Sunday, July 05, 2020

Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid victim of "Hong Kong Protests" syndrome

MM Online:

Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid labelled ‘racist fish’

A graffiti reading ‘Racist Fish’ is seen on a statue of ‘The Little Mermaid’ in Copenhagen, Denmark July 3, 2020

Reuters pic

COPENHAGEN, July 3 — Denmark woke up today to the words “racist fish” scrawled across the base of the Little Mermaid, the bronze statue honouring Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tale that perches on a rock in the sea off a pier in Copenhagen.

Police said it had not yet identified the perpetrators. The 107-year-old sculpture, which is visited by one million tourists each year, has been vandalised before, including by anti-whaling campaigners and pro-democracy activists, twice suffering decapitation.

“We consider it vandalism and have started an investigation,” a spokesman for the Copenhagen police said.

Protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement around the world have in recent months rallied against statues of historical figures who played a role in racist oppression, such as slave traders and colonialists.

The Little Mermaid has not been part of this debate but last year a Disney live action remake of the 1989 animated film of the same name was the subject of a controversy after African American actress Halle Bailey was cast in the central role.

“I am having a hard time seeing what is particularly racist in the fairy tale The Little Mermaid", Ane Grum-Schwensen, researcher at the H.C. Andersen Center at University of Southern Denmark, told local news wire Ritzau. — Reuters

Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales - Online Course

The story follows the journey of a young mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the sea as a mermaid to gain a human soul. The tale was first published in 1837 as part of a collection of fairy tales for children.

The original story has been a subject of multiple analyses by scholars such as Jacob Bøggild and Pernille Heegaard as well as the folklorist Maria Tatar. These analyses cover various aspects of the story from interpreting the themes to discussing why Andersen chose to write a tragic story with a happy ending. 

Indeed, I agree with Ane Grum-Schwensenin that I too am having a hard time seeing what is particularly racist in the fairy tale 'The Little Mermaid'.

But as I have mentioned, there exist 'anarchists' in our world, people like the young brats protesting in Hong Kong recently who just loved to destroy to show their power - yes, they started off with an ideal or a reasonable cause, but as the protests continued and ratcheted up they lost track of what they were supposed to be protesting about and showed far greater interests (and perverse delight)in destroying, threatening (police families, MRT passengers, shop employees etc) and even hurting people like shooting arrows and hurling bricks at law officers. Yes, they even demonstrated their vile discrimination against Chinese Mainlanders and the latter's shops.

Flaming arrows and petrol bombs: Inside Hong Kong protesters ...

Hong Kong protests: Students fight police with petrol bombs, bows ...

Arrow fired by Hong Kong protester hits police officer ...

Hong Kong police tweeted images of the injury to the police officer after an arrow pierced through his leg 

UK and Australia are welcomed to have such rioters

The protests would eventually developed into riots, as we have also seen in 'Black Live Matters' - some of those protesters were/are (as mentioned, 'lil anarchists' who just love to eff around and destroy just for the fun of destroying).

The Black Lives Matter Revolution Can't Be Co-Opted By Police and ...

PB Mehta writes on George Floyd killing, US protests

White People Rioting for No Reason

I term such anarchic behaviour as the "Hong Kong Protests" syndrome, wakakaka. And this was what has happened to the 'Little Mermaid' in Copenhagen.

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  1. Kerbau from Ah Mok.

    Absolutely zero relationship with Hong Kong protests.

    Everything to do with Black Lives Matter protests, which have established violent destruction of property and lawless behaviour as permissible, even praiseworthy if committed in the name of protesting against Racism.

  2. Bully finally reveals the new security law for Hong Kong, with no debate or consultation with Hong Kongers...and applies the new law to everyone on the planet, even foreigners who are not in HK. Such arrogance...!!

    And Bully also bullying Kiwis.....may stop importing dairy and other agricultural products....

    And the world is starting to teach 5,000 year old civilization, aka Bully and Rampas a Lesson....

    UK now offers bespoke immigration rules for eligible Hong Kong residents....could be up to 3 million....

    Canada breaks extradition treaty with Bully

    Oz considers offering safe haven to Hong Kongers....

    500-year old civilization sanctions 5,000 year old civilization.
    US lawmakers have approved new Hong Kong-related sanctions, after Beijing imposed a security law that has been widely condemned across the world. The US measure, which penalises banks which do business with Chinese officials, was passed unanimously by both the House and the Senate. It has been sent to President Donald Trump to sign into law.

    EU oso very upset with Big Bully..

    Even Japan, who has a lot to lose if they upset Bully, talks TOUGH..

    1. Wakakakaka…

      A blurred demoNcratic fartvfrom a pommie asslicker!

      Do read yr compatriot's fart time stampped 11:48 am, July 05, 2020!

      "UK now offers bespoke immigration rules for eligible Hong Kong residents....could be up to 3 million...."


      Can auntie pommie instantly 'recruits' all those HK BNO 'passport' holders coming to reside in UK!

      Jobs, housing, internal resentments…… under the current sopo-economical stresses facing pommieland!

      3M BNO holders can leave ANYTIME provided they instantly renounce their HK residency as granted in the Anglo-Sino Joint Declaration, an internationally-binding treaty.

      "Canada breaks extradition treaty with Bully"

      Ain't that the same as what uncle Sam did?

      "Oz considers offering safe haven to Hong Kongers...."

      Ditto with the same 'expected' conclusion as auntie pommie!

      "Beijing imposed a security law that has been widely condemned across the world"

      Can u see that in the same light as in this YouTube?

      Hong Kong National Security Law Analyzed - YouTube

      EU, Japan…… mfer, u must not just quoted titles lah!

      Read the contents, then raise the issue.

      Or u have been adequately coached by that 犬养 meet with his 台毒 style of playing the title game?

    2. bno allow hker a choice, no one force u to leave anytime or do anything instance. british not ccp, british keep promise, 50 years mean 50 years, unlike the no civilised ccp n their pet dog.

    3. U know FART about what r been encompasse within the Anglo-Sino Joint Declaration!

      BNO is only a travelling document issued by yr auntie pommie to placate her hkie pommie lovers!

      China agreed to allow the HK BNO holders to stay in HK, simply bcoz if China refused then these BNO holders would have no country to stay - as their pommie godmother didn't/doesn't allow any of them residency right in UK!

      So, what choice?

      If yr auntie pommie wants to change the status of BNO for HKers now, then those BNO holders must leave HK as China DOESN'T recognize dual citizenship.

      This clause is clearly stipulated as in the sovereign and administrative arrangement of Hong Kong after 1 July 1997, in the Anglo-Sino Joint Declaration, an internationally-binding treaty, signed on 19 December 1984 in Beijing.

      "no one force u to leave anytime or do anything instance."???!!

      HKers born after 97 r not entitled to be BNO holders. This is also been mentioned in the declaration.

      How many HK BNO holders were there after 97? Where r the stated 3M arrives at? Or is yr auntie pommie just playing words!

      犬养 mfer, who's uncivilised & keep playing words to achieve her political aims?

      Ain't u ashamed of why u keep continuing yr asslicking ignorances in champion yr auntie pommie's demoNcratic flowery talks about HK BNO issues?

      Or u really don't understand SHAME!

    4. 3m bno holder is given a choice of living in hk or uk, who said anything abt dual citizenship, its up to hker to choose after 5 years whether to remain as hker or become a british. so what ccp gonna do now? pray tell? stop hker to live in london?

      ccp is uncivilized, never kept promise like that conman, 1997+50=2020, sendiri tak ikut janji kata orang lain pula, no shame ccp n their pet dog really never understand shame one, like conman.

    5. It's definitely a waste of time to educate u. But it's an opportunity to enlighten other readers about HK bno passport.

      "3m bno holder is given a choice of living in hk or uk, who said anything abt dual citizenship, its up to hker to choose after 5 years whether to remain as hker or become a british"

      In the Anglo-Sino Joint Declaration, there will not be anymore HK bno passport be issued to HKers after 97.

      China will not recognize/grant any right of residency to any NEW bno holders to stay in HK after 97. All HKers born after 97 will be Chinese citizen by the natural law of Jos Soli.

      So, where r those 3M HK bno holders come from?

      If they come from the current HK residents, then after obtaining the bno status, they will no longer be citizen of China - no dual citizenship allowed!

      Yr auntie pommie changes the term of agreement singlehandedly NOW, by declaring a new issuance of 3M HK bno passports.

      China would be more than happy - provided these new HK bno holders stay out of HK & to live/work in London.

      The choice to remain in HK, by these bno holders, isn't the RIGHT of pommieland. It's the SOLE jurisdiction of China!

      It's up to the UK to decide WHERE these bno holders can hole up permanently & work within the jurisdiction of UK, while they wait out their 5yrs probationary period for UK citizenship.

      HK ISN'T obligated to provide residency to any of these post 97 bno holders under ANY agreement!

      Yr auntie pommie isn't acting like a civilized lady vis-a-vis the bno holders. These blurred/conned minions r just pawns for her political conmanship - with hp6 moron, like u, singing her praise to high heaven!

      U know S H A M E?

    6. halo bodo, what anglo sino joint declaration u talking abt? 1997+50=2020 mean the declaration is a piece of shit.

      moreover, hker dun hv to tell ccp they r bno holder or not, so what ccp can do except lock down hk ie very civilised approach with chinese kharacteristic?

      u dun know anything but wan talk big, thats is shame.

    7. Truly bodoh sombong to the nth!

      If the anglo sino joint declaration is a piece of shit, then WHY r u so jerky mad about the Hong Kong Basic Law that ensured that Hong Kong will retain its capitalist economic system and own Hong Kong dollar, legal system, legislative system, and same human rights and freedoms, as a special administrative region (SAR) of China for 50 years?

      What bno passport choice r u farting about?

      Ooop… yr 南魔萬 England comprehension skill is on show AGAIN!

      犬养 mfer, HKers don't have to tell China about their bno status. But yr auntie pommie needs a clear criminal record of the applicant from the HK police in order to process the bno application. So, the Chinese would inevitably know!

      Unless yr auntie pommie waives that requirement. But I strongly doubt her home office would be happy with that.

      Keep that in mind when u try yr kangaroo migration luck - free advice for a well dwelling katak.

      China foreign office has openly declared that HKers r free to emigrate with due processes. So what f*cked-up lockdown of HK r u talking about?

      Obviously yr know-nothing diarrhea regurgitation is showing AGAIN. Just fart FIRST about ANYTHING u want to rant. Sensibility, rationality & basic logic r not within yr understanding!

      Maybe that's yr usual nonchinese characteristics of the uncivilized kind!

  3. Hard to see how the vandalizing of the mermaid statue can be connected to the Hong Kong protest.

    The Hong Kong protest must be looked at in the light of the black hands behind the scene stirring the pot.

    Now with the security law in place, the local Gang of Four of the so-called leaderless protest ( Anson Chan, Michael Lee, Albert Ho and JimmyFuckery Lai ) will fly off to their real homes overseas, the other Gang of Four of young riff-raffs ( Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Jeffrey Ngo and Agnes Chow ) had resigned from their party Demosisto and with the help of the CIA/NED, will run off and set up new bases in AmeriKKKa and UK to continue to destabilize China. The 5000 foreign spies had to come out from their disguise posing as embassies' staff and forced to go back home. The huge embassy is now put on sale. Any takers here, hehe..going pretty cheap.

    In one fell swoop, this long overdue ( 23 years long overdue ) law had swept out all the garbage.

    Read this noteworthy letter written by one Chinese from Hong Kong :


  4. 一个香港人写给欧盟主席的信:
    (A Hong Konger wrote a letter to President of European Commission)

    To: Ursula von der Leyden,
    President of European Commission

    Dear President von der Leyden,

    I am a Hong Kong resident, and am writing to express my outrage and disgust at your comments on China's imminent enactment and implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, one of China's many areas of territories under her jurisdiction.

    According to a recent news report, you were quoted as telling President Xi Jingping that "China risks very negative consequences if it goes ahead with this law". By making such a threat to a state leader, you are showing the world your uncivilized and mafia-like behaviour. You are also reminding the world particularly us Chinese of your barbaric past, when the European imperialists went out in full force invading, looting and colonizing weaker nations, unfortunately China being one. Your ancestors' footprints are still clearly evident in the French Concession in Shanghai, the German architecture in Qingdao, and the numerous streets in my home city Hong Kong with English colonizers' names like Pottinger Street, Elgin Street, Queen's Road, Des Voeux Road, Nathan Road, etc. The atrocious acts of your European ancestors are certainly nothing to be proud of. Yet, we Chinese, despite being the victim and having suffered lot of the bitter past, have chosen to forgive. But we will never forget the atrocity, humiliation and afflictions! Never! I would like to remind you that since the European aggressions on our nation starting about 200 years ago with its ending in mid-20th century, we have learnt a very painful lesson, made adjustments to our past mistakes and shortage, established the right direction and moved on to a New China which is now the envy of the world and the pride of our own people! Every stage of our road to success in these few decades is achieved not through aggressions, bullying, looting or exploitations, but is done through our people's honest wit and intelligence, hard working and learning, and iron determination of our government to overcome obstacles. However, sadly to say, you and your people never seem to have been able to shake off your past racist superiority to take a close look at our country of today more realistically.

    On the question of my motherland enacting and implementing the National Security Law in Hong Kong, please first show me a member country of EU which does not have such a law in place. Second, please tell me if you will make the same threat to any of your member countries which has put in place or is planning to enact such a law in view of the imminent threats to the country? Third, please tell me if China has ever made any such threats to any of your member countries on their National Security Law, or has interfered with any of their internal affairs? On receipt of your reply to my questions, I would certainly be interested to follow up further with you. Also, as it is almost certain that the National Security Law will be implemented in Hong Kong, I am most curious as to what "negative consequences" you are going to inflict on us and our country! Just one word of advice! Racist bullying does not bestow you superiority. But rather it only drags you deeper into being the laughing stock of the world!

    Please help restore the world's law and order by being rational, considerate and civilized, and refraining from interfering unwarrantedly with our internal national security affairs. China is as rightful and justifiable as all European countries to do that for the good of her people.

    Yours sincerely,

    Vincent Wu

    c.c. Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special
    Administrative Region

    Chief Secretary of Administration
    of Hong Kong Special
    Administration Region

    1. what abt people/hker right? y not hv a referendum like putin did? vincent is just a jerk that write jerk.

    2. Now u ask that 64 million dollars question!

      "what abt people/hker right?"

      Or u r just a jerky katak trying hard to disguise HK 废青 as representing the whole HKers. The people as those uncle Sam/auntie pommie asslickers. What these slimies did in HK r what the whole sentiment of all HK!

      Referendum like Putin did!

      犬养 under, why not just saying reunifying Taiwan into China like Putin retook Crimea from Ukraine?

      U DON'T know what u actually wish for!

      Or it's just too confusing for yr petrified lump inside that skull?

    3. so when can ccp hv a referendum pertaining to being an emperor putin way, unifying hk, twn, n no independent tibet xinjiang etc? let all 1.4b to participate is fine, question is when n do ccp hv the ball?

    4. Bloody ignorant 犬养 mfer!

      Why must there be a referendum (?) à la carte Putin way when there r open & free elections for all posts within CCP China?

      Besides, there r NO critical national issues that the citizen of China demand their referrals!

      Putin didn't engineer a referendum, as so many of western demoNcratic dickheads like to claim. He initiated a Russia's constitutional reform vote!

      Know what's the differences between referendum & reform vote? To u, they r one the same bcoz it was supposedly done by a authoritarian state!

      CCP have the control of the China administration simply bcoz CCP is been elected by the participated populace of the land. Same like trump was elected by the participated voters of US. Ditto with the election of yr 蔡妹妹 as president of Taiwan!

      What ball r u talking about? Yrs?

    5. u said i dun know what to wish for, i told u the wish on behalf of 1.4b. so ccp got ball or no since many survey said 1.4b r happy.

    6. Wakakakakaka…

      WHO the fart r u to wish on behalf of the 1.4B Chinese?

      A forever CCP China delirium-minded nonchinese SHOULD wish only that yr well dwelling is forever filled with fart - the key ingredient of yr miserable live.

      Currently, the 1.4B Chinese, give or take a few millions of 公知,demoNcratic asslickers, 恨国党 & 汉奸, r INDEED very happy with CCP China.

      Eat yr heart out & stay put in that fart filled well, to remain relevant!

  5. stupid title n stupid elaboration.