Thursday, May 03, 2018

Tayar bocoh Mahathir

Kita tiada ‘Private Jet’, naik kapal terbang murah bersama rakyat marhaen.

Insha Allah lebih selamat dijamin tidak dibocor tayar



  1. Pawnage by Hadi extraordinaire! Hohoho!

    1. 做贼心虚 - scare of being caught openly thus jadi ber-pura2!

      He might play an ahjibgor trick of tak tau wang dalam bank simpanan it.

      Nationalist munafik given tok guru a REAL black spot.

    2. Round 1 - Hadi winner
      Round 2 - Hadi winner
      Round 3 - expecting Hadi to KO that white bitch

    3. Hadi won???

      "All lies from PAS. The judge refused SR application for an early hearing and dismissal on the basis that the story was of public interest. The judge fixed it for full trial next year because of the issues raised in the claim and defence which are all very fact sensitive. SR's application to amend their defence to plead the enhanced defence of truth based on the recording of Nik Abduh confirming that PAS received money from UMNO was allowed by the High Court. Costs was to borne by SR for both applications but for less than what Hadi asked for through his counsel. There were not 5 interlocutory applications but only 2."




      To the average zombies, nothing lah - since reading/interpretating the details r the role of alpha-zombie.

      Can this termed fake news propagated by pas to syiok-sendiri & con the average zombies?

      What does that zombieic teaching say anything about distributing such gross connivery to the fellow zombies?

      Wakakakaka…… the Almighty concurs? In sleep mode? Not such Being?

      Wakakakaka…… zombies cheat zombies! For what le!

    4. Lies? Fitnah? Which court awards monetary compensation to the suing party if they were guilty? Your kangaroo court kah?

      FYI the right honourable judge threw out the meat and bun of her defence and left her to chew on cabbage slice. Ladbrooks will not even give her a chance in hell of winning this court battle.

      Out of desperation, I won't be surprised if she will even come out with a closing article that the judge & prosecutor was dedaked by Najib as well. Hell, maybe even include her lame-ass defence team too.

    5. Wakakakaka……

      Wordsworth, yr macai needs a quick reading & comprehension lesson, especially those concering court document, before he makes another fool of himself le!

    6. Come on. Its a simple question. Which court (whether legal or tournament) awarded the main prize to the loser?

    7. Sai hei la trying to get through hasan/john/ trying to get through stone...his mind is as clear as mud !
      he is indeed the manifestation of the 'pree' education where meritocracy is a crime in this country. Contemplate on this :

      "Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missile. It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examinations by the students.

      Patients die at the hands of such doctors.

      Buildings collapse at the hands of such engineers

      Money is lost at the hands of such economists and accountants

      Humanity dies at the hands of such religious scholars

      Justice is lost at the hands of such judges

      The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation "

    8. "allowing cheating in the examinations by the students."

      Oh I agree, and that's why Western education faculties are slowly collapsing, having to cope with the endemically increasing cases of cheating by their students year by year. British institutions are even considering doing body search on students before entering exam halls.

      Perhaps, that's why the white bitch is losing her case. The esteemed judge must have been poorly educated by the British 'pree' education. She should consider issuing a writ to disqualify all British judges and sue the British Government for their poor education system that spit out those judges who didn't side her case.

      Oh and I'm still waiting which of your kangaroo that awards compensation to the losing party.

    9. Moron, read carefully about the court judgement lah.

      There is NO compensation to the losing(????) party.

      The awarded compensation u kept referring to is

      "COSTS was to borne by SR for both applications but for less than what Hadi asked for through his counsel."

      Memang low quality mongrel!

    10. Correct. Only a low quality mongrel cannot understand logic. Such as why would the judgement be for SR to BEAR the application costs for Hadi if she was saying the truth. In legal parlance, Hadi has already won his battle in case both parties decided to settle the suit. If neither party can come to such an agreement, then it will be on a full blown court battle in April 2019 which CRB is likely to lose her panties. This is what's define by cost borne by one party: [generally costs "follow the event" so that the successful party is entitled to seek an order that the unsuccessful party pay his or her costs. Should a case settle, then the parties can seek to agree costs, with the general rule that the losing party pays costs]

      Still wanna argue? Take it up with the English Commons Law.

      As mentioned in the judgement, much of the meat and bun of her argument is thrown out and only left her some meaningless bits for the defence. Even her 'smoking gun' Nik Abduh audio recording wasn't included. Either way, victory for Hadi and truth is assured.

    11. To that clear-as-mud and impossible-to-get-thru kepala batu hasan/john/unkown....get this : cheating by students here is taken to stratosphere in this bolihland, lain dari yang has been alleged for years, even by some teachers themselves for years, that students of a certain race were given exam questions by their own teachers just before the exam dates. No need to body-search the students...semua kowtim-ed when teachers are in cahoots with students...that's why we are known as the bolihland, wakakkaka.

      Somemore...passing grade lowered for this favoured race..lagi best kan ? Meritocracy is evil according to this NEP policy. So no surprise at all why those who got 17 As etc cannot cope after given pree scholarship overseas...kena patah balik mid terms or transferred to less 'difficult' universities.

      No wonder these half baked is now having clear as mud brains and hard to get through kepala hotak !

    12. Another cut&paste of zilch linkage with the intended judgement!

      1) in what basis is the cost awarded.

      2) the award of the cost doesnt affect the ongoing trial

      3) there is no winner yet as the cost ONLY related to the additional materials wanted to be included after the filing. The judge disallowed such application for new materials/infos


      Still wanna argue? Take it up with the English Commons Law lah!

    13. Ask yourself. If her proof then were sufficient for her to write that long series of drivel, why was it not sufficient to win her case against Hadi? Why need to add more materials if victory was assured?

      Perhaps the esteemed judge is no fool, unlike those of her readers which is not strange because most of them consist of Pakatan zombies. If she has to pad up her evidence, that means whatever she had on hand was insufficient when put to legal scrutiny and hence useless in her defence! In other words, what she had then would have lost her case before it even started!

      And therefore logic can tell you, Hadi would have won his case if they went to trial by now.

      Still wanna argue? Take it up with the English Commons Law lah!

    14. Betul betul sai hei even trying to clarify @!!! Low quality brain cells, educated beyond his native intelligence on our tax money....these blur sotongs with a veneer of so called high education strut around all sound and fury but signifying absolutely nothing, zero ! Go some more la to that Klentong si Botak Mabuk Liar site and other pariah sites and then get that blur sotong brain thoroughly cooked there and then come out full of self righteous boasting full of cockeyed alternative twisted 'facts' ! Let's just ignore this ignoramus...sai hei !!!!!

    15. CK has no balls or brains to reply until need you come and talk bullshit kah?

  2. Cheebye kaytee......oooi.....your credential lei....sudah lupa. You can put up other people Sekolah menegah (Suwa) and you can't put up your own credentials.

    Like Donald Trump who refused to release his tax returns

    Kaytee is Malaysia version of John Barron hah

  3. Aik, Kaytee. Does it not qualify for Best Political Statement?


  4. by reading tis blog n hadi's kok tok, i notice all dedak eater sound alike.

  5. Waduh.. jauh harus berjalan dong. Enggak ada mobil bawa ke pesawat? Suhu luar panas. Hati hati jalan dong.. jangan sampai capek, nanti ketinggalan pesawat. Insha Allah.. selamat.

  6. De Dak supporter parroting another De Dan side supporter.

  7. Reminiscent of a certain Chief Minister proudly pictured flying economy class after taking office. In contrast a certain person (not so proudly) boarding a private jet with many assistants carrying large suitcases. And another politician seen taking public bus after quitting his party. Or another taking public transport (MRT) after launch, boasting his contribution to building it. Aaahh such humble politicians we have. Bicycle anyone?

    1. Hannah Yeoh did that already.

  8. ..and may the best scumbag wins. Hehehe