Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mandela: Wat is verby verby; Mahathir: Heads will roll

When PH won the election, Mahathir in his victory speech said he would NOT be seeking revenge and wanted to restore the rule of law.

But The Star Online has just published Dr M’s announcement sends shivers down the spines of civil service top brass (extracts):

heads will roll 

PETALING JAYA: It is with a mix of anxiety and hope that 1.6 million civil servants are awaiting the big announcement about the composition of the Cabinet on Saturday (May 12).

Some must have been squirming in their seats Friday when Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made it clear that "heads must fall" when he spoke about forming a new Cabinet.

"Certain heads must fall. We find that some people aided and abetted a prime minister the world describes as kleptocrat," Dr Mahathir told a press conference.

The new Prime Minister went one step further and gave specifics.

didn't you win the elections? 

He said would "look into" Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali, Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Abdullah and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

When I was blogging up to the election, some of you urged me to "forget about the past" on Mahathir and his many wastage of national resources and persecution of his opponents like Lord President of the Judiciary Tun Salleh Abas and 5 High Court Judges, a quite (medically) sick Karpal Singh, ironically LKS, son LGE, Dr Kua Kia Soong and many Chinese educationists, not forgetting the Great Anwar Ibrahim.

Will he and more importantly, YOU now "forget about the past" on Najib, previous ministers and senior civil servants? Wakakaka.

I'm gonna get you as I got anwar
I'm waiting for it
I'm waiting to get him back

Of course not, nor do I expect that. But was there a need to announce so ominously, "Certain heads must fall. We find that some people aided and abetted a prime minister the world describes as kleptocrat." 

In so arrogantly doing so, hasn't Mahathir preempted the judgement & decision of the courts?

Those who are criminals or those who had committed social or national crimes (wakakaka) must be brought to justice, and there in the court of law, upon their proven guilt through wealth of reasonable evidence, may the court passed sentences or leniency or both. It's up to our courts, not the political-elected Administrator.

do you think LKS will now have the guts to raise this issue?

As the new powerful PM, if he wants to prosecute and persecute Najib and the latter's Administration, that is up to him, but then, based on his example, should we forget about what he had done in the past?

Welcome (BACK) to the era of the dark reign of The Mahathir Rule. He won't stop there - ask Anwar Ibrahim, Ku Li, Tun Salleh Abas, the Kelantan royal house, and various others.

And mind, his actions will be applauded by his mahathristas, his nouveau acolytes, who have shown a delight for Schadenfreude.

Yesterday the Celaka Man nearly celaka-ed TV3 but due to swift complaints by blogging matey Susan Loone to LKS, was celeka-ed himself.

Today I have just heard the Hell-Hounds have taken the law into their own hands and by mob action stop Najib and wife from flying to Jakarta for a break, even when (Star Online report) the Immigration DG denies Najib, Rosmah on travel blacklist.

But moments after after that mob action, the Immigration authorities have now put him on the blacklist, wakakaka. Najib twittered:

“I have been informed that the Malaysian Immigration Department has prohibited me and my family from traveling abroad. I respect the order and will remain in the country with my family.”

Wikipedia also informs us about the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution:

'Reign of Terror' is a label used by some historians for (part of) French history between July 1789 and July 1794, but those historians adhere that label to different periods.

The Committee of Public Safety came under the control of Maximilien Robespierre, a lawyer, and the Jacobins unleashed the Reign of Terror (1793–94). According to archival records, at least 16,594 people died under the guillotine or otherwise after accusations of counter-revolutionary activities. As many as 40,000 accused prisoners may have been summarily executed without trial or died awaiting trial.

Really hoe-liao (bloody excellent) vigilante actions.

No, I am NOT referring to the French Revolution but the Hell-Hound mob's vigilante action in ILLEGALLY stopping the plane that was supposed to take Najib and wife to Jakarta.

Wikipedia also tells us about the questionable provenance of the Trial of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu:

The trial of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu was a short trial held on 25 December 1989 by an Exceptional Military Tribunal, a drumhead court-martial created at the request of the Council of the National Salvation Front, resulting in the death sentence and execution of former Romanian President and General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife, Elena Ceaușescu.

Marked by irregularities that are typical of kangaroo courts and show trials, the main charge was genocide.

Nevertheless, the charges did not affect the trial, as the verdict had been already decided before the Tribunal had been created; General Victor Stănculescu had brought with him a specially selected team of paratroopers from a crack regiment, handpicked earlier in the morning to act as a firing squad. Before the legal proceedings began, Stănculescu had already selected the spot where the execution would take place—along one side of the wall in the barracks' square.

Are we promising to "do" better than those chowkana Romanians and the medieval French?

But now look at this, that is, in South Africa on 10 May 1994 when Nelson Mandela becomes SA's first black president.

This was what BBC reported:

Addressing the crowd President Mandela paid tribute to outgoing president Mr FW de Klerk: "He has made for himself a niche in history.

Nelson Mandela made de Klerk a Deputy President in the ANC-led coalition government 

"He has turned out to be one of the greatest reformers, one of the greatest sons of South Africa."

He also spoke of the "human disaster" of apartheid.

"We saw our country tear itself apart in terrible conflict... The time for healing of wounds has come... Never, never again will this beautiful land experience the oppression of one by another."

And urging forgiveness he said in Africaans: "Wat is verby verby" - "What is past is past".

Not everyone is a Nelson Mandela who served 27 years in an Apartheid Regime controlled prison but came out with compassion for his adversaries, least of all, the current Malaysian leaders.


  1. Talking Heads is one of my favorite bands. My favourite songs: Burning Down The House and Road To Nowhere. Appropriately named for BN and PBB respectively.

    It was reported in the press that Sarawak Governor Taib Mahmud met with TDM and Daim in KL two days after GE14. It was not reported what they discussed, presumably it was small talk over the latest Premier League SCORE, Prince Harry's upcoming wedding etc. Not about politics or whose heads will roll.

  2. Criminal charges are a matter for the police and the judicial system to handle with due process , but that will come later.

    However , appointed officials who no longer have the confidence of the Government of The Day should resign or be fired.

    I do not have confidence in the character and integrity of the current Attorney General, Chief of the MACC, Election Commission and Inspector General of Police.

    I fully support their being asked to leave, pending Due Process Criminal Investigations.

    1. yes, but threatening "Heads will roll" diminishes Mahathir's earlier pompous and hypocritical "We will not take vengeance"

    2. Cheebye Kaytee.....I strongly suggest you should pay a visit to Romania and ask them how they feel about Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu.

      Whether it's justified to gun the motherfucker down......hahahahaha

      If you have the kukuciao to go there, please show me the photo of your conversation and audio recordings as well.

      Don't talk cock. Or you better stay in Australia and take up english teacher job instead. Fuck off from Malaysia

    3. you stupid Sing - we are talking about DUE PROCESS of law. Even Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu deserved that. Without due process of law, then what would be the point of this new government? Dumbo

  3. As far as I'm concerned, Najib replaced certain key officials during his time as PM, so it's fine if Mahathir does the same.

    As for other issues such as 1MDB, Altantuya, Scorpene, Lim Guan Eng's case, the Teoh Beng Hock case, the Rafizi case, etc, it's fine if the Mahathir administration asks the police, the MACC, etc to re-investigate these cases for new evidence and for the courts to review their judgement or to retry these cases.

    This is what the people expect of a new Pakatan government, so let it go ahead, as long as the rule of law prevails.

  4. Do keep on reminding yrself about:

    "Not everyone is a Nelson Mandela"

    Then ask yrself about practical accountability!

    What's wrong for mamak to give warnings in addressing the nation after a tumultuous & rollercoaster ride of an election!

    The Rakyat demands retributions in the faces of massive faults during the sanguine election.

    & mamak complies.

    & u dare to label the action as if mamak so arrogantly doing so to preempted the judgement & decision of the courts?

    Mamak DIDN'T call for blood as many mobbish & deranged Victor's would.

    & U r manipulating mamak's warnings as preset persecution!

    Haven't u AGAIN pre-judging the other members of the PH executive council as wall flowers?

    Do u honestly think that the highly adrenalined crowd WOULD listen a a miao2 speech of reconciliation for syiok sendiri?

    In attempting to compare the Ceaușescu incident vis-a-vis Mendela's speech u totally ignore the timing of the occasions!

    Ceaușescu incident happened JUST after the fall of a despicable regime.

    The timing & the moods of the chowkana Romanians demanded such swift & spontaneous action! It's in total compliance with the level of the Romanian mob's humanity quotient then.

    When Mandela was making that speech, SAfrica was in a calming transitional mood. No highly charged adrenaline infused war chants from a just concluded revolution/election/war. It was a well orchestrated national pleading for peace by a GREAT man.

    Who r u? But a kauxai Oracle from Oz!

    1. so the "new" rule of law apply to mahathir or not?

  5. Given the Billions of US Dollars that the US Department of Justice says Najib pilfered from the People of Malaysia, Najib is definitely, objectively a flight risk.
    Blacklisting him from leaving the country is a prudent step. His is not under arrest and is free to travel around Malaysia, therefore the presumption of innocence and his Constitutional rights are not being violated.

    1. but was the black listing (after a few very minute following the mob storming of the airport) prompted by a relevant authority or pressured by sheer illegal vigilante mob rule?

      Is this the new Rule of un-Law we must now expect in Malaysia?

    2. Wakakakaka… look at it this way.

      If mamak DIDNT order the blacklisting to pacify the angry mobs. Rosmajib would have the same fate as the Ceaușescu!

      Mamak is protecting Rosmajib!

    3. KT,
      Pls kindly share what you would have done in this case if you are in TunM's shoe.

    4. Do as what Mandela did, setup a Truth and Reconciliation Committee to heal the wounds. No vengeance, no witchhunts, but embrace your foes for unity's sake. The whites didn't leave SA in droves, like what happened to Zimbabwe, because they seen how De Klerk was fairly treated. And mind you, Najib didn't shoved Mahathir into an isolated cell for 27 years. Your Pakatan leaders talked like they stand shoulder to shoulder with such luminaries, and now its time to walk as they heroes did.

  6. TDM confirmed it was he who instructed the overseas travel ban, which by the way is quite common in Malaysia, just ask the many opposition (sorry, now government) politicians who were not allowed to travel overseas or even to East Malaysia. Why, even bankrupts and PTPTN defaulters can’t leave. Never mind, former Tourism Minister can recommend a few cuti-cuti Malaysia holiday packages and Tony Fernandez can loan him a Hebatkan Negaraku plane. If he hasn’t repainted it in double quick time already.

  7. I think what TDM means is "To those who know they did wrong and abuse their positions, better quit or resign before you're Fired".

    That's because the current culture of "Catch me if you can" still exists among those hard headed Little Napoleons.

  8. Your caption on the EC chief if was just a “tongue-in-cheek” then fine otherwise I would like to question your condoning all the EC actions before and during this GE14. Are you saying the EC had been transparent, fair and just as that guy is still claiming to this day that’s why PR can still win? Well, PR won as Unknown told you it’s because his God is testing Ah Jibgor’s resolve so it’s god’s work that PR won, that said, there is god but too bad you don’t believe in god, wakakakaka...........

  9. In typical Mahathir fashion, he has pre-empted the judges and announced the verdict. Mahathirism calls: "I'M BAACCKKKK!!!!!"

    Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it:
    French Reign of Terror.
    Nazi's Night of the Long Knives.
    Stalin's Purge.
    Mao's Cultural Revolution.
    And now Mahathir's Feast of the Zombies.



    1. Just like all yr farts about the ge14 results, they r good as toilet paper!