Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Have tea while Atuk 'macai' tok-kok

Malaysiakini (extracts):

Dr M's stalwart leaves Amanah, urges Harapan to reject Anwar


Khairuddin Abu Hassan, a stalwart of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has renounced his support for Pakatan Harapan, citing an unwillingness to accept PKR president Anwar Ibrahim as a prime minister candidate.

In a statement, Khairuddin (above) hit out at Anwar over the Harapan chairperson's alleged inability to lead PKR and Harapan, leading to the eventual split and fall from federal power.

"PKR is now facing problems and had fallen apart under Anwar's leadership," he claimed.

In the past, Khairuddin had claimed that Anwar is unworthy to lead the country and suggested that he may go on a campaign to block his rise

(1) Bloke is just one of the expendable 'macai' of Atuk, and hardly deserves the epithet of 'stalwart', wakakaka,

I hate that Anwar - he has somehow convinced those stupid DAP and Amanah to abandon me, the greatest 'Whatever' ever

(2) Who the hell cares about his opinion, of renouncing his support for Pakatan Harapan, or his unwillingness to accept Anwar as Harapan's PM candidate - the awful truth of all his pompous but totally meaningless diatribes would likely be just his mindless echoing (or re-channeling) of Atuk's wishes (remember, he's just a low class 'macai' of the Senile Old Man),

(3) Typically indicating he has been merely echoing Atuk's blameless self cum excuses, he sprouts nonsense on Anwar being responsible for Harapan's fall from federal power, when it has been Atuk's evil abrupt resignation as PM without even prior consultations with his Pakatan colleagues (and as we had suspected and can now confirm, with a sinister but thwarted intention to form his own Malay-only Dignity Coalition),

Eff those 'orang asing' 

(4) PKR has not fallen apart - au contraire, it remains as the only original PH component party which has the strength, guts and clarity of purpose to now ignore the most wicked man in Malaysian history.

PKR has also cleansed itself of ular2 tedung dalam selimut. Blockhead's wish to block Anwar's prime ministerial career is of course another further indication of his stupid echoing of Atuk's evil design.

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  1. He was in Amanah ?
    Strange..... surely Pribumi would have been a better it .
    Maybe in Amanah as a Mahathir spy.