Sunday, May 06, 2018

Pakatan-PKR hypocrisy in Sungai Siput

Dr Kua Kia Soong saw fit to talk about the Sungai Siput federal constituency which will be contested by 4 candidates on 09 May 2018.

Once it was Samy Vellu's fiefdom. He was virtually the political Maharajah there until 2008 when Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj of the PSM (but contesting under the PKR banner) benefited from the general landslide sweep against the BN across Peninsular, and won the seat. In the 2013 GE Dr Jeya held Sungai Siput for a second term.

But with the recent long brouhaha involving Pakatan's marginalisation of PSM, wakakaka, Dr Jeya nearly gave up contesting in Sungai Siput for a third term in GE14.

There are of course 2 sides to every story, where on one side, Pakatan is against PSM contesting in any of its staked seats, and if PSM does, then it's open war against PSM where it will be treated as a political foe.

On the other of the coin, PSM feels Pakatan has left it no room to breath let alone manoeuvre around. It will eventually become just a one-seat political party or a no-seat NGO.

Generally, Pakatan or PKR has been tolerant of only one PSM candidate, namely, Dr Jeya himself, standing in Sungai Siput provided he does it under the PKR Blue Moon, effectively as a PKR candidate.

But because PSM is insistent it will contest in other federal and state constituencies, Pakatan has now considered it as a political opponent, thus is putting up a PKR candidate by the name of Kesavan Subramaniam in Sungai Siput.

Kesavan Subramaniam 

What many political observers fear will now happen, that the anti-BN votes will be split and probably allow the BN candidate (Devamany of MIC) to win.

Three or more cornered fights have been known to favour BN but DAP's strategist Liew Chin Tong thinks otherwise, that Pakatan can in fact benefit from such a multi-corner contests. We have to wait and see.

One puzzling side issue - I wonder why Sungai Siput has to be contested by an Indian candidate? The ethnic demographics give us (based on 2010 census, so do allow for an increase in registered voters):

Chinese 18,255 - 37.3%
Bumis 15,745 - 32.1%
Indians 13,439 - 27.5%
Others 113 - 0.2%

The Indian strength in Sungai Siput is not unlike that in the Perak state seat of Jelapang which also has around 25% of its voters being Indians.

But alas, for PSM which has already contested in Jelapang twice but sadly lost. In the 2013 GE its candidate Sarasvathy Muthu could only obtain 10.4% of the total votes, not even all the Indian votes.

Anyway, having said all that, I found out PAS will be putting up a Malay candidate in the constituency.

The four contestants are:

(a) SK Devamany (MIC deputy president),
(b) S. Kesavan (PKR Hutan Melintang assemblyman), (c) Dr Ishak Ibrahim (PAS), and 
(d) incumbent Dr D. Micheal Jeyakumar (PSM).

he'll take away PAS votes in Sungai Siput that previously went to Pakatan 

As discussed, 3 or more cornered fights usually advantage BN, thus with the probable prospect of the BN candidate winning, thus Dr Kua wonders whether Pakatan is truly serious about ensuring the defeat of the BN and the installation of a better people-centred government with good peoples’ representatives like Dr Jeya?

Dr Kua reminded us Dr Jeya has been the Sungai Siput MP since 2008 and has won plaudits from many quarters as the model “peoples’ representative” in the Malaysian parliament who consistently raises national issues of development, issues affecting the peoples’ welfare as well as proposing solutions to these problems.

Dr Kua thought if Pakatan was serious about winning GE14 at the national level, why position itself in a senseless unlikely-to-win tussle in Sungai Siput when that seat could most likely go to PSM if Dr Jeya isn't kacau by PKR?

Indeed to his disgust, he lamented Pakatan has seen it fit to put up a candidate to split the vote that will inevitably lead to a BN victory. Samy Vellu’s toupee must have danced to his chuckles after the recent nominations.

It may well be that some parties like PKR may be looking at a far more strategic picture than immediately whacking BN to win GE14. We'll talk about this soon.

Or, perhaps PKR hope the voters in Sungai Siput may vote for the Blue Moon by mistaken, erroneously thinking Dr Jeya (whom they want) is still the PKR candidate? But then, if those voters are so stupid as imagined by PKR, they may even vote for PAS, wakakaka.


  1. The classic "if you're not with us (meaning under us), then you're against us. And we shall bury you alive" tactics. That's what happens when arrogance and pompous delusions get into PKR echelons brains (if they have any left).

  2. pakatan believe all voters are smart, its a battle between pakatan n bn. only bn apologist think rocket voter is stupid. yr puzzle is not a puzzle, everyone know pkr is multiracial.

  3. No No No.........Hypocrisy......say that cheebye kaytee who resides few thousand kilometres from Malaysia shores

    A clear case of pot calling kettles black.

    Time for kaytee to come clean about his existence and background before cheebye kaytee ever uttering words

    Plus who is Najib to kaytee

  4. "One puzzling side issue - I wonder why Sungai Siput has to be contested by an Indian candidate?"

    Similar question - why is there an Indian DAP candidate in Ipoh Barat ?

    There are NO Indian majority seats in Malaysia. But there is nothing wrong with any party , in the interest of inclusive representation , to allocate certain seats to Indian candidates.


  5. PKR gave PSM an opportunity to win Sungai Siput under the PKR flag when PSM had no legally approved logo.
    What PSM has done in 2018 is stab PKR in the back.

    Why should PKR simply hand over contesting Sungai Siput to PSM, when PSM has chosen to contest in other PKR seats head to head ?
    The same principle applies to DAP, but Ktemoc is silent on that.

    1. ktemoc silence is understandable, but dap is not silent, nga kor ming, the dap perak taiko now label psm a shitdick n communist.

  6. Reminds of Chief Sitting Bull who only realise at the end, you can't just win a battle when the war is lost to a more superior force.

    PSM will have to trek the long road to the Reservations set up, soon.

    How, unfortunate to befall this PSM.

    As for MIC (BN)thinking it's a sure win due to split votes, I think they better not celebrate too soon cos the coming Tsunami Rakyat using the Black Eye symbol (not blue moon or split moon) is going to sweep out everything else.

    All of them might even lose their trousers and skirts.

  7. Aisehman, your title “Pakatan-PKR Hypocrisy in Sungai Siput” is intentionally trying to mislead readers into thinking those were Dr. Kua Kia Soong’s words or intended words and your message is trying to lead your readers to believe Dr. Kua Kia Soong is of like-minded with you!

    However, all KKS said was he was sad and the underlying or in fact not so “underlying” but rather obvious meaning is Dr. Kua Kia Soong preferred BN / MO1 to be defeated in this GE14.

    KKS also would be against #UndiRosak (which KTemoc advocate because KTemoc prefers Ahjib Gor win than PR) which would in fact be similar to having 3 or more cornered fights which usually advantage BN