Friday, May 04, 2018

Unrepentant! (2)

Malaysiakini - PAS slams Dr M over 'mati katak' remark (extracts):


PAS has slammed Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad's "mati katak" (died in vain) remark, in regards to those who died in the Memali tragedy.

The Islamist party's deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man told a press conference in Kota Bharu, Kelantan that the former premier's statement was an insult to the deceased, their families, and all Malaysians in general.

"We see even the Sultan of Kedah has paid a visit to the graves of the deceased.

"If the tragedy's victims died in vain, does it mean that the Sultan's act (of visiting the graves) was not right?

"Mahathir and Harapan are now desperate, to resort to an issue that is decades old. To PAS, Mahathir's allegation exceeds Islamic and Malay manners," Tuan Ibrahim said.

Mahathir told a ceramah in Pantai Dalam last night that the 14 PAS supporters who were killed in the Memali tragedy in 1985, had died in vain, and not achieved martyrdom.

He had said that it was "Amanat Haji Hadi", by the current PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, that had caused the tragedy to happen, as his message had instigated the supporters to kill policemen who are "infidels".

What Mahathir has done was to unnecessarily add insult to injury in an issue that's more than 30 years old.

Maybe he is still ashamed of not admitting he was in KL when the order went out to the police to deal with the Memali people. Tun Musa Hitam copped the whole lot sweet for years despite the then-PM being still in the chair in KL when the Memali incident went out of control.

Mahathir didn't and still doesn't like to accept responsibility for his errors, blaming others for his mistakes like he once allowed Musa Hitam to bear that sole responsibility for the police action in Memali, and also to Hadi Awang even now for instigating the flareup in Memali.

As PAS' Tuan Ibrahim said, he was surprised that there are parties who are trying to put Mahathir in the office again, as "I don't see him as someone who has repented for his past mistakes".

No, Mahathir has never repented, not for Memali, nor for his injustice to Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Lord president Sallah Abas, 5 High Court judges, Chandra Muzaffar, Dong Jiao Zong, the late Karpal Singh, and of course Dr Kua Kia Soong too, wakakaka.

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  1. so u believe mahathir is wrong to claim hadi instigate?

    1. Bila Hadi instigate Ibrahim Libya to bunuh orang? HY palsu dan celaru.

    2. i dun know, y not u ask kt? he wrote below:

      "Pak Haji Hadi Awang has a lot to answer for stirring the shit, making UMNO people into apostates and claiming the struggle against fellow-Malaysian-Muslims was a jihad."

    3. In Islam, to support hudud quietly (non physical) in your heart until you die peacefully is also a form of jihad. To follow the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah is also a form of jihad. In other words to istiqomah (stay consistent) in doing all the good things to please Allah is also jihad. That Palestinian who was shot dead on the way to the mosque for dawn prayer is a martyr. Is Amanat Hadi instigating one to be physical and to kill people? Who attacked who?

    4. what one trying to achieve to talk abt mati syahid in a amanat?

    5. There is nothing wrong with that Amanat. That's why PAS wants a RCI on Memali.

    6. so mati syahid is a necessary phrase in that amanat? can u share yr view instead of pushing it to pas n rci?

  2. The Black Cobra thought he is still a genius in politiking but knew he fucked up by replying so when it hit a raw nerve. Those killed were brainwashed victims of politicians just like those ISIS killed fighting a holy war.

    He has apologised to the victim's families for the fucked up.

    Now, can TGNA also apologised to the families of the policemen killed? He cannot absolved himself of blame with his preachings leading to this tragedy too.

    Among the victims, who should be more honoured? Ibrahim Libya and his followers or the policemen serving their country?

  3. Memali was primarilt an Islamist Extremist insurrection which went badly wrong.

    Whether Mahathir was in the country at the time is a side matter.

  4. Looking at Memali from a different angle.

    The strong action of the police then to 'selesaikan' the zombeic amok quickly & forcefully has managed to purge the cancerous growth initiated by the likes of Amanat Hadi.

    It has managed to retard the radicalization of Islam in M'sia till now when the wishy-washy attitude of the current govt towards islamization encourage its resurrection.

    Just imagine if no such draconian force was been used by the police then, bolihland would be the hive of radicalized militant zombies now!

    It's an unintended blessing that whoever made the decision probably never realized.

    Hence, the reluctant in claiming credit.

    The growing zombieic attitude of the current Melayu doesn't help too.

    1. Yes, totally agree with you, CK ! It was such swift, decisive action that clamped down the growth of the dangerous tumorous radicalization of this extremist attitude prevailing then. I don't care much about who is only a few miles away or thousands of miles during that crucial time...but I am mighty grateful that someone took real action to tackle real nightmare of a problem which could send this country into a fast downward spin if the leadership is dillydallying.

  5. chabo...I have disappointing news for you, have you seen the old man drawing the crowd lately... makes bon jovi look you think they were there to insist that Maddy repent and apologize?

    1. They were there to see free circus show. Ever so often they paraded out the tired old lion and sometimes the clown Mat G-string.

  6. While tokong thinks he's God, Mahathir acts like he's God. Who the hell he thinks he is, by deciding whether its martyrdom or not?

    1. act like god is fine, god is good n loving, we r more worry the one that instigate a thirst for martyrdom.

    2. True john. So, why did TGHA declare Ibrahim Libya and his followers who died as mati syahid. Is TGHA a God?

      Don't be a hypocrite.

    3. In all religions, God is a selfish bastard. He will smite those who disbelieve him and refuse to be his followers. God was never good n loving, but more like vengeful and spiteful.

      Ahh, perhaps that's why its fine for Mahathir to play pseudo-god but when someone has the delusion of such, that's where we should be most worried about. Instigators are merely tools of gods whether real, perceived or pseudo anyways.

    4. i dun talk bad abt others religion n god. i believe all religion is good n god is loving. i dun have the habit to blame god for one own action. however u may continue yr writing exercise abt god, its a pleasure to read.

    5. To you your believe and that's fine. But if you read thru the holy books, you will find that God isn't what their holy men had distilled for consumption by their flocks.

    6. if the holyman n believer only choose to talk good n love, would that not the best evidence their religion is abt good n love? unless u r the libya ibrahim type, when people ask u mati syahid then u follow without question.

    7. Really? Did you have any recordings or written and signed documents by Ibrahim Libya to exhort his Memali followers to die with him? Nobody goes into a gunfight with parangs. Surely they didn't expected to be shot and killed unlike the Al Maunahs which were more heavily armed becoz they HAD expected a battle.

      The dead don't talk and the only history is from Mahathir's point of view. Nobody fully knows why things escalated, why they had to die, and whether their deaths is syahid or not. Any opinions is just speculations and regurgitation of "facts" that Mahathir & Co chooses to reveal.

      While I prefer to let the dead rest in peace, if there's to be a reckoning, then history must be dug up and everything revealed via an RCI.

      About the holyman n believer. If they're preaching something different than whats written in their books, are they not following their God's will? Are they trying to reinvent & re-define their religion? Are they heretics?

      Believers must adhere to their religion in totality and not pick and choose the parts they prefer much like 'chap fan'. That's not believing in a religion, that's just following a fad or a herd.

    8. There was a police captured video footage showing an amokish woman waving a parang chasing the heavily armed police fieldforces. At the background most of the other villagers were carrying machetes, spikes & other makeshift weapons shouting in hostile moods.

      The fieldforces restrained themselves professionally & ran!

      Yet, there were still 4 deaths amongst these fieldforces who could easily outgunned those deranged villagers.

      Nobody goes into a gunfight with parangs?

      Yes, those amokish zombies in trance!

      Who worked up the amokish villagers & shouting in words to die with Ibrahim Libya if he was taken.

      Obviously Ibrahim Libya exhorted his Memali followers to die with him! And his ONLY enticement for these blur-sotongs was those who died in the struggle are al-shahid as stated in amanah hadi!!

    9. Come on. Now you believe police evidence? Really now? So you also believe that Anwar was a corrupt buggering bugger and should be jailed, that DAP was instigating 2nd May 13 and should be jailed during Ops Lalang?

      Stop cheery picking history at your will, it doesn't go the way you want it to have been.

    10. CK...sai hei trying to get through that block head kepala hotak batu john aka hasan aka unkown. He's the creature who got where he is now through the golden tongkat and he himself admitted even his children are also on the tongkat feed but we know all this while, he's urging us to vote for the Moon. And remember, these fanatics are beyond reasoning...they only see what they want to see...logic and rationality and reasonableness meant shit to them...and even humanity and empathy is also shit to this guy.... his callous and brutal response to the plight of the abduction of Pastor Raymond reveal his character.

      Of course he won't accept any evidence or analysis that's not in line with his stand. Video itu besi la...needs 4 good muslim witnesses and he himself just declared god is a selfish bastard, hahahaha. Vomit blood dealing with such creatures, wakakkakaka

    11. Cherry pick???

      I picks from a live video recording that any legit police operation must have!

      Not paper documents of spurious nature! Not withnesse of dubious characters!

      If anyone is cherry picking then it's those zombies who double up their amokish rage when facing the moon!

    12. @JJ. I never posted any comments in articles about the abduction of Pastor Raymond. Prove me wrong.

      @CK. Answer the question. Do you now believe that Anwar was a buggering bugger with all that police "evidence", or that DAP was trying to instigate May 13 again with all that police "evidence". No need your wordsmith beat around the bush sai hei bullshit. Just YES or NO.

    13. Are you not john aka hasan aka unkown ( unkown with the small 'n') ? Berani tembak tetapi mesti la berani mengaku, hehehehehe.

    14. Improve yr reading skill then fart lah!

      Answer what question?

      I raise an issue involving a live video recording by the police in their legit operation.

      The video is

      (1) a real time live recording

      (2) a spontaneous streaming

      The audiences can draw their OWN clnclusions from the images provided, based on these two key factors as both prerequisites eliminate the possibility of orchestrated staging.

      The questions u raised about Anwar & DAP lack these two core elements as construed to be a truthful police "evidences"!

      Thus, believe or not believe the police "evidence" DOESN'T lie on the fact that WHO provides the so called "evidence".

      U think u r smart by following the script of the Yanky legal drama!

      Wakakakaka…… it only proves how childish, incoherent u r in understanding the essence of an issue under discourse.

      Clearly, it's beyond yr level of comprehension!

    15. Of course I'm john but do you have proof that I'm the others that you allege? Oh I forgot, in Pakatan way of doing things, accusation and pointing of finger at others is warrant enough as proof. In your kangaroo court, I'm already guilty.

    16. Real live feed? Spontaneous streaming? Stop your lying farts lah CK. Here is what wiki has to say about the video "evidence".

      [The government published a white paper and showed an official video recording] Meaning its not live feed as you allege.

      [The Malaysian Government released video footage culled from police tapes of the operation on prime time television] Meaning its not spontaneous stream at all.

      The rest of your drivel is meaningless as you have not answered YES or NO. Stop beating around the bush, answer the question.

    17. The video I referred to was shown live on RTM on the day of the Memali operation.


    18. You watch TV where got live video feeds back then except for stadiums inside city? Remote village of Memali, Baling got high speed bandwith to feed that news kah?


    19. Wakakakaka…… live TV broadcast needs high speed bandwidth.

      Cave dweller, there is something known as mobile tv broadcasting unit via satellite!

      It has been in used long before u crawl out from yr tempering inside the cave occasionally!

    20. I AM talking about high speed bandwidth via satellite transmission! But brother, do we have a satellite in 1985 kah? Do you know how expensive was satellite broadcasting back then since we have to piggyback on Intelsat? And that's only possible when one is so happens to be aligned at our region?

      Back then, only time this happens was during big sports tournament where sponsors can pay for the transmission. If you can't even differentiate between a recorded playback and a live feed, please stop farting everywhere and scurry back into your cave. Your spectrum analysis sifu should be ashamed of you for not knowing the difference!

    21. Wakakakaka……

      Go read about satellite transmission used in rural Sabah/Sarawak since the 60s.

      Besides the ITU satellite bandwidths don't cost a bomb for news & educational usage for developing countries.

      Don't tok kok.

    22. Stop talking kok lah. Transmissions in Sabah/Sarawak since the 60s were using long wave AM radios. To run a satellite receiver back then, requires a significant infrastructure. If you want to know what, go see behind Angkasapuri with their array of satellite dishes. You think these rural areas got such infrastructure? These kampungs would be lucky to have those pasar malam kerosene generators which they rather prefer to power lightbulbs and those radios that I mentioned.

      And ITU satellites may not be expensive for scheduled standard news & education broadcasting (usually 1~2hours at fixed timeslots), but definitely is NOT for ad hoc news broadcast that requires coverage for days. If you ARE in the telco industry, you should know that bandwidth equals money especially when countries needed to share band channels. Just admit it, what you purportedly seen on TV wasn't live broadcasted because it wasn't feasible for us either technologically or financially back then.

    23. Proving once for all, u DO know-nothing!

      Especially about Sabah/Sarawak!


  7. Insentitive towards Muslim terrorist? These extremist bastards injured policemen sent to Melali and left them to die a painful death under the hot sun. The Islamic terrorists in Memali are no different from the PKM who killed police and security personnel during the emergency.

  8. Is it just me or I begin to see a trend of KT putting PAS slowly, silently highly up there lately just behind the one that shouldn't b mentioned & his wife too while DAP's position has been surpassed in his pecking order? Suddenly, RUU 355 is forgotten but M's misdeeds in the past r mentioned daily repeatedly till our eyes exploded. Which is a more scary animal, RUU 355 or M's past misdeeds? RUU 355 will bring a bigger impact 2 everyone's daily life, changing e landscape entirely, which can onli b enabled by e 1 who shouldn't b mentioned & his party votes. Has KT been having selective memory loss?

    4 Memali, r they martyrs or r they terrorists? depending on which side of e fence u r sitting. If they r martyrs, then r the following people martyrs too?

    Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali, Jamaludin Darus and Zahid Muslim who were a members of the Al-Ma'unah that was involved in the Sauk Siege have been executed by hanging in 2006. Azahari Husin and Noordin Mohammed Top (both have been killed by authorities in Indonesia) are responsible for the bombing incidents in Indonesia.[9] Another Malaysian terrorist, Zulkifli Abdhir killed in the Philippines during an encounter between Philippine authorities and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in an event known as the Mamasapano clash. Many other Malaysian terrorists were also killed in the Middle East, mainly served under the ISIS. Some of them that are known are: Ahmad Affendi Abdul Manaf (killed), Ahmad Salman Abdul Rahim, Ahmad Tarmimi Maliki (killed), Fadzly Ariff Zainal Ariff (killed), Mohd Amirul Ahmad Rahim (killed), Mohd Lotfi Ariffin (killed), Mohd Najib Hussein (killed), Mohamad Syazwan Mohd Salim (killed) and Zid Saharani Mohamed Esa (killed).

    R they martyrs? R their struggles e same? Or different? They too went against govs of e day becoz e govs r not Islamic enuf & too colonial in nature.

    Some PAS leaders had concluded that UMNO members were apostate.[1] In 1981, Hadi Awang, (who was then PAS state commissioner for Terengganu, and has been PAS President since 2002[1]) claimed that UMNO perpetuated the unIslamic rule of colonialism, and therefore the struggle of PAS and its supporters against UMNO is jihad,[1] [2] [3] and that those who died in the struggle are al-shahid (martyrs).[1][3]

    Now is PAS being consistent? Is UMNO a fren or a foe? If UMNO supports RUU 355, they r e holiest frens? Since KT is a supporter of consistency, is PAS consistent? Is UMNO consistent? Has the goalmouth been shifted daily? Is the relationship btwn UMNO & PAS which 2 me is so confusing and gray mere WAYANG KULIT? is PAS an independent or UMNO friendly in tis coming election? nobody debates about it. It's actually a veli dangerous situation as it can determine e next formation of gov.

    1. If between a rock and a hard place, there's moonlight shining the correct path forward, then why not go where the Moon guides instead of picking either side?

      The problem with what you see is you're looking at PAS one dimensional. PAS has repeatedly said they not friends with BN, but they can be allies on certain policies. This is the kinda mature 2 party government system that Pakatan shouts about but don't practice in real world. To them, its all about opposing for the sake of opposing.

      That's not constructive politics, but destructive politics!

      The only WAYANG KULIT show ongoing is during Pakatan ceramahs. They're the mirror image of BN, they continue to defend all those wrongdoings from BN frogs in their cohorts, they steadfastly defend the corruption done by their own while haranguing the corruption done by BN. This is the true WAYANG KULIT show.

    2. John = hassan.....hahahaha

      How then you know the nature of kaytee moc? I would rather spend in exposing the true identity of kaytee moc. Do join me

    3. john (or hasan as claimed by loose74looes74), if PAS can b 'multi'dimensional being THE MOST HOLY & ISLAMIC political party in Malaysia upholding Islam principles CONSISTENTLY, then DAP being THE MOST KAFIR or according to KT, THE MOST CHRISTIANIZED HALLEJUJAH INFESTED OF LATE party with less principles than THE MOST ISLAMIC PARTY in Malaysia, if not, on Earth, has the license to be slightly less principled & less consistent by campaigning 2gether with ex-UMNO leaders? Logical? Different scenario? Different? Not fair comparison? I'm wrong again? Please enlighten me.

      loose74looes74, I'm just trying 2 point out dat when we shoot others, we need 2 b CONSISTENT ourselves.

    4. That's easy. PAS has always been about opposing their opponents agenda and principles, never personalities (at least from official party channels). So if their opponents agenda has somewhat changed to align with PAS's agenda, is it not worthy to fight the same battle? Basically "I may not like your thinking but if our mutual goals aligned, then we can parley". Savvy?

      Meanwhile, Pakatan (DAP & PKR) has always been about opposing personalities, revealing that persona's crimes and failures, also oppose for the sake of opposing. But once that persona change allegiance, suddenly all is forgiven no matter how heinous the crimes were. Basically "I hate you down to your genes, but if you're willing to be my bitch, then I can suffer you for now". Savvy?

      So do you see the difference in both scenarios despite the similarities?

    5. " Basically "I may not like your thinking but if our mutual goals aligned, then we can parley". Savvy?"

      Klentong kuat la....hehehhehe. So Islamic...not !

      More like I may not like your stealing rakyat's money to the tune of billions and billions but as long as I get a share then semua halal and A OK! I don't like how you use brute force to gag the rakyat and come up with new regulations and laws to threaten jail and fines, use EC and ROS to cheat but as long as at the end of the day, I get to share in the administration of the country and have a slice of the power, then everything is halal and A OK ! I really don't care how you brutalize the country, as long as this meant that at the end of the day, all of you die off and I get by default to be the king of the pile and make this country 100% Islamic, then you have my blessing to cause mayhem. The means to this end is completely justified and halal. Hahahahhahaha. That's bawang for you, and you guys for all your fake holy words are all talam dua muka.

    6. "The means to this end is completely justified"
      That's fresh. Accusing other of what you're guilty of.

      BTW, Clare is losing her case against Hadi. Those who believes in Western countries justice system, be glad that justice is now being served against a serial liar. Justice prevails there, right? Hohohohoho!

    7. "BTW, Clare is losing her case against Hadi."

      CK and I have already explained why this is NOT a win...the full trial is only set for next year. Sarawak Report did not lose any case.

      Kau ni kepala hotak batu....mind is as clear as mud...even objective facts pun tak masuk akal.

      That's only so much one can do to enlighten.

    8. CRB lost the 1st round when she couldn't convince the judge to force Hadi to put in RM800,000 as deposit due to her baseless accusations holds no water.

      CRB lost the 2nd round when she has to pay the cost of BOTH parties applications, as her "proof" is insufficient to win the case and needed to pad up.

      Still wanna bet on your fighter? She has been knocked down twice and the 3rd time down will deliver TKO onto her. Ladbrooks will certainly enjoy your losses but its way too obvious who's the winner here for them to put up a wager.

    9. Wakakaka……

      Yr R1 & R2 r just addendum to an ongoing case pending trial!

      REALLY saihei with a know-nothing.

    10. Proven beyond a doubt...really sai hei to clarify anything to him...otak clear as to get thru ? my income tax wasted to fund these people's education. Get this..from the horse's mouth..and I quote :

      "... (Umno) used to give lavish scholarships. Some we have even given to people who failed."

      How not for this country to be infested with blur sotongs and full of half past 6 when even 'failed' students were given lavish scholarships !

    11. I never did say the case is completed, but from case hearing til now, Hadi's stand is going traction with the judge. Thus the favourable judgement that he has received.

      The final part of the case, the trial, will be the end of CRB.

    12. Correction: *getting* traction...