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Mukhriz - not brightest spark in chandelier


The bane of nepotism in Malaysian politics

YOURSAY | ‘Nurul Izzah is a better candidate than Mukhriz for the position of DPM.’

Mazilamani: We are aware, and for a long time, that Dr Mahathir Mohamad wants his son Mukhriz to become the next prime minister. Let us say it is the likely wish of every politician for his son to hold the highest post after him, either at the party or government level.

Take the case of Lim Guan Eng, though he won a leadership spot in the party congress with fewer votes than others, he was appointed as DAP secretary-general. This may be because of his father's influence in the party.

Not everybody can become Karpal Singh, who never harboured the thought of his children holding the highest office in the party. He just wanted his children to stay in politics to serve the people.

Let us assume all these people have public support based on their personal capability to hold such office. Now ask what is the worthy achievement of Mukhriz? He could not even hold the Kedah menteri besar post on two different occasions.

Despite his father's influence, he was still unable to defeat Khairy Jamaluddin for the Youth leadership post in Umno in 2009. It was a clear sign of rejection of Mahathir and Mukhriz by the Umno Youth delegates.

To me, all these are not important, but had Mukhriz ever protested the father's wish to see him installed as the prime minister without popular party or people's support?

This says much about the character of Mukhriz. Now, what happens when Mahathir is no longer around? I sometimes wonder who is pushing whom to get the prime minister post.

Prominority: Mahathir’s credibility was shattered when he didn't keep his promise to pass the mantle to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim. Everything would have gone well if Harapan was in power.

Mahathir caused this whole problem when he resigned. He should have honoured the promise and Anwar would have run this country without any messy problems.

Gulugulu: If Mahathir is honest, he would have suggested to Lim and Amanah leader Mohamad Sabu that putting his son’s name at the same level as Anwar is an insult to Anwar and PKR.

If he is farsighted, he would have argued not putting the dull and uncharismatic Mukhriz as the deputy prime minister. People are nauseated by all these things.

Mahathir, Lim and Mohamad have ruined Harapan’s image and hope for good.

Ferdtan: See how the fact has been twisted? That is typical Mahathir's Joseph Goebbels’ ‘minister of misinformation’ style we know for so long.

Mahathir said that Mukhriz was proposed by DAP and Amanah as deputy prime minister but he was named during the last Harapan presidential council meeting on May 30 with Anwar as prime minister. The deal failed and thus the arrangement would be null and void.

But no, to Mahathir the old arrangement of Mukhriz as deputy prime minister stands; only Anwar as prime minister does not.

We call upon Lim and Mohamad to please clarify this. Both of you have been played for fools.

IndigoTrout2522: Who is not telling the truth? Mahathir said the proposal was a unanimous decision by all component parties.

Almost immediately, Lim and Mohamad issued a statement that this was a new proposal that will be discussed by their respective parties and then the Harapan presidential council will make a decision.

Mahathir is not the Harapan chairperson and does not have veto power. He was giving the impression that this was a done deal.

As he took himself out of the running, Harapan can move forward with Anwar as prime minister candidate or just staying on as the opposition to strengthen the coalition and regain trust and confidence of its supporters and the rakyat.

GreenMacaw2035: Mahathir, if it’s not your proposal, then propose only Anwar and Shafie. Why put Mukhriz in the equation if the proposal was not raised by you. It spells “nepotism” and “piggy ride”.

First, you want to “help” Anwar but you didn’t reject the proposal by others for your son to be deputy prime minister.

Well, everyone can think and see, there is no need to criticise you when the elephant is in the room.

OrangePanther1466: May I suggest that Mukhriz voluntarily decline the second deputy prime minister position and instead settle for a cabinet post.

From all the comments I have read, it was as if Mahathir is the head of the biggest party in the opposition such that the other component parties must listen to him.

He is now a party-less politician with only four other MPs supporting him. So why is he getting so much attention?

Diehardmalaysian: I’m sorry to say this. Nurul Izzah Anwar is a better candidate than Mukhriz for the position of deputy prime minister.

and far more pleasing to look at than Mukhriz

Mukhriz had the chance to prove his calibre during his tenure as the menteri besar of Kedah, but unfortunately, there is nothing much to shout about.

So Mahathir, please be fair and put national interests before self. Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, during her tenure as the deputy prime minister, did a good job and there was no criticism against her.

Nurul Izzah will be on par with her if not better, as age and youthfulness are on her side.

Caripasal: Harapan must explain the reason for nominating Mukhriz as DPM, instead of someone from Amanah which has more MPs.

Is this an attempt to help Mukhriz to win in Bersatu's election and to win back the support of those traitors in Bersatu?

'Tuk, I'll treat Mukry as my own brader

DoIR: Mahathir, if you are really a statesman, you should have rejected the offer of your son as deputy prime minister, unless you feel he is fit for the position.

It appears that you can reject Anwar as the prime minister easily, but not your son.

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