Friday, May 11, 2018

Improved 916 Mark II

MM Online - PKR sec-gen claims some Umno MPs keen to switch camps (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 — Umno lawmakers who survived in the 14th general election have expressed interest in joining Pakatan Harapan (PH), PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail claimed tonight.

Saifuddin said that while PH already has a comfortable hold in Parliament after surpassing the 112 seats needed for a simple majority, it was not opposed to rival lawmakers joining.

“I’m in touch with quite a number of Umno MPs from many states who expressed their interest to join Keadilan, to join Pakatan Harapan as well,” he said.

“I am quite confident we (PH) will increase in the next few weeks,” he said, but declined to reveal any names of these individuals at this moment.

He also added that the Umno MPs approached PH and not the other way around.

When asked how many, he repeated that there were “quite a number”.

It's all in the genes. The bangsat langsat don't fall far from the langsat tree.

And frogs love cesspool.

What a taxi sapu, with its own beautification and canonisation chapel.


  1. Please Harapan, don’t accept tadpoles. They have UMNO genetic material. If they want to leave UMNO then become Independants first, then see how they behave.

    1. But the biggest tadpole is now your PM, hohohoho!


    2. As blur sotong as ever ! Is PM a member of pkr or dap or amanah ? he's ex umno until he formed bersatu. what is your defination of froggy ?

  2. Pakatan doesn't need to get any crossovers, but if people want to join...wakaka..entry forms are available in any PKR branch eakakakaka..

    PKR is mostly Malay-led, but for 19 years it has been a multi-racial party. 20/47 of its MPs are Chinese/Indian / Others.

    Any UMNO members who want to join must accept PKRs multi-racial makeup.

  3. And yours kaytee? Still defending najib forever like ronin.

  4. can ph do something to change the law on tis?

  5. Certain species of frogs secrete toxins that can kill if there is contact. Please stay away.....far far away.

    1. But Pakatan chose to kiss their elderly frog and now he has turn into an Emperor and delivered the kingdom to them. Certainly worth a risk, no?