Saturday, May 05, 2018

Remember 1999

In 1999 the Chinese community taught Lim Kit Siang a prodigious, powerful & painful lesson for slutting around with PAS in the ill-fated Barisan Alternatif. Only PAS benefited from that coalition.

On the other side of the coin, Mahathir won the 1999 general election with a magnificent 148 out of 193 seats, after obtaining Chinese support with the help of Suqui, a Chinese group of over 2,000 NGOs. After Mahathir won the 1999 general election he treacherously turned around snarling and bearing his fangs at Suqui, accusing the Chinese group of being alike communists and the Al-Ma'unah terrorist group.

have you heard of Al-Ma'unah?

After that group's arrest,
I questioned the Government's action in using the Internal Security Act to detain the 27 Al-Ma’unah members ........ instead of charging them for robbery, kidnapping, firearms and murder ........ [from Wiki]

yes, we also believed the tragedy was stage managed by 'someone'

then we are brothers 

In 2008, Lim KS seemed to have forgotten that lesson and took a chance again with his slutting around with (would you believe, again) PAS, telling the Chinese community they could trust PAS and to vote for the Islamic Party.

Since the Chinese had punished him 10 years earlier they must have decided to forgive him and listen to his deceitful advice on voting for PAS.

As was inevitable, predictable and foreseeable, he once AGAIN broke off with PAS, in just less than 2 terms.

Now he again wants us to put our trust in a known foe of the Chinese community, Mahathir Mohamad, a.k.a as Lau Mah.

Those younger Chinese who haven't lived under the reign of Lau Mah have even hero-worshipped the Old Horse who has sneered at and marginalised their parents and the Chinese community.

Lau Mah has been been a man who threatened Dong Jiao Zong about the UEC, incarcerated many Chinese politicians and educations in Ops Lalang, and betrayed Suqui in the most blatant grotesque treacherous fashion by obtaining their support to win the 1999 election and then, post-election, calling them as akin to communists and Al-Ma'unah.

The Chinese Press remind us: The horrible operation Operasi Lalang had caused the four Chinese educationists namely Lim Fong Seng, Sim Mow Yu, Tuang Pik King and Kua Kia Soong being arrested under the Internal Security Act, especially the 76-year-old Sim Mow Yu who was detained in a dark small cell, where one couldn’t differentiate day and night, for up to 60 days.

Sim Mow Yu 

Subsequently he was brought to the Kamunting Detention Centre and detained for more than seven months. This was how Mahathir treated a veteran of Chinese educationist.

Dr Kua Kia Soong 

In the “Suqiu” memorandum issue in 1999, Mahathir had burnt the bridge after crossing it. In his Merdeka Day speech after the general election, Mahathir had strongly accused the Chinese associations which drawn up the Suqiu memorandum as communists, and also as the Al-Ma'unah (Islamic extremists group).

He also reiterated that Chinese had controlled majority of the wealth in the country.  

Even after retiring, he had always made racist remarks, for instance he had criticized Chinese educationists as the real initiator of apartheid at an event organized by the Perkasa in 2009, just because they had rejected vision school.

He had also talked about the Chinese dilemma, alleged that the Chinese were trying to control the national economy and also aimed at controlling the national political rights. Time and time again, he accused the Chinese community of unwarranted moves, and made other ethnic groups, especially the Malays, hate the Chinese.

At that time, Lim Kit Siang had written article to rebut Mahathir, accusing him of “racism that never repents”, and responded to Mahathir’s “Chinese Dilemma” with “Mahathir Dilemma”.

But recently, it was Lim Kit Siang who defended Mahathir, so how should the people react?


We feel very sad; what we want is for Malays to be awakened, even to abandon racial privileges, eliminate racism.

In worshipping Mahathir for the sake of votes, even if Umno is overthrown, but the core idea and political model of Malay supremacy still prevail, it will be revived and put into practice again.

Why should we trust Lim Kit Siang's on-off-on-off-etc political advice? He has been inconsistent in his political alliances and had led us astray where he convinced us to basically waste our votes on PAS in 2008 and 2013.

Why should we believe him again in 2018?

Are we mugs? Does he expect us to believe it's another made-in-heaven political alliance a la Pakatan Rakyat (then with PAS), when the man he has now embraced is the biggest and most consistent anti-Chinese politician?

No, thus we should again teach him the lesson of 1999, never to betray and exploit Chinese loyalty.


  1. only a stupid would trust lks, we otoh believe only the tumbang of umno/bn would save msia.

  2. Ok la cheebye kaytee. Dap mampus is actually beneficial for kaytee. Kaytee can come back and resurrect pekemas or gerakan

  3. All what you say and many more are true; but I finally have come to a single question " who is difficult to overthrow: Mahathir or UMNO-BN. It is definitely UMNO; and Mahathir has not got time to his side. So I am ready to forget about everything and if we are lucky both will not be around "strongly in GE15". This is the only opportunity NOW; if not we may lose Mahathir "automatically" and never a chance to remove UMNO at all. Kit Siang & Anwar are also getting old; and not much time for them for their "ambition" to remove UMNO for us Malaysians.

    1. Mahathir may not have much time but Mahathirism do, if given power. It can likely last 7 generations. Remove UMNO for the right reasons not for the wrong reasons.

    2. Yes.....and its with hadi awang and pas. Hence nik aziz says pas must be mampuska

    3. dedak eating site is not abt truth, the fact is more n more chinese support mahathir. we target 99.99%.

    4. Correct. If both sides are detestable, why pick either when you can look to the Moon? Worse comes to worse pick #UndiRosak so that either side will sooner realise their follies and repent.

    5. Balik balik urging us to pick the Moon. Oi...kita ni belum lunatic la ! Go peddle your wares to the those easily brainwashed....

    6. Only the sane will pick the middle road as shined by the Moonlight, while loonies choose either rock or hard place.
      So which are you?

  4. Aiyoh Kaytee! You are practicing taking a leaf out of BN psywar strategies (One for chinese, one for Malays, one for East Malaysians and one for Moslems) and this one is aiming at the Chinese voters, woh. It is so blatant, woh.

    Playing with Chinese sentiments and emotions ain't going to work anymore in this election, leh except for a few hot-headed fools like looes74.

    And you, like all those old strategists at BN still think it is workable this time, after having successfully played out all the old leaves depending on the situation and circumstances since the demised of Bapa Merdeka.

    Why am I saying this? Simple.

    Most Chinese voters have already over the years become more politically inclined and understand more about politics than their old folks or generations before them.

    This was forced upon them when they realised the betrayal of Chinese parties in the Govt. does not serve nor protect their legitimate interests. They also realised that with a decreasing population, there is no way any opposition Chinese parties can be voted into Govt. without forming alliances with other races or religions or beliefs.

    There is no choice except to believe that a New Govt. with DAP or PKR Chinese representatives will be voted in to at least be fair and equitable in representing Chinese minorities interests.

    This belief has also crept into all the other sectors of minority voters whether it be by race, religion or beliefs and their disgust at their representatives who have betrayed their trusts for so many umpteen times and years.

    This poitical awakening among minorities has come now to fuition even thou you still have pockets of minorities who are still believing in their own sentiments rather than real politics.

    With the emergence of a new Malay majority coalition party promising fair play and for all Malaysians, isn't it logical that minorities be better off taking chances again now rather than be stuck in the doldrums?

    And the best part is that even the Malays or Moslems majority and the other minorities realise now that without change, everyone is facing a real threat of the country going to be another third world pariah country and everyone loses.

    So, is there any choice left when even the country need saving now?

  5. The Chinese DAP would live to regret for the rest of their lives that they are directly helping "him" to harm millions of people again.

    1. its the umno malay that supported him to do all the bad thing aling the years. now quick quick apologize n repent.

    2. John Hasan, "lu ini kaki kong kaki song" really childish lah, no wonder mamak veto your application to work in the GLC, if that's was true as you claimed. Wakakaka .........

    3. The Chinese DAP would live to regret for the rest of their lives that they are directly helping "him" to harm millions of people by robbing the country blind and end up becoming kuli and maids in foreign countries and for good measure, getting whipped 100 strokes of the cane for any infraction not pleasing to the eyes of the religious police roaming and controlling the whole country. So vote wisely.....

    4. That is if these so called chinamen so much believe in cheebye kaytee

  6. There is a Malaysian tsunami will peak on RABU May 9 2018.

    How big it will be and whether it is sufficient to sweep Najis away is anybody's guess.

    Ktemoc is obviouslt working his hardest to support his Boss Najis.

  7. Eat yr heart out!

    Chinese M'sians r NOT born yesterday le!

    Hancurkan umno habis-habisan mulai 509 bersama Mahathir!


    Exterminate umno beginning from 509 with mamak!

    1. Ck, our strategy over in kaytee blog is to expose this cheebye kaytee so that when najib and rosmah mampus, kaytee would be like judas intestine burst out and die

      Or kaytee perform seppuku and i can help kaytee to cut off his 3" dick.....hahahaha