Monday, August 06, 2012

Crisis on critical thinking

Two and a half years ago I posted Mean-spirited Malaysians in which where I criticised both sides of Malaysian politics, with some individual exceptions (eg. Ku Li, Zaid Ibrahim, Lim KS, Dr Jeya),  for their lack of civility, mean-spiritedness and politicization of even the most trivial and non-political issues.

On the BN side, we witnessed how the UMNO-led federal government shamefully and illegally withheld financial allocations to Pakatan MPs while providing handsome sums to their BN counterparts. Such public funded allocations are part and parcel of a MP’s local budget to spend for his/her constituency’s requirements and benefits, and not from the personal kitty of UMNO, PM or Finance Minister.

I remarked:

The irony is there are actually BN supporters in those electorates represented by non-BN MPs and ADUNs. Such is the BN's spite that they would punish their own supporters as well. Perhaps those BN supporters should wake up and rethink who they ought to support the next time around.

I also wrote on:

… BN's denial of oil royalties to then PAS-ruled Terengganu and now PAS-ruled Kelantan. 
The States’ right to oil royalties has been enshrined as a legal Federal-State contract but the BN government has arrogantly ignored that, and is spitefully frustrating the PAS State government (then and now) in a disgraceful mean-spirited manner. 
We have also read with disgust how the current federal government is channeling financial allocations for maintaining Penang’s heritage listings through Khazanah Nasional rather than the Pakatan government in Penang. 
Just WTF has the investment holding arm of the government, roled as its strategic investor in new industries and markets, got to do with maintenance of the heritage buildings etc?

Not sparing Pakatan, I commented that:

… DAP people stepped on the photos/posters of the Perak frogs as they entered the venue. Totally unpleasant, and I’m glad Lim GE took avoiding steps. […] 
PAS of course has been known to issue a couple of death (or tummy upset) curses wakakaka at their opponents in the BN - c'mon lah, Pak Haji!

And of course I didn’t omit that political pygmy, that Chief Dökkálfar troll (how could I, wakakaka) for his self-promotion via his unjustifiably pompous ‘thunderous applause’ on his pitiful pathetic pariah 'success' in having Rosmah Mansor removed as chancellor of Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel) before her term expired. Pray tell me, what earth-shaking PKR public policy was this?

I wrote in another post that:

I presume after that fantastic Azmin Ali’s achievement, there was better food on the tables of Malaysians, rental costs became more affordable, fuel prices dropped, school education standards improved, streets became cleaner, sand mining in Selangor was better controlled, birds sang cheerily and rainbows span the Selangor sky every day, etc.

It’s not just the poverty of standard of Malaysian politicians that I opined but that there’s a lamentable mean-spiritedness in Malaysian politics ... […] … I hope DAP will never descend to such petty bickering.

Alas, my hopes have been dashed by M Manoharan, DAP’s Kota Alam Shah ADUN, who has been foolish enough to make snide remarks on Twitter against one of Malaysia’s two globally eminent sportspersons, Lee Chong Wei (the other being world squash champion, Nicole Ann David) - see Malaysiakini's Manoharan gets brickbats over tweets on Chong Wei.

Regrettably Manoharan has politicized Malaysian sports in his twittering, and diminishes DAP's standing with the public, especially sports fans. I'd be surprised if BN pollies don't make hay out of this.

I am doubly disappointed because I was one of the few DAP supporters who defended him on the flag issue, in my post Flagging DAP's political cringe.

I castigated the DAP party disciplinary board for its decision to whack Manoharan with a 6 month suspension for what was Manoharan's very legitimate opinion (expressed on his Facebook page).

I wrote in that post:

Manoharan wanted the Jalur Gemilang redesigned because it shows too much of a resemblance to the national flag of the USA - incidentally an undeniable and, to many, embarrassing fact - an association that today is a not only a stigma, but a dangerous stigma, given the hatred for the USA throughout a large portion of our globe. 
Now, on what grounds did the DAP disciplinary board find Manoharan’s comments ‘serious’? That DAP MPs, ADUNs and members must not express their own and legitimate opinions? Sheeesh! 
The truth, I believe, is that the DAP has demonstrated it suffers from political cringe, afraid of UMNO’s racist attacks on Manoharan’s alleged unpatriotic call. 
I reckon DAP must have felt that in the wake of Mat Sabu’s opinion on a piece of Malaya’s colonial history, it may be too much against the party’s endeavour to win Malay confidence in the party’s Malaysian-ness. So, Manoharan has to be sembileh (sacrificed as an offering) to the Trimurti (gods) of racism, bigotry and intolerance. 
I am truly disappointed, but I want Manoharan to know there are DAP supporters and members who believe he has been perfectly within his rights as a Malaysian citizen to propose a redesign of Jalur Gemilang, which by the way, belongs to every Malaysian and not just UMNO members.

But Manoharan has proven to be a bit of a loose cannon, this time putting his big foot in his even bigger mouth by his unnecessary unjustified and indefensible tweet against Lee Chong Wei.

It’s not unlike the unnecessary, cruel and highly politicized bashing of our Malaysian astronaut or space tourist, yes, you could class him as you saw fit, but was there any need to attack him personally, just because he was under contract with the government and made to travel around the country with Najib?

Not unlike the astronaut, Lee Chong Wei has been perceived by some quarters of having 'sinned' by not making the required ritual of bashing Rosmah Mansor.

RPK commented in his latest post The problem is you, Rosmah on this Malaysian political mean-spiritedness with regards to (BAM Patron) Rosmah Mansor’ trip to London to support Lee in the Olympics, as follows:

People hate her so they need to whack her. And her trip to London is a good issue to bring up. Even if Lee Chong Wei had won gold she would still have been whacked, mainly because she is Rosmah. It makes it even better when Lee Chong Wei did not win gold. 
If Dr Siti Hasmah had remained the Patron of BAM then no one would have been angry about her going to London. Some still would, of course, mainly because she is Dr Mahathir’s wife. But most wouldn’t. 
If someone other than Rosmah or Dr Siti Hasmah were the Patron of BAM then the trip to London would have been a non-issue. 
Pro-PKR portals like Malaysia Chronicle attribute Lee Chong Wei’s failure to win gold as Rosmah’s failure. “TOP CHEERLEADER ROSMAH FAILS! Olympic dream eludes Chong Wei,” screamed Malaysia Chronicle. 
I suppose if Lee Chong Wei had won gold then the headline would have been … hmm … I wonder what the headline would have been. Got to find out from Tian Chua.

RPK had in an earlier post Critical thinking to change the government made the sarcastic comments that:

...  to demonstrate that I am a loyal opposition supporter and have not sold out, I shall now oppose the plan to introduce critical thinking into Malaysia’s education system. 
Critical thinking is an idea that comes from the government and anything that comes from the government is either bad or, even if it is good, cannot be sincere. 
But I will need to support my stand of opposing critical thinking with a valid argument. Well, there may be one good argument I can use, an issue that is currently being hotly debated. And that issue is the Islamic law of Hudud. 
If we allow critical thinking, Malays would question the practicalities and viability of introducing Hudud in Malaysia. They would look into the history of the Sharia and analyse the reasons why the Sharia exists and so on. And, by applying critical thinking, many Malays may come to the conclusion that Hudud is no longer practical or applicable to modern-day Malaysia. 
Critical thinking allows the Malays to think. But thinking Malays may not be beneficial to the opposition’s aspiration of forming the new federal government. 
So, if we want to see Umno defeated and also see Pakatan Rakyat form the next federal government, we will need to ensure that PAS wins a large portion of the 70 seats it is going to contest. Only then can Umno be brought down and Pakatan Rakyat get to form the new federal government. 
Hence the Malays must be made to believe that Hudud is compulsory and that Malaysia must implement the Islamic laws of Hudud. And the Malays must also be made to believe that it is their religious duty to vote for PAS and not for Umno. And this will also mean that the Malays must not be allowed critical thinking or else they may reject Hudud and PAS would not get their votes. 
But PAS cannot do this alone. The Malays are of the opinion that the non-Muslims are opposed to Hudud. And Umno is capitalising on this and is playing up the issue. In fact, today, the Umno Blogs are even saying that DAP has a secret plan to turn Malaysia into a Christian state. 
Hence the non-Muslims must openly declare that they support not only Hudud but also PAS’s aspiration of turning Malaysia into an Islamic State. Only then will PAS have a chance of winning the 70 seats it is going to contest. 
And only then will ABU succeed and Pakatan Rakyat get to form the next federal government. 
And please do not apply critical thinking to what I just said. Critical thinking is what the government is proposing and anything that the government proposes we must oppose if we are loyal opposition supporters.



  1. And that shithead forgets the greatest badminton players were those few who went to London and won the Thomas Cup and that started the craze in Asia for badminton.
    Eddy Choong is a multi millionaire.
    So many dies as paupers.
    Did the government care?
    I think Chong Wei and Nicol will shunt away from politicians using them.
    After all, they know they belong to the minorities like most of the old timer Thomas Cup players , all forgotten.
    Even P.Ramlee was ignored because he was not a racist.
    They decorated him when he was long gone dead out of no choice.

  2. Every Malaysian loves Lee Chong Wei.
    He is a very humble and sincere man, but he was used by Rosmah without him knowing it.
    Chong Wei learned his lessons.
    This final, Rosmah was there and so Chong Wei's fiance, mother and brother flew over to make sure Chong Wei does not let Rosmah use him again.
    YET...ktemoc sees it fit to pout out outdated 4 years photos to talk about Chong Wei.
    This broadcaster is playing double games all the time.

  3. Then why get so agitated over it. Chill la dey! Again ktemoc should reflect himself before talking others. Especially when he is so obsessed in criticising certain characters that borders paranoia. Seriously I am worried about him because he doesn't seem to move on. Focus on top priorities. Right priorities. Chiang Kai shek let china burnt while he's pursuing Mao. Ended up he still got to team up in order to get rid of enemy no 1, Japan.

    Finally he admitted that zaid is really his lover boy. Come to think of it. What has zaid really achieved so far other than resigning when isa was abused in locking up reporters

    He's harping about anwar may jump back to umno. But then he left out the fact ku Li lock stock barrel branched out to form s46 & then lock stock barrel move back to umno baru. Hahaha! In fact come to think of it the policies perpetuated by s46 even more out of line with Malaysian Malaysia. What the hell the theme when umno was set up in 1946. Hidup melayu! The thing I am very piss about ktemoc is he pour shits on certain issues while omitting the whole lot other things. Even he himself is not suspect. Till today he does not come clean who he is. What the fucking occupation he does. Worst, what has he done or doing in the civil society movement.
    What a bull la! Waste my time, brain cell & saliva. Wanna be neutral, be neutral la
    Ktemoc is neither here or there.
    One thing I got to agree. Start using your brain. Don't accept everything everybody says. Particularly someone who sounds independent, behave independent but biased.
    Anyway its human nature. Enough of this clown la.

  4. Guys & gals,
    Google the trap by Adam curtis. Watch the whole series. Don't suck everything to it & come up with your conclusion
    As for Malaysian political situation, fuck rpk! Bn! Or even folks such as ktemoc. Join haris in supporting Abu. Oman jaafar has failed. Ku Li has failed. Resulting in perpetual rule of 55 years. Heck la, just as what tony Blair did to
    John major. Just sink this ship called bn

  5. Haris Ibrahim cannot be trusted.
    His mind is weak.
    Good to see him supporting ABU now but do not forget he supported rpk in his quest to form a "Third Force"

  6. From (The Thinking Community ) : (extract)

    Everyone thinks; it is our nature to do so. But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed or down-right prejudiced.

    Yet the quality of our life and that of what we produce, make, or build depends precisely on the quality of our thought. Shoddy thinking is costly, both in money and in quality of life. Excellence in thought, however, must be systematically cultivated.

    Critical thinking varies according to the motivation underlying it. When grounded in fairmindedness and intellectual integrity, it is typically of a higher order intellectually, though subject to the charge of "idealism" by those habituated to its selfish use.

  7. We kopitiam fellas have very well educated people who are willing to sacrifice and forget to be personal mixing with all true freedom fighters, rich or poor educated of less with no class distinctions.
    We are all Malaysians.
    We have one purpose and one purpose only.
    We will fight the traitors, corrupted lot with no fear for our lives.
    It was DAP PAS and keDAILan teaming up as Pakatan and won so many seats at the 12h GE that gives us the signal, the time to oust out the powerful corrupted UMNO b government has arrived.
    55 years of corruptions and under Mahathir for 22 years, he planted seeds of races and encouraged corruptions by saying "Money is power" and went on and on for 35 years where corruptions became by the billions and not millions because Mahathir know how rich Malaysia is.
    He wants to divide and rule like old British racists and slave drivers.
    He is still in control from the back door.
    Malaysians are suffering from hundreds of billions stolen by UMNO b crooks and Najib have no choice but to declare 13th GE soon OR worked up a scenario to get Malaysians fight each other at streets, burn cars,houses and see few deaths and give him a reason to declare Emergency Rule.
    That is the only way Najib can save himself and many UMNO b crooks be arrested for corruptions and murders if BN is defeated.
    That is the main reason Najib dare not announce 13tb GE date.
    Ktemoc should stop fooling around and start feeling for all Malaysians and the country.
    If he continues to enjoy twisting without contributing to free Malaysians in the simplest and clearest ways, he is not a Malaysian at all.
    This is not the time to joke around.
    If he cannot contribute to expose corruptions and dirty politics exposing Najin and UMNO b party, then talk less and shut up.

  8. To vote for any one you like is correct,
    However, it it totally not logical and correct to support a party that have been governing for past 55 years, when there is a very strong Opposition and not allowing the said Opposition to govern the country.
    This is more so with minorities like MCA MIC and Gerakan supporting corruption.
    Anyone can clearly see and know MCA MIC and Gerakan politicians love to divide and rule and be racists. WHY???
    Not hard to understand.
    All are supporting corruptions and hope they get filthy rich through that process too.
    What is ktemoc reasons to twist and turn?
    He started off to tell all he supports DAP all his life, then start his nonsensical stuffs to judge all.
    If any minorities do not support change in government, that can only mean, the power of brain washing by UMNO b stuck to them like the devils have taken over their spirits.
    What are you ktemoc??
    Surely no a freedom fighter.

  9. Great posts.

    Finally a last thought for some.

    yes, u can choose who to vote for. But one thing i know, any self respecting DAP member I can tell u will want to vote out Barisan Najis with their very last breath and definitely will choose PKR over UMNO.

    Dont let this so called DAP member convince u otherwise.


    1. Dey sunny,
      He's a dap supporter la. very likely he voted out dap in 1995 including lim kit siang & karpal Singh . Dap was left in the wilderness for the next 13 years in Penang.
      The funniest thing is teng has the cheek of wanting back Penang after just 4 years of wilderness. Gerakan has not changed though kaytee has great admiration of that party & the man. Ok, lim chong eu quite revered but so did seenivasagam brothers.

  10. Forget Rosmah.Forget Harris.They are irrelevant.Harris is syiok sendiri only.What can he do.He do not have the balls to stand for elections.Talk cock only.

    1. At least he spearheading the Abu campaign. Let's give due respects to another folks. That's includes azmin ali

  11. critical thinking doesn't meant to see thing in binaries and with false dichotomy (rpk piece is best indication of this flaw), most pr supporters were smarter than what some third rate blogger willing to believe, at least we are more logical and rational in our contention compare to some convoluted mind that good (actually is poor) in twisting and spinning facts.

    1. Just ask rpk what the hell happened to lib dem. rpk's a member. Lib dem fought for abolishment of tuition fee even for foreign students. So what's now hah?

  12. People are angry with rosmah for flaunting her wealth and all the luxuries at a time when many Malaysians ate struggling to make ends meet. Esp when most are suspicious that the source of her wealth comes from public money ie yours and mine. We r angry with for putting her heads in official matters where she has no business putting her head in. We r also angry that she chose to go to London presumably on our expense only when it appeared chong Wei had a chance for glory by entering the final. Many look at it as an attempt to steal chong wei's glory for her own ego . We ate also angry that today's papers splash pictures of him with rosmah and other wives of ministers when his true supporters , the people are left out. Though I am proud of chong wei, what he is got to realize is all these politicians and their wives will drop him like a hot potato once his fortunes wane and he will become just another pendatangs to them .

  13. One of the key skills in critical thinking is the ability to view a concept or issue both at a micro level - dissecting the details of what is said or written - as well as at macro level - synthesising and understanding the overall situation.
    In idiomatic English, being able to see both the trees and the forest, or being able to see both the fine detail and the big picture.

    Since you quote so extensively from RPK, I state my view on him.
    If you look at the fine detail, he still does write some good articles.
    But if you look at the big picture, now, not 2005, not 2008 or 2009, I do not see a champion of political reform in this country. I see a mercenary.

    1. So why waste brain cells over him? He praised ong tee keat for being man of honour but did you guys what happen in one mca youth gathering where we witnessing chair throwing between 2 mca factions. Just as kaytee accuses anwar manipulating bersih event, you mean those jokers who throw chairs if not instigated by ong tee keat meh! Oh I forgot mca members ain't human. They are sub human.

      Guys & gals,
      Google manipulate's guide to social media by today online. Or google who the fuck Ryan holiday. If possible, get a book titled trust me, I am lying. I suggest you read it

  14. Rosmah is an easy target to dislike.

    Shopping splurges in London (intercontinental transport and accommodation courtesy of Malaysian taxpayer),

    Birkin handbags by Hermes, reputed to be among the most expensive retail ladies handbags in the world.

    RM 24.4 M diamond -on loan for exhibition purposes, so it is said.

    Burj Khalifa holiday - of course, courtesy of a grateful Arab billionaire who lost his wallet in KL and she found and returned it.......

    believe it...or not...

    I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha Cameron once, back when her husband was the leader of the UK Opposition.

    Ah, no need to go so far, just take a look at Kak Wan Azizah.

    What a difference, like day and night...

  15. Hey didn't know that we have a new badminton champ by the name of Mano.
    Or is he interested to be the new coach of our badminton squad? LOL.
    Good one Mano, you will lose your set and dent your party's vote.
    Can you run the badminton court like you run your mouth?
    Another motor-mouth is that Nizar, ousted and never-to-be MB.
    His twitter Jalur Malang has indeed ruffled some feathers.
    What's with these so-called Pakatan leaders? Do you still want to vote in these douche-bags?
    Looks like they are not learning from their presumptive PM.
    That guy chose to play dumb and and blind with his eyes fixed on Putra Jaya.
    We dont know whether he's Malay or Muslim or any other race for that matter. Must be Megalamanesia race.
    On hudud, dumb. On Malay issues mute. What's that? I only want the throne of Putra Jaya.

    P.S. Why the hoo-ha about Rosmah cheering for LCW in London? If KT or Monsterball, you and me are PM, our wives will sure to do that too.
    It's a great feeling to have the PM's wife rooting for you.
    If Anwar is the PM, he and the whole brood will be there for sure.

  16. Buttercup, KT is a confirmed bachelor.
    You mean you don't know that?
    And a PR PM will not simply spent or waste tax payers money.
    You can be very sure, all PR wives will not be like Rosmah.
    All will divorce their wives like Monsterball if they behave like Rosmah.
    Only a man like you can tahan her.
    Mono can go to hell.
    He stands for election, chances is great, he will be defeated. DAP is not that stupid. You will find much much more idiots in BN than in PR.
    You marry a woman like Rosmah, you will be crushed to death.
    It takes a talk strong man like Najib that kind.

  17. DAP is likely to get a black eye in Kota Alam Shah if they can't find anyone better than Manoharan as State Assemblyman candidate for GE13.

    The guy has a loose tongue, loose finger and diahrrhetic brains.

  18. chowceebai kia ktemoc.
    Buttercup talk like that; all approved.
    He dare not delete his loving partner.
    Kopitiam fells talk like that all deleted.

  19. I've deleted quite a number of vile obscene comments by a certain disgruntled crude rude old man, but leaving one behind (under one of his various nicks, kopitiam fella) as an example of his low class vileness.

    MCLM was started to provide PKR with 30 good candidates because of an assessment that PKR had taxi-sapu and ended up with the worst number of unreliable candidates, who defected to BN.

    With such so-called PKR supporters as this vile dirty minded old man, who will do more harm for PKR, and bring the party into disrepute, maybe it's time for another organization to scrutinize PKR's supporters and reject such pariahs, wakakaka.

  20. Uncle monty forgot to take his medicine again..

  21. Sad, sad. Monsterball is vying with me for KT's attention. He is jealous of me being KT's (to quote him loving partner).
    Write reasonable and act civil, Monty. Then you will be liked.
    Your vile comments bring disgrace to Pakatan instead of praise.
    They are ashamed to be associated with you.

  22. WOW!! ktemoc said PKR should scrutinize all pariahs and reject them.
    First on the list is Ktemoc himself.
    He is faceless and nameless blog owner, worst than a pariah.
    One like Monsterball whose name and face are known to all have guts and cannot be a pariah.
    His team is throwing shit at a PARIAH BLOG and a PARIAH OWNER.

  23. a delusional disgruntled disgraceful dirty-minded old man realizes but only through self-deceit wakakaka his weird fantasy that he has a pack of supporters here, by posing under various nicks wakakaka.

    See above where he preposterously, pitifully and self-deceivingly claimed that Monsterball (himself wakakaka) has a "team" wakakaka, comprising himself, himself, himself and himself (recurrent) wakakaka.

    Even his own children avoid him and his foul mouth like the plague,

  24. "With such so-called PKR supporters as this vile dirty minded old man, who will do more harm for PKR, and bring the party into disrepute, maybe it's time for another organization to scrutinize PKR's supporters and reject such pariahs, wakakaka." by KTemoc

    Never a truer statement made ! Yes sir...reject such pariahs. Some of us PR supporters cringe every time that old bag came online using his various nicks.

  25. Only tokiorain can handle that sleezy foul mouth who's so full of himself. His heart must be bursting with hatred and venom and his mind chock full of vile, dirty and murderous else to explain his relentless foul outbursts EVERY DAY without fail ?

    The day/s he fails to throw his venom here, is the day we should all could only meant one thing, given his grand old age. Let's all wait for that day as all other recourse failed with this incorrigible old grandfather.

    1. Kindly have some cojones to reveal who the fuck you are before passing judgement. Otherwise, fuck off

  26. looes74...then have the 'cojones' yourself to reveal first your real self..not any fake nicks. IC number, house address, real name (as per ic ), personal infor like your schooling/education history, your place of work ( if still working) etc. Last but not least, publish a mug shot of yourself here.

    Not just any old nick which is also a 'fake' ? Pordah lah

    (Note - I personally have no problem KTemoc going's the stuff he writes that interest and intrigues me, not how old he is, what's the name given by his parents, or how he looks like ).

  27. Oh...almost forgot ! who the hell are you to ask me to "fuck off" ? you own this blog ah ?

    If not mistaken, this blogger has been complaining lately about YOU, not me lah. About how you are getting more and more vile, which I have to concurr, especially when you could not gainsay him. Poor loser loosing your cool ? So why not turn around and "fuck off" yourself, to quote you ? Have some sense of pride lah, even if you lack the brains and integrity.

  28. wah ktemoc the stupid delete some more

    KTemoc said...

    I've deleted quite a number of vile obscene comments by a certain disgruntled crude rude old man, but leaving one behind (under one of his various nicks, kopitiam fella) as an example of his low class vileness.

    MCLM was started to provide PKR with 30 good candidates because of an assessment that PKR had taxi-sapu and ended up with the worst number of unreliable candidates, who defected to BN.

    ah more misinformation by ktemoc the stupid.

    Lets point out once and for all to him, when MCLM was created and their candidates proposed , Pakatan Rakyat rejected MCLM! DAP and PAS too ! ktemoc the stupid keeps mentioning only PKR.

    When in trurth all parties rejected, even DAP and PAS and naturally PKR would!

    ktemoc would have u believe PKR is against us when the choice is UMNO v PKR.

    Its your choice Mlaaysians.

    Do not b blinded by the stupid one.