Monday, July 27, 2020

WTF, what about Australia?

Focus Malaysia:

China’s soybean imports from Brazil record high in June

CHINA’S soybean imports in June from top supplier Brazil soared to a record high, according to customs data released today, driven by growing demand for soybeans as pig herd recovers after deadly outbreaks of African swine fever.

The world’s top soybean buyer brought in 10.51 million tonnes of the oilseed from the South American country in June, up 91% from 5.5 million tonnes in the previous year, data from the General Administration of Customs showed.

The June figures were also up 18.6% from May imports from Brazil at 8.86 million tonnes.

China’s overall soybean imports in June were a record 11.16 million tonnes as Chinese processors also made the most of lower Brazilian prices as better weather facilitated exports.

China brought in 267,553 tonnes of soybeans from the United States in June, down 56.5% from 614,805 tonnes in the previous year. Imports fell 45.6% from 491,697 tonnes in May.

China has stepped up purchases of US farm produce including soybeans, and will need to ramp up purchases dramatically to fulfil its pledge under a phase one trade deal the two sides signed in January.

Some Chinese crushers in the south were struggling with bulging inventories due to arrivals of beans, while heavy rains and flooding in recent weeks curbed demand from the animal farming sector.

Crushing plants in the north are doing better thanks to demand from the recovering pig herd, according to importers.

Inventories are expected to remain high in coming months as shipments from Brazil remain large.

China’s national weekly soybean inventories reached 7.39 million tonnes by July 21, their highest since November 2018, and more than double a record low in late March, when soybean arrivals from Brazil fell after bad weather slowed exports.

National soymeal stocks also rose to more than one million tonnes earlier this month, up from a record low of 139,000 tonnes in April. – July 26, 2020, Reuters


  1. Fuck... get your facts right.

    Australia is not one of the major producers of Soybeans, No. 38 in the world or something like that.

  2. Australia grows only a TINY amount of soyabeans compared to China's demand.

    In the southern 2019/2020 season Brazil produced 123 million tonnes from 36 million hectares. Australia produced 80,000 tonnes from less than 100,000 hectares.

    So although China wants to punish this US-cowBOY (and I mean BOY ha ha ha), soybean is not the way to go.

  3. Do proper research. cowBOY is a minor player for soyabeans.

    That is why Bully punish cowBOY by imposing 80% import tariff on barley instead. cowBOY is number 5 world producer.

    Rank Country/Region Barley production (tonnes)
    1 Russia 17,992,517
    2 Germany 10,730,500
    3 France 10,306,008
    4 Ukraine 9,435,710
    5 Australia 8,992,274
    6 Canada 8,704,300
    7 Spain 7,979,590
    8 Turkey 6,700,000
    9 United Kingdom 6,655,000
    10 United States 4,338,850

    1. difference between production and availability to export

    2. Wakakakka....

      "The value of exports of commodity group 1201 "Soya beans, whether or not broken." from Australia totalled $ 1.12 million in 2019".

      Australia is practically a Non-Player in the global Soya Bean trade.
      Australia's modest Soya Bean output is primarily for domestic use.,-Australia&text=Exports%20of%20commodity%20group%201201%20amounted%20to%200.088%25%20of%20total,to%20%241.27%20billion%20in%202019).

  4. australia is great, treasure human rights, n appreciate democracy more than biz, a very honor nation, if got chance, i move there like the host did.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Get yr certificate of no criminity ready from the bolihland police.

      Better still, pull all yr strings with yr dangdut pals for a free cert.

      More more easier way is to join those yellowed HK 废青 cult for a piece of forged bno.

      Don't forget to sell all yr assets to prepare the finance for a 5+1 yrs of jobless kangaroo roaming stay. Job wouldn't be easy to come by even for a lowly fruit picker after this covid-19 pandemic!

      Last advice - make sure u don't stay in an area where the white supremist would treat a dingo better than a yellow face. They have a habit of redecorating yellow faces!

    2. CCP Cocksuckers detest Australia right now , because it is seen as politically aligned with USA.

      However, the fact is CCP Elites have piled up Multi-Billions of Dollars of investments, especially property, in Australia.
      Yeah, the CCP elites appreciate Stability, Respect for Human Rights, Property Rights and Rule of Law of the DemonCracy, as CCP-cocksuckers call it.

    3. no worry, i will choose to live near emperor xi sister n cousin, hopefully being a revolutionary offspring, they dun live in a multi million upscale mansion.

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      Old moneyed mfer, haven't u forgotten the theory of reversing?

      China have piled up Multi-Billions of Dollars of investments, especially property, in Australia.

      Just like the WASP countries have invested Multi-Billions of Dollars of investments, property & manufacturing, in China.

      Anything wrong in proper investment management?

      R yr farted arguments of appreciate Stability, Respect for Human Rights, Property Rights and Rule of Law of the DemonCracy apply ONLY selectively?

      Unless yr biased & meme-ed old-moneyed business sense ONLY work with demoNcratic means!

      犬养 mfer, tough luck for u!

      Do u have that kind of resource to live near there?

      Besides, when dingos go wild, nothing can stop them! Ask kt for a piece of advice lah. I'm sure he won't con u, out of bolihland brotherhood!

      BTW, what has Xi's siblings gotten to do with him? As a revolutionary offspring he works his way up the Chinese way.

      There is no indication that Xi did anything to advance his siblings' interests in any fields oversea even though these siblings might want to claim favours through the blood tie!

      Of course, western propagandas & 台毒 farts r stories u enjoyed!

      BTW, have u gotten any says in what yr daughter did in Formosa? Is she on yr demoNcratic lease?

    5. chinese way? dun joke la, there r still 600m chinese that earn less than 1k per month in mainland, not any better than our so call nep melayu. xi sister n cousin is obviously the communist way, which offspring inherit their high ranking official dad biz genetic, a biology with ccp kharacteristic.

    6. Joke?

      Yr Formosa cold turkey type, right?


      600m Chinese that earn less than 1k per month in mainland is an average! It includes the retired, the working, the students/children & new born.

      Serve u right in cheating through yr arithmetic to get yr Formosa toilet paper.

      Makes one wonder about the credibility of these papers - from the president to the elected members & to dickheads like u!

      Not any better than those nep melayu?

      Within 40 yrs, 800M rural Chinese has been uplifted from extreme poverty status by the CCP Chinese poverty eradication planning.

      Within the same time frame yr nep melayu r still crying father mother about been exploited by the Nons till this day.

      Failed comparative studies too, 犬养 mfer!

      AGAIN, what has Xi's siblings gotten to do with Xi &/or communist way?

      "Offspring inherit their high ranking official dad biz genetic"


      Did u confused or been selective in choosing the meme-ed syiok-sendirism claim from yr dangdut pals?

      Biology? U probably never understand chick from chook!

      Failed biology again!

      Tsk…tsk… yr Formosa toilet paper qualification.

      犬养 mfer, u known no shame in spreading yr farts in that well using yr Formosa toilet paper!

  5. Hehehe...haters coming out in full force today...blind mice club in unision today.