Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Will election results be made by the EC?

Sun Daily - Kit Siang: Will there be a peaceful power transfer if PH wins? (extracts):

limpeh lau liao lah, eng bay kee

(dah tua lah, mudah lupa)


KLUANG: With hours left before polling day, the opposition has raised a question to caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak whether there would be a smooth transition of power if Pakatan Harapan (PH) wins the 14th General Election.

Stating this, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang asked if Najib would admit Barisan Nasional's loss in the elections if the opposition coalition garnered a majority.

"If PH manages to win more than 112 parliament seats ... will he (Najib) acknowledge (the defeat) to the nation and the world?

"Will there be a peaceful power transfer to PH?" he said in a ceramah at Kampung Sungai Lalang last night.

I heard from a very reliable source that Najib promises to honour the election results, BUT on one very vital condition, namely:

Pakatan (ie. Mahathir or Lim Kit Siang or Wan Azizah, Mat Sabu, etc) must NOT preempt the Election Commission by running out very very very early and screaming it has won majority rule, before the official results have been ascertained and finalised, like what someone in Pakatan Rakyat did in 2013.


We won? 

I won? 

I can't believe it - I am the oldest PM in the world

now having my second entry in the Guinness Book of Records


  1. Huh? Kaytee? Your point again?

    Anyway, when are you going to donate 562 australian dollar to malaysian gst coffer?

    Come on! Mai ke ke! Turnbull already announced tax cuts for australian resident....when will the cheebye kaytee does his bid for malaysia

    Or perhaps kaytee getting more tax rebates under turnbull scheme

  2. In the early morning hours of March 8 2008, when BN lost 4 states , there was an initiative to create trouble so that the results could be declared void.
    Pak Lah being a real gentleman refused to countenance that.
    I'm afraid Najib is going to be far more evil if confronted with a loss
    At Federal level.

    But people like Ktemoc will be cheering him on.

    1. stop toking-kok. Tell us the truth, who ran out and screamed Pakatan won GE12 even before all results were counted?

    2. Who is the one who condemned what he called a "Tsunami Cina", in GE13, basically declaring Chinese to be legitimate targets ?
      If the results had indeed turned very badly against BN in 2013, it is very clear that Najib was prepared to launch violence - like father , like son.

    3. Oh......morrison, your fucking aussie treasurer wanna give retiree like u bonanza.

      Either u share yours with us or fuck off

  3. I’m just looking forward to the 1000pm speech by Tun tonight, and compare it with PM’s on TV. Should be entertaining to see them both sweat. Hope no internet crash, deliberate or otherwise.๐Ÿ˜

    1. Reminds me of the Radio broadcast by opposition during 1990 GE. This time, Pakatan Harapan will surely win so that Kaytee will definitely come back to Malaysia

      After All, Kaytee is getting tax rebates by Malcolm Turnbull's budget


    2. If you are using a Tablet or Handphone, please make sure you have a Proxy server Apps downloaded ready.

      These can bypass any Telekom/ MCMC blockade.

      For PC, you need to access the proxy server link directly.

      Din Merican's blog has been blocked by MCMC for months now.

      Sarawak Report is officially blocked, but Claire Rewcastle has plenty of alternative IPs to swap through, and the MCMC Idiots have never been able to block all of them.

      There are hundreds of these proxy servers on the Internet, De Dak side cannot block all of them.

      Unless they down the whole TM internet network, which would be the stupidest thing any modern government can do.

      The Internet IS The Economy in 2018.

    3. This time we will make it. Kaytee.....would be like judas kenna mampus after that


    4. Amazing! Din Merican is blocked as well. Can only be accessed in singapore. Me still cucuking that stupid dog, CL Flamiaris to bite kaytee

  4. Jangan mengejar sesuatu yang belum pasti, nanti kecewa menonggeng. Wakakaka...

  5. I have been voting in elections for 44 years, this is the 1st election season where I experienced ordinary working Malays - not educated liberals, not ultra-religious Moonies openly talking "Ubah Kerajaan"

    From the Grab driver to the Telekom repairman to the Fedex delivery guy to the Makcik selling Nasi Campur in a Bayan Lepas stall. openly telling me , "Esok Undi Pakatan".

    They are all in the group which receives BR1M, but many, many Malays are now "Muak" with PM Najib and his government.

    Its still a toss up, but yes, once the result trends are clear, Pakatan must have a contingency plan to claim victory and prepare take over the Federal Government As Soon As Possible.

    De Dak side will not give up easily or peacefully if that comes to pass.

    I wish there was a Pakatan Shadow Cabinet ready to be sworn in as soon as the Agong invites the new PM to form a government, but nobody expected we would be this far, even a couple of months ago.

    1. don't exaggerate. In 2008 there was already such a feeling, where PR even won the popular votes

    2. and which was why "someone" wakakaka dashed off premature messages that PR won

    3. You are NOT in Malaysia and don't understand what is happening.
      All you get is your Najib sources....pluease....

    4. Kaytee,
      I heard Malcolm Turnbill giving up 13.4 Billion AUD. Go go apply australian citizenship la


  6. Kaytee still hoping for a win to be declared by EC by default, ah?

    Of course EC can do that and steal the election for BN if they want to.

    You really think The Black Cobra will allow anyone to steal anything from him?

    I don't think anyone has the Balls.


  7. In the event that BN is short of a simple majority Najib will make a phone call to Hadi and do a deal. That's assuming PAS wins some seats of course, which Rafizi says will not happen. DPM position for PAS cooperation to form a government. But hang on...will this be the poison chalice that breaks BN? MCA, Gerakan, MIC plus all the other East Malaysian component parties will be in a bind. How to sit in the same table as PAS? Najib will have to convince them to stay. More money of course.

    1. that's after the formal election results have been announced. the majority sees HM Agong. The EC does not announce who is the government but only election results

    2. Recall what Salle did to Pairin after the 1985 Sabah election results were made known.

      Thus, who claims the power of the government has very little relation to who dashed off the premature messages that he won!!

      Bolihland -- macam macam pun ada.