the blogger on these..... we ain't see no apologies or anything lah. So who's not honest and frank lah ???

    Porrdahhhh lah ! hehehe. Chew on that and burn, loser74. And don't come whinging on "cojones" to reveal my personal particulars in order to comment la, hehehe, I also don't give 2 hoots la to your so-called cojones which you yourself have NONE.

  23. It would be nice if the laws are amended to stop party hopping once and for all.

    However, two decades ago, Kelantan state enacted such a law only to be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme court. If I recall correctly, something similar also happened in Sabah.